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Last night I finally sent my new book to my publisher. When I started it I realised I was forgettng how to love w…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @KatyaTaylor Love to you. I hope today’s OK xx @paulduanefilm ❤️ @MatthewP_B @robpalkwriter 🤯
Apart from this quite obviously coming too late; the government really briefing this on a Friday night? To test the…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @si_underwood 👍🏻It is not funny to call Keir Starmer “Keith”with apologies to @robpalkwriterIn some ways, Herman J. Mankiewicz was the Fleabag of his day @christinalefou ✊🏻 @DawnHFoster Hope you’re on the mend IMMEDIATELY xx @clairywoowoo Take care xx @robpalkwriter the duckCan only imagine how much of The Sun’s time and money is being spent right now on trying to dig up shit on Rashford. Hope they’re OKGuys, I turn 2️⃣3️⃣ tomorrow and I wanted to give something back so have decided that my special edition boots will…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @robpalkwriter @NHaliloglu Proper horrible Aphex Twin stuff @manytypesoftea They encourage us always to check
Retweeted by Rick Burin @manytypesoftea Anything we can do to persuade you? Forgiveness? Transubstantiation? @robpalkwriter jarvis cancelledHow much wood would a confirmed white supremacist with problematic face tattoos chop if a confirmed white supremaci… @PamHutch Hahaha hope it was worth it @HobyPenhaligon Me too x @PamHutch Can’t believe you got me to watch Wallace Beery do slapstick in a hot air balloon @PamHutch You are an enabler @strongmisgiving 🤯On a Louise Brooks bender. Send helpMy politics in 2016 vs now I'd never seen these people before and had to guess what's happening, I'd say the bloke got incredibly drunk at…
Retweeted by Rick BurinI got angry and wrote this about Rashford Vs. Bradley if you fancy. I promise it's only short.
Retweeted by Rick Burinhate to get personal on here but: I have absolutely no idea where my next paycheck is coming from, and will not be…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @anicegreenleaf Yes! @DanceyFrancy @HowFashionating I am thirty-six @strongmisgiving Agreed, it was amazing @MarcusSpeller @FootballRamble @lukeaaronmoore So brave @LouMorgan Sorry mate. Feel better xThe ‘baby’ looks like two poppies a metre apart 🤔 @robbiereviews The Magnificent Ambersons was previewed alongside The Fleet’s In, starring Betty Hutton. Then edited… @DanceyFrancy @HowFashionating Objectively, I am very old. But within the clique, not reallyI read this today. It’s such a strange and beautiful book. So moving, while doing almost nothing that you expect. H… @SkyNews Eat out to die out @ToTheHappyNone 100% @Scott_Wortley Fair point @Dutchtica Makes you thinkWant to feel old? Go on Twitter. So old. Tired. Dead nowMy hot take is that Eat Out to Help Out is definitely something a supervillain would do @kattso1 @GoldenVision90 Oh, it’s not really the cheating, more how he behaves towards people. He’s just a horrible… a confusing birthday to Diego Maradona, the greatest footballer of all time and one of the worst people in sport.Ford’s Young Mr Lincoln prints the legend, but this goes so much deeper and darker.Ruth Gordon was BOTD in 1896. In the best Lincoln film, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, she depicts Mary Todd’s mental ill… @vocjam @fourfoot Ah yes! @fourfoot That’s a great one.So many, but it’s hard to see past this: @scrapegroat Oh cool! What are they called? Apologies if I should know, and it is The Rolling Stones or somethingGone Italian againReading a novel by one of you. It’a decentj/k, I don’t have loved ones @scrapegroat Hook me upSurprising my loved ones with a hologram of your dad @robpalkwriter Hahahahaha @robpalkwriter That was also her take tbf, that people should stop lauding her and check out Gish and Clara Bow @robpalkwriter That used to be my take: she wasn't that special and was mostly for Cahiers pseuds and the horny. Ha… @robpalkwriter Seems now to be on YouTube in a lovely print! @robpalkwriter Oh also Beggars of Life. Genuinely great film. @robpalkwriter Pandora’s Box is absolutely incredible. Diary of a Lost Girl and A Girl in Every Port are both great… @robpalkwriter That's usually the case, but I've found a load of Louise Brooks films @robpalkwriter Not yet, mate. I'm not fucking made of timeHad a sneak peek at Rob's WIP this week and it really is offensively good.Read the talented man. Go on. orange is not diversity.
Retweeted by Rick Burin @DonaldClarke63 Got 8 this week. My record.119 songs, almost 6 hours worth of Joni material 😭😭
Retweeted by Rick BurinAbsolutely the least of the problems with Priti Patel, of course, but - I genuinely can't work out which leg is her…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @ramy81 RAMY!!!!!New Ariana Grande album to celebrate my week off @RSmythFreelance “Cant!” @joeheenan Ah, thanks so much mate. ❤️
“I wish Prince was alive to witness this terrorist attack”
Retweeted by Rick Burin @CasparSalmon <tasteful but inspiring workout montage> @CasparSalmon Any bad tweeters in there?Hard to binge on Louise Brooks films. You end up having to watch Frank Fay for an hour.but if he’s there....who is watching the coast????
Retweeted by Rick BurinBastani doing his best to bring everyone back together around his hilarious stupidity
Retweeted by Rick BurinWonderful interview with Harry Shearer here from Hadley & a mention of how Harry sent a note to Dan’s funeral which…
Retweeted by Rick Burin @rickburin Will sneak you a fourth if you don't mind a camera attached to it...
Retweeted by Rick Burin @catrincooper For me, this is the best, as it has the most actual swinging, which is the only criteria that really matters @CasparSalmon @alexvtunzelmann Lovely stuffDoes anyone have a link to these guidelines? 'Virtue signalling' is not a real thing, it's just a lazy alt-right in…
Retweeted by Rick BurinIt gets dark quite early, so we'll only have to wait until 5pm for Chris Williamson's response.
Retweeted by Rick Burin @Independent Ha, more like “pizza calzone”, am I rightBless your timeline with the tsar’s bum
Retweeted by Rick Burin @Flying_Inside Presume it was Galloway or Waddle. Some absolute clown, anywayNo industry circles the wagons quite like the mediaJournalists for the most part seem habitually unable to criticise one another. Every time some ex-Guido psychopath… @DanceyFrancy SameMy dad doesn’t even really like TV or film. He just knows I like Wendy Hiller @AnnaEng123 Ooh. Which one, the ‘50s? @catrincooper Incredible work. Three! Thank you :-)My dad has texted to alert me to the presence of a Play for Today featuring Wendy Hiller. Dadding done right @carylfflur We’re in *everything*, aren’t we! Read a Lindbergh biog this month – he visits the Hall two weeks after…