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The Rev. Dr. David Coles. A 21stC Trollope. Carer to FIVE delinquent yet delightful dachshunds.A dilettante potter, designer, gardener & narrow boat enthusiast.

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@cha0tic System failure. Not a blame culture. That’s my motto. @patrickreeve @RevRichardColes It’s @BBCRadio4 #SaturdayLive tomorrow morning so he’s probably gone to bed early. @VcrolVictoria Blind baking lentils burnt my fingers so I dropped them. love a lived in kitchen. But at this time of the day... @RamonaMGreene That just reminded my to pull the blind. No scandals from the Vicarage this week. @DiEnglot Actually that there pussy cat has a pretty good eye and gentleness of paw to get a good rim. @DiEnglot If you make your own, I find, when you crack open the pastry you know it’s decent cuts and deep-filled. N…’d already made the obligatory half dozen steak and potato and the oven was hot so I thought why not whack a custa… @katysender Should have said ‘with’ not ‘in’. Custard is like molten lava when it gets hot. Oh no dear!#Communards @BBCRadio2 @RevRichardColes custard slices in my specs falling off listening to Jimmy aka Communards on 80s revival on R2.
@DiEnglot 5 is plenty.Remember a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.... but... Morning! Day 5. Walking the path to Christmas 2019: reasons behind food and gifts. #ChristmasCountdown
@frenchgranny @ReadingExplorer The lesson here is who is the sinner? Sin means to fall short of one’s full potentia… @TommyCoyneBN1 @RevRichardColes @Pontifex At home we have a 3 pieced carved nativity set we got from Sandringham. O… @ReadingExplorer Hi John. I came out at 20. 23 years ago, listening to even my own parents telling me not to drink…
@simonjansen @RevRichardColes @amandacjansen Dolly film is not unlike a radio play or a stage production. The point… @tinkerbelletina I paused on that one when flicking through. Will add to list. Thank you. @ChristineLoy1 I would never. She’s tougher than no less than Clint. @sallypud64 @RevRichardColes Become the Pope, for example. @mistyflorus @RevRichardColes Braiding each other’s hair while getting giddy on an alco-pop? I don’t know. You seem… he always hogs the remote come rain or shine and it ALWAYS has to have guns and violence. If I don’t give in t… @ty_crwn1 @RevRichardColes I’ve opted to do dishes and organise the fridge.A Sunday December afternoon, warm fire, full tummies.... and they call it puppy love. Gusto and Aud could not be ha…
The ground is very damp. Good time to plant a tree. Ethiopia managed a couple of million in ONE day. I’ll be happy…
@davidcaplin46 @RevRichardColes @WillyPongoColes @DaisyMuMuColes It’s daddy playing with them. They love it.Today’s mantra: “Do small things with great love”. Mother Teresa Vicarage Garden featuring @RevRichardColes
@RevRichardColes Unless someone gets up for a bowl of cereal. Slow cooked steak and Guinness. Cheese and onion. Che… @RevRichardColes I like pies. I don’t like mornings.
@Kate_NW11 I know. But I’ve just never heard the word Yid used in any other way than within Jewish circles as a sor… @jayrayner1 @Kate_NW11 @PhoebeWatches @_DanHarwood_ @RevRichardColes @Baddiel I am sorry I’ve offended you but I’m…
Thanks Kate! You bring the best Golders Green challah to the table. @PhoebeWatches @_DanHarwood_ @RevRichardColes @jayrayner1 @Baddiel I’m quite sure you raising this point is well in… @PhoebeWatches @_DanHarwood_ @RevRichardColes @jayrayner1 @Baddiel I didn’t know that. It’s possible they were wind… @PhoebeWatches @_DanHarwood_ @RevRichardColes @jayrayner1 @Baddiel That that would depend in which part of the world they are living. @_DanHarwood_ @PhoebeWatches @RevRichardColes @jayrayner1 @Baddiel Well, I felt honoured to be upgraded from ‘Oy! N… @PhoebeWatches @RevRichardColes @jayrayner1 @Baddiel Yes. I lived in an orthodox Jewish community in South Africa w… @cheekacat @RevRichardColes When I took my California drivers test, I was asked to find and apply the Emergency Bra… @RevRichardColes @jayrayner1 @Baddiel It was a privilege and amusing watching all the older Yids jaws drop. When… @RevRichardColes It’s either B4 or D2. We read left to right. While you are a modern day genius, it’s unlikely MENS… @PamelaStephensn Not shoplifting that newspaper I hope. Whatever motivates him to full strength, well done!
