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@mattforde Enjoy mate xxVery proud of my management today @Baddiel Sending best wishes to you and your family xWon’t be posting anything anywhere tomorrow in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter #TheShowMustBePausedThe silence during this time of some bands who think of or market themselves as woke or political is so confusing.
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙Imagine if the radio stations went for this. Be incredible 💙
@RebekahDempseyy Was meant to be a year off . Next Fri? @HannibalBarcids @ponkytonk The peace at the end of the war ought to indicate who the winners were. Certainly wasn’… @hellorayychel There ya goI had a really happy simple pleasure moment earlier. Sun absolutely blazing, driving through sheffield, windows dow…
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙 @hellorayychel Tryna retweet thee but ur private 🤣 @madmoostott but Thankyou xTenner is in the post Maddy a bunch of mates together and I’ll do ya all a zoom gig in the week @Hollywoowooo @tonewoodamp Might treat myselfGo on then 😂❤️ hear u but Bengal Famine @fayemellors Roberts the manMassive Attack have always been the smartest band going havent they? 👇 @RouReynolds Sound u mateInnit . I low key hate whoever typed that into the lyric site @RVoicing On that album yeah . X @nev_lar86 @IrvineWelsh Land of the free ehWe guess that makes us terrorists then
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙 @RVoicing @Reverend_Makers If you really want the lyrics to bend your head, buy this! It’s a brilliant read, absolu…
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙A sweetheart share. Dark shit.
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙Thanks mate. The lyrics are kinda better than you’d think on the lyric sites mind. The accent is so strong 😫 of the country looking forward to charging down their boarded up high streets to vote for the government that j…
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙 @NIR30 Yes . Incredible @Paul_Crowder @RealRonHoward @ImagineEnt @whitehorsepic @Diamond_Docs Looking forward to seeing thisTrump has declared Antifa (Anti-Fascist) as a terrorist organisation, but the KKK and neo-nazis are free to organis…
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙 @PaulHeatonSolo @chrismcclure86 . We need a night don’t we ?I found this incredibly affecting. Give it some of your time if you do nothing else today @Mike_P_Williams @VictoriaKingF1 Incredible thread. Well said 👊 @brokenbottleboy I fully agree with you mate. Solidarity 👊 @bignorms 😂😂😂👍 @Jeffercake And to you 👊 @timjonze Only just seen this Tim. Sending u love peace and best wishes mate xStandard @musicloverlou @KELLYROWLAND Haha my proudest moment tbh @Jeffercake But Thankyou xRomeo from @themagicnumbers @Reverend_Makers Mate, followed you lot since 2007 and from post-gig busking to front room gigs to private Zoom gig…
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙Phil gets it @ingo74 Cheers pal @CanDecDecorator Bless yaMaybe 2011? @KELLYROWLAND said she liked my jacket that day. Walked onstage thinking I was dead sexy n that 😂 turned on the magic whilst they’ve got a captive audience eh?🤣’m nicer than folk think Phil 😂 band about man 🤙🏻
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙We’ve done lots . Which one Dyu mean? the address and it’s yours mate us what it is and I’ll post it ya for nowt pal make sunshine music FACT ☀️
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙 @duncanlovegrove Ragged it all over shop mate. Might need to invest in a posh one if I carry on though. Been out every day @EN_Bull Haha no . He’s his own manI hear u mate . We have always been called a “lad” band as though Laura didn’t exist @billysubway @PopTartDictator Yeah man. Last thing I want is to cause the person / people involved any shit I jus… @PopTartDictator @billysubway Oh I’m not saying u were dude xxHello Alex 👊 makes me happy @PopTartDictator @billysubway Ah I don’t wanna get into bullying the person in question or causing a pile on They’… 2009 I said that the NME never put black people on the front cover. I might have even used the R word They thre…
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙We make sunshine music FACT ☀️ @Rick_J_Martin @garyslade1987 Rick you were always alright and I know u know what I said in the OP is accurate right ?In love with this article
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙 @Chrisduck Amen @beefheartzappa Sending solidarity and love to everyone down there today. Woulda liked to have joined you x @HannibalBarcids Why was it confined to one genre? @Kizp86 @jasmathie Dyu want some cheese with that ham? @marquoth @jasmathie @daniel_beattie InnitThis weather is incredible tho Defo gonna keep on with the countryside/bike vibes when the Covid thing has passed… @jasmathie I don’t like those who’ve contributed to the problem masquerading as part of the solution Off me timeline now youHaha innit really enjoyed watching this, our bass man Stevo is a big @Reverend_Makers fan and our mate @shiner_sam is havin…
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙5 covers in 7 years @chrisgreenshie3 DR one was the week after I said what I said reckon 😂👊👊 anybody who mentioned it , got ended or spent a decade putting their career back together as i did @daniel_beattie @Reverend_Makers Mad you had to all the way back to 1980 to find one, you've literally just proved his point
Retweeted by Reverend&TheMakers 💙 @austinloveridge @CaptainCabinet_ @daniel_beattie Innit . Imagine going into bat for this @CaptainCabinet_ @daniel_beattie So Dev and Kele in ten years. Anyone else ? @ThreadsAplenty Editorial decision not to continue doing so . @daniel_beattie @hawchcf1 @jasmathie Right and ? @CaptainCabinet_ @daniel_beattie What’s the date of this ? And where were the founders of Grime and Dubstep ? @daniel_beattie @hawchcf1 @jasmathie That’s cool. But what I’m saying is true . Why u trying hard to probe it’s not… were actually two vengeance articles as I had a side project and a Rev album due out Both journos have gone… @shellsenseless @daniel_beattie He doesn’t care. He just wants to be “right” and to win. @hxrley__ But u don’t even follow me 😂 @CaptainCabinet_ @daniel_beattie MIA is South Asian not black . Without being pedantic . This is also from after my comments @Lswann17 Indeed they can. Took me ten years to rebuild my career after their hatchet job @daniel_beattie Why ya being a dick? @daniel_beattie Pedantry doesn’t make u right . Makes you a contrary fucker . @daniel_beattie @hawchcf1 @jasmathie Bizarre you’ve taken this stance Daniel. Wonder what motivated u to do so? @hawchcf1 @jasmathie @daniel_beattie They ignored grime entirely as a genre . Dubstep too. 90 odd % of their covers… @daniel_beattie Read about the battle for the NMEs soul during the 80’s and 90’s and how that transpired towards it… @jasmathie @daniel_beattie Except I don’t . Line all the covers up from 2003 to 2009. Then we’ll talk. You’ll look silly as fuck. Let’s go @daniel_beattie This was literally how they responded to my statement . The next week.