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Donald Trump says NFL season should start on time. If Trump wants this pandemic to end by mid summer, Trump needs t… @Bakari_Sellers When we told you about Joe Biden, we were scolded. @jaboukie I'm turning my lawn into a garden. @jaredlholt If they're perfectly affordable, what's his fucking argument against them? @Thom_Hartmann Fuck no!“Donors have been told that the group will support candidates, specifically in down-ballot races, it hopes will bec…
Retweeted by Revolt Politic @davidmweissman @neeratanden First, I’m a journalist, not a DNC operative. I realize Democrats like you don’t compr…
Retweeted by Revolt PoliticWith Bills Due April 1, More Than 400,000 Demand Congress Freeze All Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Payments -…
Retweeted by Revolt PoliticAmnesty Slams Trump for Classifying Gun Stores as 'Essential Businesses' During Pandemic - via @commondreams
Retweeted by Revolt PoliticFed Economists Warn US Unemployment Rate Could Soon Reach 32%—During Great Depression It Peaked at 25% -…
Retweeted by Revolt Politic'A Shameful New Low': Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Alberta Govt. Ponies Up $1 Billion for Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline -…
Retweeted by Revolt PoliticNew York AG Denounces 'Immoral and Inhumane' Firing of Amazon Worker Who Led Protest Over Lack of Coronavirus Prote…
Retweeted by Revolt Politic'No More Spending': After Securing $4.5 Trillion Corporate Bailout, Trump White House and GOP Cast Doubt on New Sti…
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@Amy_Siskind I don't know about that. Trump has some pretty stiff competition in George W. Bush.The problem isn't that government is inherently evil; it's that evil controls the government.The problem with conservatives is that they expect everyone else to practice conservatism while refusing to do so themselves.
@MPC1LOVE @JoeBiden @SW_HP_ @bayarea_bias They're convinced that Bernie staying in the race is the reason Hillary lost. These people are morons. @kithsander I forgot we were calling them #BlueMAGADave Bautista is feeling the fucking Bern! @moran_moran2 Sounds like a wise man.Very few politicians fight for the little guy. Almost all of them fight for their wealthy donors. Vote blue know m…
@docftw33 @OccupyDemocrat1 @JoeBiden The same as it was in 2016. Glad that the loser lost, but pissed that the winner won.Joe Biden: I don't care how broken our health care system is. My donors don't want single-payer. don't think Bernie Sanders ever really wanted to be president. I think what he really wanted to do was inspire ou… @GeoffMiami @TheDemocrats They'll never stop blaming everything on us. @soledadobrien The Democratic and media establishment who rigged the primary for Hilary Clinton made a "bad mistake."
@bernie_beau I voted for AOC. I feel like #BlueNoMatterWho would immediately reject Ro for not being a woman. @Karlmarxhd @dolo_sensei You and I were close. I said Military-Industrial Complex instead of NSA. My rationale was… @dolo_sensei Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the CIA.At least Republicans will put a knife in your chest. Democrats stab you in the back. Joe Biden campaign slogan: "Putting the Dem in dementia."Republicans: Fuck the poor! Democrats: We love the poor! But to be real, fuck the poor!
Joe Biden's campaign was all but over. Biden only raised $8.9 million in January. He came in fourth place in IA and…
@axcomrade @PUACrixus @ewarren To be fair, Elizabeth Warren seemed to get more fired up about the nondisclosure agr…"The Pelosi-Schumer faction is the most dangerous political community in America." - @DylanRatigan Believe Women! *Tara Reade accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault* Democrats: No, not that woman!
Democrats only #BelieveWomen when it's not their candidates being accused.Democrats: Believe women! *** A woman accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault*** Democrats: Fuck that lying slut! @TwinklingTania I live in WI, so I still take whatever I can get.
Bernie Sanders in the Age of Coronavirus: We Need Him Now More Than Ever In Fiery Floor Speech, Sanders Rips GOP for Relentless Efforts to 'Punish' Poor People, @neeratanden do you believe Tara? #IBelieveTara @JRubinBlogger Bernie.
