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harry potter marathon + acnh 💕Leo women just be so damn fine. I cannot 😍😍😍😍😍
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂it’s honestly wild the way ppl act like me thinking that i’m hot is me being conceited like no i spent 24 years hat…
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂thinking/ calling yourself pretty isn’t being conceited!!
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂went to this little area named tranquility park and I can tell that fairies live here
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂still learning how to forgive myself for mistakes I made yesterday & live in the moment of today.
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Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂ @rheaamariaa @witchymamaa @regina_dzhura @kuuipoleeanne @rootedwithsoul @alifoltz_ @breathewchaos @blankaniev3s
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂soul sisters 💕 loves of my life you guys complete me 🥰
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂ @rheaamariaa OH MY GOODNESS! ALLISON YOU GEM🥺🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍😍😍 I could not be more proud of you!!!! You’re stunning ! 👏🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂ @rheaamariaa @catuknot @regina_dzhura @kuuipoleeanne @rootedwithsoul @alifoltz_ @breathewchaos @blankaniev3s
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂ @rheaamariaa @witchymamaa @catuknot @kuuipoleeanne @rootedwithsoul @alifoltz_ @breathewchaos @blankaniev3s
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂So I made a vegan dinner for my family and my dad legit didn’t even try it and said he wouldn’t eat any of it 🥺
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂do I even age? I swear I’m immortalas much as you hold others accountable for their shit, you must be able to take accountability for your own @jsmillner I love how everyone’s is so different & unique girls w pretty souls pretty hearts & even purer intentions >>>>
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂I’ve manifested mine already 🥰🧿 @witchymamaa @catuknot @regina_dzhura @kuuipoleeanne @rootedwithsoul @alifoltz_ Love Fairy Earrings 🌸💕✨⭐️
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂been smiling every chance I get.
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂Self discipline is the highest form of self love. This sentence changed my life when I finally chose to understand it.
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂It’s okay to remove yourself from situations where you don’t feel loved, appreciated, or respected.
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂See there’s a difference between you and I. Not only am I praying for all my friends success and happiness, but als…
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂I love when I trust my intuition over everything, and then I am later proven right. It’s such a validating, and con…
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂Appreciation tweet for @rheaamariaa 💕 I love you a ridiculous amount.
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂sexts from your best friends @rheaamariaa
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂heart to heart talks with @rheaamariaa make everything about life right again. im so very grateful for you and your…
Retweeted by ꧁ tαnisiα ꧂I truly am one of a kind ❥ @brizzzz13 lmaoooo I get you 👀😂 @catuknot never ever that babe!!! I love you so much @breathewchaos who the hellabout me:✨ halloween inspired room decor 🎃 @webofspirit yes I definitely relate to this! @celinam07478053 me too! deep in my gut. I also get aggravated & just wanna leave
@ladybluecraft a thousand splendid suns 🌞❤️have you ever been in someone else’s presence & began to feel aggravated solely by being in their presence? they’re…’ve never used urban dictionary so much in my life. I’m too old for this.y’all are annoying as fuck w these abbreviations. y’all over here tweeting stupid shit like “dkm but also dpmo bc I… you just LOOK at my bby !!! I mean wow !! look at that glow that body that face that aura I mean WOW @catuknot your energy is magnetic 🥺
@regina_dzhura lmaoo the scorpio energy everyone needs in their life 😂❤️ @sofiaaaa1122 I love you 💕 @sashacarames yes me too. I will always stand up for my friends especially when they’re not there to defend themselves. @DaniCatherineJ it truly is the worst feeling/situation all around. && it’s okay love it’s in the past & occurred a…🧿🧿🧿🧿 any & all evil eye sent my way will not succeed nor prosper. I am divinely protected, always 🧿🧿🧿🧿 @xcxrxnx @thirdeyejazmin OHyou know what really sucks? thinking someone is your friend for awhile only to find out that they’ve been speculati…
@witchymamaa hands down @sofiaaaa1122 squirt* @madeline_r0se I - is running your fingers your hair not enough? I need a whole ass brush? noit’s august first & you know wtf that means • it’s practically halloween 🎃I had the best day today dude oh my god yes yes yes I deserve this especially after the shit I’ve been through these last two weeks @lunevega from WHERE
@lunevega omg we need to hangout sometime. do we have each other on the switch?? let’s play! & we can FT & watch th… @rikkisuzanne it truly is the best house hands down it’s perfect in every way 🥺 @breathewchaos I love you even more. thank you for being my sister 💕 @sofiaaaa1122 so do I !!! @yelikiss I do that too!!!I just wanna live in a house identical to the one in practical magic @yelikiss omfg I love seeing you put veggies in mason jars to keep them fresh bc ME TOO & people think I’m weird 🙁 @TrishaaLoo we weren’t friends yet I added you a few hours ago!! 🥰🥰 @kannchy villager hunting !
@TrishaaLoo UM YES WTFmore water. more fruit. more yoga. more meditation. more mindfulness. more gratitude. more time spent alone in natu…
@sofiaaaa1122 literally me w you lmao & you know this 😂triggers & shadow work is absolutely necessary for further growth. I mean this shit. @breathewchaos YOU CAN GET IT
@IZADI is a r***st & sexually assaulted my dear friend!!!! pls report & block this piece of shit. @ch111oe I have your back babe! fully!! @autumnwilbanks_ oh my god??????? this is HORRIBLE
@projexwavee I’ve still never seen it 😭 @catuknot @regina_dzhura @narivielle @witchymamaa @earthywombyn @breathewchaos @saucyitaliansub @rootedwithsoul @goodjuujuubox YES YES YES I STAN YOU QUEEN @ch111oe OKAY CHLOE 😰😰 @IMAZUREE your beauty is breathtaking @thirdeyejazmin etsy!! @sofiaaaa1122 I was so uncomfortable watching this bc like you said I can’t fathom this happening to me like ... in what world @sofiaaaa1122 not even gonna lie they BOTH seem like they’re acting petty I don’t know the context but from their b… @thirdeyejazmin BABE! 🥺🥺 thank you omg im blushing so hard over here @celinam07478053 I love that show !! @sofiaaaa1122 not true AT ALL @celinam07478053 lmao I always say exactly that “clearly I am bitch!” 😂
@regina_dzhura Y E S S S S S @baileyshark22 @rootedwithsoul bailey 🥺 wow thank you so much. I love you so much. my heart smiled a million times reading this 🥰 @breathewchaos @regina_dzhura SHE SAID YOU SEEET VICIOUS MAPLE LEAF 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @regina_dzhura is THAT bitch period she’s THAT queen THAT sugar plum gum drop over here lookin like a silky chicken nugget MMMM SIS 😋😋😋 @regina_dzhura @catuknot officially? where have you been? lmao she was given this title well over a year ago 😂 @rootedwithsoul I love you so much !!! I’m always here for you babe
@catuknot cap babies 🥳 @sofiaaaa1122 my love!! I always have your back. no hesitation & no questions asked. I will block every single abus… @juph0ria I really be drinking straight from the jar @sofiaaaa1122 NATALIA HAH IM SCREAMINGGGGG @sofiaaaa1122 OH MY GOD HAHAHA ugh I hate being constantly asked “why did you have to post that?” excuse me!!!! blo… @FatherShennyLee I’m ready !!! 😍😍 @FatherShennyLee what! girl! hi we’re best friends now are you ready for this love ❤️ @MinaDianna I love you! 🥰 @groundedessence @AlchemysticArt right???? just too pretty to burn 🥰😍 @groundedessence yes!!!! come on over to my island & I will spoil you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