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Former Communard, co-presenter of Saturday Live, Chancellor of the University of Northampton, Vicar of Finedon. Please don’t shout at me.

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@david_povall I thought that was Sabrina’s nightie.I have started to interpret the “Thank-you, Prime Minister” as a subtle reproach for him calling them “Chris” and “Patrick”. @DrMatthewSweet I thought it was one. @david_povall You’re too young to remember grilled grapefruit as a smart dinner-party starter. @david_povall I prefer a finer dice. @david_povall Much better to spear a loose aubergine than handle it with virally compromised gauntlets. @david_povall Isn’t that what you wear for Lauds in Lent? @MiddletonAlia @caitlinmoran If Sharon Stone had done that the Oscar would have been hers.To mark #BlackHistoryMonth we’re getting behind our black fashion students at @UniNorthants @GladysSteptoe @StuartMaconie @JohnnyVegasReal Love the Saints, of course, but have family at Chorley so Wigan migh… @StuartMaconie @JohnnyVegasReal And yes please. @StuartMaconie @JohnnyVegasReal I literally just read something you wrote on the page and there you are on my screen .Daisy roaming in the gloaming. @alicelydiajoy Striking number of victims of the early modern witch hunt were single women of property involved in disputes over title.Am I imagining this, or is Rugby Union allegro and League presto?Then let us pray that come it may, (As come it will for a' that,) That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth, Shall be… @WyckoffSmith Gah!! @david_povall @ianbils @caitlinmoran #totustuus @MaryRosePeate @DylanHartley Angelika Kauffman, I think. @ianbils @caitlinmoran The SHAME. @GheeBowman @BBCSaturdayLive It was Jodie Prenger! @ChristopheSkis @caitlinmoran Praise be. @AshleyPaulMere1 @caitlinmoran A bitter tale. @devlin_jp Lower. That’s where the bargains are.#broadchurch feast of Hebrew names at Mattins today: Gedaliah, Ahikam, Shaphan, Nebuchadnezzar, Mizpah, Ishmael, Nethani… @caitlinmoran One of the most devastating moments in my life was when I was cast as ‘shepherd 2’ in the Sunnylands…
@DylanHartley Hey Dylan!Totally best pals with @DylanHartley! on telly EVER? Try this, at your convenience, ladies and gentlemen, and cheaper than a two course takeaway.… @CalvinBook @meolscop1978 I already like him! @PamonGabriola I dunno!#VirtueSignalling discover I dine tonight with Dylan Hartley, with a touch of trepidation, for he has always looked to me like some… @SColborne @PopularPuppies SCREAM
@OMDAndy67 Yup, me too. @debritz Thanks! @gfrancie Until a former Vice President becomes President, or runs for the presidency? #askingforthefutureofcivilisationAmerican friends, after a President stands down he or she is still called Mr or Madam President, is that right? Doe… tonight is a tiny snitch hovering unceasingly in my right ear canal. @theothergrouse That’s unusual, I believe. @fneepette No they’re not actually. @UptonsButchers @TaniaEmery4 That sounds delicious.Lady on Hollyoaks has Empire style earrings. @Kate_NW11 @markbwwelford I burn with a hard gem-like flame, if you please. @Befuggled @Cristiano Thanks! And commiserations! @iLEAPS18 Thank you! @JanineMachin @BBCLookEast Hi Janine, sure, how do we do it?Mum: “What are you having for supper?” Me: “Ribollita”. “What?””You know, sweat down a sofritto, maybe some courget… “Mum, you could have been a stand up comedian”. Mum: “I can’t even stand up, you fathead”. @ScriptULike We’re not journalists so it does not apply. @WealandsBell Opposite effect on me. @Beaumont10S You can’t, they’re off limits.St Pancras 8.15 on a Thursday morning. I think I’ve barely begun to understand the impact of COVID on the economy. @PiersCooper Thank you!What would spin in a Faraday Cage rather than show true? @essjax I can offer only blood, sweat, tears etc.Scientists! Navigators! Geomancers! If you tried to use a compass in a Faraday Cage what would it do? @GarfieldTony Thanks! @2posh2wash It is actually the Feast of Cassian, patron of stenographers, if that helps? @quantick A lady showed me her bedpan the other day, a Victorian device, inscribed with the boast that it is The Best In The World. @devlin_jp Strong start poor finish #diningnotes @essjax Brace yourself.A new variation on the threadbare pee-fretted sleep of a gent in his late fifties: I wake to soundless dark and ne…
@PhilipHensher There’s a nice doer-upper in Galway for €225k. @SpacemakerArch Thanks! @PhilipHensher In winter I would Sintra #notludwig @PhilipHensher Linderhof, I think, for me. You? @Tax_Dodge_Hodge It is.There’s a programme about Ludwig II’s fantasy castles on BBC4 at eight. I think they’re like going on the ghost tra…’m fine, by the way!Called out to ICU and discover the patient is an old school friend. It was his funeral today, Ian, a man of such st… @prideauxsarah @devlin_jp Thanks Sarah! @h3nrymartin @belabab @stpaulswesthack @FrDidymus @AngelEy02283417 @IanMaher7 @Revdavidgray You aren’t. You know this. @Silverback_99 @BBCBreakfast Thanks! Happy Feast!It is the Feast of Simon and Jude, foundation day for my theological college at Mirfield, the only place I can thin… @SuzieLevett Yes of course.It is the six hundredth anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City. Built to be the Ming dynasty’s capital…
@CathCSW Heard the same from another FD today. @RuthieSThomas It is in some place, not in others.We said goodbye to Naomi today, who was born in the Jamaica of Marcus Garvey, followed the Windrush, and died in th… @child_nick You’re welcome. @janewickham1 Thank you! @izabel_carter We often don’t know the people we conduct funerals for and we rely on what we’re told about them by… @PaulNeedle1 If you say it like you mean it people will think it’s right. @UniNhantsNews @nick_petford @mariellaf1 @TimesRadio @ShanWareing @UniversitiesUK @UniNorthants @Journalism_UoN @child_nick I don’t think it does not clearly indicate it, though many would disagree. @philippapotts Make it up. @canonianblack Lot of explaining. @BrandyandLovage Yes in Haggai.I’ve had one funeral in the past two months, now six in two weeks.Appearing in the Old Testament Reading at mattins today: Josiah, Jedidah, Adaiah, Bozkath, Shaphan, Azaliah, Meshul… @PhilipPullman Fighting talk, and it’s only breakfast. @tony_mortimer Got a favourite Tony? @JamesMunro5 Chris Hemsworth to play me if it’s not TOO obvious?
@MichaelRosenYes Fifty years. @HaywardBros My pleasure. @LifeInKilburn @HennessyKesewa @Seal That is encouraging news.When I watch old films now I come away thinking less that I’m the star of my own life and more that I’m an extra in peculiar clothes. @LifeInKilburn @HennessyKesewa @Seal Yes that’s true! Top flat No 6.