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Siggy Rice @RiceOfTheSiggy Man I don’t know myself

Anime stuff

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Rip Moesand Twitter account 😔
@nankiller77 Looking like that crazy cult dude from rezero frSup Twitter
*growls and licks lips* you’re looking.... mighty tasty today.... heheh.... *smirks evilly*
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I regret everything. to penalties dammmmm
Don’t even know what to tweet anymore @NanamisTitties 😏
I just saw a video of a fish giving a dude a blowjob. Gn twitter.
Last day of pride month so Twitter
Such an overworked industry man, hope he’s ok @cherrysploosh Hope you feel better soon!Only on Saturdays 😏 really live in a time where we get to see Chainsaw man, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen air at the same time. L…
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @finralnation Bruh I don’t know what you see in all these mid menfail 🥲
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @Bet2Hungry Nah it was the ones tweetsShe’s so gorgeous
Retweeted by Siggy RiceUs small account need to start gathering together against the clout gods
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @nankiller77 it’s funny cuz it’s true, my chicken taste like solid waterCan My fucking immune system like start working please cause I’ve been sick three times in two months broMy right nut, Clarissa really hired a man called Matt HanCOCK and expected him to do a good job? @srylleau This the definition of hearing words @aviirito I need the followers lmaooo @nankiller77 Black clover isn’t worth watching because of that one frameTwitter.
22.5 years? Mf will survive 22.5 minutes you If he lucky 💀
@batkaitom Happy for you bro, trulyMy Top 5 Anime Gotta Be Mob Psycho 100 , Attack On Titan , Claymore , HunterXHunter , And Black Clover
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @kis_isaac That’s twitter for youFeel so low I don’t even wanna be here no more
You will be regret 🤨🤨🤨🤨 @MoeSand_ Holy sh-😳😳😳 @Unapathetic 10+ any more than that my attention span diesLost my phone lmao
Us small account need to start gathering together against the clout lords 🤧
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @SkibsIsntFunny Whenever I see him in podcasts and stuff he always seemed kinda full of himself, he basically knows… basement to Sao lmaooo"Looking at him, you'd never guess he was a hero." #MyHeroAcademia #BokuNoHeroAcademia
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @Ark0uda_ Congrats dude! @NixkSempai Best video I’ll see all day @nankiller77 Gn nan @SkibsIsntFunny He cheated his Minecraft speedruns, basically tells his fans to continue doing awful things in thei… @NixkSempai Massive L, read black clover btw @nankiller77 Pffff like a year ago @cidisamob @BCtwt_ Wdym this is black clover community 😡😡😡😡
Gn twitter, if you feel bad always remember some people still expect hxh to come back @eatadori It’s just a fact Lenore, get with the timesstop worrying whether your name is moanable or not most of us are never going to have sex anyway
Retweeted by Siggy RiceThis anime filter oh damnnn guy looking clean with that fade @ZORAlDEALE Thanks😘dark mode users are so hot
Retweeted by Siggy RiceBRO someone just “exposed” me on a thread ... and people are filling my dms insulting me, so i’ve decided to leave… @xValClover I only saw that retweet after this, pretty hot nglCheese don’t belong on noodles new Attack on Titan season leaked😱😱😱 makes us small accounts happy🤧
Retweeted by Siggy RiceHey I actually woke up, niceGn anitwitter, keep going even if I can’tMENACE MIDORIYA
Retweeted by Siggy RiceWhy isn’t there any on mine should be the question's revenge and Vanica's retribution! #BlackClover #BlackClover296 #ブラッククローバー
Retweeted by Siggy RiceI honestly just feel empty, like I don’t care at this point. Everyday is the same, I don’t want to be here but I do…
Can't trust people who call Black Clover mid
Retweeted by Siggy RiceAbsolute annihilation my dude lmaooo the game just for this that Saber's a Daddy.
Retweeted by Siggy RiceThanks for 200! We slowly getting back to where we were! Father’s Day to fathers that are actually thereI’m convinced dragon ball fans are crayon eatersBruh how mad do you have to be to dislike a YouTube video? Like I’m convinced no one uses it💀Average person seeing a Sig tweet yaygaa I’m gonna click on one of these room things by accident and it’s gonna scare the shit outta me @xValClover Deku is gonna shitstomp that man
Retweeted by Siggy RiceList of people you know who want yo date your weeb assルナミ
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @souleatin Pussy-san :0Pain. @Zalaphrax Man why am I always asleep for the good convos @NixkSempai 1 time then that 24 hour cool down fr @caminhiding This you? want to be suffocated in humongous titties
Retweeted by Siggy RiceDamn I woke upEducating yourself isn’t hard, you’ve got all the knowledge in the world in an app on your phone, use it
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @Deathcrank94 Give others what you can’t give yourself, happinessGn, keep going, I won’t @ThunderTheDevil As if we needed more reasons to listen to Mother's Basement's opinion LESS.
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @caminhiding @ChrisJo51490685 @Zalaphrax Don’t watch either, watch jojo what you hiding?💀 you are looking at the best family in manga/anime history
Retweeted by Siggy Rice#Deggshxh Hard entrance from two🐐🐐
Retweeted by Siggy Rice @ItsKaibaYall Tired of all the hate on here in general, being on bc twitter don’t help tho lmaoo