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🅲🆄🆂🆃🅾🅼 🆂🆈🆂🆃🅴🅼 🅾🅵 🆃🅷🅴 🅳🅰🆈 #SATURNday Creator: M.A.L. Customs System: #Sega Saturn Theme: Panzer Dragoon You’ve p…
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @Danilo_Noites A que olhos 👀 lindos.That entertained me way more than it should have. (🎥 Sound up)
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@JWonggg Why not revitalize Marvel Vs Capcom, remove all the crap for incoming players, bring the Xmen back, and so…'s crazy that Abadede didn't make it into Streets of Rage 4, he was one the most distinctive bosses in a game ful…
Retweeted by Chev CheliosSHIPPING UPDATE – DARIUS All contents for the Darius Collector’s Editions are at now at our warehouse. Most of the…
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @tafelixbr @Danilo_Noites Joguei muito ! @RetroFaith1 @RetroFun_ @gamesyouloved @ColonelFalcon @RetroBoyJon @KonamiUK @Konami @Terr @bloggospow @SNUKgaming @diablomzt @ph_rockz Jorge me explique melhor, qual a diferença desse sistema criado pelo Krikzz e o Md+ ? O MD+ p… @_fabdigital_ @MoonWatcherMD É uma ótima notícia Fabiano, principalmente do ponto de vista em ser modular, muito ba… @datonestarfox2 @matiascel This is a Snyder Cut of Duke ? @_fabdigital_ @MoonWatcherMD Fabiano, o que podemos ter de benefício em comparado com o antigo Basic ?
@Lord_Arse @MoonWatcherMD The Sega Mega Drive port is so close.I'm finally ready for Gran Turismo 7 on PS5
Retweeted by Chev CheliosI need this. Take my money now! 🤤🤤🤤
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @megacatstudios Japanese Sega Saturn. @SegaShopEurope @boca_retro_stuf The Japanese version is better than ocidental..Amazing game ...
@ScarletSprites Come on man,😅 😂Awesome work by @matteusbeus! Sonic Mania with 30 colours | Sega Genesis | Mega Drive | FMV Intro 35
Retweeted by Chev CheliosTop 10 NEW Sega Genesis Games to Play in 2020. Featuring @DAsteborg, @BitmapBureau, and @megacatstudios
Retweeted by Chev CheliosThis gives me anxiety, but I LOVE it. Lol!
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❤️🦇😁 #TheFlash #MichaelKeaton
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @dark1x The Sega Final Fight CD is one of the most legendary ports in console history.If you've never heard a fox laugh, you’re welcome!
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@RetroBoyJon @MoonWatcherMD @SNUKgaming @arcadeattackUK @PressStartnGame @16bitnostalgia @ColonelFalcon I have to say, my first impressions of the @retrotink2 Scart are very positive! I have my PS1 Slim plugged int…
Retweeted by Chev CheliosJuri-han Commissions are open. #한주리 #ハンジュリ #ストリートファイター #Jurihan #juri #StreetFighter #capcom #fanart #anime #sfv
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2020 My Patreon project is now at 39 music pieces (and I'm working hard on the 40th! :) ) - her…
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @realretroism Sega CD is amazing, but genesis have the best music. @Fabio_acrs Amazing job, obra de arte cara ...BONUS EPISODE! Here’s a review of the new Mega Everdrive Pro flash cart! What makes it special? What does it do? Wa…
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @GameSack Great comparison, very professional and fun. Your channel is the best entertainment for me. thank youLinux Mint 20 “Ulyana” Xfce released!
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @ZackSnyder @hbomax Good evening Snyder I have a sugestion... Use the fight between Batman and Deathstroke in the…'s an excellent speedrun on the PC version of Xeno Crisis by shadowherox who recorded a time of 33m 09s - can a…
Retweeted by Chev CheliosDogs are always vibing
Retweeted by Chev CheliosSNES-CD/SuperDisc/Nintendo Playstation story: A while back I had poked around at the SNES-CD BIOS. Found some of th…
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@harrystark96 Play the Gabriel Pyron color hack, the color is lot better than vanila.To be honest here. Very good 3D rendition of the original #MetalSlug This need to come to console as well!
Retweeted by Chev CheliosFinally got a chance to build my GBS control scaler. I’m very impressed by its ability to support #X68000 (even 15k…
Retweeted by Chev CheliosEvery single time Sonic appears on the title screen...
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@buff985 @SNESdrunk @MegaDrivePro I thought the same these days.
