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@theFLICKpick @TheInvisibleMan Would love to watch this! Missed it in cinemas! @WebbedBat The woman looks like she’s into some weird kinky shit 🤢 @bru6e I’ve seen 40 @ArsaMate Socialblade @UpwardBoss Yeah it did, but not in the US @_Cody1021_ People need to understand that in the US you can’t experience systemic racism but in other countries li… @Enemies_Allies Sound like assholes tbh
Americans would not last a day in the UK
Retweeted by Rex @itscrayolabich They’ve stretched out things before thoughi wanna text my friends but i don’t even know what i’d say “what’s up?” literally the same thing as every oth…
Retweeted by RexOh Kermit and miss piggy what have you done really enjoy Twitter….. Minus the Dumbfucks.
Retweeted by Rex @itscrayolabich I haven’t played it but it doesn’t seem like a tv show game, mainly due to the game not being a lar… that after Cummings in the Rose Garden, BBC1 are showing a programme called Garden Rescue.
Retweeted by RexThis is for sure the creepiest shit I’ve ever seen, don’t know why you tracked down every single picture of him
Retweeted by Rex @Lunwi88 Cowboys easy
This nigga turned into Gary the Snail
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@JoshuaRush Is still very picturesque @BrodyAnimates just watched your latest animation and trust me you don’t want to live in a world where everyone has prosthetic legs
Retweeted by Rexare you happy with the way you cut that bread?
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Retweeted by Rex @_Cody1021_ This is extremely cringey lol
@501Denal Woah, when’s this coming out? @theodd1sout I still do that man @AhsokaTanooSW Nah, maybe a cameo but that’s it, I wouldn’t cross over the marvel and Star Wars actors @InsaneLetterbox Is it worth watching?pls look at what my dad sent me this morning I cannot even😭❣️🐶
Retweeted by Rex @Marvel_Informer It would be weird thoughMe taking my dog to the vet because he’s fuckin sicc
Retweeted by Rex @mxjjn17 Yes it’s great
Naughty Dog & Sony are still filing frivolous DMCAs over memes. Just got hit with 3 in one tweet for having a heavi…
Retweeted by Rex @LeftAtLondon @kehiil My plans: 2020:
Retweeted by RexIt’s sad really @LCSscallywag @GailSimone Exactly, I think that depends on the age of the writer who are compared with other hobbies, generally younger @NotACliff @GailSimone Haha, I only think they’re old cause I’m not too old myself @LCSscallywag @GailSimone Haha, I don’t think they necessarily fit the retro aesthetic but they are over 10 years o… Indiana Jones Complete Trilogy! My favourite game ever, mainly for nostalgia, Mario Kart Wii, Lego Star Wars C… @Marvel_Informer I think it’s done like a tv series @_TronVin_ He does look pissed for some reason even though he did an awesome trickhmmm
Retweeted by Rex @_Cody1021_ I think Han should have lived and died how he did, but Finn should have been killed in TLJ @_Cody1021_ Facts @_Cody1021_ More like 12 🤢i miss that awkward 30 seconds after leaving the movie theater with someone else where both of u have to announce w…
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Looks awesome! Can’t wait Snyder’s Justice League #HBOMax CONFIRMED! ALL 👏 THE 👏 ☕️ - 35 min episodes - new cameos - Geoff Johns & Jos…
Retweeted by Rex @ianlovesfilm Fair enough! I’ve heard a lot of people wanted 2 movies for goblet of fire, I love philosophers stone… @_Cody1021_ That’s unfortunateSounds epic we get @tonyhawk on the phone please??? A boy named Cooper is a big big fan.
Retweeted by RexAlready on it! I'm sending him my current skateboard in return.
Retweeted by Rexhis father left when he was 12, now he has a YT channel called “Dad, how do I?” to help kids who’re growing up with…
Retweeted by Rex @Lunwi88 Hbd!
Retweeted by Rex @ianlovesfilm What? Goblet of fire last? And the philosophers stone bottom tier? Surely the last 2 should go thereyou either die young or live long enough to see jojo siwa become a tiktok lesbian
Retweeted by RexJar jar binks is a good character and is actually funny @TwixAreTopTier
A lot of people are saying they were wrong re #SnyderCut because the news is all over town that the deal is closi…
Retweeted by Rex @ianlovesfilm This tweet should be trending
absolutely no one: my dad doing virtual reality:
Retweeted by Rex @brickguin Serial killer vibes
@thelukemullen Didnt expect this tweet to come from you Ngl @CiaranLawlor313 @FranzoniNicolo Accurate
Retweeted by RexThis is why the internet was created
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Y’all keep complaining about Jeff bezos and still buying stuff from amazon @2ethan2acourt What I think is $20 is the equivalent of the price for 2 people, but I do think it should be cheaper… jimmy looks rough @RiddlerTano @T0Biest Although it’s good to see, this was done during the week may 3rd -9th and therefore the origi… @2ethan2acourt Well exactly that, people are branding Star Wars as political and therefore it comes across like tha… @2ethan2acourt I think it’s cause the politics it’s built on are original and native to the series, whereas the new…
Everytime you think I’m cool... this is what I look like when I read Twitter.
Retweeted by Rex @mrsundaymovies @wikipediabrown Clones in the universe I believe live to a shorter age than their original bodies,… @2ethan2acourt Could what be happening? I don’t follow Percy Jackson @mrsundaymovies @wikipediabrown Just watched your latest video on Boba Fett, remember boba fett is a clone and the… think the John campea show has been pretty crap recently, he just speaks so much shit and has not so great opinio… @Lunwi88 Captain Rex easily
@gucci_noodles Yeah it does sound ridiculous especially since his father or mother are not mentioned at all in the movie @gucci_noodles @JediMasterFinn Oh right, I think the majority of people haven’t read his comic, I didn’t know, but… @JediMasterFinn @gucci_noodles I don’t think that’s a problem, it was mentioned in TROS therefore it’s just following on from thatThis looks pretty good, buttttt the tech demo isn’t super exciting especially compared with top tier PS4 games whic… @sitharies Fuck yeah TaurusWell this one isn’t @wolverineyay Haven’t watched many either predator or ItY’all be hating but I think it’s pretty funny @coensesque Would you recommend? I haven’t seen itIt was, but the cgi on her face was god awful
This view’s sound makes the fight so much more impactful Adams did not mention any ethnicity in his post, therefore he is blaming an activity (eating bat) rather than a race
@gucci_noodles Ngl he looks way better looking as a cartoon, think they did him dirty in terms of his looks @TRXYBARNES
“Disney ruined Star Wars” explain THIS
Retweeted by Rex @sickruin Yeah you can you fat slobI think this is great and all, but did they really need a series the length of the actual first series of mandalori…
LMAO. hold uuuuuup 😩😂
Retweeted by RexRT if you’re older than LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga
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