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titles are stupid. I just make videos..

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@xLordOfAnime LETS GOOOOOO. I made levi passionate about shit @Prim_Itive oh sry @DmontyGaming LETS GOOOO @xLordOfAnime That’s cap broI tweet this every year and it never fails. Seen a whole reddit thread started over this 😂💀
Retweeted by rhymeBruh MY GOD @TheShaunM ADKSJHGAKLSDJGH FUCKING ACCURATEtop tier video @AllMixture @tehkyrkis @SrojamDraws @gusceps @DocileBread @EegiiArtto @Lythero @MoonMonkeyIsle @ArchrTV @Misujage years ago I had no money. I was going around my local churches to get food for me and my mom to eat because we w…
Retweeted by rhyme @UnrealEntGaming beautiful message! Much love bro @PokemonMCv Deion got a monster hit. Just peep his @JoshuaBrothers8 I own a 10PSA 9 Unlimited Charizard jumped to $6,000 two weeks ago and is already back down to like $1,500 because almost 500… got a video on this dropping this weekend, but ONLY BUY A 9 IF YOU WANT TO OWN IT. For investment purposes, PSA 9… the new record breaking $129,000 PSA lugia sale, everyone is scrambling to buy the PSA 9 & 8 creds to for this. This shit is pretty.I DUB THIS THE PHANTOM LOOP now go optimize it @xLordOfAnime Hit was on my OG team, but no, just messing around w/ the phantom loop @Tiversus2828 no, just saw a clip on IG and wanted to experiment @pikchukid LMAO it is @MasteroftheUnk3 i dont play hitThis combo is just a flex tbh. If you wanna use it, I recommend using Baseku B assist to build the meter. EX cancel…, #DRAGONBALLFighterZ @pikchukid 4 is the maxim not showing this to seereax cuz fuck him. im not boutta get hit by this.So off 2M, it does a smidge more damage, BUT FFS 9913. Literally a nut hair away., #DRAGONBALLFighterZ time for another fightpad. My current one is beyond fucked up. If I do 236 motions, my character jumps LMAO @KaizG_3604 not a ToD, does 9600 @Gogeta_TheBest Press X immediately#PS5Share, #DRAGONBALLFighterZ @KabukiSage Welcome!THEY GOT PROXIMITY CHAT?! Oh we streamin streamin this soon @kumarjeevan067 Click em 3 timesThis LF UI Goku reveal had me like @ChampChong @JERICHO LMFADOSIMGASDIOGM @ChampChong TASTES LIKE BUTTHOLEEveryone's fear tomorrow.
Retweeted by rhymeTUCKER IS SPITTIN RN @NerdOutMusic @Patterrz GOOD LUCK. Hope to see you in our lugia club soon 🙏🙏 @NerdOutMusic @Patterrz Yours was the 2nd one, right? I remember the 2nd one looking INSANELY goodHOLY SHIT. Just got confirmation that this was a legit sale. @ChoctopusYT Still spittinI hope we get Pokémon: Let’s Go Johto before D/P/P remakes.
Retweeted by rhyme @TheShaunM And I’d 100% only do side missions LMAOOORob spittin @NunezGoW Maaaaan @purplevapesmoke THIS @TheOladimeji That ability to nullify type disadvantage is crazy good. Ironically, that goku black can also do that @thesuperdaveman @Holydragn545 Damage reduction saved him @Simba_Pride_ I’d nutChampa >> @RandolphUK game would be mad fire @soccerboycoop I wonder what Ty will sell for next. Should be on par with the lugia. This lugia I think was shilled though @dmjohny_ @DotoDoya YOU SPITTIN. Doto use RHYME5 @Potarafusion26 @SeeReax 🙏🙏🙏ok @IvanFel8787 Lugias were super poorly printed. If it makes you feel better, they were probably bad quality. Only 41… @da_latrell LMFADOIGMASODGsavasavant @DotoDoya when you said you had an idea, I was impressed until I saw that this was it @DotoDoya @KamB9s Thats pretty garbageYeah this. I can see $66k but 129k is wild fucking LORD... @KamB9s 7 8 and 9 @Thundershot75 Same. I was there exactly at 6 and watched it say out of stock @Thundershot75 it went up, but immediately went out of stockDAAAAAMN @Drex_4519 LMAO im editing. I just got done recording xv @m0nitochan LETS GOOOO
jk search 3v3 with limitation on ps4I bet you wont search XV2 2v2 with limitations on the ps4 right now @KamB9s they made 2 songs as a groupIll forever be mad we never got an actual album from this year old me whenever I wore light up shoes @PhillyBeatzU @Smartimus_Prime LMFAOOOOOPS5’s!! In stock in Amazon!!! Go go gooooo
Retweeted by rhymewhy am i getting attacked? Switch is key when pooping.LETS GOOOO got the zillow black friday deals? @AzureAcedia They’re normally over 1kOh shit! TrollandToad got some base set packs and for a solid price AND REMEMBER USE RHYME5 IF YOU SNAG ANYTHING @RaidAway @aDrive_tK 🔥🔥🔥🔥JUST FOR THAT, FAN EVEN MORE @xLordOfAnime Mans talking to an automated tweet @Frosted_Sword Hnnnnggggg favorite Anime Game from the last console generation was _____________ @Munstrul classic Fossil Mew art! Fun fact. This card was in the Japanese Fossil set and then was a released as a promo heregood lord water bending off my fingers in the shower
Retweeted by rhyme @ZehalZ 2nd dumbest