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when will i get a 4 star moca

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@bunghoe_sd thank you for appearing on my tl and reminding me of the night I ate a huge amount of grapes from a bow… @atsushistail PLEASE SHUT UP @atsushistail god please just stop @zbdraws @nezushipls my vision instantly focusing on evdehayatvar.. mal gibi güldüm bi an jsksjdkwnw btw sesin çok güzel @catsanie Aglicam her gunumun ozeti hakdnaksnsksn @huqlian i agree to the rest but.. How do u manage to love shinobu @JackMaul1 Yut lung is my fav character anyway my tunnel vision just focuses on h im @JackMaul1 ME ME ME MEE @huqlian I AM ABOUT TO SLEEP I HAVE CLASS IN 5 HOURS LET YOUR GRIP LOOSE @izayas_crocs ichigo surely doesn't @izayas_crocs oh he is s u ch an asshole @orikyuu juuni taisen, basically hunger games with zodiac representatives. It was kinda predictable but still not… @orikyuu multiple, but i meant the idiot i just added to the tweet dfjgkhfsfhjg @orikyuu NOI MEANT THIS FUCKER. NOT YUKI. I LOVE YUKI @harukacult nOT HIMit is 2020 and i am STILL mad at that stupid rat zodiac dude
i love the kind of messages i get @harukacult alex? @grapejuiiice @21Youngbloods @girlsbiparty1 he is too sexy @grapejuiiice @girlsbiparty1 @21Youngbloods i would snap him in half any second
@JackMaul1 People over 65 too. Only the working class can go outside @JackMaul1 U are banned from going outside if u are under the age of 20 here so... @JackMaul1 im legally not alowed outside djskdnskdjsk but yea fuck that i do miss my friends most rn.. @gurensmaid I only learned english.. With some small german and japanese crumbs.. And +my native language turkish @21Youngbloods BAKSNAKSJS HOLY SHITH @21Youngbloods @atsushistail see.fellas. what is. vanitas' coat. @JackMaul1 at least u can.. go outside, rightI just wanna rewatch hxh to avoid my responsibilities
Retweeted by 🐁 Rat 🔺️ @atsushistail @kimmmella ma'am open dmsall departure openings except you can only see killua and gon and it’s a lot more stressful like this
Retweeted by 🐁 Rat 🔺️ @yotsuyaiba I HAVENT READ THE LAST CHAPTER AND NOW IM SCARED
@huqlian oh same, i say, a lit major @huqlian i am listening @huqlian yes this is a callout @yotsuyaiba i even rewatched hxh..... There are lots of anime i watched 2-3 times @yotsuyaiba good thread but stop making me want to rewatch it for the 4th time @666h3ntai kavrulmuş leblebi @harukacult i might be your only audience for glee tweets but do continue please djskdnksdnksdnskdn @harukacult AND THAYS WHAT U MISSED ON GLEENIM LOSING IT ALEX @bcyangel Kii kanNA DREW GALO??? WHERE @gurensmaid wait @gurensmaid your loss @harukacult Excuse me @SANEGlYUU WHAT HAPPEN @zenokink not to say zeno is better than all of them but zeno is better than all of them @hanahanachu5824 being short is simply a pro gamer move @hanahanachu5824 159cm.. 5'2? Or something i guess @hanahanachu5824 like the liquid kind or the stick ones? Stick ones are nice to lick and chew so i prefer them @orikyuu it wasnt for you it was for zeno @orikyuu zeno.士郎さんの尻尾…もふもふ… #ビーエヌエー #BNA
Retweeted by 🐁 Rat 🔺️ @michakibyun no one appreciates zeno enough i am leaving here @hanahanachu5824 or, pee @hanahanachu5824 some chaotic combination of pretty marsh and popsicle
@JackMaul1 i must wait for lika to finish s1 im gonna watch it with herpetition for jack to not force me to watch furuba s2 immediately when it airs @JackMaul1 thank u sirI don't normally draw fanart and this is a bit embarrassing to post online, but I fell in love with Kii Kanna's lin…
Retweeted by 🐁 Rat 🔺️ @JackMaul1 I was more expecting a clowning @hanahanachu5824 you are the only one i can trust on this bird app @hanahanachu5824 insect pee @girlsbiparty1 good. bury it. burn him @gyrosaxia what do u mean?? U are supposed to play better???stolen from tori. It is time 🐁: clown, chaotic, never shuts up, dork 🍄: soft, friendly, cute, babie, 10/10 would p… @huqlian AM I WRONG @gyrosaxia AHHHH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH @huqlian clown. @nezushipls wrong i only stay for that mcr post @nezushipls i just like to imagine getting rest for once @nezushipls or just deleted it @nezushipls oh no
@JUNKFILLEDBRAIN The first week i downloaded bandori I was only a able to clear songs up to 16? Or something but th… @atsushistail Akito is so fucking sexy @nezushipls @namingthemice thought so @nezushipls @namingthemice give me one reason @nezushipls @namingthemice you killed us @yuwurio pretty sure he knows how to roll his eyes too don't do him like that
@nezushipls for once you made me not want to mute youi think i snapped w this one
Retweeted by 🐁 Rat 🔺️ @orikyuu Bungou to alchemist is a decently popular game how do you not know Nzkwsnqmskwmwm @orikyuu BWKFNSNQNS DUMBASS @harukacult TW DJWKDNSKDNSKS
@atsushistail SUGAR?????"I love the pretty 3rd year with gray hair and a beauty mark" fuck you, which one?? au where no one wears those fucking crocs @yotsuyaiba I AM SHAKING WHERE I SIT THINKING ABOUT IT @yotsuyaiba i just saw a new airing anime and it said vampires so i clicked the only ep out at that time.. Continued for mika @harukacult JksdnkasjAHAJDJ THATS SO VALID @girlsbiparty1 the baby shark haunts me i cant open the app @harukacult louder @namingthemice oh i am there 🐁
@harukacult them,,, @JackMaul1 being able to afford a switch, what a dream @JackMaul1 sure come over @giodeum Mio from harukaze no etrangerHAVE YOU EVER SEEN A PRETTIER BOY??? NO NO YOU HAVE NOT au concept... shinsha (always) leaves their hair damp after showering and phos (always) has to properly dr…
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