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@neefrehman_ Haven’t yet watched pompoko! Have you watched Ponyo? I think that’s my personal favourite Ghibli follo… a wonderful watch. The bit where the radio handle transformed into the thing that also props it up gave me goo… Cowonaviwus death toww in Engwand wises to 5,655 ^_^ ― Weutews
Retweeted by Rehat KathuriaCheck out my new app! http://localhost:3000/
Retweeted by Rehat KathuriaSlack should allow you to specify that you don't want that message to fire off a push notification when you send it.#NewProfilePic @pugson cc @jshmc ???Wanna feel old? This is Calvin and Hobbes now
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Retweeted by Rehat Kathuriais slack down or did i just get fired?
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@grinich @stopwatch Typescript has genuinely been on my list of explorations for this week. Will keep this/you in m… @boop @stopwatch let's start a design studio called "socks and sandals" @panic @kwuchu @jongold Private github repo? @MegDraws owDo I know anyone who can get me on the private beta for the upcoming IDE by @panic?It's been a bizarre two years filled with lots of brilliant ideas, many technical challenges and plenty of intrigui… @nnikola_. Niko's ability to design a system that translated well both on a native mobile experience and also… have never before come across an engineer who has hunger to learn as much as @zoejessica has. Never once did Zoë…'m also convinced that @_HarshilShah has actually written the majority of Cocoa frameworks we used. The attention… of the most talented engineers I've ever had the pleasure of working with was @simonify. I was constantly in aw… you ever get the chance to work with @jon, you should jump on the opportunity. There are very few people who thi… keepy uppies across time and space with @rhtkth on @stopwatch
Retweeted by Rehat KathuriaIt feels surreal to delete the past two years of work off my phone. Over the weekend @stopwatch wound operations d… @marginalmarisa @SBinLondon @alannamcardle_ @aliciajauffret i love angry alicia @zoejessica @_HarshilShah i literally took a bite out of my buttered sourdough as i read these tweets
ok so just to keep track you have to be a NBA player, celebrity or *checks notes* tiger to get a corona test
Retweeted by Rehat Kathuriathis is a HUGE deal that no one is talking about... twitter has removed the ability to see any news from outside…
Retweeted by Rehat KathuriaUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for tests, 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus
Retweeted by Rehat Kathuria @neefrehman_ 100% yes @torihinn Happy Birthday!Choosing your quarantine character 🍾👏😂
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No one: Your colleague:
Retweeted by Rehat KathuriaHALF OF THEM ARE ALREADY SOLD. I LOVE YOU ALL.Frank: No hablará de mí, ni hablará de esto Me: one went out to @NatalieMarleny 👯‍♂️✨
Kudos to whoever made this. The brilliance of finding the perfect song for each fall was outstanding. I laughed so…
Retweeted by Rehat Kathuria @boop 0 tweets @ryansartor @alyssa_sabo @liNzee__ @HoffMatthews This aesthetic 😍 @syan_me Don’t look at this thread @zoejessica.This man is accused of attacking one of our clients, an elderly Black woman. He spat at her, racially abused her an…
Retweeted by Rehat KathuriaIf you're feeling a bit down cause of self isolation just cut bread into a hand shape and when it pops up in the to…
Retweeted by Rehat Kathuria @supergranular Nothing comes to mind straight away, Thom. cc @ccarolynwestt?Me and the App Store Reviewer of @stopwatch.
@AnnaYoungs Thanks Anna 🤗 @AnnaYoungs They offered Skype, but honestly, so much of it for me was her space and the proximity. Not sure I’d fe… if i put my cursor over ur cursor in the google doc
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