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@mrbasil_pesto Golden Mario has a bit of reverse-Maltese Falconing going on there... @danthat I loved so many of the games. Super Star Wars on SNES, X-Wing/TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight etc. But the movies… @DGan1x Posthuman Pat. Posthuman Pat. Posthuman Pat is armed with a gat. @danthat The first one I saw was Return Of The Jedi at a friend's birthday party, and it bored me so much that I di… a cyberpunk novel about a genetically superior courier who uses the latest technology to ensure your letter…"The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel. A bright blue. It was another lovely d… game I release, I'm just going to send round a press release saying that it's going to become a movie or TV ser… @GreyGorePlays Just all the 'wear a mask' tweets going around. Hence 'no, not that one!' :-) @GreyGorePlays I’m not sure it’s a WEIRD reason… :-PI am looking for new freelance writers who know their TV, audio, smart home or Apple tech, or also board games! I’d…
Retweeted by Richard CobbettNO! STOP! NOT THAT ONE- @jeremy_peel At least they could get a better logo. I remember laughing out loud when I saw them running around. @dueledge @JimSterling "It's a game about an evil cult." "I'm just going to leave the obvious unspoken." @jeremy_peel Threatens? This is the point where the evil conspiracy is sending soldiers around the world with their… @jeremy_peel One of my favourite quests in the game, and certainly in the second half. @Bhaal_Spawn @KGOrphanides @letsenhance_io Especially compared to the real people they're based on... @OverTheAlpsGame @SamuelPartridge "Aubrey, I received your telegram asking for me to use actual franked stamps in f… Legion is going to be the most awkward game to market in the near future... "It's about a group who use…, that's just Jormungandr. @charlottegore THERE. ARE. FIVE. LIGHTS.Who wore it better? @jkillingsw0rth "Waiter, waiter, there's a flu in my soup."
Harsh. Looks like at least a 4... @chrisphin JUSTICE. @RowanKaiser Wittgenstein: Enemy Territory @SamuelWRoberts PANTHER: "Well, at least SOMEONE looked at my face."Brooklyn Nein! Nein! @GameExploder Unfortunately, it's interactive fiction. As the saying goes, no IFs, no butts, so is the reverse. @Syndarr @decafjedi < likes the VGA version better :-( @decafjedi @Syndarr Ah, well, wikis are always reliable :-P @Syndarr @decafjedi I was assuming I was misremembering, but I don't remember it either. Just figured Jess has, by… @Bhaal_Spawn @Gavaroc @ben_304 That's the spirit. @decafjedi I like how the VGA remake changes that to 'Curser', which I like to think was because someone realised t… @davescarborough (Shit in the sense of 'stuff', obviously, I'm not bagging on those games for folks who enjoy them.) @davescarborough I appreciate I'm a jump-scare wuss, but it killed even stuff like Far Cry 3 for me, never mind shi…! Everyone, esp games journalist pals, please follow Sara for your Failbetter needs. She'll be in charge…
Retweeted by Richard CobbettUpgrading Pyramid Head's butt would just be playing to the base. @Mike_Laidlaw I'd be a bit concerned if I COULD find my ass on a map, honestly... @davescarborough I loathe jump-scares. They kill games for me. @nihilquest @GNious They were around over here, but they weren't a particularly well known sweet where I was. Mostl… @GNious Nor me. I know one magazine cover-mounted one as a a promotional tie-in, and I was 'oh, right...'Cat, I really need you to stop sleeping so comfortably and rubbing it in that you have life infinitely better sorted out than I do. @RaveofRavendale @mode7games @nomorerobotshq Oooh, really cool idea.Introducing: No More Bugs​​​​​ 🐛🐛 Free QA testing for game developers, with a focus on marginalized devs, from the…
Retweeted by Richard Cobbett @fixverified @JimSterling If I was Troy Baker, I'd show the depths of my contempt for people I didn't respect by hi… @JimSterling Asked for comment, Mr Baker waved his hand and went 'Eh'. @CodyHargreaves Turns out it's just that Sam starts the game with an ingrowing toenail. @RateHowIrate I didn't even know they had sumo wrestlers.They'd better not have nerfed his Hundred Hand Slap. @AsaTJ Reminded of how the World of Darkness MMO was planning to start everyone as human, leading to images of chat… @ChaosSmurf Hannibal made me feel sorry for serial killers, looking at their manifesto and going 'I need to raise my game...' @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 Kinda fascinated to see which players end up choosing. @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 Yeah. The