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So yesterday I downloaded the latest Mac OS update... and found it returned the column browser to song view in the…
@OhNoSheTwitnt noLove how Bryan approaches screenwriting - this was a really fun conversation. to our brilliant editor @cutterboy!!!! @sokane1 The Flat Penny bar & grill! @rachelzegler 🐱 😱
@DanaSchwartzzz Because IT KNOWSI am legitimately terrified right now @davidkwong Goddamn you and your big brain! Such a great night, helluva show. 👊🏻Always look forward to this and THIS YEAR WE’RE IN IT YAYYYYYYY! Everywhere Sondheim! for @vulture, i got to speak with @rianjohnson, Noah Baumbach, and JOKER's music sup…
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@wileywiggins Also I love your avatar pic thing @wileywiggins @hodgman ❤️🍩❤️🍩 @hodgman God bless you you beautiful man @jenyamato @ParasiteMovie @KnivesOut The synergy content I crave @rianjohnson #KnivesOut
Retweeted by Rian Johnson THIS doesn’t suck! Thanks @goldenglobes and congrats to the amazing Daniel Craig and @Ana_d_Armas for the acti… @JamesGunn @KnivesOut Thanks James!!
WE LOVE YOU PHILLY! ❤️🍩 @silentcar Thanks - that’s with tmax 3200 with my leica m6 @jadewalker Deathtrap! 🔪 @caseydonahue This was on the day. The brilliance of Steve Yedlin.
@maebirdwing !!!! Thanks Mae!! @zakpenn @elprotecto @VancityReynolds @ShawnLevyDirect This looks extremely “my jam” ®️ @PiyaSRoy Omg I dunno but I want one tooAnd this one bent my mind did this a bunch on the movie, it’s such a nerdy little detail but I love it so much. you missed #KnivesOut last weekend (or hell even if you didn’t) DO NOT PANIC - we’re still in theaters everywher… @molly_knight This is my
@BoyslnBIue 🙏🏻Uncouthness be damned, I’m RT’ing the hell out of this ❤️ @Michael_Eisner @KnivesOut Thank you Michael! @mrmarkmillar You’re too kind - thank you Mark!! ❤️🙏🏻 @mariaggonzalez @MScott_Phillips It’s to cue Elliott to ask a specific question. 🎹 @DavidEllis Thanks! & no but I’m intrigued...Awards season is truly upon us my god was Peterloo this year? It’s fucking fantastic. My top 10 ground is shifting under my feet.
@steveasbell @davidkwong @meganamram @clmazin @shannonwoodward @chrizmillr @alinebmckenna Awwwwww 😘 @clmazin @davidkwong @meganamram @shannonwoodward @chrizmillr @alinebmckenna @puzzlereric ahhhhh. Ok. @davidkwong @meganamram @clmazin @shannonwoodward @chrizmillr @alinebmckenna Ok I can’t find our puzzle thread but… @ShutUpKaleena Hahahaha ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️#KnivesOutChallenge this site @TomSchnauz DAMMIT
@theyearofelan Thanks Elan! @scottderrickson @nachosarah @williambgoss Weird that I’ve never seen them in the same place at the same time OH MY GOD @Migg Haha good meeting you Miguel 👊🏻 @PoohChaiKonNun This is AMAZING - thanks for posting it!!
had a wonderful time talking to @rianjohnson about Knives Out, the Cats trailer, Baby Yoda and what Hitchcock thoug…
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @Glenn__Kenny Thanks! Anything with a Bunuel rec is the opposite of bugging @Glenn__Kenny I‘ve never seen it. Upside: I will now see it!
Fellow film nerds, come say hi. I’ll be at the ASC clubhouse with writer/director @rianjohnson and sharp-eyed color…
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @Jomboy_ 👊🏻 I want a lip reading vid of the will reading scene @JAMNPP That’s one of the (very few) deleted scenes from the film! 🙁 We’ll include it as an extra on the home vid r…
@mutablejoe Thanks Joe see you at the pub 👊🏻 @rachsyme Thank you Rachel!!!! ❤️🔪Wow - THANKS to everyone who came to #KnivesOut this weekend, and for all the lovely tweets, you guys are the best.… @smlinarcik Yup! Happy to have a little tip of the hat to him in the movie. @dan_sanderson Idagio. 👍🏻 @bmargherito @KnivesOut !!!!!!! Oh man I’m sorry
Knives Out (2019) Dir: @rianjohnson
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @michelledeidre Twice. 👊🏻 @BoyslnBIue @purabruja @nerdyDodger @KnivesOut This is the hot stove content I require
@jjaibrams @starwars @jjabrams Congrats!!!! @_AlexHirsch Thanks so much Alex!!I spoke with my pal @mtgilchrist about #KnivesOut and @rianjohnson blessing me with my Truest Self: Goofy Dad With…
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @JAKE_VAN_DYKE Los feliz 3 in LAI mean post Thanksgiving PSA from your friends at #KnivesOut - You’ve got, like, a whole MONTH to shop, there is so much…
@hitRECordJoe @KnivesOut Lots of love to you, Detective Hardrock. ❤️Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Go see KNIVES OUT!! Lemme know if you catch my audio cameo 😏 @KnivesOut
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @pattonoswalt @KnivesOut Thanks Patton!! ❤️🦃🔪 @scottderrickson @mang0ld DOUBLE FEATURE!! (Thanks Scott)
@shannonandswift @KnivesOut ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @pattonoswalt @netflix @KnivesOut @NetflixIsAJoke @MaiselTV @AlexBorstein @kevinpollak Actual photo of me from my p… LOVE YOU DANICA!!!! is it. #KnivesOut is in theaters EVERYWHERE! Thanks for being patient as I’ve squawked about this movie for th… Since he's a friend, one could accuse me of being pre-disposed to love @RianJohnson's 'Knives Out' and hype i…
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @ninajacobson @KnivesOut Thanks Nina!!!! @edgarwright I love you. Please murder no one.Los Angeles: On December 9, I'm doing a book signing and presenting a 35mm screening of Ida Lupino's THE BIGAMIST…
Retweeted by Rian JohnsonLooks like I jumped the gun & alamo’s having some technical issues, but they’re sorting it out, check back soon for tix. 👍🏻 @averagejenn @PeteTheRetailer @KnivesOut @DrafthouseLA I might have jumped the gun!Fans of @rianjohnson looking for KNIVES AND KNAVES series tix- start with GOSFORD PARK and DEATHTRAP and we'll get…
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@AndrewBLewis The website’s funky - it kept resetting my location to Virginia for some reason. Look at the top and… @jvanglish ❤️👊🏻These don’t play on the big screen often, and death on the nile and sleuth are even hard to come by on home vid. Al… Hey. Hey. @rianjohnson is on @unspooled today talking about 3 films he’d like to see on the AFI Top 100 Films…
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @Taylorbraun4 Will probably wait for the home vid release but yes absolutely @curtofranklin @KnivesOut 🔪 ftwPSA: #KnivesOut opens TOMORROW, which means some theaters have screenings TONIGHT! @OhNoSheTwitnt ShhhhhhhhhhhhhhThis is a fantastic lineup of movies, and I could listen to Karyn talk about films she loves all day long, that’s a stern gaze. I had a much better time doing this than the photo would indicate. @PabloDcueva No, not me. I wish - massive fan & never seen her live. @jivjov You may#ConversationsAtArcLight tomorrow night with writer/director of @KnivesOut, Rian Johnson. 🔪…
Retweeted by Rian Johnson @Adamonfilm Thanks 🙏🏻 @Adamonfilm No, not really - I watched the adaptation of that recently but haven’t seen it on the stage