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Robin C. Cartoonist, QA & Game Dev. Currently @HardsuitLabs Prev @SuckerPunchProd. I make Blood Sugar. --

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ATTENTION 2D ANIMATORS! Urgently looking to recruit additional 2D animators to the team! Details and Examples can…
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@SwampSkull A good blue orb @Memenaar Follow up: I showed these tweets to my roommate and he adds that the king flosses back immediately after executing youBrass Lion was founded by devs of color who were burnt out in the regular industry and are actively striving to cha…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨wish i was a stardew valley character so i could create a nutritious snack out of nothing but a pinecone and a handful of rocks at will
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @Memenaar Lmaoooo @Memenaar Let us bring the middle ages fortnite @essrose I remember getting to this chapter in college and how powerful this scene was to me as someone with a lot… you an artist running their own small business and are wanting to be more eco-friendly? ♻️ Are you daunted by…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Weekly #webcomic update for Blood Sugar! This week is a super cute guest comic from @doodlefrog!…
@Kiriska Thank you so much, Kiri. This is stunning. I'm still waiting for his urn, but will keep this next to it on… and Buttercup. A good boy who left too soon. Glad I got to meet this cat before he went. 🌻 @Rezllen
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Day 2 working in artist alley, with the convention center air conditioning on full blast
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Weekly #webcomic update for Blood Sugar! This week is a guest comic from @RadJinja! #webtoon
@essrose Good music taste
@Allosaurex This is beautiful. Thank you so much, Adam.I hope everyone is well. Please take care of yourselves. Lots of love.Weekly comic is going to continue as usual and all the freelance/commission/project work is still on track. At this… everything going on both in the world and personal life I think in general i'm going to try to take more space… you to everyone who reached out with kind words or thoughts. Been trying to take a day at a time to heal and…
He helped me and loved me and I loved him more than I can even vocalize. I'll miss his goofy ass nicholas cage look… always had a knack for knowing when I was miserable, always snuggling up. When I was struggling through the wors… need to take some time away from social media. Tonight my cat Butter passed suddenly and unexpectedly. He was my… @ProjectENDO Love seeing this. Your animation work is really vibrant and energetic.I've been involved in indie games since about 2004, before they were really a "thing" and if there's been one const…
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@TimOfLegend Congrats! Really excited to see the final product. Perhaps celebrate with some bacon??Started the queued guest comics on my webcomic! This week @ArticBleu put up a comic! #webcomic #webtoon #PortfolioDay I'm Rian (they/them). I'm an Environment Artist working in games. Previously worked on Ghost of T…
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Tips for the physical effects of anxiety during a time when it's absolutely beyond reasonable for you to be in an o…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @Drew_Rausch Took them long enough, damn.HEY! You like kreepy kartoons? Well every aspect of this one is PHENOMENAL. Congratulations, @TaraBillinger,…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @DoubleFine I got an email bounce back so I just sent a question about this over DMs. Sorry for any trouble! @MarcyBones64 Recently saw someone do this for a title I work on and was referring to it as "the QA tester fan fict…'s difficult to gain visibility as a content creator, especially if you're disabled. Twitch, Facebook, & YouTube…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @Smellestine Questioning how one week felt like 5 months and trying to distract myself with memes @patientno7 "Byereland" @JaneGumball These are SO cute! This is a great idea for practice! Can I ask what program you're using? @PedestrianWolf @JaneGumball The cursed flip side of that pillow is this song, but bass boosted with clipping audio.I have made them a little song.
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @JaneGumball OH MY GOD THIS IS CUTE JANE. GOBLIN SONG!!!!!!!! @JaneGumball you have full permission to beat him up all future releases of "Home Alone 2", the role of [redacted] will now be played by Hatsune Miku.
