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Black people would like to explain the flaws in this strategy. We have 400 years of receipts.
Retweeted by ReynaTeaching via zoom makes me feel like Dora the Explorer. CaN yOu TeLl Me WhAT tHe AuThOuR iS aRgUiNg? ***stares…
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Indig pow wow baddies want in on this #PasstheBrushChallenge !!!
Retweeted by ReynaEn plena pandemia mundial del #COVID19Pandemic #COVID la comunidad de Ayutla está sin agua . En tener agua es un…
Retweeted by ReynaAyutla Mixe se ahoga de sed. 💦La agua potable es un derecho humano 💦 #AguaParaAyutlaYA #AguaParaAyutla @GobOax
Retweeted by ReynaQue este mensaje llegue a todos lados, en una comunidad en Oaxaca, llamada Ayutla, hace 1033 días que les arrebatar…
Retweeted by Reyna#OAXACANTWITTER let’s get on thissssss. 12pm Central Mexico time.
Retweeted by ReynaGreat article on farm workers , yet we must not erase the existence of indigenous people that make 40-50% of Califo…
Retweeted by Reyna @JimBoston2014 @hannahdreier @sdooling There is!
Retweeted by ReynaCalifornia farm workers are keeping markets stocked nationwide, without the luxury of social distancing, or the hop…
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This is Mexico City's busiest subway station on March 30, 2020. It shows the level of effectiveness of a government…
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Thanks y’all 😭❤️Tribal nations are going to be hit the hardest. Think of your elders and stay home. Help support these providers…
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🌶🤎ÑERO🦠👾😷 ◼🍍 Oaxaca llega a 14 casos positivos de COVID-19 y 25 sospechosos
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Texting my same three friends each hour
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can we talk about ICE doing raids while everyone is in quarantine? I want to talk about ICE doing raids while every…
Retweeted by ReynaNo puede ver, pero este maestro alfarero ciego en Oaxaca hace desde más de 40 años icónicas esculturas de barro.
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in the 8 days since the first COVID-19 case on the navajo nation, our nation now has 49 cases. that number is growi…
Retweeted by Reynaand i mean this from the bottom of my heart... FUCK ICE.
Retweeted by Reyna @guatezaddy I watched this like 10 times 🥺💛 @BeatByBenally @soychorizo_ Wow this is so pure 😭❤️My grandma has been craving onions but because shelves for fresh produce are always empty & the fact that the neare…
Retweeted by ReynaMood if this quarantine isn’t done in 2 months I’m outside regardless 😭😭
Retweeted by ReynaCan’t wait for my order! 😻
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I did a tik tok of them! Thanks for your support y’all 💛 fav thing in the world was sitting w my grandma while she embroidered🥺
Retweeted by Reyna @guatezaddy The yellow ones 😭💛🌿✨EARRING GIVEAWAY TIME✨🌿 For this March giveaway, I paired up with the talented and beautiful @/bluecorncreations…
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Retweeted by ReynaBeautiful ❤
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Retweeted by ReynaJust realized I have one more of these left 💛 my Tia Rufina and Tio Toribio, both Zapotec artisans who live in Oaxaca. They explain the payment they receive…
Retweeted by ReynaPetacas, re-usable bags that women in Oaxaca have been using for years. Some ladies have a whole collection in diff…
Retweeted by Reyna @ogcolombean @homosexualjty Awww thanks 🥰The green strand is already gone! And a couple of other items. Thanks y’all! @v_gravestench I think I’ve been there once! When I went to San Antonio, a long time ago. We’re from Santo Tomas de Arriba. And thank you! @righteouskala Thank you 🥰que bello trabajo!
Retweeted by ReynaDe Oaxaca ❤
Retweeted by Reyna @reynachabeli Ohhh I just bought the coral one. My tía was from Guerrero and used to embroider similar to this. It’…
Retweeted by Reyna @Rightturn_only Thank you. 🥰💛im tempted to buy this family beautiful embroidery design, once I can enter mexico again #WednesdayMotivation #NEWS
Retweeted by ReynaI’ve also added more Zapotec Oaxacan embroidered pieces to my family’s shop! 💛 Abuelita Chona is such a happy lady, she’s always smiling! The only time I’ve seen her mad is when I couldn’t br… @moonagedaydrm You’re so sweet my heart is gonna explode 😭💛💛💛💛Maldito año nuevo
Retweeted by Reyna @kettlexcorn 2020 has put my heart thru the ringer 🥴 wouldn’t be surprised if it KO’d before summer 😂 @kettlexcorn I was literally just thinking this 😢😭me, looking at all my assignments
Retweeted by Reyna @reynachabeli just got something for my mom in Alaska <3
Retweeted by Reyna @MintakaGlow Thank you so much 🥰 can’t wait for you to receive it! 💛💛💛LOOK at this!