A maior lenda brasileira.くるくる回転しながら飛んでくるを作った。
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Just a quick test of Zero Tolerance in 2 players mode, using the link cable I just built. It's amazing thinking abo…
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30 years ago today Sega released Toaplan's Twin Hawk on the Mega Drive/Genesis. Too bad this one never came to Nort…
Retweeted by Chev Cheliosタイトルが拡大してくるようにしてみた。SGDKの機能だとビットマップエリアが大きすぎて辛いので適当にコピってカスタマイズした感じ。 音楽もmucom88で作ってみたりした。
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Download it now!
Retweeted by Chev CheliosUm cento de risole 😂ão digital do Telethugs pra #MegaDrive disponível para download. Apenas 2 dólares. Ainda leva o bônus Odeio car…
Retweeted by Chev Cheliosやめるんだ
Retweeted by Chev Chelios日本版のカバー #ArkagisRevolution #メガドライブ
Retweeted by Chev CheliosJesus. Fucking. CHRIST!!!!
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Retweeted by Chev CheliosY’all this is my uncle on Facebook 😭☺️
Retweeted by Chev CheliosMD/MD互換機用『マッドストーカー』PV @YouTubeより
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She is beautiful, talented and also a powerful ninja, find out who is RedKeas, our illustrator with her interview o…
Retweeted by Chev CheliosHe's a weirdo. But I still love him.
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @madlittlepixel @GabrielPyron Amazing review, for now my verdict is go to MiSTer.I like to play with fire😈🔥
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Deep Core Commodore Amiga Published by ICE in 1993 Can't help but compare these games to GODS. Does ok in it's own…
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @Danilo_Noites Tem que ser sujão mesmo, No Diablo 1 da quase pra sentir o cheiro dos Na verdade Danil… @operahouseinfo 私が見たトレーラーは本当に気に入りました。曲とアニメーションは素晴らしいです! 最初のステージで点滅しているライトの喪失を感じました。「カラーシクル」が最終バージョンにあるかどうか教えていただけますか? @Raycommend @SmokeMonsterTWI Ray is possible change de Saturn ost to Arrange Neo Geo CD ? @madlittlepixel MK loadtime is good contender...
😯 Gonna have to compare these two~ Mega Everdrive Pro, available soon from @EverdriveM For $199. Includes Sega CD l…
Retweeted by Chev CheliosWow 😯 the miracle is happening, 7H left to ends the campaign ONLY 714€ left to reach the @yuzokoshiro collaboratio…
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Come on guys, there is not much left, let's put Mr. Koshiro on team. @CZAzuaga @yuzokoshiro demo for Demons of Asteborg! There’s actually still a lot of work to do, but boy, I’m impressed. Nice animation…
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @CZAzuaga @yuzokoshiro Hello my friend All right ? I would like to know if you are thinking of putting an option… guys
Retweeted by Chev CheliosKamen Rider Black (1987) Episode 7
Retweeted by Chev CheliosThank you! ❤️
Retweeted by Chev CheliosThat's from a scan of an Ecco PC poster. Looks like the original digital version.
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @SmokeMonsterTWI Dogyuun is a gem.Anyone have a Toaplan PCB to donate for FPGA research? Toaplan could be a multi-core with god-tier shoot 'em ups.…
Retweeted by Chev Cheliosクソカッコいい
Retweeted by Chev Cheliosあと野蛮人フィギュアも届いた びっくりするほど判定の弱いダッシュ攻撃も完璧だ
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@jsianes @terraonion @retro_cables This Philips use RGB ? @amaweks @Danilo_Noites @vf_vikintor Ranger-X já foi um esquecido né, hoje é pura gem.La unión del #arte y la #fisica
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Thinkin' about the penultimate boss from Taito's Riding Fight; for a game released in '92 this looks extremely cool!
Retweeted by Chev CheliosElemental Master (1990) Mega Drive
Retweeted by Chev CheliosAlmost 2 days left! #gamedev #indiedev
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @BonesRetro Cool, I mention this because, it has a scale and a faster CPU, with these new "everdrives" it will become even more popular.
I love. darkstalkers tribute repost !
Retweeted by Chev CheliosAmazing miniature mechanical owl diorama created Penny Thomson
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @amaweks @SEGAotaku Até que seria divertido nós convertermos ele pro Sega Cd, uma pena o SGDK não dar suporte a ele ainda.
From a humble Kickstarter to a full plastic cartridge Tanzer has come a long way. Combining the Amiga aesthetics of…
Retweeted by Chev Chelios @St1ka Nossa senhora,quase 2 meses de trabalho no Brasil. @BonesRetro Wow amazing, I waited for Genesis version. One question Sega CD is possible ? ThxDon't forget to DONATE to this matcherino for free using the code "SFVFatherDay"
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shadow movement implemented.
Retweeted by Chev CheliosEternal Champions - Special Editon Hack Added #romhacking
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Retweeted by Chev Chelios @Danilo_Noites Kkkkkkk 😂