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Former Communard, co-presenter of Saturday Live, Chancellor of the University of Northampton, Vicar of Finedon. Please don’t shout at me.

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I am coming off social media for Lent. Back at Easter. @TomMooreAtHome @safc4ever Church of England. @AdeleMck43 @safc4ever Good luck! And thanks! @revkimbrown Or corned beef. @safc4ever Actually in our tradition it begins after the ashing, which happens in this parish at 7pm.The Cross shines forth in mystic glow! #AshWednesday @ChristineLoy1 Nope! @Rosinacarley I give up social media too.Last meat till Easter, and I said farewell in style with Mrs W’s panackelty and cabbage. @Heathdweller Lift high the cross! @VmKaz @jmb1256 You can three dozen of mine. @PUSBLN A powerful insight. @TravelsAndTails Thank you! @TravelsAndTails How wonderful. @TristramHuntVA hey Tristram, good to see you here. @TravelsAndTails Oooh where? @devlin_jp In your mind. @Colin_J_Taylor I get “I pay your wages” sometimes and I reply “yes, to do my job, which is to make decisions based… @AlexMacras GUSTER! @devlin_jp Toast. @joepublica2 Can’t you have both? @kazzieh No!?!Magnificent item on #r4today about why grey squirrels are more vulnerable to predation by pine martens than red. It… @ManyifnotMost Quite small.
@Jo196940 Go RIGHT ahead. @PhilipSerrell I hear you, P.Looking for some guidance @KateOdling Yes, distributed Palm Sunday, returned Sunday before Ash Wednesday. @Leeds_Demon I can’t remember if he came to Ash Wednesday or not, actually.Collecting last year’s palm crosses to burn this evening (pre-pancakes) to make the ash to use tomorrow for Ash Wed…
@justgai You’re welcome!Watching #Succession and loving it but think those lamp stands are repurposed candlesticks probably made by Peard and Jackson c1870. @pthonyc Ta! @simgeo35 Useful clarification, thanks. @david_povall I thought you’d like it #coredemptrix @SimsarStuff @walsh_maw19622 It’s in the Smithsonian. @walsh_maw19622 Year later I think.Ooh #c4news just translated “Mama mia!” as “Oh my God!”, which works colloquially, but opens a bustling theological can of wormsMy kitchen foil appears to have pretensions to be a geodesic dome. What’s THAT about? @AlbertRamsbott1 WHAAATT?!?? @baptism_fire Clever chap! @slowbutpowerful Now hold on... @katesaunders13 Garooh!! @AnnaSkiing Me too. Though a Savoy cabbage is a strong contender. @wthirskgaskill @JonS1950 Shut up!?! @JonS1950 I didn’t! @RussellKane Why not all of them? @TheStopthecoup Proof it’s brilliant. @tomdoorley Yes, it really happens.Brassicas: one of the great consolations of age. @IrvineJackie Nearly twelve.My two favourite ladies of riper years. Daisy Mumu and Mum. @tds153 Well, hellOO... @S1Whysall @GasManGod You’re welcome but GOD WILL SEE YOU @tds153 If you were gayer you would have got caravelle as well. @Lindakirkbride1 Jansenist: follower of Cirnelius Jansen, Bishop of Ypres, who invented a sort of Protestant Catholicism #broadbrushstrokes @cheekacat OK!No, but I’m best mates with a biscuit *dies laughing* @BobbyWotnotArt No, it now belongs to my niece. @cheekacat There is! Move to Finedon! @eleanor_wood Hi there! Great to have you on!My parishioner Jared was a mascot for the England U20s Six Nations game at the weekend and got this magnificent hai… @StewKt Not ideal. @whatcan1choose Yes the church at the Community of the Resurrection in Stocks Bank Rd.Somebody sent me this - it thirty five years ago. Roger Moore was James Bond, Phil Lynett was in Thin Lizzy, and Di… @ladylynncarter Yes thanks! @StuartMirfield @GirtonCollege Hello! @JuGarJo @NickCohen4 Sure about that? @whatcan1choose @NickCohen4 The Church of England extends a warm welcome to disaffected former Labour members *gets Gift Aid envelopes ready*Preached last night at Evensong at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford (on Moses’ veil and Jimmy Osmond’s concealer). I lo… @Neil32233105 And universities and hospitals and social services and beetle drives and schools and debt relief and the renaissance. @Michael199019 This is the sort of input I’m looking for. I guess oranges don’t have souls. @Vonniemezzo My work is done!
@LouSanders @WheelerGav Oh I didn’t know - if I had I would have tweeted! @LouSanders @WheelerGav Totally! @WheelerGav @LouSanders PREACH @Neil32233105 Civil servants were more into the rope and the blade. @DAaronovitch Ooh yes!I just found out this fine fellow is not a parson but a civil servant and I expect I will have to revise my underst… @emvexed #toosoon @bf10002 @lmhoxford @churchnw6 Good to meet you! @LauraMinimosher Thank you.
@PhilipHensher @GreenSpaceQueen Oh thank you! Thank him! And my condolences too.“Messieurs, j'ai l'honneur de remarquer que vos oreilles ressemblent des choux-fleurs” #FrenchRugbyRef @TheForestDeliCo I thought I heard something robust in French. @JoSmith75725738 Thanks, great tip.Do refs at rugby internationals always use English? @alicelydiajoy @waitrose They are not mouldy. They are shabby chic. @terrychristian @ILoveMCR Loved Tony - RIP. @LjBroughton I tried.Every time a @BBCRadio4 programme finishes I expect the theme tune to Just a Minute. @TaniaBlackmore7 Like totally.I just mistakenly used a flower bag for my shopping from M&S and now everything is all wrong. @Philippa_Perry That’s the hello I’m running out of battery so I’m going to cheep at you but not loud enough or fre…
@BlindDad_Uk @BBCRadio4 @ZaweAshton @eleanor_wood @AasmahMir @Kika_GuideDog @panmacmillan @BLM_Agency @ed_pr Hey Amit looking forward to it!Fifteen bob for a stamp. The old Queen Empress must be turning in her mausoleum. @FrancescaBowbr2 Thank you! @Kate_NW11 Exactly that.