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Retweeted by Rewire.NewsU.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos makes hollow claims about her commitment to domestic violence victims. Student… Hannah Watters knew she was violating her school’s code of conduct when she posted photographs of… to Dr. Bhavik Kumar, medical director of primary and trans care at @PPFA, hormonal birth control has been… women only earn 64 cents to every dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men, according to the NWLC a… can a person parent their children in a safe and healthy environment if they don’t have stable housing??? 🤔 friends at @JanesDueProcess are doing important work for teens' access to birth control and abortion every sing…
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsConsidering that 19 percent of undergraduate students live with a disability, institutions of higher learning shoul…! So many parallels between HIV/condoms and COVID/masks, and lessons from HIV messaging that apply now. I think…
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsVolunteers at the Jane’s Due Process text line are trained to help teens strategize how to access the care they nee… a couple of days, Betsy DeVos’ new rule governing Title IX—a federal civil rights law that requires schools to r… the new Title IX rule goes into effect on Friday, student survivors will bear the brunt of an education system t… to FiveThirtyEight's tracking, in the 116th Congress, Kamala Harris ranks 99th out of 100 for voting in l… women specifically face a larger wage gap than women overall, and their Equal Pay Day comes more than two mon…"I’m in a relationship with my birth control, and, yes, it’s serious. I can confidently say hormonal birth control…’ rights to free speech don't stop at the schoolhouse doors. Just ask the Supreme Court. 👇❤❤❤
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsICYMI: Teens can text @JanesDueProcess at 866-999-5263 every day between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Central Time to speak w…
In many states, sex ed curricula isn’t required to be comprehensive or medically accurate; abstinence-only is the n… UP: If you're having trouble finding funding for your abortion and don't know where to look, we have the ans…“Doing this work can weigh heavy—we know that even with all of the work that is being done to uplift issues around… many people, COVID-19 is the first pandemic that has uprooted their lives. But for long-term survivors of HIV/A… on training are not unusual, and it can prevent medical professionals from providing good care.…
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsQuestion of the day: Are you still wearing your mask out in public? 👀 If not, you should be!… DeVos is creating a system that will leave student survivors without recourse and make campuses less safe. *…"I need my IUD to treat a health condition—and to have sex. Both are crucial."
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsMy journey to feeling a sense of self-determination over my body and repro health began when I was in elementary sc… Ward, who’s been living with AIDS since the ’80s while working on the frontlines of the epidemic, said the CO… around two dozen states explicitly allow all people under 18 to access birth control without first getting a p… Jackson, executive director at @FWHC, a partner organization to @BlkMamasMatter, speaks at a protest again…✅Harris is the first Black woman at the top of a major party ticket. ✅The first Asian American. ✅The first grad… haven't convinced everyone to wear condoms, but there are certainly lessons to be learned from decades of trying… education should give students the tools to take ownership of their lives and bodies so that they can feel empo…
Will the hospital be short-staffed? Will my prenatal appointments be canceled? Will my infant be exposed to COVID-1…👇
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Retweeted by Rewire.NewsHarris DID vote for the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), a federal anti-trafficking law that many sex wor… was also a co-sponsor of the Equality Act which would protect LGBTQ people against discrimination in employm… ALSO has called for the protection of abortion rights at the federal level, including a Voting Rights Act st… who could forget her performance during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, grilling both Kavanaugh and her Se… 2019 Harris was one of three co-sponsors in the Senate of a bill to end the Hyde Amendment for good. Harris introduced legislation aimed at addressing racial disparities in rates of maternal deaths across the… California Attorney General she initiated the investigation into a series of heavily-edited videos wrongly claim… Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. What does this mean for reproductive health, rights,… love this woman. Follow her.