@susieq45 @RevRichardColes I’m an absolute convert to @POCruises #AURORA It’s the best way to explore fascinating p… @susieq45 No seriously, we may! @RevRichardColes was saying something about it and I wasn’t concentrating so I’m not sure. @susieq45 We may just Miss Money-Penny. X @Talesfrombefore #hello. Thanks for the follow. ‘Fraid life is a bit more mundane than that picture. It’s just rand… @ChristineLoy1 Nah. This is the reality. Tending the plot To which I was allotted and banishing the unworthy from… call me Bond, James Bond. Super model to the mid Atlantic sea. The dinner jacket was polyester but the diamon… @stephenablack Good luck uncle Stephen. You only have 18,000 messages to read to Olivia, this far. She will be in h… @DiEnglot @RevRichardColes Wrong spelling. Coles’ not Cole’s. @gilescoren What is a pizza?My 6yo niece Olivia had to get glasses today. She’s nearsighted like her Uncle Stephen, so she will wear them all t…
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@smartcardriver @CalvinMoorley @RevRobinFox @polyexna @CalvinMoorley @smartcardriver @RevRobinFox @polyexna Nope. Free thinker. Think Maria at the Abbey - neither the less, sincere. @smartcardriver @CalvinMoorley @RevRobinFox @polyexna Having handsome features and a charismatic charm doesn’t mean… @CalvinMoorley @polyexna @RevRobinFox It is all but dust. Celebrity, like glitter and fake tan, wears away. @CalvinMoorley @polyexna @RevRobinFox Having both Revs Coles as advisers, I hope has softened the image and given a… @CalvinMoorley @polyexna @RevRobinFox You can keep Flee-bag. Just in the right order. Simple rule: Rev. Is always b… @RevRobinFox @CalvinMoorley @polyexna Unless you’re running out of letters on Twitter. Then wot-eve Revs. @smartcardriver Innit Smarty! @polyexna @CalvinMoorley Sorry that should mean “has reverence to/for. Doh! @polyexna @CalvinMoorley The custom is the same for both male and female spouse of clergy. Formally Reverend (the… @rickygervais @longslippery And happy Christmas Ricky. In principle, yes you are right. The moment is all we truly… @Nireus @RevRichardColes Oysters 75p a piece if you’re willing to wash them. It’s in the prep you can tell how fres… @ETrooms Looks as if he/she (let’s say Hilary for argument’s sake) would be amusing until Hilary’s batteries lose t…
@ChristeenGeorge @RevRichardColes As the good LORD said: “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” Flip that. Love… @GwynMT @RevRichardColes Now I’ve demolished the gingerbread elf, I’d best start putting the shopping away. @DottedCrotchet Mine does. I like the crisp and crunch before the hot lemon curd trickles down and melts the lightl… @FloraHaus2 Good choice. Coconut usually grow near the ocean and coconut battered deep fried shrimp with a sweet pe… quite agree Flora. If you had to put a desert before oysters; what would it be? Lemon meringue for me. @MoAnsar @RevRichardColes All gone. Should have got a dozen and not a half. Very moorish. @YerAuntieMoo @RevRichardColes And it was chucking down with rain as I dragged coal and wood to the car. Definitely well deserved. 😉 @julie_cooling @RevRichardColes Cooking spoils them. They have been eaten straight from the sea in exactly the same… @littlemore20 @RevRichardColes I missed out ‘French’. The French say theirs are best. New Zealand I’m told have del… @CFC_Me_ @RevRichardColes First one should be neat then the others slightly enhanced to bring out depth of flavour… @littlemore20 @RevRichardColes Maine has lovely oysters. The (obviously) say theirs are best and I say Scotland. @julie_cooling @RevRichardColes They taste like the fresh sea air on a beach in the Scottish Highlands smells. Clos… @CFC_Me_ @RevRichardColes Yes, just before ‘drinking’. The acid will start to cook them if you add lemon too early.… @NKemperman @RevRichardColes I’m always a bit suspicious when he does. @littlemore20 @RevRichardColes It’s a North America combo. Works well and it would be wasteful to open a whole bottle of champagne. Shucks!Had to do the big shop today. @RevRichardColes is out tonight so I thought a simple supper. Fresh oysters with a gi…
@sleepyvicar @RevRichardColes Blame the zoo keeper. Neither of them should have been near what has clearly been not… @RevRichardColes I didn’t know pelican crossings had been invented back then. Perhaps the artist was confused. “Why… @LjBroughton @RevRichardColes Hired! @StephT1961 The question is the answer. If it is running alongside you, you are not on it. So, hypothetically, you…
@gilescoren I had one of those. When I say “I” I mean my brother did and we’d launch Evel out of the bedroom window… @PatBennett1 @PoppyLegion Squeee! Such an Angel - just you wait! @clare27porter @YouTube @chrislintott The short video covers H&S. We used black bin bags in the 80s to watch the to… @_garywhite_ @RevRichardColes Gary. What about Bedfordshire? As in off you go to Bedfordshire me lickle lamb. 😂 @DumbartonsDrums @RevRichardColes ... and when angry, steel cutting lasers. @HanburyJane @ChristineLoy1 @RevRichardColes @gilescoren Me too! @RevRichardColes @gilescoren He doesn’t look too impressed. Turning your socks inside out for day 2 is not changing your socks.Transit of Mercury, 11 November 2019 via @YouTube If, unlike me, you happen to have a brea…
@Carolyn93444500 @KarenGrinter At here it began... @Carolyn93444500 @KarenGrinter Brava!
@nicola_tallett @RevRichardColes There’s a thought to supplement our meagre stipend. Thank you! @CarolynRamsamy @RevRichardColes I do not approve.Remember, remember, the 5th November. Gunpowder, treason and plot. So we did in the garden. We remembered those who…
@Susemgf If you’re offering, we’ll make a raffle. Great idea! @Susemgf They are lovely. I’d like to see what you can create to meet the brief.