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Illustrator and writer, creator of the Little Vampires.

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@bardic_lady @mightybattlecat @myalchod @Echo6979 SQUEEEEEEEE!!!My next trivia live stream on Monday is all about cats and YOUR CAT can star! Reply with pictures of your favorite… @KikiDoodleTweet @monkeyminion @KikiDoodleTweet The amount of low-level anxiety the smoke-sky is giving me is too real and is a pretty good indica… is my normally constant-but-low-level state of anxiety a little higher today? *looks at the sky painted with sm… @ChristianLipski I would follow you into battle. Also into any ancient tombs filled with ghosts and treasure.Cases are back but deaths are not. LA was averaging about 200 deaths a day back then. That daily number today is in…
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/HerSo far, one video clip has been submitted! I realize that probably everyone else is waiting for the last minute, a…
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@adamthesak In my past life I was a pirate and bemoaned the lack of accordion sea shanties about lunch so this was perfect.I will be playing this every day before lunch now. BOTH tenants and landlords can get help through the emergency rental assistance program. 🏡 It not only c…
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/Her @AllHallowsWitch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @bardic_lady Its length would be magnificent!YES! time has come: ECCC 2021 tickets and merchandise are available now! We’re so excited to see you this December 2…
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Damn straight 🎃
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/Her @Fiendish_Thingy @adamthesak I’m not the only person who has an inner beastie that just can’t even. 😁Too hard? Eat snacks. Snack warriors unite and enjoy your Trash Beastie Tuesday! #trashbeastietuesday @bardic_lady @Cattifer This is a tie with The Last Unicorn for me which just means I have to watch them as a double feature so win-win. @chalkyheart @happyphantom @HelioscopePDX Umm yes shout it from the rooftops it’s amazing you’re amazing!! @chalkyheart @HelioscopePDX #ECCC ticket onsale starts this Wednesday at 10:00 AM PT! Here’s how to buy your tickets and the must-have item…
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/HerTrivia! Art! Pickles! Starting at 6 Pacific time! @rmalena Maybe you’re a replicant. You’re in a desert walking along when all of the sudden you look down, and you…
@AidenLimitless Elves are traditionally quite extra. @brainwise @monkeyminion Twitter magic! @monkeyminion @DragonCon @Fiendish_Thingy @bardic_lady The best I could do with The Silmarillion is admit I like trees. And lights. And ligh…’s trivia live stream theme is a mystery! Answer questions! Solve the mystery! Sing about pickles! Begins at… @monkeyminion Victory! @brainwise I am most happy to be of service to you. Best of luck with all that work!Most excellent!! Glad to be of service. @bardic_lady Then spite those fuckers and present awesomely! Also we both need shirts that say “Sensitive and spiteful.” @bardic_lady Also you may get nothing but love. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on that. Expect the best. Cause you’re the best. @bardic_lady When I have situations like this (like, every convention) I go in knowing that negative feedback is al… @bardic_lady ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @AshlieHammond @monkeyminion
@house_of_darkly Buy the skeleton apron. Also stay warm and dry. <3When @brettgoldstein wins his Emmy I want his acceptance speech to be a string of profanities.
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/HerAlways wanted to get better at drawing but were afraid to ask? Join us for relaxing drawing practice in a safe spac…
@wendybuske @monkeyminion I will teleport to wherever this karaoke happens please and thank you. Also I will sing a… @kicksywicksy Excellent! @wendybuske Now. The time is now. @kicksywicksy Because life is pain? ;) You’re pushing yourself to do better and that is awesome! Also you did a rea… @monkeyminion @jenniebreeden @Xenoplasm @alinapete He lives in my attic so this makes sense. @AidenLimitless
Cat friends!! Check out these awesome pins by @KikiDoodleTweet ! to the @NWS's heat advisory and with cooling centers open, we encourage anyone who might need relief from the h…
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/HerHundreds of Alabama coal miners went to NYC to protest outside BlackRock. This should be much bigger news.
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@pvponline ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @rhinosaur I’m so sorry my friend. All the love to you. @adampknave @Fiendish_Thingy I’m questioning my decision to run a panel. Or even go at all. So I’m going to hide un…’ll be in my bunk. don’t like masks and vaccine mandates? Well I don’t like Covid.
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/Her @Fiendish_Thingy @adampknave @korybing That is so hella cute. @sarahrenekraft Well that’s definitely going on my to do list. :) @evilflibble @sarahrenekraft ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @bardic_lady Yes. 😁 @bardic_lady Yes. sure a gnome lives here and I might need to bring them scones.
@TheOrlandoJones @neilhimself @authenticdelroy You are class personified. ❤️This comes from an overall great thread but this particular piece needs to be shouted from the rooftops. And yes, i… @Eliastrations Borrowed cats are the best cats. 😁 Thank you! We will have a cat again someday. And then I will send… @amandonium This is why, when we moved to Oregon and tried to make an appointment with the DMV, we cackled then cri… @Eliastrations I don’t have the time or resources to have a pet which tells you exactly where I’m at mentally. 😂 @amandonium What did you call them? I called the CA DMV LongTimeMcShitty, but I call the Oregon DMV Fergus.The harsh reality is that we're going to see more wildfires like Bootleg. They're hotter, they're more fierce, and…
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/Her Webb is the creator of this amazing Muppet portrait and I’m now the owner of it so be jealous. Uncle Deadl… @bardic_lady I has a sad, definitely. What a fine old bat. <3😢 @alinapete @Optimsysticals @davoerlo @lartist 😂😂😂😂 @lartist OMG yes to this I don’t care how much your little Timmy just looooooooooved that eggplant parm you made wi… @lartist I just want to read shit sometimes. 😊Seconded.
It’s the birthday of @AubreyCello which is a day most worthy of otters so here is a picture I took of an otter. Bir… @rhinosaur ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sending you all the love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️CDC recommends vax’d folks wear masks indoors in places with “substantial” and “high” transmission. “Substantial”:…
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/Her @GWillowWilson That is definitely bringing the ruckus.Tomorrow is the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of insulin. In 1921, insulin’s discoverers sold its patent…
Retweeted by Rebecca Hicks - She/Her @LadyChrisA 😂😂😂😂Stressed? Then try the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose. Or the Trash Beastie version which transitions very nicely in… now! Live art and trivia about the moooooon.
@chalkyheart There is no one that could draw it better. ❤️ @LitheraPrime I had lots of Filipino students when I was a teacher so I’m just extra happy. Their kids have a gold… @bardic_lady Blood draw. It’s cool, I’m down with vampires. @chalkyheart I would not be sad if that awesome Queen was a model for that print. 😁 So happy for her!Went to the doc and didn’t get a lollipop but did get this lovely bandage. Their name is Keith and they hope you ar… have a new Queen.’m very glad to endorse @Booker4KY for Senate. He has the vision and heart to take on this righteous fight and hel…
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@alinapete I cried my first time back. Then had a panic attack. I got through it, you got this too. <3 <3 <3 @kicksywicksy Nice! @kicksywicksy Oh well done!! And thanks for posting!Draw with us in the Sketch Spa at 10 Pacific! All skill levels are welcome!