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Danielle Young @RhapsoDani In this world, but not of it.

Writer/Producer/Host/Content Queen #RealQuick #StoriesTold #QueenOfCommentary Telling stories in color. Joy Bringer. Comedic Relief. God over everything.

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Honor thyself. Make decisions with confidence, God-confidence. Seek your spiritual assignment everyday. Identify y…
2020 @MzGossipGirl I've given up 2020 to the Lordt. Part of 2021 looking shaky too TBH. the struggle and the hard work feel effortless when you're on your path.You ever get yourself up, handle all your morning routines, get yourself showered, dressed and ready to work and yo…"I want somebody to check me." @TheRealLRaye1 knows what kind of man she wants. Do you agree ladies? Full episode h… my blessed and highly favored friend @MarquitaBradle started a show on IG live called #BoundLyrics, where she an… designer is IT. @AlainaPinkney <--- #HireABlackWoman's the offline work that really slaps.. @TheRealLRaye1 also opens up about her time on set of a #Tupac video and how that lead to her audition for…"I'm successful, so if you're coming into my empire, and you can't help lead that empire, I don't need you."… Essence: To the Black women speaking out: I support you! I see you. To the Black women staffers: I love yo…
Retweeted by Danielle YoungDO NOT normalize these fireworks., I want to be glad that I don't hear the fireworks as much, if at all anymore. But I feel like they are going to… @GiaPeppers It's the God in us. Gotta be. I'm like keep weeding them out Lord!Can we talk about how pork rinds have been gentrified... I first started my social media, my bio said: "In this world, but not of it." I feel this deep, esp. now. Word…
Nobody: @TheJessieWoo’s baby on the day she is born: @thelaurenline Yes. We can’t help but stan. @lifeofthePARDI Try the Moonlight one. 🤤 I be like what are y’all intimidated for? 😩 @GiaPeppers Beystorian. Gia! Lemme see if you used your Bey voice... for yourself is a whole job.
Retweeted by Danielle Young @BritniDWrites I don’t mean just pride month like some type of quota. I mean, in general. But I guess we can start with pride month.Currently. @PatriceJWill It’s so bad. So. So. Bad. @afrobella @JLBarrow @PlugWonDeLaSoul Thank you boo!!! 😘😘😘Are there any Black trans women on mainstream magazine covers? I’m tryna see something. @keyairakelly So then you get proactive and fill up your little free time with freelance work, only to be told you… @keyairakelly I remember telling the CCO this at a company I worked for back in the day. He said wow, I’m so sorry.… folk hate too many things for me to be interested in what they might like.
Retweeted by Danielle YoungY’all need to be aware that a lot of these media guys and gals who FAIL UP under the guise of “for the culture” or…
Retweeted by Danielle YoungWe’re not asking for change, we’re MANDATING it. Our stories are OUR stories to tell. Let’s continue to hold the mi…
Retweeted by Danielle Young @angelique814 @Variety @MsAmberPRiley @franklinleonard @elainelow Love watching you work queen! Can’t wait to dig in! #BlackWomenJournalistsSo proud to have my first @Variety cover story come at this moment, as part of this movement. ✊🏾 Thank you…
Retweeted by Danielle YoungI DO know who needs to hear this. All of us. Take the leap. Take it. Don’t wait for it. Or you might be pushed. Eit… @brittlashay LOL how could you? Welcome!Suicide figures are up 200% since lockdown. Could 2 friends please copy and re-post this tweet? We’re trying to dem…'m very proud of you for sharing your truth, Syd. I stand with you wholeheartedly.
Retweeted by Danielle YoungI often think about how Brian Williams fabricated details of a story and NBC punished him by giving him another show at a later hour.
Retweeted by Danielle YoungSo #Verzuz really bout to have a woman beater on the platform tonight.....
Retweeted by Danielle YoungI love her so much! forward, I’m not accepting anything less than the standard we just set
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Proud of you @sydneymscott for speaking your truth. saw you this time sis! Thank you for coming, like you always do! 🤗! See you soon! #RealQuick on #RealQuick, we're wiping our tears with $100 bills with @marsaimartin! See y'all on the 'gram! #DaniWorks best part is that nowadays, what's a schedule anymore? LOL Also, luckily, I look cute in hats.… you Jerry! This is dope, coming from you! I love that, make your own heat. @JLBarrow @PlugWonDeLaSoul such a great quote. Can you handle being cold or not. Also, can you make your own heat.…
Retweeted by Danielle YoungFriends in media, create your own platform apart from your job and social media. It's always been a good idea but e…
Retweeted by Danielle YoungYou can be a fancy editor with crazy perks and celeb contacts one day, and the next day looking for freelance scrap…
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Retweeted by Danielle Young @JLBarrow What I tell you? need a new chair before my back just disintegrates
Retweeted by Danielle Young @KirkWrites79 IDK, but I BEEN here. LOL!*wipes tears with $100* It’s almost like God be scheduling my interviews. Sitting with the unbothered queen that is…'s like Future wrote this response LOL. want it but I don’t. will Vaseline-on-my-face fight y’all for her. What’s UP?! @1lonr1! Into it. #BETAwardsWho do I need to talk to to get @burnaboy to whisper in my ear every night? #BETAwards of all, to be known by YOUR mom? Wow! I stan her. 😍 street do I need to turn down in Inglewood for that @DSmoke7 @inglewoodSiR family home? I’m tryna see something.Black lives matter fine!’m trying to get to that family reunion. 👀 is terrible and living with that is overwhelming. But man...we all have so much unlearning to do and we…
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But also... phone been on fire for hours. This is a hoot and a holler.
Retweeted by Danielle Young2020 is a whole chickens come to roost year. Lookin’ at us like... and I repeat, nothing, is what it seems.WHEW. Everything is trash.
Retweeted by Danielle Young‘Rona 2021 😳 wanted to retweet something but couldn’t bc of the grammar? texts are on FIRE right now. 😅When I tell you the pure cackle that’s welling up from deep inside. meal of the day, 9:39pm and it's a chipwich. Killin' this adulting thing.How was he not the lead vocalist?! You heard the vocals. Intrrnalized antiblackness is very real. There are Black people using the power they have to continue the w…
Retweeted by Danielle YoungGod has really been showing off in these Brooklyn sunsets. This is all tonight. What are the sunsets looking like w… you, @JasFly. ❤️
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When @RhapsoDani asks award-winning @RadhaMUSprime what’s the remix of dreaming now P.S. #RadhaBlank won a Sundance…
Retweeted by Danielle YoungOur here at virtual @essencefest with @RadhaMUSprime on the Entertainment All Access Stage! Come thru! #DaniWorks’ like a whole ruiner! Hiiii!! Sometimes first, second and third of all will come together with some of us! 😂<<Swipe right >> . Adult friendships are not easy, linear, or something cute you can wrap up in a bow. It’s work, c… An entire dream come true in the flesh. How is she bestowed upon us? She commented on a pic of my momma and I… being mad about wearing a mask and not being mad at police killing innocent people. don’t know who needs to hear this, likely no one. But Janelle Monae follows me on Instagram and I think about thi… Just said that last night. Drastically quieter. I bet they’re just getting our guards down and then gonna slap… been cancelled. 😩 Black folks say 🗣”LISTEN!” And then say nothing. 🙃 I tell you I was today-years-old when I realized slavery knows no bounds. @SharSaysSo She’s on her own cancel tour 2020.Let’s go!!!! felt like therapy. I’m ready for part 2! Love you Day!