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New York Times bestselling author of the Sandman Slim series. He also writes comics and movies, and takes pictures. He/Him

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@AlxRogan Why not just roll the dice and see? @GreatestUncle42 @HenryLovesYou He's good too. @DalePalarz That's a good one that will go in round 2. @JayIsPainting Devil in the Dollhouse was originally a standalone story that I knew would be folded back into the m… @thomaspluck @YeshuaBarDick I'll have a round two with the winner of this round.I was watching some old episodes of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING to HELL and I realized something: @HenryLovesYou woul… love thinking about story structure. It appeals to the nerd part of my writing brain. What follows what in what o… @J_Motoki Not what I expected. @tomtomorrow Oops. You just answered my question. @tomtomorrow Fuck. Will you hot water or a stove during that time?
Have a sleepy #Caturday particular type of horror movie has been described as "the monsters taking over the camera." It's one where we ce…
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @knaveryesque Yes! The Orson Welles version. DM me your address and I'll figure out a random prize for you.To win a small, random object from my office, name this movie. It's set in the medieval period, though it's not rea… @RussianCatsJen I hope you enjoy it! @saintripledamn It will be in round 2.Skull Valley's Sheep Kill's first show handbill realized in ONE MONTH the 10th Anniversary Edition of my Dictionary of Demons will be out in the world. Wow.
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @withagoddamnK Thank you.L’estil de @casskhaw conjuntat amb els elements dels clàssics del terror propis de Lovecraft o Chandler provoquen q…
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @HyenaGrin This puzzle box looks like fun. @YeshuaBarDick It is, but most people read it wrong. @silverdire And Matthew McConaughey's first starring role. @ResAlien Love it. If I do part two Henry will be on it. @silverdire I feel like way sometimes. I picked those four because I think they transcend simple cruelty for its own sake. @silverdire Not at all. It's a very specific genre.A particular type of horror movie has been described as "the monsters taking over the camera." It's one where we ce… a great weekend everybody! @geardrops A politician and a rabid bat? I finally got 2020 Bingo!Goldfinger, but with Sean Connery in his Zardoz red diaper. @TrevDon Key Lime PieEven if I'm feeling crappy, there's still The Pogues. This is from a 1986 BBC session. didn't get as many words done this week as I'd hoped. Still. There's the weekend to get caught up. I'm still feel… @LadyJenPool Sounds a lot like mine.
Our elevator looks like a cross between Alcatraz and the end of ANGEL HEART. District San Francisco Book! BALLISTIC KISS by @Richard_Kadrey from @HarperVoyagerUS #IncomingBooks
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @TonyRenner Oh yes. @thewitthewhimsy Goals.Psst. Doing more stuff on Instagram these days, so follow me there if you want workout progress pics, a lot of babb…
Retweeted by Richard KadreyGood morning. Here's a fox enjoying ice cream.
@ChristophGolden Good luck!It's like this idiot desperately wants to give The Lincoln Project new content. you to everybody who answered my Stratego question. The responses were very helpful.
Retweeted by Richard KadreyGood morning. just switched my ISP to @monkeybrainsnet and I couldn't be happier. Blazing download and upload speeds, good cust… you to everybody who answered my Stratego question. The responses were very helpful. @geardrops Thank you. @SGJ72 @chris_page Thanks. @JasonBaesel Close enough. Thanks. @Im_X1 Yep. Thanks. @hottestsingles Awesome. Thank you.A question for something I'm writing. How many people know what Stratego is? @twispgirl Thank you. I hope to give him a good sendoff. @SeamusBellamy @zdarsky It makes me very happy.I forgot what an upbeat ending the book had. @TonyRenner The happy ending we all hoped for!All the kids are doing it. #PulpSabotage terrific rendering of Stark by thekeos on Instagram.
Retweeted by Richard KadreyWild Wild Life is arguably Talking Heads silliest song, and I love it. @MysteryCr8tve @nickcave If you can find it, there's a wonderful live concert video where he sings most the album w… @casskhaw They're soooo tasty. Especially asparagus.
@othurone Good luck!The best thing you'll see today. is some Dr. Phibes-level shit. know, Mitch McConnell is right. $600 a week does make us lazy. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, America! at its finest. essential read to get into an essential modern fantasy series. Also, it's $.99. Take the chance. this new classic from @Richard_Kadrey. Sandnan Slim a d Candy are my favorite fantasy couple.…
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @GrnJotGuy9 Thank you.A terrific rendering of Stark by thekeos on Instagram. didn’t realize it, but Tales of Dark Fantasy 3 from Subterranean Press is out. It contains my story, Razor Pig, a… @xtraslky Magic fox! @dianagill I might try cactus sometime. I've always liked them.Good morning. @dianagill They eat EVERYTHING. Especially Aces.
It seems my Back To School poster is on the front page of @reddit today. If you’re on reddit, please upvote this co…
Retweeted by Richard KadreyHey did I mention GROWING THINGS is available in paperback now? (I love the NYT notable badge and my cleaning-herse…
Retweeted by Richard KadreyThe perfect box? Acquired. @sapphomancer @KatWithSword Oops. Sorry. @KatWithSword @sapphomancer Owls?'m fucked. I'd rather punch a shark than garden. today 1901, Louis Armstrong, wife Lucille and Sphinx, 1961: #AP
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @bellekunoichi @_JL_Henry I have an Allegra story I want to write @sblackmoore Thank you! I love your new book cover. @_JL_Henry I have the broad outlines of a new series that I'm developing. @darkwood_photo Thank you!Me reading last night's work, getting to the part where I was really, really tired and finding that half the words… @dianagill @netflix @sl_huang YESTHREAD
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @withagoddamnK Thank youGood morning. #PulpSabotage my book! I mean, look at the nice graphic they made for it. That means it has to be good, right? No? Well, buy…
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @CitizenBusse Thank you.This thread is essential. cool. Everything is fine. Just don't move a muscle! #PulpSabotage @rendrevisite That 1100 more than you had yesterday. Keep going. @kamigarcia Thank you!こねこねこ
Retweeted by Richard Kadrey @ShawBatch Thank you.