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Robin C. Cartoonist, QA & Game Dev. Currently @HardsuitLabs Prev @SuckerPunchProd. I make Blood Sugar. --

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@keescheese @TimOfLegend His eyes are ACTUALLY in the back of his head, so it all works out.
@watery_day This is amazing! Congrats!! @NHSynthonic I just bought a gently used headset from a friend's friend. I'm very excited to use it, but realize if… @NHSynthonic Man, I love the tech around vr but hate how inaccessible the hardware still is for most people @MrCreepyPasta0 Cannot wait for you to turn your chair at max speed only to smack someone walking by with the green…💘✨It's Heeere✨💘 The Magical Girl Brush Set is now listed in my store, at a limited sale price of $15~! Add some ex…
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This is incredible oh my god @slimyswampghost @oatsstudios @Dougblot knocked it out of the water with the perfect monster design on that. It's s…
@AMasterTree 💕💕💕 @Fishmas imo it's the best part of the comic making process. Nothing ever beats going ham on a page and feeling it… @Fishmas BRO YOUR COLORS....... @spyrosmithy Imagining a prosthetic with the sheika technology aesthetic and I am absolutely living for how damn cool this idea is @meloramylin I know we talked about this awhile ago, but hit me up if you need a place to crash in Seattle. I reall…, to be damned by the gift of prophesy during E3 season
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Weekly Blood Sugar update. Menacing times ahead call for FULL SPLASH PAGES #webcomics Pack is coming to my Ko-Fi Store this Friday :) get pumped y’all! It’s finally happening
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @welcomegeeknerd This is literally my biggest pet peeve on earth. I'm sorry you're dealing with this and I hope he… @DrewGamblord Legend of Zelda: Link Visits the DMV @doodlefrog YEEEEHAW"Hands up, buckaroo! Put all your millet in the bag!!" Some late night bandit bird art for a cool down after work.
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @Prismatron @Babirousa Yeah, Ham has been busting away at these. They came out ultra cute. @Barabone_tweets Oh that's great! I would love to see photos. I've never grown leeks, but I have always wanted to try.
@Miss_Construe Oooh thank you! This sounds amazing! I'll give this a try. @Smellestine Oh, I haven't! I still have about half my planted batch in the earth though. I can give it a shot with those. @Psshaw I love sending vegetables to the guillotine @IanYorker 💜💜💜💜 love you dude and I miss you lots. We should hang out soon now that it's more safe.Earth cheetos @samkalensky Gorgeous! I just started growing some purple sage in my herb box as well this year. It's been great t… @Xibuna @Kiriska Yes now you can both come over and I'll aggressively offer you fresh food. Good, good. B) @tokiserizawa Thanks, man!! I'm really excited to eat them! I'm still trying to figure out what to cook with them,… @samkalensky Thank you, Sam! I know you've posted a bit about doing the same thing. I'd love to chat more some time… @Xibuna @Kiriska red white, white wine, hard cider. Each batch ends up making multiple bottles so it's just been ni… @Xibuna I started getting into wine making last year and kept passing off my food and booze experiments to @Kiriska @Xibuna Xib I am begging you to come get some I have so much LOLBut okay, also gardening, growing my own food, making cheeses, brewing my own alcohol, bread making, preserving foo…"wow just like stardew valley!" I yell as mother nature turns her judgmental gaze towards meHarvested about half my planted carrots that I've been growing from seed. Some pics of right after they were plucke… @Dalmonite Next he will escape into the real worldWait, I haven't been keeping up with E3 is the ocean of Komaeda shit posts I'm seeing not actually shit posts. Did… @StillNotSam @Ryan_Treadwell @crypticjordan Very, very good. I will make the preparations in my secret villain laboratory then. @StillNotSam @Ryan_Treadwell @crypticjordan Sam, can I join in on being your dev arch nemesis as well. Sounds fun, will snacks be involved? @AlicesBrainPad I absolutely love your colors @crypticjordan as if our studios didn't have many friends between them, we weren't supportive peers, we'd somehow t… @crypticjordan It ALWAYS weirds me out when I see people act like we're all enemies or something. I remember when G… at different studios aren't enemies. Even devs working on competing products don't want the other to fail. We…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @ArionMiitoons I also absolutely miss tabling at cons and festivals. Would love to be able to find you boothing at…,kgfnhmfhfmhghnmhg
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @welcomegeeknerd True. At least I know I'm doing this, but I need to remind myself that more. Thank you. @welcomegeeknerd Yeah, the whole thing has been super triggering for this exact reason. It's hard to see people dis…
@JaneGumball Happy birthday!! @AlexPelayre YOOOO ALEX THIS IS SICK @mothbrothed After watching an eerily similar situation play out before, seeing stuff about it on my dash has felt… @opalescenteel It's REALLY fun. I think you'd enjoy the writing and humor as well. If you get a chance you should t… @Berntkat You're right and you should say it @emiface YEAH... I love making shirts and I want to make more designs but storing and transporting stock feels like an adventure in itself.
