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Author, columnist, crazy cat lady. I also review fiction. Writes “in a more vulgar fashion than the New York Times can print” - NYT

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@Diana_Beaumont New ad about how buying coffee could kill you @lara_farrell He sounds amazing - so inspirational @JonathanHaynes I mean, I remember G**** C*r*n and his wife boasting that a horrible Mail piece had paid for Christmas @JonathanHaynes They pay very well @SvenjaODonnell She’s off her tits on catnip - I bet it feels amazing @Dorianlynskey The control! It inspires genuine aweIn other breaking news, little Mackerel finally plucked up the courage to get into her new bed yesterday, after fou… I ever interviewed her, this is what I’d want to know: how do you smoke your two cigarettes? With wine? In the b… like to dunk on Gwyneth but I think she’s amazing: two cigarettes. What a woman.I’ve always found celebrity health plans inspiring, but not in the way I’m supposed to. For example: “Beyoncé has a…
@alex_christofi Congratulations Alex! @Max_Benwell Ah yes, the Donnie Darko effect, I call it. I keep meaning to do this with The Unbearable Lightness of Being but I'm too scared @DanFJones72 @KirkdaleBooks this is what Twitter is for - thank you. Incredible costumes @Max_Benwell at least they've left DFW alone, Max, so your personality is safe for now @KirkdaleBooks ooh what is this gif @MichaelDBee good point! Will delete (and sod Itsu!) @arbor_a oofHe also said, “what is Toryism except organised spivery?”People always go on about the vermin part of Nye’s speech, but what about the “burning hatred” for the Tory party p… and months of telling us Pret is vital for the economy and now the public going into coffee shops are to bla… @JuliaArmfield it’s the height of victim blaming @ShinyShep it's just shit @cheedz05 @BenskiOner When I met my husband he owned few books beyond Gerrard's autobiography. I'd still be single… @joey_manic Who knows? It's poorly written for something so snooty"a pessimistic misanthrope disillusioned by humanity" - my type, basically @rebeccawhatsun @FaberBooks Happy book birthday xI loved this unique and unexpected novel - a must-read @sarahmanavis "pessimistic misanthropes disillusioned by society" = HOTChrist what tedium @Diana_Beaumont How is The Great? I agree with you on both Downton and The Crown. I did watch a bit of Downton but… @ZeljkaMarosevic @DauntBooksPub oh lovely! Thank you! @davidfirn I haven't but it sounds deliciously compulsive @GalleyBeggars I had ancestors who were in service, too. I wonder if that plays into it. I loved Mothering Sunday f… @michaelsavage I know of a 90-something year old in North Wales who has only just had it, if that helps? @RebTamas @coeurdelilas @ZeljkaMarosevic @DauntBooksPub This looks right up my street @CuriouslyEmily I suppose people don't pick each other up so much irl anymore, especially now. But it's so thrilling @GreekAnalyst Kitron!What's the greatest product made in Greece that people have probably never heard of?