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsEver wonder what an abortion counselor does? Let me walk you through it 💕
Retweeted by Rewire.News"My period experience involved being doubled over in pain, suffering bouts of depression, and sneaking a heating pa… understand that going to an abortion clinic for a consultation can seem daunting, which is why partnered with…"I don't know what I've lost to this pandemic yet. Maybe it's the child I'll never have; maybe it's the world I'd l… COVID-19 outbreak is drastically changing the way health-care workers in emergency rooms across the country ope…"Within my family of five, we each approach our faith in nuanced ways according to our personal understandings of d… Olson alerted officers at the La Plata County Jail as soon as she started experiencing cramps and vaginal b… is the time to take responsibility for both the past and the present, and to demand change! 👊 it out y’all 😎
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsLast month’s Supreme Court ruling in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania was a callous attack on the health… birth centers, especially those led by people of color, honor, and respect cultural and spiritual t… @Sydney_R_Butler Thank you for your support! 🤗"Don’t choose out-of-hospital birth because you’re scared. ... Really choose home birth or choose a midwife-assiste… we cloak our arguments for birth control in justifications about the benefits it provides other than pregnancy… Gandal-Powers, director of birth control access at the @nwlc, walked us through some basic birth control benef… decision is one of many that upholds employers’ rights to deny health-care protections to historically vulnera…'s Due Process helps teens in Texas and beyond access birth control, STI testing and treatment, and other famil…
Giving birth at home was once the norm, but after deliveries in the United States started taking place in hospitals… ❤️❤️❤️
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Retweeted by Rewire.NewsThe good news is that most people will still have birth control after this decision because most employers want to… you choose to get an abortion, know that you are not alone! Thank you to @reba_fancy for breaking down how y… the gender makeup of people who are incarcerated changes, there has yet to be sufficient research or policy chan…"I wonder how a lack of support from families, friends, and community will impact our abilities to raise an infant… the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain hospitals across the U.S., there is an air of uncertainty for people w… pandemic is uniquely affecting expectant parents, as many unknowns surround COVID-19 and pregnancy. must act quickly to fortify established birth centers, and make birth centers a real option for birthing people… believe that significant change to reproductive health and rights is not only possible but also probable when we… up: pieces on student birth control access; access to contraception for people with chronic illness; and the… invoke religious belief to justify their crusade to deny others access to contraception, but as this… can you find out if your health insurance plan includes contraception coverage? How worried should you be tha… up: “What’s Next For Your Birth Control Coverage After Little Sister of the Poor” answers the “what now” ques… we’re looking back on the impact of the latest birth control decision... who could forget the first Supreme Court case over the birth control benefit way back in 2014?! fight over the birth control benefit has been going on for YEARS. In fact, this is the THIRD case involving t… month ago the Supreme Court said the Trump Administration could move forward with rules that would let nearly a… 61 million women have birth control coverage thanks to the birth control benefit—but we anticipate several hun… you @RepSchakowsky for this op-ed explaining how the #HelmsAmendment "hinders billions of individuals from be…
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Advocates hope the Texas State Board of Education will not only pass medically accurate sex ed for the state’s publ… we move to teaching online we MUST make our classes accessible to ALL students. Want to learn how? I’ll drop lin…
Retweeted by Rewire.News"My suggestion for instructors looking to spice up the classroom with true flexibility, regardless if they’re teach… latest for @Rewire_News: A majority of teaching hospitals restrict abortions beyond state law, limiting their st…
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsA spike in potentially deadly syphilis infections in fetuses and infants represents a massive failure of prevention…
It is not enough to say that we advocate for “culturally responsive” sex ed. We have to show that our sex education… education should give students the tools to take ownership of their lives and bodies so that they can feel empo… sending nudes, here are some critical Q's to ask yourself: 1️⃣ What parts of my body am I willing to show?… we cloak our arguments for birth control in justifications about the benefits it provides other than pregnancy…
Until the government pulls itself together, we can start channeling the spirit of Leslie Kennedy and the CSU system… is currently undecided about her specialty and doesn’t think the lack of instruction in abortion will nece… are tough right now, and if you don’t want to masturbate, know that no part of you is “broken.”“Yes, we should expand abortion care—just like we should expand education—and we should expand access to contracept…
Retweeted by Rewire.NewsICYMI: We updated our style guide to more accurately describe abortion care. Instead of using the terms “medication…
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