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@the_real_stacie @ken_wheeler @blainekasten Kids. The best, but
@ken_wheeler Those instructions wtfmy fingers have been blessed
Retweeted by RichardFeels like 110 in the sun. 🏃‍♂️ ☀️ else feel like they’ve aged 30 years since 2010? I do this to my house @dom_torr Compounding many of these experiences is part of what makes a senior. You now have one to add to the tool… @dom_torr Learning momentI plan to use my mail-in ballot and drive it over to the poll station. @boop Oh no refused to condemn white supremacy and now is asking for an army of poll watchers. What message does that send to you?
@the_real_stacie They’ve been open here for a while 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Set your expectations low for this debatei made a subway sandwich spacebar
Retweeted by Richard @maxcell If it’s about my choice of pc fans :( JK, I hope you are doing well ❤️ @dtrapezoid me campaigns’s @kbeds, responding to Trump claims that Biden won’t agree to an ear inspection and wants breaks e…
Retweeted by Richard @jevakallio This tweet is awful. Kent, I hope you don't spend any time second guessing from this tweet. @ken_wheeler @tlakomy @jevakallio @matthewcp @AdamRackis I'd buy thisUgly beautiful be building something new design twitter 👋 i'm looking to hire a freelance designer for a brand identity project ✨ looking for fresh, forw…
Retweeted by RichardRunning was not so enjoyable ☀️ 🏃‍♂️ shorts make me look like a pro runner 4... 3... 2... 1... We have liftoff! 🚀 🚀 The biggest self-paced React workshop in th…
Retweeted by Richard @AdamRackis @_baxuz I wonder if adding eslint helpers *now* before CM is released would help hereThis is p fucking rad @AdamRackis @5ncmn Is it released?
@kyliestew Long walks each day is what does it for me. Those hikes look amazing @ken_wheeler What about the fitnessI wrote a guide on handling online harassment based on my personal experience! 💖 This was written for victims, coll…
Retweeted by RichardIn OC 600k gets you a condo. In Texas... @psybercity @nrwl_io Rad! @AdamRackis That’s 90% of early Nintendo titles lolImagine paying more in taxes than someone who got to appoint 3 federal judges @landongn And nothing will happen @landongn The worst part of this whole thing is people know @landongn you expect anyone to have that realization? Its like you know or know and deny.ISO an artist or designer who does line art similar to this. I’d like to commission a piece. Who do you know? 💕🌺🌈…
Retweeted by Richard @rescriptlang Whoa love the logo @AdamRackis @ken_wheeler Product placement @AdamRackis @ken_wheeler The camera is from the top tho1) I didn’t know these were vegan 2) got them solely because it said “hella hot” 3) these aren’t hot at all
@BloodyfasterTV @halfasleep_life 💯 aging better than me @BloodyfasterTV Being cool with yourself is winning the gameThey have an aliso locationGoing to try this new spot next week at it @landongn how much to make me description of fury road?’ve had family members receive mail in ballots from the Trump campaign without asking. Thought they only want in person voting? @KrisSiegel @landongn Imagine WWE directed by a film student with unlimited budget. That’s fury road.anyone wanna group up on overwatch this weekend?
@joelatwar Haha I didn’t even notice! about entertainment centersI would like a bookcase type of situation but for hardwareI plan to consolidate them somewhere and have long cables for my kvm switchNeeds to fit two laptops, a desktop pc, and other unnamed hardwareInstead of building a new pc, I got a much smaller case and some quiet fans. For those of you who use several diff… hot wings can be keto, right?
Message from Ron Paul: "I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern."
Retweeted by Richard @AdamRackis @jkup Yeah don’t be a sour lemon, Adam @AdamRackis @jkup Let’s call him @landongn Cute rainbow @rxgx ? @landongn
@aweary Dad sandals alreadyi feel compelled to remind the gaming media that PlayStation Now is a thing
Retweeted by RichardUgh I should go back to being a politically free Twitter account @kyliestew Holy shit that is beautiful @annafunk @landongn @the_real_stacie Yikes it’s going to be bad @the_real_stacie Fuck that @landongn @annafunk @annafunk @landongn London doesn’t log off. The dude still uses tweet deck like it’s 2010 @landongn But we won’t get that. These fucks don’t care. They should be tried for treason after the election. @landongn Six to midnight @landongn Are we in a dream what the _fuck_Going to wear my American flag hat with my Biden/Harris face mask to piss off the consThis time last year. I miss pre 2020 @ken_wheeler Lol they do??? What??? @ken_wheeler True but also this is also not a big deal?Where is my tweet where I said GOP couldn’t care less about hypocrisy
My husband John lived by a code: country first. We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost. There's only one c…
Retweeted by Richard @PatronusCODE GitHub wasn’t a thing yetWell, you asked for it... This is official lore now Remember: • Human shown for scale • Fall Guys are 183cm (6f…
Retweeted by Richard @boop 🤔welp fuck hard not to say something to the dude in the “keep America great” hat this morningI’ll be suggesting to my kids to go to college, but not one that is just an expensive trade school. If they want to… my art classes make me a better software engineer? Indirectly yes, a lot. But that is a blog post.Did my class on South East Asia make me a better software engineer? Probably not, but growing an appreciation for t… think it’s sad that conversations around higher education are only about the path to a job. My core skills relies… *does design systems work* Leadership: "That's not a priority over XYZ." Me: *does XYZ* *sometime later* Lead…
Retweeted by Richard @KrisSiegel Did they release new Mario stuff finally
@coliethenerd It’s trueis there a heat pad the shape of a laptop so my cat will use that to sleep on instead of my laptopDay two of being back on keto: kill meReminder: Register to vote.
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