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Former Communard, co-presenter of Saturday Live, Chancellor of the University of Northampton, Vicar of Finedon. Please don’t shout at me.

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@MelanieBowran @fightingsailor Hello again! @newman_bev Excellent! @littlemore20 Never was. Catterick? @ZaraShirwan SCREAM @fightingsailor Oh thanks, I love Portsmouth!I just realised I know more soldiers than sailors, a rate of three to one. I can’t think why. @tds153 Death In Venice. What’s not to like?I discover my brother in law @mancunianmark, who races things, was interviewed on an American programme and they ha… @tds153 Wouldn’t you be? @tds153 I think he was rather a sweetie. But he also very often knew what was wrong with people before they told hi… is the Feast Day of the Curé d'Ars, patron saint of the parochial clergy, a simple country parson who was so in… @kimble99 Cracking beast. @tarquinmorgan @coralieandrea No plans at the moment. @Beathhigh Sounds like a Harry Lauder song. @Beathhigh #AuldStreaky @dgjones Tricky on a tram but worth it. @AmandaDavies07 Wow! I love their piping cries too.It is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Harry Lauder, a Lanarkshire coal miner who became the highest paid… @BrandyandLovage Excellent choice. I’m also thinking Mademoiselle Hulot. @alantlwilson Magnificent! @PetrocTrelawny @bbcproms @DivanOrchestra I like to think, Petroc, that when you return to Cornwall you are carried… @AasmahMir Get you and your fancy view.
Me:”I’d quite like a poodle one day”. Mum: “Dog or bitch?” Me:”Bitch, I think”. Mum:”What would you call her?” Me:… @Kate_NW11 Trueish. @MusicClerk Neutral! @MusicClerk Have just converted from Kempff to Gilels for Beethoven. @MusicClerk I’ve always loved the Serkin recording of the second and Arrau of the first, but that’s sensational. @MusicClerk Oh that was wonderful.I see on #lookeast that Stevenage station has got a splendid new platform *looks enviously at Stevenage* @coralieandrea Yes, but cake was baked by Mrs Tesco. @jrtucker547 Excellent!Visit from the Northern Province. come to see this red kite pretty much every day now. It’s like a middle class Kes. @silverpebble I don’t think so. Up your street ain’t it? @SrMJMiller I used to be. Lark now. @RugbyOddjob Excellent.Henrietta Parsons made this and it arrived today #owls @FatherSJMC @ShrineOLW State of the CofE, please. @EndOfThePier @_AlexandraClare @Thievesbook @JackDAshby @s_r_algernon @brianclegg @Dwuddy @Dr_Dimitra_Fimi @roger_sausage Darling boy! @kidcobbler I would need more data.It is the centenary of the crime writer PD James. She once stayed at my old theological college, researching a book…
@LynnHartley7 #prioritiesIf you feel disenchanted with journalism, and have started to wonder what’s the point of it, watch Once Upon A Time… @SaraAndHeart Excellent. Countryfile’s on, by the way.Me:”How was your day?” Mum: “Not great”. Me: “Oh dear. Why?” Mum: “I can’t remember, but it was something horrid.… @EvergreenKaley Marvellous. @Kate_NW11 Excellent plan. @VikkiePage I’ll be at a Holby City A&E.It is the Sabbath. Tomorrow, I’m on it. @Stuart_Linnell Congratulations! @exitthelemming Moob exposure. @quantick I sometimes get upset thinking about electricity. What sort of upset, you ask? It is watt E tizz.How do you cook courgetti without making them too wet for satisfactory use? @Alan__Curtis My work is done.Just got me a PIN for the library audiobook service. Thanks, Twitter. @VintageWatch1 While you’re there, can you tell me why the tonneau shape is not more fashionable? Thanks.Loving @SteveBackshall on #DID! @VelvetWildcat Not a tube. @JenniferRead6 Thanks! @rocco22 Gah!! @Botanygeek U r a potayter trayter SHAME ON UIt is the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Tower Subway, the world’s first underground tube railway, connect…
Audible is driving me bananas. I can’t download books into my iPhone so it says add to wish list - but there is no… @kaff52 Sorry to hear it. @txvoodoo @david_povall It was delicious. @david_povall Simple amuse-bouche for me. @mattr YESS!!TOLD YOU #FACupFinal #darkpowers @uknikki Alas no! @Rossrubicon NO!! @zirzindy @DrFrancisYoung *upgrades mark* @zirzindy @DrFrancisYoung πιστοῖς - pistois - means faithful.Spot on with my prediction so far #FACupFinal#FACupFinal, the ONLY occasion at which it is OK to go up an octave at the end of the National Anthem (and Arsenal… @MerryHell_band @BBCRadio4 Oh you’re welcome! @DrFrancisYoung I gave two years of my life to this: @silverpebble You confect owl pellets from hoover fluff and Twiglets and pass them off as the genuine article to gu… @nysuri @Jennife10651535 Thank you! @IvorGCampbell @DanKaszeta @_F_B_G_ Revelation 13:18a “This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number...” @SusieHQ Thank you. @SusieHQ Excellent fact. Who? @silverpebble The walnut bust of Mrs Mills you stole from Antiques Roadshow, after your troupe of weasels distracte… The Railway Children and reckon the noon train to Oakwood is faster than today’s transpennine sprinter. @silverpebble It is being said, in fenland parts, that you have the likeness of Brian Cant crafted from pipe cleane…, THIS frumpy old tiara? #SeduceMeIn5Words @FeeandpetePeter Sorry, it’s Twitter, and you know how people can get!The Railway Children is on BBC2 RIGHT NOW. @FeeandpetePeter Yes, I know. I’m not criticising. @monisha_rajesh Thank you. Niqab it is! @Jennife10651535 I thought that was a chador. I must work harder to get my coverings right. @monisha_rajesh I thought that was a chador? @kellyfhaycock I thought it was just a face covering that was required?Lady at the station puts on a face mask under her hijab #beltandbraces @Danielledeniese @BridgitteTT @BBCRadio4 @9AM @CSteelBioSci @loydgrossman @SallyCoulthard @glyndebourne Great to have you on! @SallyCoulthard @BridgitteTT @BBCRadio4 @9AM @Danielledeniese @CSteelBioSci @loydgrossman Thanks! Good to have you on! @CSteelBioSci @BBCRadio4 @loydgrossman @SallyCoulthard @Danielledeniese @BridgitteTT Great to have you on Chris and… @arobertwebb Definitely guilt. I’m thinking of a penance. @arobertwebb That’s guilt. See me. @SallyCoulthard @BridgitteTT @BBCRadio4 @9AM @Danielledeniese @CSteelBioSci @loydgrossman I’m VERY PRO SHEEP.