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Helping things grow. Love liberty. I also have a #ServiceNow mailing list: Professional Soaper.

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@zerohedge "one is too many"Want to sincerely thank @NorthShoreWeb for the 2 week scheduling nightmare. I've now lost all sensation in my righ… @phxdev Guy... grab some of the A-Team over there and lets get a call together. I have two hospital systems here t… getting surgery scheduled in a hospital system that's merging & you'll understand how important systems like…
@JamesClewlow_ Where there is accomplishment pride can always ascend
2020 my... God. If you click the "forgot login id" it sends you a link ... TO CREATE AN ENTIRELY BRAND NEW ACCOUNT.I AM ROBERT'S RAGING BILE DUCT. #ServiceNow #ServiceNowDev 17: The Worst Things We've Ever Seenz @Tekvoyant & I talk about the worst situations we've been in on… @BrentEasey @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Their change in faith is not the cause of their death. Their change in faith… @BrentEasey @TheRovingGent89 @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Its a metaphor perfectly describing your point. The two wro… @BrentEasey @TheRovingGent89 @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Like a good wife should be more respectful so she doesn't g… @BrentEasey @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Name one person who's cause of death was "leaving faith". @BrentEasey @TheRovingGent89 @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Ok Mr "we should be sensitive to those who would publicly d… @BrentEasey @saliltripathi @IonaItalia I spent decades in the faith. The dedication to change words, meanings and… @BrentEasey @saliltripathi @IonaItalia They died for the same reason the victim in Paris did: saying offensive thin… @BrentEasey @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Not one person in history has died by changing or abandoning their faith. H… @BrentEasey @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Vapid. It isn’t “life itself” because it can be voluntarily removed with ze… @BrentEasey @TheRovingGent89 @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Only one person here is laying critique on the victim. @DOEDoobs At 1st just trying to learn how you ran your soap business. But all your business insights are bang on. @BrentEasey @TheRovingGent89 @saliltripathi @IonaItalia There can be no mutual respect where one side can murder in response to speech. @BrentEasey @saliltripathi @IonaItalia Jejune & romanticized idea of “faith”. It ain’t core. People leave & chang… @ZachHomol This was a catalyst for my apostasy. A lifetime of being told I’m not good enough for the faith pushed m… @ZachHomol It doesn’t stop. It just gets worse. Then they do it to your children.End of all representative governments faster than you can fill out innumerable ballots.
@designedbydave Only if the gif can play a midi @designedbydave The zombie developers they re-animated from 1998? “Fooorrrrmmmmzzz” This couldn’t look worse if it were hosted on geocities. @ukpup WHO YOU CALLIN' LITTLE?! :)My entire #ServiceNow career has been the foundation for what's coming in Q42020 and Q12021. I can't wait to share…
@paik_michael Even a little effort in audio setup pays off. Yeti Blue mic is awesome and does a ton of work on its own. @TheTimWoodruff If you told me the whole thing was written in Turbo Pascal, my surprise-o-meter wouldn't even wiggle. @RevertFran @JoshuaLisec In my experience, nobody talks like they write, so useless as a draft. Handy for brainsto…"We have a NEW patient portal" - 12 question sign up page - choice lists that aren't key press sensitive - unstated… @JoshuaLisec As someone who does 5 hours of video editing a week. I’m shocked that anyone would consider this a good idea. Monsters!
@meowinghobbes @JoshuaLisec @MattWalshBlog Orwell and anyone who read him seriously. @atrupar “Hurr durr we have notes. Why come you no have notes” Dying to see Dems pull out a relevant, coherent question and this want it. @SNProJobs 😎 @MMFlint God damn it have any of you actually read the book?!
@tyromper You didn’t over-react. Any man who doesn’t understand at this point how far they’ve crossed the line lea… @markallanbovair I'll never send my kids back to the juvenile penal colony that is public school.Had the pleasure of working with @MattLawrenceArt recently. You should very much take him up on this offer. @TheManMythLegnd @milligna @TheManMythLegnd @milligna @TheManMythLegnd @milligna Altered Testicles. American Testicle Warrior. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Testicles. @TheManMythLegnd @milligna Guy.... someone gives you a set up like that and you don't go for the win? Harry TESTICL…
One person mindlessly lets automation access their contact list, so it can fake an authentic invite. Gmail reply a… @RockRidge1066 @HotepJesus "American soil" is the soil of the Americas. Not the soil of the United States of Some Of The Americas. @RockRidge1066 @HotepJesus The US isn’t the only country in the Americas btw.