🤦‍♀️ @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump Did this tweet really test well with your focus groups? It's almost as corny as Trumped-up trickle-down. @JoeBiden Where has Joe Biden's leadership been? He spent a week fundraising with his wealthy donors instead of leading. @TheDemocrats Joe Biden would veto Medicare for All. Joe Biden would veto Medicare for All. Joe Biden would veto Me… @SavageJoyMarie1 It's a big club and you ain't in it.Bernie Sanders Calls for 'Unprecedented Legislative Response' to Coronavirus Crisis—Not Corporate Bailouts
@IUMrStryck Joe Biden was missing last week because he was doing fundraisers with his wealthy donors. Prostituting himself as he would say.
Retweeted by Revolt Politic @IUMrStryck Joe Biden was missing last week because he was doing fundraisers with his wealthy donors. Prostituting himself as he would say.Now we know why Biden was missing last week. He was doing fundraisers with his wealthy donors. #WhereIsJoe #HidingBiden @Spiritual_Kitty @charliekirk11 @TPUSA one ran the most incompetent campaign of the three?
@barbaraleach19 @solon594bce @EllenBookstore Good job channeling your inner Trump. @RoseFasa Sanders tells Trump to ‘get your act together’ and protect medical personnel amid crisis. @solon594bce @EllenBookstore People who think Fox News is propaganda and that MSNBC is telling the truth are just a… @HomaBashWEWS @MilkovichSchool Creepy as fuck. @kharyp @OmariJHardy Bravo, Mr Hardy. @Baligubadle1 @AdamParkhomenko Most Democrats don't care about poor people either. @AdamParkhomenko Pam Triolo spent six nights at a Hawaiian resort in June to attend a conference at taxpayer expens…
@dan_mcquiston @BernieSanders We need to beat Joe. @SymoneDSanders Someone will die because these people decided to be selfish and walk around in a crowd, not because… @ryanstruyk @CNN The actual number is at least ten times that. @NathanXSmith3 @ryanstruyk @ggreenwald @CNN Says the guy repeating conservative propaganda. @whstancil @Suspended_Acct Of course they are. Democrats do the same thing that Burr and Loeffler did.
@bourgeoisalien @geefloyd I love when he has Richard Wolff in studio.We’re at War With Coronavirus. And Bernie Should Be Our General. @JRubinBlogger In a universe where Biden loses without making those concessions. @LCosmonaut647 I believe it. Fucker's a genius. @LCosmonaut647 I'd take Midnight Vultures over Odelay any day.While Mainstream Democrats Fumble, Bernie Sanders Is Modeling a Serious Response to Coronavirus.
@neeratanden It's crazy how the same people who spent the last three years dividing the country over Russia-gate an… @neeratanden You really know how to win us over, Neera. No wonder your team lost to an orange clown in 2016. @moniconga Similar time lines but one is being condemned by the media for their response and one is being praised b… @moniconga The first known case in the U.S of COVID-19 was confirmed on 1/20. The White House Coronavirus Task Forc… @moniconga I disagree with your 1st statement. Obama handled H1N1 quite poorly. Your 2nd and 3rd statements are opi… Team Pete taken over Joe Biden's social media accounts? These are Buttigieg-esque platitudes. have no confidence that Democratic leadership would have handled the COVID-19 pandemic any better than Trump has.… Pelosi's response to economic relief for the American people is more Republican than the Republican Party's. derangement syndrome: irrational criticism that has little regard towards Trump's actual positions or actions… people who are against universal programs are really just pro-choice Republicans. Pelosi's response to economic relief for the American people is more Republican than the Republican Party. @philosophrob I went from five figures in debt to six figures. @wmjesq @JoeBiden Joe Biden still thinks marijuana is a gateway drug.
Retweeted by Revolt Politic @wmjesq @JoeBiden Joe Biden still thinks marijuana is a gateway drug. @JoeBiden Joe Biden still thinks marijuana is a gateway drug. @ananavarro @BernieSanders @JoeBiden Joe Biden doesn't believe in science. He still thinks marijuana is a gateway drug.
I have no confidence that Biden would be any better than Trump. None. @jonfavs Don't listen to anyone from Pod Save America. Those people communicate disease. @sabrina68 @TheDemocrats No.Only a party as incompetent as the Democratic Party could lose to Trump twice. The Democrats are damn sure trying t… have three words for anyone who wants me to unify behind Joe Biden: Go fuck yourself. @atrupar They smear us throughout the campaign and now that they need us they want to play nice. Go fuck yourself. @BuzzFeedNews We don't believe you. @aseitzwald @neeratanden "We don't believe you."Biden voters never read "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media." @TopherSheerin @steveaustinBSR @BretHart All day. Every day.