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I made a black list.
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Me side stepping all the gatekeepers in tech
Retweeted by RickyWow thanks everyone while you're here checkout my soundcloud: @keke_arif Webstorm
Take a look for yourself👇🏾Our entire community isn’t in this thread but here is where we started. Plenty of technol…
Retweeted by Ricky @terrierscript @natural_clar This is good feedback, the issue with that PR is that you have to configure it in code… @react_girl @reactnative Let us know what you think!Oh no @torahwilcox @reactnative Let me know if you have any feedback! @Kasendwa @reactnative Thanks for the kind words Ronald! @sebmck Just replying here to increase my engagement
What's a logbox @__anku__ Thanks Ankit!! @yash_kr_verma haha thanks Yash! @chiragsinghal_ Thanks Chirag! @efkv @rclmenezes @peggyrayzis hnnng @kefimochi Thanks Kate!! @okonetchnikov @AgentConf Wouldn't miss it! @glnnrys Greatest city in the world @imAnushree Thanks Anushree!! @Goode Will DM @elibelly I'm blushing @jevakallio Thanks Jani!!New favorite React core team member
Retweeted by Ricky @gurlcode Besties!! @threepointone 😭😭😭 @peggyrayzis Yesss or a bagel at Best Bagel 🥯 @farazamiruddin Yeah for sure Faraz!Exciting news ✨ I’m joining the React Core team and moving back to New York City! @unclebobmartin The debate is happening, you’re just not in it because you’re too far behind the rest of the class who did our homework. @unclebobmartin Moral clarity comes from educating yourself, not from arguing with people about things you don’t understandIf you're looking to hire React contributors you're in luck because Kate is looking for her next role ✨… @kefimochi fixed this super quick with her first PR to React, thanks Kate!! @kefimochi Thanks for all your help Kate!!My first time contributing to React, folks 🔥✨ (Also applied to 9 other roles, this week is starting overwhelmingly…
Retweeted by Ricky🌟 I'm looking for my next role 🌟 - Interested in full-stack or backend - Bay Area or remote - Go, NodeJS, Java, Ty…
Retweeted by Ricky @kefimochi Hey Kate, that would be awesome, it's all yours!Good first issue on the React website, if you're new to programming and interested in working on this let me know!'s only Cancel Culture if it originates in the Cancelle region of France. Otherwise, it's just sparkling consequences.
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Cancel culture paradox: cancel culture cannot exist because if it did exist there would be no one left to criticize… Sign language is more than hands. More than fingers. More than hand shapes. It’s body, face, position... A…
Retweeted by Ricky @jevakallio @timolaak SameJust a kid from Akron @susanthesquark Congrats!!It’s rough getting owned so hard on this website but I will do my best to carry on 🙃
Retweeted by Ricky @buildsghost We learned what not to be @EmmaBostian @Spotify Congrats @domesticllama @dan_abramov cc @sddamico
@dan_abramov And also @dan_abramov But also @dan_abramov Obviously this giving the uncle bobs/damores/incels of the world attention and replies and follows. deplatform them instead.
Retweeted by RickyThe problem is that many white people believe that being a racist is an all-encompassing trait that stains everythi…
Retweeted by Ricky @dabit3 "The mob is not the majority"I REALLY want to help people become coders. It legit burdens my heart to see people look for jobs and the tech indu…
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@lokutus @mimismash @rickhanlonii @sagmmd It is easy to understand the arguments for abolishing the police. You onl…
Retweeted by Ricky @tesseralis @mimismash @lokutus @sagmmd Why do white men fantasize about being old school gentlemen like they would… @lokutus @sagmmd @mimismash Then google the answers, don’t come in here gaslighting people telling them you’re neut… @mimismash @lokutus @sagmmd Right? They want the argument, not the progress. @lokutus @sagmmd @mimismash @lokutus @sagmmd @mimismash Why is this so hard for you to Google? You‘re not entitled to people answering your questions. Read something. @DaradeDesign @airercode500 @unclebobmartin Dallas, you don’t know what you’re talking about"Uncle Bob" is a trash human and his book sucks.
Retweeted by Ricky @freezydorito it’s the Clean Agile guyUncle im14andthisisdeep Martin @unclebobmartin tHe PoLiCe aRe nOt tHe PrObLeM @dan_abramov Women in Music Pt. III @Daniel15 @BelkheirMahamed @tesseralis And if my math is correct 85/46 billion, that means that in Facebook there’s… anthem: •written by a slave owner •old as shit •sucks the anthem •written by Good Charlotte •will never get old •fuckin slaps
Retweeted by Ricky have been more than 4,700 demonstrations during the recent Black Lives Matter protests, an average of 140 per…
Retweeted by Ricky @sebmck2 Is this Clubhouse?
can we all acknowledge that mount rushmore looks like fucking dogshit
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@aarondjents Sorry to hear Aaron, sending good vibes ✨If you identify as black and have enabled @GitHub Sponsors, reply with a link to your profile. I would love to spon…
Retweeted by RickyI take it personal when people tell young black men like @ThugDebugger to “humble themselves” or “slow down”. You t…
Retweeted by Ricky"Black software developers lost more than 36,000 jobs, a decline of more than a third. Their white counterparts los…
Retweeted by Ricky @Java_Champions @techgirl1908 Congrats Angie!! @ctrlshifti Hit the ground walking
@aweary @dan_abramov @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @sebmck @wycats At this point, it seems like the points… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats I also said "It's actually worse for Fa… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats I did not say that. @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats It's self-evident that anything that be… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats You asked me for an example of somethin… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats What's an example of something that ben… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats How? @jevakallio Congrats and thanks for sharing Jani ✨ @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats In the long term it will be better for… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats It's actually worse for Facebook to mak… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats One example is the project I'm working… @aweary @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats It's more accurate to say that they are… are going live with the @reactjs team now! Come join in!
Retweeted by Ricky @TaylorLorenz @bhorowitz @loganlahive @balajis @FeliciaHorowitz What you do is who you are, Ben.Come hang out with us tomorrow on @cassidoo's stream! You can reply here if you have any questions or topics you'd…
Retweeted by RickyLearning to code isn't supposed to be easy. Keep going. You got this ❤️
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@satya164 Yikes, this person is not welcome in the React Native community. Are any of their repos listed on @notbrent React NativeAs a nation, we've apologized and paid reparations for 4 years of Japanese internment. But there hasn't been a sin…
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@brian_d_vaughn it’s not the pee, it’s the humidity @cpojer wELL acTuaLLy