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@MooseAllain Sorry, I meant gassy know-all. @MooseAllain While I take a second shot from behind the grassy know-all.This week's quiz will be in your inbox at 3 today! This week 50 questions based around the letter Q. And yes, that… @FatknackersC 👏👏👏 @MarinaHyde 'The Curse Of The Brown Pearl' @BBCBreakfast @TVNaga01 Like all great TV couples, I think Charlie and Naga have a special form of telepathy. The s… am trapped under a huge blue tick. Please send help. There are others with me.
I hope the blue tick accounts have stockpiled enough toilet paper
Retweeted by Richard OsmanIf you have a blue tick/verified account, RT this so that we know you’re safe.
Retweeted by Richard Osmani was loyal to the bluechecks in their absence and will be informing on all of you
Retweeted by Richard OsmanJust to let Apple know, constantly autocorrecting 'The to Them is really helpful. Keep up the good work. @mattforde @elisjames Whoahhhh, mate! Too far. @mr_johnny_mac Brilliant! @AndyRileyish The second you make them commercially available, I'm in!With the support of Gee Walker, we are honoured to announce that the world premiere of #ANTHONY will be shown on BB…
Retweeted by Richard Osman @andrewhunterm Thanks Andrew, so glad you liked it! @caroldecker Same! @rufusjones1 Wow, I had NOT. @watsoncomedian It's such a bizarre blind spot it almost makes me love the show even more. @RevRichardColes @hughlaurie And the shock when British viewers of 'The Wire' discovered that Stringer Bell was from Hackney. @philmcnulty @lorrto1 @daveydurbs @andyfraser11 Patrick Stewart was AMAZING! @alexinfrance Wow! @philmcnulty @andyfraser11 Great episode apart from that! @RogerMaybank Agreed!English accents on Frasier this morning. Has there ever been a show this consistently brilliant that did one thing so badly? @AndyRileyish These are SO good! @IainDoesJokes @thejohnhastings Brilliant, good luck John!
@MarianKeyes Here is a genuine fact I learned once. Nell Gwyn's nickname for Charles II was 'Charles The Third' bec… @MarianKeyes Beethoven's Fifth was the nickname of one of his wives.Can we all chip in and buy the broadcast rights to the second half of Wigan v Hull? @daraobriain @JamieC231 You're going to need an osteopath. @janicestaines Sticking with it!So excited about getting a haircut on Sunday. I honestly think I'm about two weeks away from a mullet.Look, most people are going to wear masks, just like most people were kind and careful throughout lockdown. So stop…
@ADawsonBros Yep. @ADawsonBros Gutted for you. Sorry bro. @tobytarrant @Pipskin We should stop here. I'll DM you one about no-one being allowed in since the early 90s. @tobytarrant @Pipskin Laid by 1000 Welsh labourers they say. @DaneBaptweets Whoah. @tubbsmcguire Listen, I'll TRY it, but... @TalulahRiley Oh I hadn't thought of that. It's like they wrote it for you. @Crap90sFootball Haha, thank you for your service. @danbeckettjokes 🙏🙏🙏I think a good way to restore sanity to the world would be if all football montages still had to be set to 'Life Of… @rickedwards1 Underachievers who've finally hit on something that gets them attention. All of them. They failed in… @georgiebingham Hot water, bit of mint, vodka, rum, crushed ice.
@rickedwards1 Alright, Andy McNab.Herbal tea is never as good as I hope, and yet I continue to drink it. 'This time,' I think, 'Maybe THIS will be the time'. @zawtowers @fouldsy147 @prodnose Will check that out! @fouldsy147 @prodnose Really? I must have sought out other things after 'Flood'. I really should listen to some of… @fouldsy147 @prodnose 👍👍👍 @fouldsy147 @prodnose Agreed. Although 'Ana Ng' from the follow-up is still my favourite TMBG. @fouldsy147 @prodnose So many great songs. @prodnose I love how reticent they were, basically not trusting what they'd been rehearsing. Then the second the ch… @prodnose I went straight onto that too! A reminder that it has one of the all-time great choruses. @TimFrost23 Wonderful.
