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@PerfectCroix Saves ammo @falloutplays @Ragezilla_Ryan Bro I literally didnt even mention that I was part of the one and only team to beat i… @Ragezilla_Ryan The day 1 Crown of Sorrow emblem @SN3RV Or just: Something not trash.Every time @IMissTriaIs @MTashed On my OnlyFans @IMissTriaIs @MTashed So? I beat them every weekend 😏 @Nutella_Vodka Well you fooled me, that's for sure. @unsteadygalaxy It's every encounter, it's a bug @WyattFuller10 Xenophage quest
NEW VIDEO! Destiny 2 is kinda BUMPING right now... ...During a dead time ...of a poorly received season All becau… @Courteoussoul @TheTrueVanguard I could feel the salt of our opponents through our screen @CalebROCKXX @TheTrueVanguard :) @Coachrandymoore There is a MASSIVE amount of game here! This game mode definitely has it's issues but it's certain… @jeal10 No, just pinnacles (pit of heresy, nightfall, raid, etc.) @jeal10 Powerful drops stop at 1000 light. Only Pinnacle drops go to 1010
@GameOvR_ Yeah 65 is really good @ericdeibler BlockedD2 on PC right now @elliottgray Exclusively used for looking at that cool bird outside your window @Timulator1 I'm still having fun with the majority of the game. Just because you dislike one aspect of something,… @WinterDoowneb No control over that unfortunately @Reaper69Hell Unfortunately I have no control over that @KYF_Anarchy ya'll should keep hashing it out... the comments of the actual vid lmao
People waited 3 years for the return of Trials of Osiris to Destiny 2! But after only a few weeks, the Trials play… @jon98701285 🤔Sick plays count: 1 was just having fun yeeting on snipers with the Mida mast week. This just feels like Hunters spamming dodge: the Map @falloutplays ..ok fair @falloutplays Lol i just played your skip-nade spamming butt, now i know why you like this map smh 🤦‍♂️ @falloutplays Maining a hunter?I never thought I would miss Widow's Court....Trying to have more fun than last week. But it's not Widows Court so that's pretty much guaranteed lol @MTashed Oh we're screenshotting DMs now? @ccompton917 @misschyenne That's basically the length dinguses expect my raid guides to be lol @ccompton917 @misschyenne Sorry for having fun for 1.4 secondsYou’ll want to listen to today’s intro... trust me 🐯😉
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NEW VIDEO! Going over the Latest Destiny 2 News! ...Including the fact that you can get x2 Exotic Drops👀 CHECK I… @Jameswhale7 there's this new thing called time zones... @IAmCoolGuyYT puts the glowing red flawless armor in the thumbnail just to flex. respect. @vapedprince Yep I know, Cool preview for sure!got em is my favorite Class in Destiny 2 @evanf1997
@GladdOnTwitch @ZoyBoyTheBoyToy @Smurph512 Damn autocorrect @deviantkade It's good, but it's anything but consistent @deviantkade I swear I'm at a normal volume, and most other youtubers are just loud lol @Smurph512 Shash is potentially better than full court if you can activate it! There's just a lot of situations wh… @tutraian @LukeJansen2 @Alsum21_ Guys, I'm just out here making content. You don't have to like it, But I'm not hur… @LukeJansen2 @Alsum21_ @tutraian I mean, I hope he isn't the type of dude to follow someone on twitter just do crap… @Goldy1200 Oh, I definitely did factor it! Demo is a great perk, but it takes the slot of full court. So every shot… @SocietyfortheA1 If course, how could I be so foolish @jakerz10 Don't you DARE say that about my new favorite heavy! 😤 @Alsum21_ @tutraian I can't tell if you're having a laugh, or just being a crappy person...NEW VID! After the Grenade Launcher Nerfs, Adaptive Frames came out relatively unchanged! Well it just so happens… @sepirothni Swords with whirlwind blade @Alsum21_ @tutraian What the heck did I do!?! @SirDimetrious Throw in 5 damn energy weapons in a row and you got yourself a raid @erus_s gamer.Every day more Guardians are corrupted by the Darkness 🙏 @xlityy @Ebontis This is a trash take. I'm hoarding great rolls for guns that aren't in the meta. Works out great… Coaster of emotions
@AlexLowther2014 Well it's what I'm grinding until we get the new bunker 🤷‍♂️If you liked today's video, Want an enormous amount of CONTENT, And a vastly improved Loot System, Check out… ran out of vault space 3 seasons ago lolNEW VIDEO! Agent Kackis has been re-activated! Going over the best New Feature of #TheDivision2: Warlords of New Y…, but the right thing to do. But this means that next year, We going TWICE AS HARD BABY! 😎💪💯 @cows_kyle @falloutplays I said "Make it Farmable" for a reason 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ You're not going to "g… @cows_kyle @falloutplays If you could farm adept weapons from the flawless chest, the hardcores would absolutely be… @falloutplays In fairness, First try of that week. 3078th try total. @cows_kyle @falloutplays Please help me explain what if the hardcores are grinding Adept weapons, They won't be grinding tokens 🤦‍♂️ @JustPyroNow There's a legit argument for Assault mag over acurized! @DnnrPants NoWinner for the #WarlockRick Givaway was @jonnys_bakery! Congrats on those HOT @ASTROGaming A40s! Thanks to everyone who entered! @MTashed About time @Tbarrocas25 @M_Rudzky There's an argument to be made for handling tbh @BabyMeat21 Just play the nightfall with no modifiers and good gear lolDecided to farm Mindbenders tonight cause why not, Got this baby FIRST TRY! 🎇MY STREAMER LOOT IS FINALLY WORKING🎇 @SethToastman lol all goodScum @josh_leak @SethToastman It's literally just a different angle of what they showed in the official trailer lol @SethToastman Well considering it was in the official trailer I dont think it's that bad. Considering just how muc… @IAmCoolGuyYT But i just wanna spam shots with zero consequence! You dumb STREAMERS never care about people like me! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
@Johnny__Lasagna Got a new PC, still messing around with audio settings @GuardianOutpost It is 😏 @Inkycat81 lol u get that hot chocolate, settle in, and hit play my friend @PaulTassi and @GinsorKR being waaaayyyy too juicy today, I had to cover it!NEW VIDEO! Just an absolutely MASSIVE amount of info on what's coming later in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy! C… @Wendler34 Remove OMA, Commmando, and Danger close. That's one perk from each category. And boom, Perfect game.Ok, now just remaster MW2 Multiplayer, and nobody's leaving their damn house, that's for sure. @GladdOnTwitch "Hey Forge, can I get some loot?" Forge: "Sure thing bro, here's a ghost" "Ok thanks but I already have th-"… @GladdOnTwitch @PlnkPanda__ U think you could just flirt non-stop and not commit? 😤 @PlnkPanda__ @GladdOnTwitch Don't worry, it's not that serious 😭 grinding console cause my PC broke, but this man @GladdOnTwitch still can't stop thinking about me 😏 @MTashed remember me when ur at the top 🙏
@Charles59104016 @RTMaday Well considering I actually said it I would hope you "give me that" smhThe greatest battle of our time