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Jason Rainville @rhineville Ontario, Canada

Freelance Illustrator who's worked on Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and a whole lot of other great nerdy projects. He/Him

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@AuraspectArt I'll try, and thanks! @ernanda91 XD They're just a bunch of different body washes, eyeglass cleaner and coloured perfume all.mixed togeth… minor update -Baby seems stable w some new nausea meds. She eats, cuddles & plays - work on website changes alm…
@ElbenherzArt 💓Another sketchbook spread. ❤️ Just experimented with ink after ignoring the medium for an entire year. The only dr…
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I'm unmoored right now and frustrated that I can't go back to my place until my cats issues are resolved (don't tru…
@kilnfiendpotter As god intended, yes @kilnfiendpotter The response seems to be, yes, furry porn. Alrighty 🎩 🐴Fan stuff, pinup, big tiddy horse gf whatever it is I got you folksThere's an eventual NSFW alt account coming one of these days I swear. Whatever you need to cope with ... *Gestures about himself*More like Mike Quenched
@SaraAlfageeh Forests are such a pain in the ass but she always does a great job 😭 @shoomlah I know right? Here I am with these scratchy lines trying my hardest and she's like "Ugh I gotta get better" like, c'mon @rhineville oh gosh, she makes it look effortless! such a sucker for ink work like this, agh ♥️
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleHer ink work I find particularly inspiring. I own the first piece, and always refer back to it when I think about m…
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleMy partner @ElbenherzArt is facing some really tough obstacles to her health that's impacted her ability to create…
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@tardonkieart Reverse racism doesn't exist. No one said that, it's about creating space in a hashtag. @YobiKai @VargasNi "Would you wike a buttefwy to eat?" "YES THANK YOU"Baby making a liar out of me again. After getting very affectionate & purring a lot she started trying to get me t… have a visitor 😭 Hasn't moved all day except now. At my dad's, mind the mess. @archmageofdice I'm so sorry to hear 😟 can't imagine how that feels... Might soon learn. Hugs to you too ♥️ @AuraspectArt Thanks so much. I don't want to bother her too much as it seems she wants to rest and turning the lig… see her now on the couch downstairs, tired but less dazed. Shifting but not eating. Hasn't moved all day. Tried… was so weak and unresponsive, but she wlkd out of the car on her own. I was going to kill this cat? The whole… brief trip to the vet for euthenisation that instead lead to us trying one more med was a horrible emotional whip…
It costs $0.00 to retweet & help me grow my small business Crochet sweater handmade by me🥺💕
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleI’m celebrating Halloween all month, so let’s “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleI don't have different styles, I just oscillate wildly between dramatic fantasy and thirst traps. #SameArtist
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @ElbenherzArt Love what you ended up doing with the hair ♥️Self indulgent sketch from last week that turned into a little portrait. I took liberties with his hair. I'm doin…
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleThe category is face ( haha)
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @Estirdalin No u (Thank you so much 🙏) @DMZilla Thats an original composition with an established character for a client :) but based on Baroque lighting/framing etc @TiffanyTurrill It was The Lighthouse for me so yeh @xavierck3d @my2k It's all flawlessSame artist artist 🌷
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Retweeted by Jason RainvilleDon't hire this dude. He is a threat to women.
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleI have photo reference packs available! Patrons get them all for $5…
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleRandomly remembered this Overwatch fanart I did. Those first few months after OW released were so much fun, and tha…
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Black cat love ❤️ ( and sunflowers) #Inktober #inktober2020 #blackcat #sunflower #inking
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @ManaCurves There's a bit of fridging going on, and some other tropey shit but otherwise it's pretty good.