default one is a shirt that's deliberately too small, because the guy's a sleazebal… @awesomonster @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 (bites fingernails nervously) @awesomonster @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 And because it takes place over two years, we can do some fun stuff with relati… @awesomonster @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 Yep. I adored that game, and that's basically what I want to do here. Shorter c… @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 (We try for equal opportunity fan-service as much as possible.) @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 The main variants are so that the player can choose the staff outfit. The place is run by a s… @awesomonster @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 Absolutely. The main reason that Nighthawks is set in a nightclub is because it… @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 Becca for instance has five possible outfits, and the alternate bartender, Fabian, has three :-) @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 I mean more the workload of "We need one scene with ten characters at once, some of whom have… @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 (Still feel I should apologise to Ben for this :-)) @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 Bar hubs for meeting people? What a concept. I hope no hacks out there are being all 'hey, re… @Bhaal_Spawn I guess it's better than the movies, where their reward was a lawsuit. @tha_rami At the same time, it's interesting how small things can throw you. In Nighthawks, I casually mentioned a… @Bhaal_Spawn @ben_304 Kinda hoping that's what they do with Squadrons. @ben_304 @Bhaal_Spawn The world is rubbish and I am best. My central thesis hasn't changed much since I was 6. @ben_304 @Bhaal_Spawn The mines especially had that 'magnet' thing on, which always made me suspect serious coverin… @ben_304 @Bhaal_Spawn Right. The minefields especially just seemed to be a coin-flip whether you took damage, and… @Bhaal_Spawn I laughed so hard when I finally beat that bit on my cousins' ZX Spectrum. $5000. Seriously. Get out o… @Bhaal_Spawn least there's no stairs in the home computer versions? @ben_304 @Bhaal_Spawn ("You're going out alone on this patrol. You definitely will not encounter those cloaked figh… @ben_304 @Bhaal_Spawn I really wanted a hybrid of TIE Fighter and Wing Commander - the combat of the first instead…, Riding Bean, aka "You saw the Gunsmith Cats OVA and now you find out how... yeah... the original manga really i… @chrisphin Just the way that it's so deeply embedded, versus the way so many headphones have a 90 degree turn. @Bhaal_Spawn "Can you tell me more about this Secret Order?" "...on second thoughts, you might not be our kind of minion." @itshannahflynn I'll check it out once I've done my daily trip to YouTube to tell the same joke as a video in case people didn't get it. @tha_rami "Clearly, you lack prophet motive." @chrisphin Even in fantasy, Apple has no time for your wired headphones... @SQHistorian Grr again. At least the other times, they disguise the Elder Puzzles in some way, not just straight up… @SQHistorian And then they add the bees. @SQHistorian The maze, aka the best reason in the game to not play on the higher difficulty… @SQHistorian Grrr. @jkillingsw0rth First day sucks, then quickly gets better :-) @jkillingsw0rth Had that done a couple of years ago. Best decision I’ve made in considerably more years. @MillieQED Maybe the Queen could clarify things with a particularly sarcastic cummerbund?Often amused by how small the Internet can be. Just randomly checked in on Real Life ( on a…
@tha_rami @NintendoAmerica "Only if you call your group the Golden Sun-Set." @AdamRosserRadio @casskhaw @snarkbat @danielalbu Certainly with that one, the money I donated years ago is basically forgotten and an irrelevance to me… @danielalbu @kickstarter It's the longest running still on my list, though the others have all come through. Both b… @simoncarless Ah, classical music. @danielalbu I mean, I'd be very happy to see them get this thing out and have it be awesome. But I confess, I stopp… @danielalbu Yarp.Seeing a lot of folks saying that Amazon pulling Crucible after launch is weird. I mean, it's unusual, but Final Fantasy XIV says hello..."Inspired by historical events and shady characters. This work of corporate fiction was designed, developed and pro… @Fuzzlette -pation! Wait, I mean- @Fuzzlette Perfectly. Or, you might say- @SQHistorian "No King's Quest." (smack) @MillieQED Why, do they split infinitives as well?