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this what i’m talking bout when i say guys will never ever ever understand what it is like to be a woman
Retweeted by 🦋⏳teen wolf’s special effects 😭
Retweeted by 🦋⏳No one ever seems to have tear gas when heavily armed white men show up at government buildings
Retweeted by 🦋⏳thank you to my cat for being naturally dumb
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Newly discovered just outside of Verona, what could be this year's biggest discovery - an almost entirely intact Ro…
Retweeted by 🦋⏳I don't remember seeing tear gas when the lockdown protesters came to govt buildings with rifles and shoving cops a…
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Can’t wait to go back to work and fuck everything upshroom friendship .... shroom buns :•)
Retweeted by 🦋⏳thinking about how cats are solar-powered...
Retweeted by 🦋⏳adhd people b like *listens 2 music to draw* *listens 2 a podcast to do the dishes* *listens 2 a podcast to go to s…
Retweeted by 🦋⏳This is the sole reason why I hate fortnite
Retweeted by 🦋⏳twitter is crazy because i can post these images and everybody knows what i’m talking about xx
Retweeted by 🦋⏳ @mord0r I’d like to :)I’m so loyal I can’t even spell chaet
Retweeted by 🦋⏳when ur happy and you accidentally think about something and get sad
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Me restarting the song bc the part that hurts me the most didn't hurt me enough
Retweeted by 🦋⏳This is actually how it feels like having a conversation with an open minded person and someone that’s actually und…
Retweeted by 🦋⏳My dumbass thought it was a flying carpet
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I’ve watched too much peep show , it’s gotten to the point where my inner monologue sounds like Mark Corrigan @JakeseaGrin @bolly__kecks The sharpest frogs @JakeseaGrin @bolly__kecks Frogs will never hurt you @JakeseaGrin @bolly__kecks The ghost of frog / the frog of youThe frog parade. @klamstraku @fondblondie Oh wow !#jimmyfallonisoverparty if ur trying to see what he did
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Drake Bell did the wipe it down challenge on TikTok. I am living for this.
Retweeted by 🦋⏳1. Go to your SnapChat. 2. Scroll all the way down and save your first saved selfie. 3. Scroll back up & save your…
Gauntlets, Armored Gloves Owned by Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519), Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Retweeted by 🦋⏳and the award for aunt/uncle of the year goes to...
Retweeted by 🦋⏳This op is so cute i cant get over it
Retweeted by 🦋⏳it b like that
Retweeted by 🦋⏳if you've broken a controller while playing a video game you are an actual caveman
Retweeted by 🦋⏳100 to 0 real quick
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Every 4 months like clockwork I dream about this production design.
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Awww, X Æ A-Xii’s first software update, how cute 🥺
Retweeted by 🦋⏳If you want to have your mind blown: John Cena and Jackson from Hannah Montana are the exact same age
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Wth is Harrison Ford doing?
Retweeted by 🦋⏳animal crossing villagers be like “ugh i have such a busy day today” and then they just sit under a tree and eat a sandwich for three hours
Retweeted by 🦋⏳quarantine will someday end, but I hope this continues
Retweeted by 🦋⏳ @bolly__kecks I’m okay just being emo @RZKemigrate Ohhh okay! It sounds quite nice actually! Thank you! @RZKemigrate I’ve been after Kokain for ages but I wanted to smell it before I bought it, what sorta smell does it have ?Lately I feel like a lot of people are talking at me rather than to mepictures taken by people tripping on LSD
Retweeted by 🦋⏳ @klamstraku SlugBatz ( don’t feel like you HAVE to follow me though )This van has just turned up outside Dominic Cummings house @SkyNews
Retweeted by 🦋⏳If there's a bright side we can take from this, it's that we now have a Prime minister called BJ that is embroiled…
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The Caucasians show us more and more how they spread diseases world wide..history repeats itself
Retweeted by 🦋⏳moons fuckin massive 2nite wtf
Retweeted by 🦋⏳
Retweeted by 🦋⏳fairy rings
Retweeted by 🦋⏳ @bolly__kecks Such a mood.Animal Crossing players discovering flowers exist in real life
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Rt for good luck :)
Retweeted by 🦋⏳me leaving self checkout after scanning the ps5 as a tomato
Retweeted by 🦋⏳You know how skilled you have to be to make a tattoo look like a patch?
Retweeted by 🦋⏳i miss when everyone posted these for absolutely no reason
Retweeted by 🦋⏳my mom gave birth to a lesbian, a bisexual, and a straight boy in that order. that’s what we call RANGE
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Mi foto favorita de la cuarentena
Retweeted by 🦋⏳i forget that other countries don’t get blackout drunk in fields from the age of 11
Retweeted by 🦋⏳I’m not like other girls, I’m actually the hunchback of Notre Dame @RAVENSTAGS 3!! Idk why but they give such Hannibal vibes ! Also they look super smart
Tomorrow I’m gonna do a workout, I know it’s what my Jock villagers would want, I don’t wanna dissapoint them ✨someone please eat my brain spaghetti
Retweeted by 🦋⏳ @TODESSPIEL 💐✨ stop now @laikastudios has won it
Retweeted by 🦋⏳NGL, this sounds like a very compelling argument for wearing masks
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Every single person working right now deserves ten times what they’re making.
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Important:
Retweeted by 🦋⏳girls posting their ugly boyfriends like “what would I do without this goof” girl you would thrive that’s what you would do
Retweeted by 🦋⏳ @kirasshadow23 @Apocalypto_12 😭 that’s made my day!! Thankyou so muchLil Copia for your dash @kirasshadow23 @Apocalypto_12 No way! I’d love to see it!I can’t draw flowers for shit but this is the best ‘face’ I’ve drawn in years @kirasshadow23 @Apocalypto_12 Thankyou!They sorta look like this with the leather on the lace/ruffles they have a buckle at the back but they’re decorated…’ve been searching online for 4 hours for a specific choker store and I cannot find it for the life of me, I have… had a dream I bought a really nice choker and now I’m sad bc I don’t own it nor do I know if it even exists
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Plague Gfs
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Nigga it’s only been 5 days
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Thought this was really cool, so I’m posting it🤝
Retweeted by 🦋⏳twitter is crazy because i can post these 2 images and everybody knows what i’m talking about
Retweeted by 🦋⏳ @klamstraku 😍😍I would 100% cry and probably pass out @Apocalypto_12 😭😭 Thankyou!"You begged her to kiss you, she begged me to fuck her, we are not the same" — CULLEN, Edward
Retweeted by 🦋⏳If anyone wants to send me a blue build a bear I would love you forever bc I want to make my baby poncho irl @Believe_Ambrose @Apocalypto_12 Aw yay!Decided to try and make some ‘Smile Always ‘ merch in game, I know this isn’t actually merch but I tried to make so… did the whipe it down trend
Retweeted by 🦋⏳Kids these days will never know the hardships of each week having to overcook a fresh hardboiled egg yolk for the c…
Retweeted by 🦋⏳you get to live here with your 2nd @ !
Retweeted by 🦋⏳The more I read the bible the more of a dick God is, for example... wow such a kind a loving God.
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