I'm just about old enough to remember people refusing to wear seatbelts. They disputed the science. 'It makes it ha…
@watsoncomedian Great news, you're top! @watsoncomedian But that's a bit like saying don't look at the league table until the last 5 games.Mrs Regan is a nursery school teacher who has been shielding since March. Helping her make a video to say goodbye t…
Retweeted by Richard Osman @cluedont My dry-cleaners is called 'Turn 'Em Clean'. You have to respect that. @DonaldClarke63 And don't forget I pronounce 'railings' 'ailings'. @MooseAllain I might start a podcast next. @MooseAllain Can't believe no-one else has tried it. Always swimming against the tide. @DonaldClarke63 I agree. I would return my licence fee.Missed the appeal? Listen again! The @NystagmusUK charity appeal, presented by @richardosman, is available to hear…
Retweeted by Richard OsmanPutting Chris Grayling in charge of the Russia Report is like putting Chris Grayling in charge of the Russia Report.
So glad to see #ThereSheGoes returning for a new series this evening. Beautifully written and beautifully acted. Fu… @mushenska @saaraelarifi @HarperVoyagerUK @DelReyBooks Hooray, congratulations! @DervlaMcTiernan @SSCav @katyloftus Thank you Dervla! Back atcha!
@BeardedGenius Certified banger. Though I AM uncool.Just putting the finishing touches to this week's quiz! It'll be in your inbox tomorrow at 3pm. 50 brand-new questi… @SSCav @katyloftus Oh wow, thank you Steve!!! @finbarlynch @jowhiley @GoldsboroBooks Hope you enjoy it! @BuzzcutsareA1 @jowhiley It's not me, it's the incredible Lesley Manville! @BespokeKerry @jowhiley Thank you! @finbarlynch @jowhiley I think the Waterstones special edition has sold out, but @GoldsboroBooks has some gorgeous signed copies. @david02409040 @jowhiley Thank you!So absolutely thrilled to be on this brilliant list. And not just because I'll get to hang out with @jowhiley. @KateWilliamsme Kate!!! @KateWilliamsme What? I'm trying to help.I know some people are uncomfortable with the double-entendre of #EatingOut, so I've come up with a few alternative… @yngvlgrn This is a perfect joke. So sad to see it in a cage. @RossiterBooks @LedburyBooks @katyloftus @VikingBooksUK Thank you both so much!
@JasonManford Back atcha! @JasonManford Just watched you on Apollo. A few years back, but a masterclass, as always.Someone on 'Bake-Off The Professionals' just made some raspberry sherbet. On a completely separate subject, does an…'re very excited to offer libraries and @ReadingFriends_ groups the opportunity to run a book club specially cura…
Retweeted by Richard OsmanBOOK LOVERS: I’d like some newly published ‘must read’ titles for my annual leave - what do you recommend? Fiction…
Retweeted by Richard Osman
@CaroleWhitt Glad he's better, beard or no beard! @HawksmoorLondon Likewise!If chubby men had know we were going to be wearing masks so much, we wouldn't have had to grow our beards. @nickowentv Awww, congratulations to you both, how lovely! @Jamesbroispx @Jimbogg @SachinNakrani Elliott is the exception, he'll be looked after there. But such a shame about… @SachinNakrani Just let us know when you don't need Milner any more. @Jimbogg @SachinNakrani James, you are 100% right, I have to remember that. I look forward to a couple of good seas… @SachinNakrani Grrrrr. @MsOodles I think it has to now, surely? @bambi_jpl Yes, I really hope that's something which will continue. I suspect it will.Mind you, I also once gave £1.5bn to the theatre industry, when I bought a gin & tonic and a programme at 'We Will Rock You'