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@Z_R_King @virginia_house My original post was, I thought, tongue in cheek. Then came the tirades. I touched a nerve. @Z_R_King @virginia_house Just respectful of Christianity, which I'm glad is America's dominant religion because it… @virginia_house @Z_R_King Also a "bigot": the disciple Matthew, whose gospel has something to say on the subject. S… @bschefke Some day I want to write a Polanyian book about why socialists should not be Marxists. After I write my P…"no society could stand the effects of such a system of crude fictions even for the shortest stretch of time unless…"human beings would perish from the effects of social exposure; they would die as the victims of acute social dislo… Polanyi wrote in 1944 about what's about to happen in the U.S. if government doesn't step in: "To allow the ma… @emhorst It's a joke. @wickedmitch_ Lucky fella.When a political party uses the power at its disposal to do big things, then subsequently faces the opposing party… @PatriotsFlame It's a joke. @Hazzle8 @willamtheblind No one is doing that. @captofport How so?
@ThePunsofAugust @CONELRAD6401240 @GeorgeWill Let's not let forget him he promoted IN THE 70S THE EGGHEADS WERE BEE… @lionel_trolling Also no more bar bets. @JoeClarkChicago It's crazy.Maybe this is better. @DanSWright You could say the same thing about labor organizing. Just inflamed tensions. @davjcur I'm better when the recorder isn't on. @DanSWright You do realize our racism is one of the main reason America has so little socialism, right? @DanSWright What about the part of the wc who invented the word "woke": the ones always getting stopped by cops, o… @HuwhiteSlavik All history is revision. @DanSWright This crap is perhaps the silliest idea on the left right now. Besides the fact that most propounding i… @DanSWright How in the world?Too much hate up in here, here's some love. fun interview. @Welid0000 @htowngator @RaymondLoretto @dogstar7tweets Because human beings have a tendency to put down family roots? @htowngator @RaymondLoretto @dogstar7tweets What would you do if cops were shooting innocent people just because th… @byjamesmann @CONELRAD6401240 @GeorgeWill I think there's a fascinating book to be written on the American right's romance, from… dissidents and reformers don't get enough credit for this. Typical American narcissism that we make it all about us.One thing I'm coming away with from this book: wondering if @GeorgeWill ever lost sleep from the knowledge that, if… @NateMorte @I_am_Steele @bebe_strange Grammar, please. @JamesWithers3 Took me 3,300 pages to say it. @JamesWithers3 Well said.This is basically the plot of "Gone With the Wind." sure are a lot of white people with a bug up their ass about learning how they could be kinder to their Black colleagues. @kmotto77 Grammar, please.
@nksocialstudies @jd_mathbio August 7, 1980, as cited in the post above this one....And I suppose it would be "racist" to teach schoolchildren that, as the article below it attests, judges claimed… how @nafstropslts's talking point survives "Every committed totally to not only voting for… @nafstropslts @JoeCrypticc @jewelearth @SethCotlar @KevinMKruse What is the lie or non-factual part? Would you like… @Jed4stuff I mean, it's a joke. What's the "false flag"? @nafstropslts @JoeCrypticc @jewelearth @SethCotlar @KevinMKruse P.J., why did the Ku Klux Klan endorse Barry Goldwa… @JNewcomer5 @ianshutters @Welid0000 @Honey86220456 @turtletesticles @bebe_strange Yes, because you keep responding. @SHanksArmitage3 @LisaMichelleEu1 The point is to get to a place where everyone can view everyone as individuals. Which requires work. @JoeCrypticc @nafstropslts @jewelearth @SethCotlar @KevinMKruse There's always that confusion, studying conservativ… @tiqigal @Kardea It was a joke, folks. @JNewcomer5 @bruminger @Welid0000 @Honey86220456 @turtletesticles @bebe_strange I'm sure it doesn't, because you ha… @robbysimpson @JNewcomer5 @Welid0000 @Honey86220456 @turtletesticles @bebe_strange ...and note the the gun and "don't tread on me" insignia.Also stuff like this. Orwell's taking notes. made a joke about how states forbidding "critical race theory" might backfire by turning it into an enticing. My…
