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roxane gay @rgay The Gaygency, Wakanda

I want a tiny baby elephant. If you clap, I clap back. I write: Ayiti, Untamed State, Bad Feminist, Difficult Women, World of Wakanda, Hunger, Not That Bad.

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@brainjacker If you... write a book, people are going to have thoughts on it and not all will be positive. Goodread… @tressiemcphd Death by a thousand cuts.While I have your attention: Tonight @rgay and I will be talking about Life Events (virtually) at @skylightbooks. 6…
Retweeted by roxane gayLast week I had a reported audio story featured on Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom’s podcast @HearToSlay , t…
Retweeted by roxane gay @tressiemcphd One time, I was in Denmark, and this really fucked up thing happened. I went back to my hotel, packed… @brainjacker This makes no sense. What are you talking about? This is my personal reading. I’m nobody. There is no… of 5 stars to Luster by Raven Leilani @WajahatAli Mmm hmmm. @tressiemcphd I have. I love it. No discernible damage @likethediner Congrats!
@Ohheyteigh And thank you for being such a lovely person. @Ohheyteigh T E I G H L O RBad Feminist came out six years ago today. It just went into its 18th printing. I am grateful for everyone who has… @xtx33 Thank you so much.I also learned to fold a fitted sheet. @theferocity I just bought a watchmaking kitI am at the stage of quarantine where the Instagram ads are working. @SailorMoon1066 You’ve answered your own questionThis week I am on the @HearToSlay pod with @tressiemcphd and @rgay talking beauty!
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@tressiemcphd @tressiemcphd They make digital locks? This is game changing. @xtx33 I did very much. It has given me a lot to think about @thejuliedaniel Ship lap @ejpett No that is not why they left. They are probably homophobic but they left because they are starting their own network.Fascinating. @surlybassey @MorganJerkins Her self-description is trash @SilasATaylor Depends on the month. 7- 125 of 5 stars to The Great Offshore Grounds by Vanessa Veselka @randajarrar We are also obsessedWAP THIS FRIDAY !
Retweeted by roxane gayI May Destroy you is outstanding. On a completely different level.One of the best contestants on @WheelofFortune ever! Ash, you rocked! Congratulations! 🌟🌟🌟
Retweeted by roxane gay @kellpickles I hope the wine is amazing @krteachin Yes you did! Thank you!
This is such a lovely essay by Charlene Wang De Chen, about supporting her sister postpartum, practicing Zuo Yue Zi… @Kait2lyn of 5 stars to The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel
Manhattan Beach was once home to Black beachgoers, but the city ran them out. Now it faces a reckoning
Retweeted by roxane gay @RashiKhilnani @debbiemillman What will happen when you learn we are actually even married
@tressiemcphd @EricaJoy Same. And I am happy to share what little I know about this with anyone who needs guidance. @theferocity @Isabelwilkerson Tingling @LayneLiz @kdvarela84 🙏🏾
@amassoudt @aubreyhirsch I don’t have a proposal. I don’t need to have a solution to an impossible problem to know… @aubreyhirsch Have they met kindergartners? @KateVrijmoet @oprahmagazine She ran the magazine at a loss because... she is a billionaire. And she can. @tressiemcphd As if... Trump has any Latinos in his administration? As if his entire agenda isn’t anti-Latino? What… @History_2020 @BlackBookMedia_ @EricaJong @lelo_official @stoya @TheAliceLittle @pussyrrriot @ArtistisPresent @kdvarela84 Life changing. Kitchen shears are life changing. @deseraestage @JessStohlmann @AASuicidology I can't right now but I appreciate your kind offer. @ndgestiblenegro @BookCameo @mshollyjordan You’re welcome!!!
5 of 5 stars to The Index of Self-Destructive Acts by Christopher R. Beha @KateVrijmoet @oprahmagazine Since when do magazines make a profit#BreonnaTaylor for our September cover.
Retweeted by roxane gay @T_L_OLIVER Yay! @GlitterCheese @ira And I meant that shit
@nicolebyer @beoliu Agreed @debbiemillman @ilene_feinman @brainpicker @ZacharyPetit ❤️I had the privilege of editing a collection of Audre Lorde’d prose and poetry. Reading through all her work and cho… @strongblacklead @netflix Girlfriends? Okay!
I will never forget the kindness and care the doctors, technicians, nurses, and nursing assistants have shown her these past 7 months.The Ghanaian technician running my mom's scan (she's fine, standard treatment) today played French music, which she… @robinthede @tressiemcphd @BlackLadySketch @ashleyn1cole @quintabrunson @GabrielleDennis @ImAngelaBassett @tressiemcphd Wow. Either have a big wedding or a small wedding. This in between does not work. We have ::mumble::… @blgtylr @ReeAmilcarScott Congratulations!!! @DrDrealein @maddyisaghost @SunshineHappyP1 Thank you. It's not a secret. I wasn't being coy. This notion that I ha… @bibiandcat Just finished a round of radiation. Doing wellI can't believe we've been in the house for almost five months. It's the only choice and it's totally fine but damn… @soudeasname @fentyskin Oh yesOh I wasn’t being petty. A man on this list assaulted my friend. It’s her story to tell, and she has. And I won’t celebrate shit for him. @MikelleChyree If they are worthy, upgrade them. If they are unworthy leave them in the irritant category, continue… @theloudlady I hope we can some day @randajarrar He is dead to me. Forever. @fentyskin Okay I willOur niece designed a face mask lol and it’s adorable. Ima order one. Booker Longlist is so great this year with only 1 exception.
@KatoriHall @PValleySTARZ Fantastic. Congratulations! @AppleSupport Man. If I hadn’t already done that I wouldn’t have asked for help @STARZPR @PValleySTARZ @TheRaedio @KatoriHall Thank you! This is so awesome.For @wirecutter, I have a new offering in my series of letters of recommendation for them. Charcuterie boards from… 2020 will be an online extravaganza, featuring @rgay, @vivekshraya, Catherine Hernandez @theloudlady, Co…
Retweeted by roxane gayIt's easy for Tom Cotton (@TomCottonAR) to call slavery a "necessary evil." The evil wasn't done to people like him…
Retweeted by roxane gay3 of 5 stars to All My Mother's Lovers by Ilana Masad the @nytimes !!!!! I wrote about accessible fashion and the work still left for the 30th anniversary of the ADA…
Retweeted by roxane gay @karasextonmd @tressiemcphd This is well and good but I haven’t had sex with a cisgender man in more than a decade.…
@cayayine @StephenKing Guess what? I read Danielle Steele AND Stephen King. Also Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, Vince F… @jamiattenberg I also like how they made it reasonably plausible that they would hook up. @jamiattenberg Same. I watch it almost every week
@tressiemcphd Imagine thinking racial equality is unchristian. He is so hateful and irrelevant. It’s quite sad to s… @xtx33 Indeed you did @marinaomi LOL!Sometimes people are so passive aggressive directly to my face. Fascinating.Probably one of the best episodes by ⁦@tressiemcphd⁩ and ⁦@rgay. Excellent info on the mind/body connection. We nee…
Retweeted by roxane gay @tressiemcphd Since when is he Christian5 of 5 stars to The New Wilderness by Diane Cook @tressiemcphd So much more productive intellectual work would happen if people would set aside the jargonistic post… @moxiesix @thedanieb @TaliaHibbert Yes, I have read and enjoyed her work.
My wife made some beautiful visual stories for TED this year and you can see them here: @heyjulieann I am.