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jul. @rhatatouile bts + one piece.

#JIMIN: Roronoa Zoro invented being greatest hottest marvelous incredible swordsman. Change my mind.

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BTS said since no one seems to be our competition & our MOTSP comeback was already enough to outsell everyone, we'r…
Retweeted by jul.Yonhap News made this cutest edit of #Jhope's enormous success with #CNS. Starting with hobi's question "Did you al…
Retweeted by jul.[IG] Actress Katrina Kaif used Boy With Luv as bgm for her make up photo shoot video on IG. 📎…
Retweeted by jul. @womanfeeds Iya @BTS_twt Jinhit entertainment jumped out whewYou always #makeitright
Retweeted by jul."akun twitter lu namanya apa" Me: @shookymin_ Gua males anjir kan ga ngerti apa yg mereka omongin jd yaudah nungguin yg non official aja hhhhBighit denied, we'll get that mf collab has shared the position that it is difficult for them to confirm the rumour of a collaboration between…
Retweeted by jul.AND THESE MFS KEEP KEKEKEING LIKE IT'S NOTHING I- @bdgfess Sering wkwkwkdid I finally #makeitright?
Retweeted by jul..@BTS_twt x @lauvsongs will release a remix of 'Make It Right' on the 18th. (That is, tomorrow.)
Retweeted by jul.LETS GET ITTTT rarely watch bangtan bomb or even run bts bc i'm moody as hell when it come to watching things, yall still want t… srsly yall must be joking right? Bts is musician not some random ass 'youtuber'. If yall want to be pressed at…*delusional @happywithaiai That's a very kind of youThe way some of yall weirdos pressed over fcking vlogs is unbelievable lmao i didn't watch any of that sht on bang…"Fans also reportedly donated around 2,000 gifts to doctors on behalf of Jimin. (...) South Korean Red Cross announ…
Retweeted by jul.This. We evolved a LOT since then; the ambition to make bts untouchable two years ago were revolutionary eventho mo… are currently the most streamed KPOP Boy Group on Spotify can u believe
Retweeted by jul.This was before YNWA was even released..
Retweeted by jul. @happywithaiai Already omg so sorry to hear that, beliau pasti bangga sama kak ai kokBTS have surpassed 40.7 million equivalent albums unit (CSPC) worldwide, with 8 million-seller albums. They are the…
Retweeted by jul.🌎Spotify Global #188. "Boy With Luv" (-8) — 627,000 plays
Retweeted by jul.Ya Allah abis liat ini langsung kepingin nangis terus nelpon emak have surpassed 13.9 MILLION followers. They are only 179,662 followers away from surpassing The Chainsmok…
Retweeted by jul.'So far, BTS has an album among the top 2 most successful albums from each 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. They are def…
Retweeted by jul.According to Chartmasters, @BTS_twt are now estimated to have sold over 40.7 MILLION equivalent album units. This…
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NP: Boy With Luv by BTS (feat. Halsey). Don’t judge, the track is really, really good!!!
Retweeted by jul.HOLY SHIJTDYD
Retweeted by jul. @Fluorate Aamiin 😭 @sceneryofhope Tahun depan apanya?Joon's baby boi 🥺 Hot 100 #91 Lights (17 weeks) #95 BWL (26 weeks) #PCAs #BoyWithLuv #TheMusicVideo @BTS_twt
Retweeted by jul. @btschartdata Soooo close #BWLTo300M don’t do this to me if you see me sitting alone
Retweeted by jul.SAVE ME PLS than bwl, i'll let soty past if it's bol4, mc the max, or akmuIf you get #1 in the US but not charting in other countries' main albums chart (except for that #41 ranking in Cana…
Retweeted by jul.ぎざざるはおうぐみ
Retweeted by jul. @btschartdata Keep going omg sales 'Map Of The Soul: PERSONA' — 45.000 units
Retweeted by jul.'Run' is now less than 1M streams from becoming @BTS_twt's 17th song to reach 100M streams on Spotify.
Retweeted by jul.'So What' has surpassed 50 million streams on Spotify, @BTS_twt's 50th song to achieve this!
