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It's Greg Puciato's birthday. To say that we're looking forward to the @dillingerescpln singer's forthcoming solo a… news: #Rammstein have refuted wide reports that singer Till Lindemann tested positive for coronavirus. The sin…, @TriviumOfficial, @wearebrutus, @XibalbaCA, @augustburnsred and END dropped serious heat this week. Bl…'s new album 'Order of the Mind' is out today — it's one of the best metal debuts in recent memory, reca… birthday, Greg Puciato! Here are your picks for The @dillingerescpln/@feverdaydream frontman and solo artist'… released 'The Blackening' 13 years ago today! What's your favorite song on the album? @HAVOKthrash's timely new scorcher "Post-Truth Era" @NovaTwinsMusic's hip-hop-infused punk rock to @machin3gir1's extraterrestrial grind, here are five artists yo… @Revolvermag included @ElephantTreee in their '5 artists you need to know'! Check it out:
Retweeted by Revolver MagazineIf you love #Gojira, #Behemoth and witches in the woods, you gotta check out the white-knuckle new song and video f…
In episode two of our doc series on Chester Bennington's first band @therealgreydaze, we go behind-the-scenes of th… our new mini-doc on Chester Bennington's pre-#LinkinPark band @therealgreydaze and their "Sickness" music vid… reading while you listen to @nineinchnails' new surprise double-album 'Ghosts V – VI,' here's our massive #NIN meets #DragonForce. Blast @lovebites_jp's new power-metal anthem "Unbroken." @nineinchnails! For FREE. This is not a drill.
See @Megadeth's @DaveMustaine and his daughter @electramustaine covered #TheBeatles' "Come Together" while in "quar… birthday, Jeff Walker! Someone get the @CarcassBand singer some #TacoBell. asked. You voted. Here are your picks for the five greatest final albums of all time — from @typeonegative,… from India, Abhiruk Patowary is now a student at @BerkleeCollege of Music and channels #KillswitchEngage @Revolvermag asked me to write about 5 women who inspire me and honestly I could've written about a lot of women bu…
Retweeted by Revolver MagazineHappy birthday, Buzz Osborne! From #MilesDavis to @ZZTop, here are the albums that have shaped the @melvinsdotcom s… #WomensHistoryMonth, we asked @gougeawayfl's Christina Michelle to spotlight some of the women who most inspire… @tcband's high-octane in-studio performance of "Reimagined," the latest video in the new series "Machine Shop L… @Evanescence's @AmyLeeEV perform a stunning cover of #WhitneyHouston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" during h…
.@mastodonmusic's 'Crack the Skye' turned 11 today. Here's the insane full story behind the deeply personal and wil… @MrBungle Part 2
Retweeted by Revolver Magazine.@myMotorhead released 'Overkill' 41 years ago today! It's title track inspires @HighonFireBand's Jeff Matz to this…'ve teamed with @eOneHeavy to give away rare and collectible vinyl from @ace_frehley, @ZakkWyldeBLS,… released 'Crack the Skye' 11 years ago today. Get an intimate view into the creation of the band's… fans of @dinosaurjr, #CatherineWheel, @BandofNOTHING and more — check out the fuzzed-out new song "Smoov" from…"We were all virgins when we did this tape. Death-metal virgins!" Get the insane full story behind @MrBungle's firs… released 'Option Paralysis' 10 years ago today! What's your favorite song on the album?
.@OfficialStaticX's "evil disco" classic 'Wisconsin Death Trip' turned 21 today. Wayne Static #RIP. you're not already in the know, @oldmangloomband is a sludge-noise supergroup featuring current and former membe… frontbeast Oderus Urungus, a.k.a. Dave Brockie, died six years ago today. "Being a full-time professional mo… dreamed of collaborating with @CCHELSEAWWOLFE, @Convergecult, @pelicansong, @ladisputeband or others? While we… released 'Wisconsin Death Trip' 21 years ago today! You better believe it's one of our 20 essenti… exclusive! @MrBungle are in the studio with @Anthrax's @Scott_Ian and drum master @TheDaveLombardo — and we h…'s @chuckfcknbilly — along with his wife, Tiffany — has tested positive for coronavirus. His recent "The… song have you been blasting on repeat? singer M. Shadows' 7th grade teacher was not amused by this cut off @Pantera's 'Far Beyond Driven'
.@codeorangetoth's Reba Meyers: "Now that I'm in a band and have seen firsthand how the industry works, I identify…, @cattledecap called it! #DeathAtlas is slowly becoming reality from the looks of it. @Revolvermag breaks down…
Retweeted by Revolver MagazineGuess what @Pantera riff @RATM's @tmorello wishes he wrote a 'Hustler' model and a skin condition helped photographer Dean Karr create not one but TWO iconic covers for… includes @gougeawayfl, @the_oathbreaker and @Convergecult in their 6 Best New Songs Right now! Check…
Retweeted by Revolver MagazineYou better believe Kerry King's favorite @Pantera song is off 'Far Beyond Driven' released 'Among The Living' on this day in 1987! We talked to @skisum about recording the album in the B… released 'Far Beyond Driven' 26 years ago today! Here's the full story behind the 1994 masterpiece — in t… message from the #MetalGod
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On the 20th anniversary of @Pantera's 'Reinventing the Steel,' #flashback to our classic interview with…"I haven't listened to this record in a long time," @REJASFROMTEJAS told us of @Pantera's 'Reinventing the Steel.'… better believe @Pantera's 'Reinventing the Steel' made the cut released their final album, 'Reinventing the Steel,' 20 years ago today. Here are five things you likely…
For #ChesterBennington's birthday, watch our in-depth doc on his first band @therealgreydaze and what he was like b… YOTK RIGHT NOW
Retweeted by Revolver Magazine.@YEAROFTHEKNIFE are one of the best young bands in hardcore, and they're playing a live show at New Jersey's Landm… released their final album, 'Reinventing the Steel,' 20 years ago this week. So we ask you this. Tell us…, @lambofgod, @theacaciastrain, @oldmangloomband, @Convergecult and @entheosofficial dropped serious h…'s #ChesterBennington's birthday. The @linkinpark singer was a master of the cover song — from #NineInchNails to… stoked on this new song and video!!!
