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Our CEO Craig Hassall reflects on how we can address systemic racism and ensure we are putting in place meaningful…
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@hansmollman Thanks Mollie xGonna disappear for a couple of weeks. Take care of yourselves xx @LissaKEvans Hahahaha @PickardJE I think that’s true, but I’m not sure who gets swayed by Twitter posts anyway. In my experience, one of… @LissaKEvans @RSmythFreelance This is really lovely. @matthaig1 @Linda_Marric @kerryjeanlister Thanks, you too.Me: there is too much sentimentality in nature writing Also me:
Retweeted by Rick Burin @matthaig1 @Linda_Marric @kerryjeanlister Yeah, it was quite a mean-spirited tweet. I try not to be like that. Sorry.
@SiHawkins Brilliant @GuyLodge I would never think this of you. (And your secret is safe with me)I was inspired to make Teenland, my first film, after making an artwork called Home-Maker in Tokyo & Derbyshire, wh…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @AndyGilder <cut to nodding shots of him reading the report> @Beige29 I love the idea of writing a report for your boss about how he is just amazingAs I remember itThinking of the Private Eye story about when Alan Yentob asked his team to do a report into who at the BBC represen… this for when it’s 2030 and Layla Moran is head of nuclear development at Facebook
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Retweeted by Rick Burinmost EVIL animal
Retweeted by Rick Burin @GuyLodge They do not deserve your protectionLove this clip for two reasons: 1) It's from the greatest video of all-time 'Hero' 2) Bryon Butler's commentary i…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @robpalkwriter @DanceyFrancy I want to write The Maagnificent Aambersons but there’s no satirical point to it, it j… @robpalkwriter @DanceyFrancy Raab Paalk, wraataar @CBuckthorn @WhiteRhinoTea Hahahaha @WhiteRhinoTea @CBuckthorn Keep it light @rickburin
Retweeted by Rick Burin @StephenMHughes Hahahahahaha so good @DanceyFrancy One of those. Raab C. Nesbitt. Phil Babb. Raab raab rainbow sheep.raab @MrKenShabby Mad, isn’t it. Like when people were queuing up to make films with Danny McBride.FaceApp is a Russian psy-op to make us fancy Dominique Rabb @CBuckthorn I’m sorry if he expected more in response. That was my biggest wave @MrKenShabby Ah, the Hancock manoeuvre @rickburin Tag urself. I'm clutching hands
Retweeted by Rick Burin @RobynVinter Floating headHi, I’m Phuong Le @smallnartless, a Vietnamese film critic, and I’m here to discuss the depiction of Vietnam in Spi…
Retweeted by Rick BurinHas Luiz got a vaccine or something. I enjoyed it. Especially the opening.Gimmick aside, the ghost bits are leaden-paced and badly-pitched, but there are two fantastic jump scares divorced… @JonnElledge Falsely advertise some goods to themMan with machete tattoo on face accused of machete attack
Retweeted by Rick BurinMy uncle worked in Berkeley Square for a while. I asked him if he had ever heard a nightingale sing there and he sa… in 1945
Retweeted by Rick BurinMy parents got married 67 years ago today. 💗
Retweeted by Rick Burin @mr_craig Thanks mate! 👍🏻 @GoldenVision90 👌🏻Me: Hi Neil Kinnock: Hi Dave Me: Wuup2? Kinnock: Nothing. Bored lol. U? Me: Brb, just gonna play politics with…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @darrengrimes_ Cheer up, mate, just press play and enjoy Aladdin @GoldenVision90 where has that amazing kinnock tweet goneThe moment I will become an adult is when I no longer want to reply to every Tony Robinson tweet with hahahaha soun… when making fun of racist americans vs europeans when someone mentions romani ppl
Retweeted by Rick Burin @MrPaulDuane Hahahaha @MrPaulDuane It merely takes practice @MrPaulDuane HahahaThe Hitch-Hiker is currently on @mubiuk, a taut marvel and the only film noir directed by a woman. Ida Lupino is on…
Retweeted by Rick BurinUncontroversial tweetHappy birthday to the best Beatle @jamie_graham9 Lovely, cheers.Matt Hancock today: "We backed both horses" - and worked on two apps at once. Department of Health told me in an o…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @jamie_graham9 What’s top left here? Thanks! @PhillyDinkers Ah, that’s lovely! I spent most of the last show by myself, due to a miscalculation clutching a plas…'s nowhere safe for her to go
Retweeted by Rick BurinOh I’ve seen this before. Never with the colour bits thoughMatt Hancock still buoyant: “We will put that cherry on Dido’s cake.”
Retweeted by Rick Burin @PickardJE @ArianaGrande Cc @ramy81 RAMY!EXC: Here's an overview of Labour Together's inquiry into 2019 election defeat, overseen by MPs incl Ed Miliband, p…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @HowFashionating Hahaha. I was trying to Reverse Hagrid you, but I think my tweet was merely confusingLet it go, lads watching Dirk Bogarde depicted in The Servant Wickham worked for Guido Fawkes where he targeted Black women and peddled Islamophobia.
Retweeted by Rick Burin @HowFashionating You’re not a witch, Jen.This is quite possibly the greatest commercial I’ve ever seen...
Retweeted by Rick BurinOh apparently there was another in ‘53.Think the orchestral recording is from 1942, though (last RT). Done for Columbia when they made the film.The famous orchestral recording of "We'll Meet Again" is a 1953 remake - nobody heard it during WWII. The original…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @ajblackwriter noFirst time he’s ever sounded like FDR. we’re sucking diesel.
Retweeted by Rick BurinSocially 👏🏻 distanced 👏🏻 performances 👏🏻 are 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 economically 👏🏻 viable 👏🏻 for 👏🏻theatres 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 sector 👏🏻…
Retweeted by Rick BurinI miss Bjork playing with a DJ, seven flautists and no recognisable tunes, and dancing like a six-year-old during Pagan PoetryI miss pissing off my mates by making them get there for doors and standing sober through two absolutely appalling… miss my office and Union Chapel and Brixton Academy and the adolescent intensity of live music.I miss going to see Björk live.@bjork's discography comes to Bandcamp in all formats including digital, vinyl, CD, and cassette. All proceeds wil…
Retweeted by Rick Burinfew things quite as alarming as hearing a 20-month-old quietly mutter “oh dear” to herself in the next room
Retweeted by Rick Burin @maffmond 👍🏻Twitter has broken my brainThis popped up in my t/l and I took it for a Brendan forehead meme @olly_richards I would suggest that we form a gang, and go and beat them up, but it’s a bit irresponsible while we’re still in lockdown.I would stop telling people that you are a Gryffindor, yes. We don’t need to talk about why. @Dukenfield Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.Me on the phone to Columbia Pictures this evening: "Excuse me, these ghosts are on not in 'ectoplasmic colour', as I was promised"Hey, the Kickstarter for The Companion, a new sci-fi platform, is live! It’s a new home for long-reads, new perspec…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @rickburin Blackadder lives matter
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