@noga4811 How does it "subordinate POC"? @AdamInHTownTX I mean, if a kid learns that it was against the law for a Black person to settle in the state of Ore… @jenne_ben I don't feel guilty. @rjb77ca @realchrisrufo Because I want to end racism. @RJ_McReedy @flapjackelope Actually, high levels at departments are full of people with careers of advocacy on the… @flapjackelope Because families with children got UBI? Because thousands of lives were saved via administrative com… @aaronesilvers That's what I love. The medium can produce fascination on its own terms. @FriedrichFiles @dkg4 @Sasha_CA @AJSperbs @ShantMM Collectively, yes. It would be a miracle of human evolution, tho… @FriedrichFiles @dkg4 @Sasha_CA @AJSperbs @ShantMM Pretend someone else said it, then. It's true. @evancdent @HenryMartyn3 The first one is ALMOST twenty-one! @evancdent @HenryMartyn3 Who says?I'm really starting to dig Twitter. @FriedrichFiles @dkg4 @Sasha_CA @AJSperbs @ShantMM "You do not take a person who, for years… @evancdent Read my books! @andresDCmtz Thanks# @FriedrichFiles @dkg4 @Sasha_CA @AJSperbs @ShantMM Wtf? @FriedrichFiles @dkg4 @Sasha_CA @AJSperbs @ShantMM What is wrong with you? @Clark_Bordelon Yes. Supposedly Obama read my books. Didn't take. @karmahitsUback @daveweigel What's valuable about whiteness to you that you're so desperate to hold onto it?Any normal teenager will now be desperate to figure out what this forbidden "critical race theory" thingy is now...… normal teenager will now be desperate to figure out what this forbidden "critical race theory" thingy is now...
@samirajimenez17 @anewworldcoming @ShantMM "Targeting"? Who, how? @WildRootsStudio @FauxIDs The Justice Department has demonstrated a willingness to let Trump officials skate, to pr… @ExpNegLambdaT @FauxIDs The problem is that the Attorney General has signaled that he prioritizes the reputation of… @VetViews But that hadn't been happening; see child allowance. @Drea_got_rage @socio_steve Still fighting. Always. @mpersandy The AG has shown over the last week he cares more about Justice than justice. So it is frustrating for a… @schwarz Context! She's clearly saying property taxes are unfair, and that we should get rid of them. @WJHirschi @socio_steve @Drea_got_rage Bill, do you know what a "moral hazard" is? @Octavio83890203 The leaders, then. @PaulSchmitz1 Well, I'm more concerned with the Congressional leadership letting Trump officials lie to them with impunity. @mpersandy What is it? @Sasha_CA @AJSperbs @ShantMM Skin color? @Octavio83890203 I've devoted my career to studying and criticizing Republicans. You can look it up. @moonbeamguv What to do about Republicans lying to congress with impunity? @MattBoxer94 What does the blue tick have to do with it? @SheReadsNews I don't block anyone, ever. @WildRootsStudio @FauxIDs Congressional subpoenae. @trout_killgore Yeah, that's...not so. @FauxIDs Schiff's response to the Justice Department spying on him being...referring it back to the Justice Department.Well that was a fun four and a half months not being depressed by the Democrats. @lionel_trolling Don't forget the militant anti-anti-racism. @AJSperbs @ShantMM Problem being, the downward mobility or stagnation of most Americans is a consequence of a mass…
@ShantMM I'm not sure what you mean. Two-thirds of Americans own their homes. @PhilipCardella @NathanJRobinson I talk about it in my book Nixonland a bit. @ShantMM Huh? The racial wealth gap caused by Blacks historically being denied access to homeownership is a dominan… @labour_history @DJSkelton You guys should get me out to the UK to lecture. @PhilipCardella @NathanJRobinson The FHA made homeownership affordable beginning fifteen years after the 1917 revolution. So: no.