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SoaR Revex 🐼 @Revex Atlanta, GA

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@FaZe_Kitty 🐐 @LavinciFrost 😂😂😂 preesh @itszewelly LMFAO @itszewelly Gamma 11’sCrazy... @jdelisndwch Ily @DraxyRnG I’m good just sucks lol @ItsFckenStealth Ty @oSoRolln 😬 @Roeklol Yup @xGenkie Pls
Ya boy really broke his fkn hand it’s lit @tommy Ok that’s fire
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @jdelisndwch @oSoRolln Ily @Iynnai @Dootle76 I fucking started it
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @shmegmoid Fkn beast
“For Sale” Out Now ✌🏾
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @Thiefs Guinea Pig but yea @DraftDiamonds @MasonKinsey87 YESSSIR @imvuxzu I fkn love you @DraxyRnG Love you @jdelisndwch ❤️ @ZBS_zero Thank you :)This is pretty crazy. Thank y’all for the amazing year on twitch. Here’s to 2021 🍻 @TheOceaneOpz We got 3 we nice af come joinoh my god
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @Time_Atomic @COHDl @MURDR_OW He’s only a few games in no one does but if he can do what he’s doing now and get better at 6’8 and pg he gonna be insaneLaMelo abt to be one of the best if not the best PG of this next generation. @Jamaring_ Get the fuck outta here lol @DougisRaw Omfg that stun
@AverageJoeWo What does that even mean @Wheels_CDL 🤪 @bowohtt Wtf lolHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GOAT. Let’s get him to 10K for his birthday!!! @Shifty 🍻 @Swoxii 🤘🏼 @vvinta_ CAUGHT UP @DeanoBeano Get tf out of here @AverageJoeWo OHHHHHHKAYYYYY
@jzpr Literally love him @DraxyRnG @Saskia_Cole :) @KiindaLiinda @Legendof_Ti @Toari_ ❤️ @DraxyRnG Fuckin dumb ass shit @RyannJumps Yea @Bitties DisgustingI fucking hate the Warzone scene atm. Mental health just going straight out the window with all of the drama over S…
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼Love Warzone 🔥 @vvinta_ WINTER AWWW THANK YOU! I hope you do tooI hope Rackz had a fkn amazing day
Y’all ever just fartStream crashed but ima hit the sheets anyways.... thank you for the love. Shout out @Agony for the host. I love you all ❤️ @RussNumba9 @JussWs lmfao @COHDl I’ll be on in an hour wait for me papi @SenseiSwishem YupppIt's #NationalMilkDay. Accordingly, here are some #GFUEL Flavors that taste BOMB with milk. Cheers. 🥛🐮
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Big dubs with @KellyOlynyk n shorty got some ink are going crazy rnOne habit I want to break in 2021 is waking up and immediately scrolling on my phone for an hour or more for LITERALLY no reason.
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@zzVeelo @x_Scp @charlieINTEL . @x_Scp @charlieINTEL Have to agree @JakeVext 14
2021 is still a no fly zone 🚫 I just heard this guy as I was strolling in my area...
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼another freestyle
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @makz @Shifty I’m shredddddedGetting tatted next month FINALLY by the GOAT @hiphopsprayer 🙏🏼💯Hahaha it’s 3rd day in the gym and I just hit @Shifty with “bro I’m too sore.. so tired” shit, no days off. Let’s get it. I’m up.I miss my families.MW > CW ☺️
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @MoistMoose_ Bro what lolSteph is fkn insaneFkn AMAZING 10 hour stream. Thank you to the people who were there the whole time and even if you just stopped by.… @albert12798 I thought y’all broke up @Pamaj FACTS
@KurtBenkert YUP @KaleiRenay Watch your mouthif you cheat on someone you’re the scum of the earth idgaf that shit scars a person for life
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼GO WATCH @REVEX RN GO GIFT HIM 10000 SUBS RN
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @AverageJoeWo WHAT @xKenko DisgustingI can't find myself to play warzone for more than 3 hours. After that I seriously start hating the game.... They ne…
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼Exciting announcement next week :)This is by far the worst meta Warzone has seen.. unreal. @MyolLife @iKaylur You have a Tesla you won I’m out @iKaylur Same @hobbynomad @emersynjoosten congrats yall! @FaZe_Kitty @jassimiu1 HOLY SHIT CAMERON. Fkn proud of you brother. Congrats :)Not only did we hit 700,000 subs on youtube today... I just bought my first house
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼 @Shifty the gym with @Shifty then streaming a bit later. Hopefully my internet isn’t taking a shit today.. upgrading to fiber soon 🤯Cassidy Appreciation Tweet.
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼21 savage is fucking hilarious. Man said he looked like a suitcase 😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by SoaR Revex 🐼My internet is so fucking dog shit I just ended my stream. This is so infuriating. Day stream tomorrow, hopefully.