@KamogRebel I'll probably get it console first just to play, I don't know if my 4 year old non-gaming setup would really do well with it @Reckoman12 enough shit going on right now (cat is, not good) for me that I apparently forgot all about the release of t… @misterorange This is when I donate a lot of my profits from this set to trans orgsThis #Inktober, please buy @AlphonsoDunnArt’s books, “Pen & Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide” and “Pen & Ink Drawing: Wo…
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@abigbat Few moments later he'll catch it :)*New Painting!!* "Master Artificer" Revisiting my artificer later in life, with those 10,000 hours under her belt…
Retweeted by Jason RainvilleLooking through more of mom's stuff today, found one of my early creative accomplishments; My popular grade 3/4 boo… @adisakareemart Congratsss! @JennyENicholson I like the idea of a spooky candy tree. Get a few of those fake little plastic trees if you don't… @christinabindon @depingo Look at that big poofy ass sleeeeve! :D well done with the cloth there :)When you tell aspiring artists that suffering is a compulsory requirement for the ~*privilege*~ of *~getting a job*…
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@commonbananer @pcgamer *someone you follow made an obvious joke* @pcgamer Piece of cake son! @AnarchoBreadism @SourceLocator @ZizeksFailSon I was wildly confused, so great job 👍 @DylanRoth Scissoring. That is all. @JesseNeon I'm so sorry man :( @kimsokol Most times I paint an older woman, one with a stronger jaw, or one in armor/figure hiding clothes: "He looks cool!" :/Just an occasional plug of my prints! All my magic cards, lots of personal work!
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @TiffanyTurrill Commendatori 🇮🇹 🍕🍝 @TiffanyTurrill All I wanna know is Where's da gravy @MiLL4LiFE This means so much! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 @812in317 🙏 @TylerWalpole It's only given me imposter syndrome for the last oh 6 years or so thinking I'll never do something a…
Here's some progress on the inquisitor. #digitalart #characterdesign #conceptart
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @ToulouseAllen This looks like a lot of things, I tells ya @AuraspectArt Thank you! 💜 @H_L_Marshall :0 🙏😭 @LadyLavinias Still real happy you like them, and still real sorry for all the trouble xD one of these days I'll fi… I suggest one that often gets buried bit I feel makes a particularly good print? an occasional plug of my prints! All my magic cards, lots of personal work! to explain to my dad that I didn't gain any weight but I likely gained fat whole losing muscle; "Yeah I thi…
#studybuddies #2 of the week!
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @JennRavenna Join meeeeeee it actually went DOWN sometime before I arrived, then went back up to what it was shortly after I did. Very… contexts aside, Would be great if that will reflect the average card illustration fee which hasn't increased… @kallielef Me, realizing I wasn't following you @Lindsay_Powell @MykeCole Hah! The design converged in this direction without my knowing it. This will be great ref… @MykeCole Spoilers, it flips up to provide visibility, but that crest also ends up at the top echoing some Centurio… @MykeCole Also, as she's a member of the Imperial Marines, with a magically artificed manubalista, I couldn't say n… @MykeCole The fantasy world I was imagining has quite a bit of a twist, so I'm playing it safe with other tropes. E… some time to further render my character's face, and finalize some little sketches of her helmet... guesses on…
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @Iron_Spike I'm not much in the comic space, but I do a lot of fantasy-realism and would be happy to help with colo… protection + visor + slitted eyehole might be a few hints.Took some time to further render my character's face, and finalize some little sketches of her helmet... guesses on…'s midnight. this morning (after a late night) I woke up at 9am, fell back asleep until 1pm. I do not feel like/…
When white influencers don't show up for their VidCon events'm not good at alters (at least with paint pens, they're awful) and will be discontinuing them but at least I had…
@christinabindon @mtgcarlos @JennRavenna Yeah its more about his curating rather than whose there. @kimsokol entertain yourself when going to the grocery store somehow
Y’all please spread awareness about this. The Mi’kmaq are fighting against commercial fishing companies off the coa…
Retweeted by Jason Rainville @AshevillePolice Thoughtful of them to sweep up the spilled excess tho right? @TylerstreetArt What are you doing