Wow. That citizenship application... @TheTimWoodruff And a tax on being bad at math. And daydreams. @MaajidNawaz @WHO LiSSuN tO dUh ExpUrtZ!You can pay $20k a year for university and still not read anything this insightful. @JoshuaLisec “Everything out-of-box”
@TheDemsLeftMe @JustLilOleMe10 @Cernovich @Yelp @Airbnb And let’s be 100% real. @yelp does this more to minority o… @PatriarchTree @Yelp @yelp muscles in on minority business owners every single day with it’s digital reputation “pr… @AJA_Cortes Awaiting shoulder surgery to fix a bone fragment jamming into a nerve. Arm pain is excruciating so stop…
@man_integrated The entire @Yelp business model is abuse. They rely on trolls so they have leverage when they hustl… @MattLawrenceArt For all my people, it’s not a new enterprise, just a rebrand of my content creation.… @Yelp Hatred is as hatred does. If you want to make the world better, sit in judgement of your own community. Every… @Yelp One more way you can harass and extort honest business people. @Cernovich @Yelp always has been ans always will be a virtual protection racket. I’m ashamed of the 2 years I spent writing for them. @AshleyHomol Thread needs more epic movie trailer cuts.
@mattberan Man, I’d do it but without a mullet and a white wife beater with shop stains on it, I figure I’d look inauthentic. @phxdev Time to start working out brother. Denser muscle mass will help that posture. My trainer does virtual ses… @Rugged_Legacy I remember sovereign university. @errantProgrammr @mattberan I mean, we still have an ITBM focused vendor deploying “kits” with THOUSANDS of configs… @errantProgrammr @mattberan The market drive to stay “as out of box as possible” was 100% predictable 8 years ago,… @TheManMythLegnd @jacebenson @errantProgrammr @mattberan But yet... nobody seems to have this in their contract.
@jacebenson @errantProgrammr @mattberan Ok, but where are all the contracts with this written in? @ZachHomol Leg day: "I suffer, therefore I exist" Every day should be leg day. @mattberan "Despite needing to bill labor monthly, we can't build time card days because its not OOB. Also, everyo… @mattberan I mean, its not like they won't change their mind *THE VERY INSTANT* some ranking middle manager says "b… @errantProgrammr @mattberan I still have yet to see a single contract where that clause was put into play. At SKO… @jackmurphylive One of my neighbors kids got written up and dressed down because he arrived on the zoom at 8:01. A… @mattberan @girlsreallyrule @FBI I'll ask again: what's the protocol when canvassers solicit me to register and vote illegally? @mattberan Seems I’ve earned myself a block. Hmm. @ChroniclesNate @man_integrated
It’s a 15 robocall kinda dayWhomever wrote this article either is a child, has no children, or loves no children. I will project as much wealth… @adamscrabble Who’s got the choom?
@TimOBrien Priors: "New York Times" ok then. @TWayneHicks So much harder for an enemy to put a dagger in your back. But nobody sees their "brother" coming. @TheBrometheus @JoshuaLisec
@atrupar You don’t even need to like Trump to understand how weak the “journalism” is here. Jesus. Do better. @Holden114 Keep in mind, the contact tracers aren't allowed to ask about protest involvement. @JoshuaLisec Art Deco requires cultural confidence and widely accepted aesthetic values.
@David_Leavitt @realDonaldTrump Well, you would know about human waste wouldn’t you. Joking about the Manchester B…
@Michael_Bahr God damn, but its in the hands of facebook!
Throwback Thursday. This day last year I made a video for #ServiceNow users to work blazing fast on the… is no better team in the #ServiceNow ecosystem when it comes to enterprise ticket exchange & ebonding integra…'s #InternationalPodcastDay. If you love #ServiceNow, are you listening to CJ & The Duke?
@James_Neale @Cernovich How do you like Rokfin as a platform? @AshutoshMunot @Autotestpro Shall I introduce you to the team?If you downloaded the @vividcharts #CMDB VividPack for #ServiceNow, we'd love to get your feedback on this survey.… @ghlgroup @votedotorg "Your citizenship shouldn't matter for voting in this election" "Can I get your name and phon…
@wizofecom Work out. Tap into the primal brain where physicality was the only solution to danger. Conquer that me… @WellBuiltStyle Also demonstrating fashion cheat code #1. Be fit.