Retweeted by jul."Boy With Luv" has been certified Platinum + Gold (90,000 copies) in Mexico🇲🇽. 💿📀
Retweeted by jul.🌎Spotify Global #180. "Boy With Luv" (-5) — 623,593 plays
Retweeted by jul.And chungha too. Like you know, soty not limited with idol group songsNo ill feelings towards twice, but roughly bol4, mc the max, chungha, and akmu did better than fancy on digital @zorowithluv Fine and ᵗⁱⁿʸ 🥺🥺 I'M SO SAD @acupof_bts Joonie is still ᵗⁱⁿʸ tho 🥺 couples are fucking weird and people that follow them are fucking psychopaths lmao
Retweeted by jul.WHO THE HELL DARE TO PUT THIS ON MY TL weeks ago: couldn't attend class bc i just arrived from umrah Lecture hours ago: couldn't attend class bc n… @purple_whl @krystaIs Wheezing shsjdhddhdear god please block me if you’re a kpop stan who thinks calling a group a flop under a chartdata tweet is on the…
Retweeted by jul. @Fluorate Omg congratulations 🥺My fave bit: “Unlike ticket bundles, merch bundles don’t require redemptions”....”Insiders say that in some cases t…
Retweeted by jul..@HITSDD A BUNDLE OF TROUBLE: “They don’t even make it hard to cheat.” It used to be that BB could point to its cha…
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@cutiesexylobely Taulah dulu ribut kan heboh wkwkwk gile anjer itu outdid fake love day berapa gitu. Seogah itu mulai dari bawah -_- @minjooniies Mau banget tp gaada waktu 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭'To The Next Adventure' ⛵ A One Piece fanart! #illustration #digitalart #animation #onepiece #anime
Retweeted by jul.Day 8 : Luffy meeting Pierre for first time(?) #Inktober #Inktober2019 #Inktoberday8 #OnePiece #fanart
Retweeted by jul.since AustralianSana couldnt manipulate twitter army she moved to instagram and is spreading the same agenda on her…
Retweeted by jul.This btch is getting on my nerve wtf @cutiesexylobely Oh iya dari jaman s1$tar si hhhh tp itu kemaren yg single us mereka outdid fake love di radio dong jelas bet payolanya @Fantasy_Rapline I refused to make that witch name trended 😔✊ @96_bts @bangtanreceipts Yeah better report in silence rather than btching around on that witch dm, it's useless @rhatatouile Preach!!👏Tell them to mass report to Bighit. Receipt can be found @bangtanreceipts
Retweeted by jul. @sceneryofhope Iyoooo @cutiesexylobely That monsterx alr done that lol*itsStop interacting with that fountain btch, it'll useless. The ones yall need to dming and mass emailing is bighitThere always will be new acts entering/ leaving the charts. Measures of success will always be evolving. What makes…
Retweeted by jul.Numbers are great, but they aren’t what makes an artist special, including @BTS_twt. Sales and charts are tools of…
Retweeted by jul..@Forbes: 6 Ways BTS’s J-Hope Made Rap History In The U.S
Retweeted by jul.@ me be nsfw but i want to marry law's voice @cutiesexylobely Iyaaaaa nah di hot100 ini manipulationnya ya di radio, payola ini namanya wkwkwk. Gaada yg 100% be… @cutiesexylobely Makanya kan bb200 suka diclown jadi bundle200 gara2 jatohnya chart manipulation. Okelah skrg dapet… @sceneryofhope @cutiesexylobely Iyalah gampang anjir itu mah semua artis kepop juga bisa, istilanya lu cuma bersain… @cutiesexylobely Exactly wkwkwk makanya bukan cuma army tp locals pada ngamuk esp black ppl bayangin atuh saingan m… [Osaka] 🐻🐹 #태형 #석진 #V #JIN @BTS_twt
Retweeted by jul..@BTS_twt and @halsey's "Boy With Luv" has now spent half a year on the World Digital Song Sales chart (peak: #1).
Retweeted by jul. @cutiesexylobely Grup sperma bisa nomor satu itu bergantung bgt sama bundles sedangkan pure salesnya lemah bet esp… @cutiesexylobely Hot 100 itu single, bb200 buat album. Buat charting di hot100 tuh based on streaming, download, sa… @Limdb_twt @minfulchaos ...or issa joke and supposed to be ain't that deep? Calm down @BTS_twt Beautiful gorgeous baby 🥺🥺🥺 @BTS_twt GOOD MORNING TO ME여러분 늦게 와서 미안해요 잠을 너무 오래 잤네요 정말 정말 많은분들이 생일 축하해줘서 진심으로 행복했습니다 제가 주인공이 된 기분이었어요 별거아닌 저의 생일을 의미있게 만들어주셔서 진심으로 감사합…
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depression is that bad, people. please stop using it as an aesthetic
Retweeted by jul.Rest in peace.Billboard 200: #1(new) @BTS_twt, Map of the Soul: PERSONA 230,000 (196,000 in pure sales).
Retweeted by jul. @sceneryofhope Ntaaaaps @taegijk 😔💜Also it's not once or twice i'm being moots with ppl who has different vision with mine and end up blocking me esp… new followers keep coming and currently asking for followback i'm gonna bring this back. Call me arrogant or…