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I hold the microphone like a grudge

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Ain’t nobody in the neighborhood trying to compete with this 🤣
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Dogs, y’all... happy is this? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼This is amazing. If only Trump worshipers could understand math. (Or spelling. Or pretty much anything.)
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼This is dope
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼If you don't already know this, PLEASE, PLEASE, learn the difference between a country (ours) that has socialist PR…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @rahm3sh Let’s goooooooooooBREAKING: Sean Hannity accidentally reports the truth.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Sean Hannity Exposes Self on Live TV
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @DonCheadle Pos broso he thinks "vet" means "make up" or something OR he just accidentally admitted he's a complete joke.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @Richard_Schiff Richard come on. RewriteHe’s found a new opening line for every show!!! “Good evening” “I don’t vet the information on this show.” “If it h…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼All you need to know. @seanhannity is a garbage chute in a 45-story building. His followers stick their heads into…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @WajahatAli If he’s not working for Putin, he’s doing everything Putin would want. Weird.Hannity doing Putin's work again tonight. He's such a dangerous anti-American force. Blame the Murdochs.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Oh my god.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @PeteDominick PosThe most influential person in political media takes no responsibility for the carnage in his wake.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @SklarBrothers My best buddies!This is what the band Rush warned us about. #theTrees
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Just what I needed tonight
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼They went in!!!
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼I’m sorry WHAT
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Now that's funny and spot on!
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼DAMN. Emma for the win! #TrumpLost
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Sentence of the moment: "This took me 30 seconds to look up."
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼This is goooooooood
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Wow
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Hey @realDonaldTrump worshiping dipshits:
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Wait what ?
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Yassssss
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @slpng_giants 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪This has to be a result of the Seth Rich lawsuit. Fox is trying to have it both ways. They want to be taken seriou…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼The only truth he’s ever told .
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @andyreports 💥The irony of a ‘media malpractice’ graphic next Sean’s face as he says “I don’t vet the information on this program…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Well at least he didn’t lie. 😳 He’s literally telling his viewers, “This is some bullsh*t!” 👀😂🤣
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @DrJasonJohnson 💔Here's the catch: People screaming "I hate Socialism" KNOW these programs work. Half the time they've benefitted fr…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼.@seanhannity should be held accountable. They also need to reinstate the Fairness act.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼wow
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼😭 Santa’s side-eye
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Holy freaking Harry Potter what is this wizardry?
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Really well done.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Short sweet and accurate. Thank you.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Adds to Tucker Carlson’s attorney arguing in court that his audience don’t expect him to tell the truth. “Fair and…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @TheNatsFanatic 🤬 @TommyAmenta 🤣💪💪 @Catatstic 🤣🤣🤣Fan-tastic... @erjmanlasvegas Clowns the whole lotId think vetting info that the public consumes would be...uh, important? Responsible? Humane?...I could keep going…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @DoYouEvenLif 💥He’s going to say that the election was rigged forever and ever. He will never stop saying it. That’s why you need…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Perhaps if you vetted the "information" on your program, you could save millions in legal settlements…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼Hannity: “I don’t vet the information on this program”. And there you have it... @THEMOCOLLINS MY Mosephine.❤️🌎🇺🇸 @richardmarx @realDonaldTrump 🤯 @goodenufmother Across raceThat part 👇🏽👇🏽
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @peterframpton Pete💪😏 @Booker4KY It’s basic. In kentucky we live off of social programs. And everyone around us does the same.Exactly.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @RichelleCarey WordGood stuff right here
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @JoyAnnReid It’s basic joy. My friends in the south grew up on govt cheese. Social programs are AmericanWell said.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @yourrightscamp @Kaepernick7 ❤️❤️❤️💪Wow, this is pretty awesome! @Kaepernick7 #MuhammadAli
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @JuanG_Arango My friends lived on govt cheese in Kentucky.Proud to say that my family used to collect food stamps and we’d get government cheese. Can say that we turned out…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @Warlockdam1 Thanks 2 follower no avatar guy @Gatty54 🤯Georgia are you listening? of this....Yell it louder for the Racists in the back!!!
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼This is great
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼“Quit using socialism to cover your racism”... @richardmarx @RonDeSantisFL It’s mean above all elseAbsolutely correct. @RonDeSantisFL is a menace to public health. Pass it on.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @richardmarx Let’s do another pod soon. @dralysalucas Best thing ever @neal_katyal @InactionNever 🤣🤯🤬This is all you need to know. (You need the volume turned way up)
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼"@MarcGasol has my Defensive POY trophy at his house but that's not here or there." 😂 @KingJames talks about his ne…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @jaketapper @colleen_benn The best people broI knew @senatemajldr was useless, but this is....
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @JohnFetterman @ChuckWendig 🤯This was tweeted 90 minutes ago. Our legislative session is *constitutionally* over. She absolutely knew this w…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼No way! He hires the best people! @HeadlinerClip @andyfoster405 ❤️ @andyfoster405 👋 we updated @RexChapman’s voice tweet to include *automatic* captions…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼There's been so much obstruction of important legislation. Unpardonable.
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @DMC_Ryan Yep @RexChapman Good lord this video easily filled 30 seconds even though the list of blocked bills was scrolling as fa…
Retweeted by Rex Chapman🏇🏼 @Love2HulkSmash @senatemajldr Oh yeah he represents everything stuck back in the day @DanceOfHealth YepPsst... Georgia (& Kentucky), Please take a look at the bills currently in Mitch McConnell’s legislative graveyar…👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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