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I've finally figured it out: The only way to experience new content in a Gacha game is to start playing a new (for you) Gacha game.When you've been looking forward all day to play Phasmophobia with your friends and they both choke 😒😒😒Bleach Brave Souls' main menu soundtrack sounds like it belongs in a PS2 Era Gran Turismo game
@NZG_Prodigy Daaamn. That's some good gains. The markets have been kind of silly during covidHiya, just an FYI there's free online training for how to talk to people about suicide. It takes only 20mins. You…
Retweeted by RibHaus @rocktoberpunk Congratulations!! Good job! @NyxxCraft Lame. I've luckily been spared @NyxxCraft Woo I'm not alone! @NZG_Prodigy BruhEvil 😂 @LittleToriField 💔 sorry to hear thatHearing coyotes outside. NiceI've had some great summon luck at BBS 👀👀
@Zenrotwo I love that card so much. @Zenrotwo "Risk" How are CEOs exposed to any risk when the companies are "limited liability" and when they have go… @NyxxCraft In the context of the post they were replying to it reeks of a very insecure "please aknowledge that I am not gay!!" @FreckleFCosplay 😭😂 what a year @FreckleFCosplay Good point 😂. And thanks 😳 at this rate i'll complete the transformation by the time I'm 40 😂😂.… @FreckleFCosplay 😂😂😂 probably. I worry about how opd the youngins think I look now with my slowly graying hair 😭Both are wrong, I need more car parts @FreckleFCosplay First of all, they are horribly wrong. Second of all, why do people even comment shit like this?! @GamingTallen I bet LR is base form goku that transforms to UI and then active skills to MUI
@Katerationopia Carrier Pigeons 😂 @ZiedTa Ohhh riiight. People are still salty about that?! Gohan's banner was automatically better by virtue of fea… @ZiedTa Jiren was delayed?! Why do people even fuss over Legendary banners anyways? Most players should be staying…😶 too easy @NZG_Prodigy Mai carried by Trunks came in clutchFiiinally got the QUEEN. @Zenrotwo Dad goals @Zenrotwo @ZehalZ @chefsaber24 Ironic (but not surprising) how the unskilled underpaid workforce is the people we n… @Zenrotwo @ZehalZ @chefsaber24 Sadly this is too true. The system is broken and it's hurting itself by hurting the people it depends on. @Zenrotwo @ZehalZ @chefsaber24 Normal ass humans. As counter-intuitive as that might seem since we've been so brain… @Zenrotwo @ZehalZ @chefsaber24 It's such a terrible strategy though because the moment people call in sick or take… @Zenrotwo @ZehalZ @chefsaber24 They hire the bare minimum they can get away with most of the time. That's why they… @LittleToriField He's lame. Though some people are just introverts and suck at messaging first. @Zenrotwo He's a Chiropractor. Don't give him too much credit 😂 @IsabelPolnareff Strength 💪 @Zenrotwo "Nice guy". And like naruto, they don't understand how their tactics are not very nice and quite creepy. @MarcieStarfleet @NyxxCraft @Zenrotwo "Net" profits. What was deducted from that gross to arrive at the net? Considering how much bullshit co…
@IsabelPolnareff For real 💔 @IsabelPolnareff SaaameNew Year 2021 Choose a ★6 Summons now available! Get a free character! Details: #BraveSoulsSo, Bleach Brave Souls is pretty fun and they have a new years special banner up right now where you pick 10 charac… @Zenrotwo @b_dupy @TheSmokingTire One can only hope! @TheSmokingTire More the "it ain't gonna be mass produced within a year from now" logic, right? @Zenrotwo Individual. I think you're more likely to get better average view times that way since people won't be sk… @FreckleFCosplay Covid and politics aren't the only things fucked it seems 😂 @FreckleFCosplay Though weirdly we barely got any snow over here and our temps keep hovering around freezing which… @FreckleFCosplay I think gas station designs are pretty universal so yes lol. Anyways, masks are fucking amazing fa… @FreckleFCosplay Drive throughs are obvious for sure. The gas pump though never came to mind cuz it's outdoors, we… @FreckleFCosplay I need to up my mask game 😳