Retweeted by ReynaBeautiful artistry! 💜💜💜
Retweeted by ReynaThis colorful piece has a home 🏠❤️ also, all the art pieces are hemmed on the edges 👌🏾 @danielle_cosm Pueblos can be harsh and judgmental af! SmhTrying to leave this simulation
Retweeted by ReynaThis is really pretty
Retweeted by Reynaso beautiful 😍
Retweeted by Reyna @reynachabeli I see my own Nanay (“Mom” in Tagalog) in yours. Crap I’m choking up. Nanay used to make me Arroz Cald…
Retweeted by Reyna @a_space_alien Omg thanks for sharing a little about yourself 😭💛 I bet she made the best Arroz Caldo ❤️This colorful strand is sold. Thanks y’all 🥰💛💗
Retweeted by Reyna @chinantecindias Honestly! I usually don’t like black beans and it’s caldo but when my gma makes it I make sure to finish the plate! 😋 @spicycryptid Awwww thank you 😭💛🤤
Retweeted by ReynaBeautiful. ❤️ ❤️ They have an Etsy shop so take a look!
Retweeted by ReynaYou can see my tias and cousins embroidering here. This is a way of life. You have conversations, watch TV or embro… all the Pueblos are closing down and are really strict on who can enter and leave. If it’s no necessary to…
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@chinantecindias @earth_daughters @MigrantScribble @dianalazapoteca @doctora_nature @moneycaa Yes I seen a couple Oaxaca Tik toks!! @b1gdickgothgf Thank you 🥰 @JoseRangelMMA Gracias!So many colorful strands available 🥰 the picture is my abuelita Chona 🥰 these pieces go for 5 US dollars in Oaxaca and take at least 4 days to make.… come from a family of Zapotec women who do bordados (embroider) for a living in Oaxaca. If you would like to supp… @reynachabeli ☺️
Retweeted by ReynaMy mom is a housekeeper for 4 different people in Manhattan, naturally they all cancelled her indefinitely, without…
Retweeted by Reyna @reynachabeli ✋🏽Yatzachi el Bajo. Sierra Norte (Distrito de Villa Alta)
Retweeted by ReynaThis made me miss my grandma 😔<3
Retweeted by ReynaI would always help my abuelita go to the molino and make tortillas when i would go to oaxaca when i was little
Retweeted by ReynaThis video fills me with so much joy every time i watch 🥺😭
Retweeted by Reyna @HijaDe2Madre Me too but it’s too entertaining 🤣Tias on FB really repost ish like this 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 @JUSLCC Chefs kiss!👌🏾😌❤️’m so excited to get mine!!!! Thank you @reynachabeli! Chapulín Oaxaqueñx via @Etsy!
Retweeted by Reyna @dazudreamer @Etsy Awww yay thank you! 💛💛 can’t wait for you to receive it!it's like I can smell the wood burning and the masa cooking 😭
Retweeted by Reynamade me miss my grandma more 🥺
Retweeted by Reyna left! Last day to get these chapulín 🦗 stickers for 5$ 😄😄 left! Get em while they’re hot! tourists better be passing through my pueblito rn to get to las grutas de tolantongo. We don’t have a hospital o…
Retweeted by ReynaOaxaqueño de los ojos negros y la piel morena ❤️ Today i called my elders en Mi Pueblo urging them to stay safe n k…
Retweeted by Reyna @plantaalo I feel you I can’t go in the summer 😭 @Oaxacking Como sabes con certitud? 🤨 Yo diría que este mensaje va dirigido a los mismos mexicanos de otros estado… @mepenamaste This was so satisfying to read 😌👌🏾 @drcynaguilera @doctora_nature Yesss😭💛I love how many of my indigenous mutuals and I are on the same page: we plan on working on speaking our languages a…
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