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Open sourceror. I make graphics at the @nytimes

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Is your milkshake really worth it?
Retweeted by Rich Harris @dhyeymoliya @sveltejs Disagree about SSR, but we will have some news on this front in a while (not in the next few weeks, but soonish)
The @nytimes has now joined the @w3c.
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@wolfr_2 @heydrhisham @DavidKPiano i wouldn't. not in components. i'd set some CSS custom properties in a global.cs… @tmdpw @wolfr_2 @heydrhisham @DavidKPiano this debate was over almost a decade ago! no-one seriously argues that st… @wolfr_2 @heydrhisham @DavidKPiano Put differently, what alternative would you propose? @wolfr_2 @heydrhisham @DavidKPiano SCSS? It's 2020! Theming belongs in CSS custom properties. The RFC is just about… @wolfr_2 @heydrhisham @DavidKPiano (and by 'solves little' i think you mean 'doesn't solve problems i personally have encountered ;) @wolfr_2 @heydrhisham @DavidKPiano What complexity? It's just syntax sugar @heydrhisham @DavidKPiano Svelte components aren't restricted to a single top-level element, which means there's no… @vpenkoff @sveltejs music to my ears! congrats on the launch 🙌This is *wonderful*. Tony Abbott posts an "off on hols" Insta pic of his boarding pass; an enterprising nerd uses i…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @AdamRackis @theAyoAlfonso @sebmarkbage @rossipedia @_developit @threepointone @sveltejs i'd trust ken with it before i'd trust you @AdamRackis @theAyoAlfonso @sebmarkbage @rossipedia @_developit @threepointone @sveltejs if i knew where it was... @AdamRackis @theAyoAlfonso @sebmarkbage @rossipedia @_developit @threepointone @sveltejs i have to assume it didn't…
@RyanCarniato @PierB @swyx calls it 'the third age of javascript' which is a framing i like @PierB Cohesion is what lets you stop worrying about the plumbing, and let your brain think more creatively about t… @PierB I have now! I'm not a fan of optimising for unrealistic benchmarks, but there's probably something to look i… @AnthonytranDev Certainly not! I just mean I'm the wrong person to try and answer that question. But I do find that… @AnthonytranDev sorry, no idea! i don't use SASS or webpack 😬 @yoavweiss yeah, really just a hunch. i will revise my assumptions if data presents itself! @jmellicker i never even hinted at 'ethics'. improve your reading comprehension before you turn up in my mentions w… @yoavweiss (also, if you're decoding images in a worker and transferring them, which is what… @yoavweiss Absolutely — eg here's a recent NYT piece that uses a single sprite instead of 1,034 separate images:…
@mikemaccana honestly no idea, hadn't encountered dynamicRequireTargets before @buhrmidayo @iamdevloper i'm happy chilling over here with my shitposts
@sgrif @ManishEarth @RReverser With hindsight, perhaps! I was echoing conversations I'd had with people smarter tha… @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif the module graph into a single bundle, then do what you'd probably describe as tradi… @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif well, here it gets tricky. that was the original idea behind Rollup — to implement s… @RReverser @ManishEarth @sgrif libraries. It may be the same thing, but the prevalence of the *idea* of treeshaking… @RReverser @ManishEarth @sgrif i think it's worth looking at this from the perspective of the respective terms' con… @ManishEarth @RReverser @sgrif the reality is that at the time i wrote that, when Rollup was in its early stages, m… @RReverser @ManishEarth @sgrif don't look at me! that medium post doesn't even include the word 'guaranteed' @nu4ur @sveltejs Styles are per-class, state is per-instance. Maintaining individual <style> blocks per instance wo…
@pushkine_ ha, i should probably be less hard on themAstronomers today:
Retweeted by Rich Harris @samsterngoogle excellent news! @giltayar sure is! @michaelbenin @ElisePatrikain1 Indeed @ElisePatrikain1 you don't think it's valid to poke fun at Google's hypocrisy around this stuff? @kasako1987 if by 'engage in meaningful discussion' you mean 'rock up with unsolicited opinions and various unsubst…