Retweeted by Rhiannon L Cosslett @CuriouslyEmily I don't know what that is, but sure. I met a few men in the laundrette. I was 18 and hot and very m… are amazing. Invisibly trimming 1,000 words so primadonna writers barely notice is a real talent. They really don't get enough credit @CuriouslyEmily It's a pain in the arse. The only highlight in the year I had to go to the laundrette, in France, was meeting men @aroomofmyown1 Unity was the first one I came across, then Diana, as part of a module on 1930s extremism. Turned me off rather @LatteThunder My husband HATES Tom. Says he makes socialism look really whiny and unfun @RosalindJana Yes a lot of it is style. I have always been obsessed with design. The costumes in Poirot are almost… dual consciousness of hoovering up benevolent aristocrats in my cultural life but wanting them them all strippe… have never understood the Mitford obsession, they do nothing for me. But Wodehouse, Waugh, costume dramas, Poirot - I’m there.This piece made me feel incredibly seen
@palmitis Lovely thread - thanks for sharing @sianushka There are still some laugh out loud moments regardless imo @Kirsty_Maj0r The big Rothko retrospective at Tate Modern (2008?)yrs ago i was proud to commission 2 essays by Mark Fisher. a lot of ppl have read Good For Nothing on his experienc…
Retweeted by Rhiannon L Cosslett @heawood and coins for the meterLet them eat bread!* * but only if they make it themselves from scratch and are able to source their own yeast @katyguest36912 @anna_anna Haha. Try it. You'll be surprised @katyguest36912 Not warm but the best thing to do is just douse them in olive oil and salt and eat them whole with… know there are more important things going on in the world right now, but at a time when tourism has completely t… @EtanSmallman @laurendavidson We've had tesco and morrisons slots the whole time apart from right at the start - th… Orchestra this week marks the launch of the new TRAUMA anthology with editors @sammillsauthor & Thom Cuel…
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@chiggi @KatyaTaylor Did this also happen to Zadie Smith? I thought everyone had always loved Zadie Smith, but then… @STomaselli @KatyaTaylor What about even before that? “I see Ms Austen is debuting a new novel. Will it also be abo… @AlexClark3 Beautiful @KatyaTaylor I don’t understand what there is to say when no one has read it. Did this happen to authors before the internet? @BetaRish I think would do same if I had a back door (am in a first floor flat). But if we moved I’d want to try it @BetaRish Does he come in at night? And was he perfectly happy as an indoor cat before? I was so judgy about indoor… @joshsm_th @alex_christofi No rush at all! x @alex_christofi Hopefully he’ll see it sometime in 2023 @alex_christofi I emailed asking about Max Porter and Rachel Cusk 😭 @SashaDugdale Keen to read this! Congratulations @WelshEcon A challenge to adapt but I’m sure she’ll get around it - thinking of Love, NinaBig book news. The title - and the fact it is an epistolary novel or at least one that features email heavily - sou… @HoppySaul From November @lickedspoon I heard a loud booming sound from my garden in north londonIf it won’t take a pandemic in which millions of people lose their jobs to disprove or undermine the scrounger narr… @salvey1 Don’t expect logic SimonI had a look at the Mail’s comments, just to see if any of the food bag stuff had cut through to their readers, but… @ladygreenkirtle I had a fling with a Tory who wore one so it might be that @olenskae They are usually so good as well @heawood @RichardHaas99 Oh yeah same. In one case the guy was really sick and his partner absolutely fine top of all this bullshit, they are trying to bring back sweater vests. No. @MichaelRonson5 @jackseale I think the early seasons of SATC were also excellent but the Sopranos was a critique of… @heawood I really feel like the app has so much to answer for by fixating on 3 symptoms when other countries have l… @IpsosMORI @MRC_Outbreak ok great, thank you @jackseale Its understanding of childhood trauma and how it shapes the adults we become is groundbreaking @MichaelYikes it's immoral. A cliche to bring up Dickens, but when the shoe fits (we have been bingeing Bleak House)The Sopranos is perhaps the greatest ever fictional representation of male emotional inadequacy, and how left unche…
Retweeted by Rhiannon L Cosslett @benatipsosmori @IpsosMORI @imperialcollege Thanks Ben. I’ll email now @IpsosMORI @MRC_Outbreak It seems to be. Will you accept it if I just tape the box together? I’ve booked another co… it worth me rebooking a collection for tomorrow when I have already taken the test and it will have been in the… time it was a faulty biohazard bag. The whole thing just feels really dispiriting. I can’t imagine how tricky… another Covid test wasted because of the packaging. This time for the @IpsosMORI @imperialcollege study. I coul… @Shakespeare_Co That was her! I remember her curled up, no one would dare take her seat. She must have been exposed… @Shakespeare_Co It’s hard, because they love sitting on the keyboard. I meant to ask - what is your resident cat ca… @KitchenBee @aforeil It reads as though Chartwells are the ones giving the abundant parcels though @sarahmanavis Excellent! Congratulations x @jack_sommers They know what they want @aforeil @KitchenBee This photo is horseshit - the one on the left is a charity, the one on the right is a private… @CatherineECarr You sum it up very well @cathdean85 Yes, I feel actual fury looking at them @BetaRish Such a good name. Mackerel is indoor too - how did you introduce the outdoor? Am in two minds at the moment