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @JaneGumball I'm glad we had this fight. A+ would duke it out over soup again. @JaneGumball WOAW. Stinky is some fighting words.... nerd B^} @klayfoam If you remake I'd love to refollow since I've enjoyed both your art and chatting. I totally get the need… @JaneGumball Udon gang rise up @tunayo Threw a birthday party over animal crossing, people showed up with gifts like in game items they knew I'd l… @JaneGumball Favorite soup argument let's GOOOOO
Hey art friends, I hear a lot of I AM FALLING BEHIND & same but: You are fine. The world is on fire we are ALL slo…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @rocketnumbrnine I got it at the Seattle Kinokuniya around the time we were both at Undead Labs! I'm sure they have… @ipkipi I got my copy at Kinokuniya! It's worth checking their website to see if they have it in stock. 🐱Decadence @meloramylin Anytime I feel gross and sad I'm like "it's time for the farmer cat book and a quiet corner". Works like a charm.Hard work on the farm at these goobers ideal backcover. about this book I own that's literally just nothing but photos of peaceful cats and what a treat this book…'m trying out a few courses on duolingo and learning other languages is like "ah, I see! so THAT vowel always make…
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@vanduobones My favorite resource I've been shown while learning it is this guy's channel. No filler, he goes throu… @Bloodyrousa this is sick
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Shout out to the people who were brave BEFORE there were only 12 days left.
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Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Parler being removed from the Apple Store... Trump and his lackey’s suspended from twitter... this should have alwa…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨You know too that him getting his social media platforms taken away is the ultimate ego punch to this guy. I invite… twitter staff should have done this years ago, but hoenstly thank god. @doodlefrog YESAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 💖 I'm grandfathering the 2018 Game Development Cheatsheets and changing them to PWYW/free, under CC 4.0. This…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Convention artist friends: Don't forget to file sales tax in every state you have a license in, even if it's $0.…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @Jordanimating I'm rewatching it now because of you and literally just got to that part kjfgjkf. Yeah, the whole fi… @Jordanimating YES!! I rediscovered him this year with his adobe break up animation and I was really proud of him t… @Jordanimating I remember when it came out and it ABSOLUTELY influenced parts of my art style as a kid that I feel… @aainsleyyactual When the virus lifts and we can see eachother again I will show up dressed like this and ready to party. @cyreides This sounds really fun! I just sent a DM your way!5 👏 MORE 👏 DAYS! 🛒
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@bioatomic I think it's best to focus on what makes you most comfortable. It can get really easy to get sucked into… @Lumenboi My DMs are open if you need to talk. When i'm off work, if you need a distraction we can maybe watch some…
You can delete his account, @jack.
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @fogeZombie Was thinking this too. Knew we'd see a full narcissistic collapse from Trump, but still horrified at how it's playing out.marginalized folks in america esp if you're visibly a minority please check local news as well and stay safe, this…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Protect black folk. Protect black men. Protect black women. Protect black trans & NB folk. Protect black children.…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨I know this sounds overdramatic, but I've seen this sort of thing happen in too many countries, and it happens ever…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Hey, if you're in the US, and you're in a place where you already face hate or violence of any form from MAGA-suppo…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨These aren’t protestors. They are terrorists. They have stated they are attempting a coup. If you’re comparing what…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Don't lie, this is all of us every time. 😅
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨Dear Artists~ Try something new! Like a new material or style or way of looking at your art Consistency is impor…
Retweeted by ✨ Rezllen ✨ @MrCreepyPasta0 Ah, yes. Kiwipasta, your fruit sona. @StudioAtmaRob At what point can we shove him into a tiny raft and push him out to sea to never be heard from again @rendermack YUP! I was there for a year doing film studies. Sort of regret not doing an environmental sciences cour… @CliffordTDog Clifford, I want you to know that this tweet inspires me to make this a new vrchat avatar. It WILL ha… @ellameno YOU'RE RIGHT LMFAO @pareinn It gets better. The older costumes all look like they crawled out of Silent Hill. I can't wait to be punis… @folktuned VALID. I also keep looking at the neck hole and am half expecting a voice to come out of it asking what…'s got Evil Muppet vibes tbhUpdate: I have learned this evening that they have a new mascot costume and I don't know if I find this one more or… @TheUberphish GOD