@stefanmaric_ @crisfole not sure the international situation has changed a whole lot. outsourcing tech jobs to e.g.… @nullvoxpopuli you and i have different definitions of 'framework' @silentworks tell lighthouse! 😂 @__cartr__ @MoreTechStories yeah, that's a nonsense claim. might have been arguable one day, but not any more @fbspin agree. i look forward to the day google tells people to stop using those things! @Xowap oof yeah i never *ever* use fonts hosted on, i always host them myself. learnt that lesson too many times @MoreTechStories yeah, even that's super porous, e.g. React is surely a framework but you can definitely use it to… @MoreTechStories ...a semantic distinction no-one can actually agree on(this is a cheap shot, i acknowledge. but i feel like there's a serious point buried in there somewhere)can't wait to see what google recommends you replace angular and firebase/firestore with @jmellicker yep that's definitely what just happened. you definitely didn't just completely miss the point @jmellicker i'm sure this tweet sounded smart in your head @alexandrosM jfc you really need to work on your reading comprehension. no offense but this conversation isn't very… @alexandrosM i guess i dreamt this then @alexandrosM If you seriously believe that Twitter et al will continue to pay people extra because they live in SF… @alexandrosM Everyone's salary reflects the cost of living in the cheapest place @alexandrosM that's not the deal that's going to be on offer. you seem to have misunderstood my tweet. @alexandrosM 'why is lowering people's salaries incompatible with employee satisfaction?', asked the CEO, earnestly @newsy789 sure, but my point is that lowering *everyone's* salaries is the one thing worse than COL-based pay inequ… @newsy789 think you might have misinterpreted my tweet @alexandrosM bless you @crisfole that's not what's happening though. remote salaries aren't being lifted to SF levels, SF salaries will si… @oliverturner @Orangetronic @freezydorito i find it's generally a bit better suited to this sort of thing, but drag… @monfera it's a legitimate conversation to have, just not one i'm interested in having right now! @willmanduffy i like to think of myself as OOO twitter @BenLesh yep. especially if they're normalising downwards, as i'd expect. and after what we've seen recently i can'… @monfera maybe! but that's not a debate i'm having right now @jdan i think WFH is a fine choice for people in many circumstances, but i'm deeply sceptical about the trend as a… i'm worried i've activated WFH twitter, the most tedious people on this entire website)✅ generously allow your employees to WFH ✅ adjust salaries to reflect cost of living 🔜 'why should we subsidise peo…
The eyebrows 🤷‍♂️😂😂
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@bradleymeck @matteocollina @KentonVarda @glenmaddern @nodejs surely `(type of x.then === 'function' ? await x : x)… @bradleymeck @matteocollina @KentonVarda @glenmaddern @nodejs await.ops proposal and add an await.maybe or somethin… @bradleymeck @matteocollina @KentonVarda @glenmaddern @nodejs This is all because `await not_a_promise()` is treate…
@marvinhagemeist @tjholowaychuk sort of... i'm as big a TJ fan as the next guy (and Koa got a shoutout in the gist)… @TehShrike yeah, these days i basically refuse to use any library that @lukeed05 didn't make @bob_bea_fre thank you! i assume you mean 'sporadically, and only after feeding' 😅 @bradleymeck To @glenmaddern's point in — > we're talking about HTTP latencies here, one e… @glenmaddern woah this is super thorough and interesting. this feels really well thought-through @isiahmeadows1 yeah, i guess i just don't quite understand what you're describing in terms of actual code @glenmaddern @isiahmeadows1 very possibly! it's too deeply ingrained in my way of thinking — what's the alternative? @hugo__df yeah, I guess you couldn't: FWIW i've never once needed to do something like that @wonderboymusic @TaylorLorenz @AnthonyQuintano @marcello3d briefly, yeah. no idea how it pans out in practice @mikemaccana ha — well you'll have to teach me how to do that someday @mikemaccana yeah, looks like me and brian agree about something for once 😛 @GregWildSmith yeah, i guess i'm being a little cheeky when i invoke modularity/composability, when i *really* just… @wesleytodd What I'd really love is for it to be practical to build servers in Node *without* a framework, maybe ju… @wesleytodd Totally, these are just half-formed thoughts — I can't begin to imagine all the corner cases! @wesgrimes nothing, just this gist! just saw that poll and figured i'd stick my oar inNoders have largely abandoned continuation-passing (aka callback hell) in favour of async/await, but we still pass… thoughts on Node HTTP APIs, and why we should abandon the status quo in favour of something that better lends it… @viresh_tweets you need to ask much more thorough questions if you want answers from stack overflow. which polyfill… @wcbytes @nyxtom @SvelteSociety They're not really a solution, since the component has to 'know' about the global s… @passle_ @nyxtom Works fine for leaf components, sure. Not suitable as a generic compile target @passle_ @nyxtom Right, but the point is you actually *can't* not use shadow DOM *because* of those flaws, unfortunately @passle_ @nyxtom You don't just lose style encapsulation, you also lose content distribution, which makes it a non-…