@keescheese Legitimately have not been this excited for a game in literal years. Please take time with the team to celebrate! @mixnmatch7 Feeling honored that all my friends are seeing it and going "oh robin!" @ellameno I still think a lot about the grandma pie vs video games comment @ellameno The only other year we missed was when Todd took the venue and I remember us seeing hard rock hosting Bet… @ellameno God for real. I have so many good memories there like bringing my laptop and showing my first game ever t… up follow up: my phone is now blowing up with people who knew me as a kid going "DID YOU SEE NEW PSYCHONAUTS… @jd_jurado Same. The art in the original was my biggest art influence as a kid and I remember spending a lot of tim… @annacwebs Anna I trust you with my lifeAlso follow up do I need to COSPLAY when those parties happen again? Considering... 🤔One thing I personally deeply missed in 2020 was the double fine pax party that @ellameno and I haunted yearly like… e3 devs take note: please make more games with funny, quirky writing and funky fresh little dudes in your character designs @TimOfLegend Follow up, this is gorgeous. It's surreal to see the art style with new upgraded graphics and I'm so t… will not shut up about Psychonauts when it drops. This is your Warning now. out around everything e3 related this year up till my roommate texts me that Psychonauts 2 got a release dat… @TimOfLegend I'm super damn proud of you and your team is what I think about that!!!!Hey, did you know we are making a sequel to The Excellent Game Psychonauts? And releasing it? On a date with a numb…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @ellameno E3 whenever todd howard reappears: @radiostarkiller His bed now @mothbrothed This drives me nuts. It makes it so much harder to have actual conversations around what it really is… @Kiriska How
Hiya folks, instead of working on art I made a bare-bones comic outline template in Google Docs for non-commercial…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @MrCreepyPasta0 Sir, please deliver me the BTS meal for the among us toy @slimyswampghost You got that dark blue and green energy to youI'm rambling at this point, but with the amount of tweets I've seen lately about this subject I felt like maybe tal… blows to see people tear each other down for this sort of thing. But TLDR, there is only one you, we all execute… worry less about your work and how others perceive it and you, you spent more time happy and celebrating yourse…! You may also like some of my books if you enjoy that video game!" At first it's hard to shift gears but… follow up! A lot of the time I came to find that stuff I was insecure about ended up being really fun and righ… that was mine and mine alone to tackle. I learned to stop letting myself sit in discomfort with comparison comm… individually go through life is going to 100% impact how you execute your writing or work. I remember when I u… Just because an idea has done before too doesn't mean you can't and it frustrates the hell out of me how ma… directly tells you it as an intentional insult it's almost always just a kind of awkward compliment at most…🧵Been thinking about this a lot more lately between a loved one struggling with these feelings for awhile and becau… @AlannaBennett A thing I found to help me tackle these sort of feelings when I was younger is recognizing where tha… @AlannaBennett It's so important to deal with this sort of stuff on our own before it manifests into envy. A lot of…'t feel like I have that much writing career advice for people yet, but I will say this: You need to crush the i…
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@MagnaGallina @Magnarancia Gorgeous! I'd love to see more scenery from your area in general. With how old a lot of… @MerriMonster Me over here going bonkers for that shape language @AMO_Crate I want to ask "who the hell does this" but I've also also met a weird amount of entitled people online w…
thinking about him, hope he’s having a good day
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @roundguardgame @SteveStreza Me hooting and howling outside Bethesda studios to demand king Todd to give us this spin offGAME INDUSTRY TWITTER: BLAST THIS FOR ME Want to work in games, but don't have access to…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨I can’t wait to make game development: the 3rd person open world game
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @SteveStreza SKYRIM.... 2!!!!!!!!!!!!