@ginkgocrown This looks like a hillarious series @NyxxCraft Woah @Zenrotwo All the more reason to release it @Zenrotwo How dare someone start liking a series after they finally decide to try it out? The nerve! /s, just in case @Danny52521 The damage they put out linked together untransformed is unreal lol. Worth it @Danny52521 They are still absolutely relevant and top tier. High link levels really crank the damage up to the stratosphere tooThis needs a signal boost (I can't do much but it's honest work lol)*chef's kiss* @LittleToriField Angel ssj2 goku AGL is a good alternative but he doesn't hit as hard. The double STR combo makes i… @LittleToriField Today's category is resurrected warriors. STR Majin Vegeta EZA and STR Fat Buu are probably the be… try. This one was easy to plan for. have an urge to grab an old snowblower engine and strap a cheap ass ebay turbo or the cheapest nitrous sys… @Zenrotwo @GamingTallen Love seeing Sw/Sh love on the timeline 😍
@KineticGame @Zenrotwo Oooooof to the moron who did this @KineticGame AAAAHHH THE MAX ADD BUTTON YES. NOT a fan of the slower thermometer update though. That's going to be… to be a gaming "Insider" 101 -Say something people want to hear -Say something that's bloody obvious/likely -Use eyes emoji -Profit(?)
Retweeted by RibHaus @Chef_Lu_Bu Also way better than the halfassed girl power scene in avengers endgame. @FreckleFCosplay LMAO @FreckleFCosplay It's fun to see the boomers take us lightly because we're younger and they still view us as teens.… @FreckleFCosplay I feel you. I get called a baby at 33 because everyone around me at work are fucking 50+ boomers 😂… @FreckleFCosplay LMAO I FELT THIS SO MUCH @Nilkski_ women: *play the male characters in every single game and don’t complain at all* men: *have to play as t…
Retweeted by RibHaus @FreckleFCosplay Love it 😂😂😂 @FreckleFCosplay Also, I would totally rock my Goku mask in that chamber 😂😂😂 And this is why I'll never hold any political position lmao @NZG_Prodigy @ReanAckerman @DMCBounce @YeetusMyFetuss @samx13x13 @MayhemVI Oh god. How can I even pick 4 characters… @FreckleFCosplay That should automatically disqualify people from politics because dear god is that ever stupid. In his hand too?! @Zenrotwo You would think the Vegeta half would have wanted him yeeted him out of existenceLegends *Ducks and hides* @59Gaming1 I just randomly thought that I would love to see Truth play Phasmophobia and yell out "ALLLLRIIIIIGHT" a…
@FreckleFCosplay 😂😂😂 Further justification for you to move to Canada @FreckleFCosplay Good way to keep her away though 😂. Thankfully, in Canada, I've never been invited to church or he… @FreckleFCosplay If a neighbour like that invited me to church I would just pull out this Colin Firth/Kingsmen quot… @FreckleFCosplay That's... a good start to the new move... That neighbour sucks ass @NyxxCraft That's a lie, you look great! @Zenrotwo Right, hinted is the wrong word here on my part and I should have known better since I just recently saw… @Zenrotwo Probably why so many contemporary shonens have their MC scream out the goal every other episode: pandering to the fanbase @femaleredhead I don't go to... oh wait you said cute nvm. @Zenrotwo Ichigo having his own soul reaper powers not related to those gifted by Rukia was hinted at so early on t… @Zenrotwo @Legendary_Merc Agreed @Zenrotwo @Legendary_Merc From my perspective: Naruto's initial goal was never world peace though. His initial goal… @IsabelPolnareff These boys are more fragile than glass holy crap @IsabelPolnareff Congrats! @FreckleFCosplay Republicans never care about setting an example unless it benefits their you ever just
Retweeted by RibHaus @Chef_Lu_Bu And then there's Pirate Metal13 turns. I was just trying it out for fun too. Int super vegito transformed is a fucking monster still and Phy VB…