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Ricky @rickhanlonii London, England

React Native Core @Facebook · @fbjest Core · Emocore Core · Chaotic Good Core · Don't let your dreams be dreams · he/him · EST. AKRON

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This is why we cried when he won.
Retweeted by Ricky1. Have a problem 2. Use deep clone 3. Now you Now you Now you Now you Now you…
Retweeted by RickyWow monday was only 3 days agoKinda looks like the billionaires aren’t going to save us
Retweeted by RickySmall landlords are demanding the thing that every investor is told is impossible: an asset with zero risk, bought…
Retweeted by Ricky @akikoDotJS Huge, congrats!!
@GaryBorton @ThugDebugger Yeah it's like contributing to your 401k if you could take out a loan to pay into it @seldo Eloise would feed me to a tiger with sardine oil for just one greenie @seldo, the whole nation is depending on the same people they say shouldn’t make $15 an hour.
Retweeted by RickyWe're so excited to announce our first release of the decade, 💐🌸 Expo SDK v37.0.0 🌸🌷! This release brings full Expo…
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Sign up for the Women of React online conference if you haven't already! Shout out to @rachelnabors @gurlcode
Retweeted by Ricky @savant Isn't this your lunchMy guidance counselor always told me in my 30s I'd still be stuck at home with my parents, lucky guess @dan_abramov @garybernhardt I forgot that you existed useLayoutEffect
React Native 0.62 and Flipper Will Change Your Mobile Development Experience and make it easier! by @Screamz67
Retweeted by RickyWhens season 2 of Netflix come out @ThugDebugger @NikkitaFTW @sebmck Who is saying this @ken_wheeler @ThugDebugger That’s why this is such a divisive topic to talk about. Relative to billionaires, were a… @ken_wheeler @ThugDebugger I’d bet that the number of mortgaged landlords has risen over the same time. The problem… @ken_wheeler @ThugDebugger Now we’re talkin @ken_wheeler @ThugDebugger I’ve only thought about the disenfranchisement so far so I don’t have any solutions idk… @ken_wheeler @ThugDebugger I think the average person with average credit doesn’t have this opportunity because the… @ken_wheeler @ThugDebugger We’re going to find out how bad of a setup this is as renters begin to default, causing… @ken_wheeler @ThugDebugger Yeah I get that there are payments and risk. But I don’t think that just being able to g… @aarondjents @ThugDebugger @sontek @sebmck That’s just how it worked in the properties I managed, it wasn’t that difficult. @ThugDebugger In fact, I think it’s more important that I use my privilege and knowledge about the system to criticize and improve it. @ThugDebugger I don’t think I made any broad statements about landlords, if I did then I apologize. My family has… @ThugDebugger If there are power systems in place that prevent me from buying my own calculator that don’t apply to… @ThugDebugger If you have a mortgage on property you’re making a profit from renting then you’re making money while… @ThugDebugger smh
Billionaires donate 0.001% of their wealth and you brokeys eat it up every time. Defend them every single time.
Retweeted by Ricky @sontek @sebmck In Ohio it's about 5 weeks from missed rent to an officer arriving to enforce your removal. I'd say… @sontek @sebmck In theory yes but in practice landlords can mitigate the risk with high deposits and quick eviction… paying rent doesn't count towards your credit but it does count for your landlord's mortgage lol bailing out people VS congress bailing out corporations
Retweeted by RickyThen why should they have to pay for chemo?
Retweeted by Ricky @elie2222 @peterpham Most people have negative wealth so @moriahmaney @notbrent 💛✨We might not make it to 25 @finalquest @dan_abramov @Sathyareddy98 @reactnative Let me know if you have any questions! @finalquest @dan_abramov @Sathyareddy98 @reactnative We did a talk at AgentConf introducing LogBox where we explain…
@moriahmaney Maybe @notbrent has a suggestion too, I checked but didn't see anything promising @moriahmaney Hiiii I've never used one but if I were then I'd probably try Wordpress Gutenberg mobile first @Everlane We’re all in this together* *Except for everyone we just firedI've worked for this company for 3 1/2 years. I was just let go. I've given everything to Everlane, and I've defend…
Retweeted by Ricky @sophiebits @vicapow true @viniciushoyer nope @seaofarrows Nope @AnfibiaCreativa nope! @jamonholmgren @DavidKPiano What is a “Rails” @jamonholmgren my work life is my personal life that’s how i do it🗣️ Suspend all rent and mortgages before April 1st
Retweeted by Ricky @bitandbang I got this too @joshuaisgross @peterpham Yeah I mean if their wealth was more evenly distributed then the economy wouldn't be in s… @peterpham We’re told billionaires are good because they’re charitable but then they keep most of the wealth in the… @josh_jahans nopeQuarantine Day 1 Day 14 @lmatteis @mjduminy Nope @CoranCorbett nope @mjduminy Nope @Pankaj_sharma43 nope @jacobdcastro @Twitter how do I hide this @realDonaldTrump @nytimes @washingtonpost @CNN Like damn you know we have the internet we can just look this shit up to prove you wrong @kvlly you want a haiku but I cant do a haiku embarrassing @TatianaTMac nope @parthjani7 nope @aykev Wild rightHmm yes fascinating
Retweeted by Ricky @krazykewlgamez NopeCongress and President Trump put taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars to United Airlines in exchange for k…
Retweeted by Ricky @porrigf The arrow function is a key partYou wanted a reality show host as a president, well now you’re on Survivor.
Retweeted by Ricky @Ramyatrouny @DBredvick Any version, to cheat correctly paste it into index.js and run node index.js @Ramyatrouny @DBredvick Nope @sroussey ❯ cat index.js const foo = () => { console.log(arguments.callee.toString()); }; foo('one', 'two', 'three'); @sroussey arguments.callee.​name is the empty string @sroussey undefined @Ramyatrouny @DBredvick arguments is defined inside functions in javascript @sroussey function (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) { const foo = () => { console.log(arguments.… @Ramyatrouny Where @sroussey Sloppy mode: [Function] Strict mode: TypeError: 'caller', 'callee', and 'arguments' properties may not b… @Ramyatrouny Nope @sroussey undefined @jongold Correct! @fmvilas Nope @getify @phry Seems like you do.
@ShaneOMoore1 Nope @sroussey What is it wrapped in though @DBredvick nope this is the node cli @devpato nope @werzadnan nope @aykev Nope @mweststrate @Facebook Purell? Charmin? Bounty? @sophiebits @AndaristRake @_philpl Anyway what if they're using node with ESM? @sophiebits @AndaristRake @_philpl Line 6 @sophiebits @AndaristRake @_philpl Syntax error unexpected token and? @nickhudkins Nope