Retweeted by Revolver Magazine.@Pantera's swan song 'Reinventing the Steel' turns 20 this week. We talked to @REJASFROMTEJAS about the making of… @Korn take on internet voyeurism and tech addiction in the provocative new video for "Can You Hear Me"… was born 44 years ago today. #RIP Here are your picks for the @linkinpark singer's greatest voca… lot of people have been asking how to help our staff out. We've set up a Venmo tip jar for our staff at the usern…
Retweeted by Revolver MagazineFresh off collaborations with #Slipknot's @sidthe3rd and rapper @lilxanfuhyobih, trap-metal rising star @lucifenaa interview in @Revolvermag with Thomas Hooper about his process of making art 🎨
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A heavy-metal "Satanic Panic" horror movie starring @AADaddario and @jackassworld's @realjknoxville? Count us in. W… drummer Brann Dailor's birthday falls on the same day as the anniversary of @OzzyOsbourne guitar he… our "Songs for Black Days" series, we asked @WeAreDed's Joe Cotela to share the songs he turns to in dark times… have reimagined their 2012 ripper "Aimless Arrow" as "Endless Arrow," a 30-minute ambient opus — "to… died 38 years ago today. Here's how @OzzyOsbourne remembered the late, great guitar hero to us. #RIP
Retweeted by Revolver MagazineHappy birthday, Brann Dailor! If you haven't seen the @mastodonmusic drum master's hilarious training regimen, you… started as a side project between members of @Candiria, @dillingerescpln, #ISIS and @JulieChristmas_ be…'s the perfect time to blast @Disturbed frontman David Draiman's favorite song about the apocalypse
LAST ONES LEFT: In Fear of The End is premiering LIVE on YouTube in 30 minutes at 8 pm EST. we will be answering yo…
Retweeted by Revolver Magazine.@codeorangetoth's "LAST ONES LEFT: In Fear of the End" show — at the virtually empty @RoxianTheatre — was one for… we asked @TriviumOfficial's @matthewkheafy to pick his favorite song about the #apocalypse, he came back with… birthday, @JerryCantrell! Here are 10 things you likely didn't know about @AliceInChains' masterpiece 'Dirt.' asked. You voted. Here are your picks for the greatest songs about the #apocalypse, from @thebandGHOST,…'ve teamed up with @eOneHeavy to give away rare and collectible vinyl from @ace_frehley, @ZakkWyldeBLS,…
Andrew Watt — who produced and played guitar on #ozzyosbourne's new album 'Ordinary Man' and also produced… full-album, one-man cover of @voivoddotnet's 'Angel Rat,' all on acoustic guitar?! @deerhoof's @gregsaunier is cl…'ve teamed with @HAVOKthrash for a limited and exclusive run of white vinyl for their new album 'V,' due out in M…'s prescient new anthem "Memento Mori" bears a message of hope for our turbulent times. Read Randy Blyth… @lambofgod face monsters in the gripping video for their new anthem "Memento Mori." "If all you pay attention… @HAVOKthrash fans: only 100 left of the exclusive @Revolvermag 'V' white vinyl remain. Make sure to order…
Retweeted by Revolver MagazineItaly's @BLACKRAINBOWSii describe themselves as a "heavy psych stoner Seventies fuzz-rock band with psychedelic spa…
.@CrownTheEmpire guitarist Brandon Hoover took to social media to announce that he tested positive for the coronavi… restrictions may have shut down the Cro-Mags' show with @BodyCountBand at New York's @WebsterHall, but… artist and tattooist #ThomasHooper has created iconic artwork for @Convergecult, @neurosisoakland and more.… couldn't completely stop @codeorangetoth's record release show. When their original plans had to be scr… song have you been blasting on repeat?
From @AliceInChains' self-titled album to #WhiteZombie's 'Astro-Creep: 2000' — 1995 was a killer year for heavy mus… birthday, John Tardy! Read the gory full story behind the rise of @obituarytheband, @MorbidAngelBand,… Genesis P-Orridge, "godparent of industrial music"
Today marks the 38th anniversary of @Metallica's first show ever — the perfect time to read our exhaustive history… played their first show ever 38 years ago today! Billed as "the young metal attack," they performed for… birthday, Mike Muir of @OFFICIALSTIG! All he wanted was a Pepsi. All we got was an all-time classic song.…