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@haas1235 @LarryGlickman @Joshua_A_Tait Well, the reason it could pass was that LBJ persuaded Sen. Everett Dirksen…'re working on getting a VERY special guest to interview me for this August 24 online event. Someone who will blo…
@GabraZackman @SimonAudio Thanks Gabra! Which section are you doing?I'm going on a virtual tour for #BurningDowntheHouse! To learn more about my first 2 weeks of events and register,…
Retweeted by Rick Perlstein @WillHarahan Obama plan to address patterns of housing bias. @WillHarahan What is that?
@shadihamid Would that go for German liberals in the Weimar befriending Nazis? If not, at what point does a members… cities need to do this. Deferring rent payments rather than forgiving them does not mitigate the impending epic…
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@doktorskeleton Moving on to other interests. I contain multitudes! @isaac32767 There is one dragon in my book, to wit... @herr_naphta No fair, dragon fire illuminates a lot, and also that napalm stuff that one wizard had...BOTH COMPRISED OF BOOKS! @srferrar Much better than the shot I have of my friends' naked two year old standing on it in a squat...
@patjburns Prescient, or maybe cruel reaction is just a permanent feature of American political culture in a way we…
@sdshields @DavidNeiwert To be fair, the criticism is not of merely a "left academic's book." It's a whole complex… @thefuzzybastard I have the book but haven't read it. Tell me a page. @thefuzzybastard It's not their "identity," it's awareness of what white skin provides them in the power structure.How is this true in a way what MLK, say, was up to ("America is the biggest purveyor of violence in the world today… @kittypurrzog How is this true in a way what MLK, say, was up to ("America is the biggest purveyor of violence in t… @henryfarrell @sebaker I'm going to check him out! @TBraunTHG @RichPuchalsky He did lie. He said they WEREN'T EFFECTIVE in order to discourage the pubic from snapping… @ikon1080 This isn't a game, people are dying indeed. A "game" would be trying to shoot your invisible shame beam a…'m sure someone's firing up that "we need a Colin Powell" colunn right now. service Dr. Anthong Fauci could render on the outside, as the unignorable spokesman not only for actual pubi… service wouldn't be handled by other bureaucrats if he left? What value does he serve sanity on the inside (wh… don't agree that Fauci could best serve the republic by turning around, telling Pence "fuck you," and walking ou…"Meanwhile all around him people are either ignoring him, contradicting him, or literally behaving in ways that dir…"to evoke credibility, and to avoid commenting directly on the manifest failures of the administration, and to reas…"He speaks the truth when he can, always in ways designed to avoid displeasing his Leader. But whatever he does in…'m wondering whether Fauci shouldn't resign, after reading this by a friend: "Dr. Anthony Fauci... has for months… @MICHAEL72094836 STICKERS!! @sebaker @henryfarrell what's the real story? @sebaker I don't even know who that author is! @peter_silsbee (because freedom.)Credit Frank Wilhoit! @peter_silsbee No fair! We still let the rich sleep under bridges if they want!!"Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does n…'s briefing by Mike Pence ("Fight covid with personal responsibility!" "But isn't Trump not taking personal re… young aspiring historian friend does some good digging: @jewelearth Well done. I remember lots in Clarence Manion's letters in the late 1950s on fears that the U.S. might… @DoctorOLuv Got lots of their documents online.
For those having trouble waiting for the book--you CAN read the source notes! @jdonaldson8 Interesting discussion. Thanks. @jdonaldson8 This is called, in the psychological literate "learned helplessness"; or in the vernacular, not taking yes for an answer.Pool full of liver. Pool filled with livers. Sounds gross, right? So whose idea was it to name a city "Liverpool"? @mattpulver @drvox Pulverize it! @mattpulver @drvox Fabulous. Not to mention the invention of West Virginia! @drvox And for the 19th century, old reliable Frederick Jackson Turner still works. Whites could always nab free la… @JLasaine @drvox ... And complimentary to my interpretation. @mattpulver @drvox Let me know what you find..a very pregnant insight. One thinks, however, of Orval Faubus's middl… @JLasaine @drvox That distinction over my German-history pay grade! But sounds convincing enough. @10_6971 @drvox "Single-issue" was always a misunderstanding. American reaction tends to come in an organicc packag… @mattpulver @drvox Interesting. Where can I read about that? @drvox Also no real competition from socialists (partially for the above-mentioned reason), unlike, say, Weimar Ger… @DarcyBurner @drvox But nothing on this problem! @drvox Because elites didn't have to give the white working class much to earn their loyalty to the system over and… @jdonaldson8 Coincident with these excesses, Biden is enjoying steady growth in his support.
@TremendousBacon You can cross out and correct the mistake on your copy! @jdonaldson8 Fifty two years ago. @IBeBarb And are any of them who weren't for Trump before, for Trump now because of it? If not, you DO know about this. @WaltonBruce 1.7 pounds.The email I got promoting this piece called it "a New Way to Scam Money," hah! Howard Jarvis did it in 1964 pretend… @greenfieldjohn I remember that from college daze... @mkazin Dear friend! I stopped doing screen grabs of the OVERWHELMING coverage national of this single incident as… this debunking was framed--the "garage pull" already there for years, so not aimed explicitly at Bubba Wallace… @Folly_and_Glory @CarlosLozadaWP And a name from the acknowledgments weighs in! :-) @mlake9 Comme ca. @mkazin If my grandma had wheels she'd be a bus. @ReubenR80027912 What you call "self-flagellation" I bare humanity. So. @RhetoricPJ Thanks for the new word!! @LarryChicago Only if you're a political "scientist." @brothersjudd Looking forward to your review! :-)Exhibit A. @williameburns13 Spoiler alert: Carter's in there plenty! @Thx4SharingJerk Send me one with a check for $3.86 for postage and a big puffy envelope. @PoliticoTeacher I write about him all the time.Speaking of, last week I was a little too hasty in reporting NIXONLAND paperbacks were back in stock. But they're… & Schuster production manager, this morning: "We can get this one in but any future fixes will have to be mad… boomers: the phenomenon of voters blaming ugly public disorder connected to social justice movements on the Dem…
@jjmullion dunno. @Tacitus49 @ClareMalone Communicating with readers is a joy and a privilege. @postdiscipline @willwilkinson The GOP is the white party because they legislate in the interests of whites. Popula… @Tacitus49 @ClareMalone And I remember the cover for subscribers was the Obama article, and the one for newsstands… @postdiscipline @willwilkinson "We"? @Steinernomics @dajafi @PhillyLocalGuy He did listen. And made a decision. @Tacitus49 @ClareMalone Agreed. I wrote something similar. He built the modern city. @postdiscipline @willwilkinson Sure. The only people I've ever seen framing racial issues in terms of the importanc… @postdiscipline @willwilkinson Wow, a Nazi! Rarely spot 'em in the wild. @HeerJeet And if the junky has an AIDS tattoo on his ass: bonus! @dajafi @PhillyLocalGuy No. He cast the die in the closing weeks of the campaign, and there was far too much eviden… @Tacitus49 @ClareMalone What's your brief for RJD? @Tacitus49 @ClareMalone THANKS! I hide it using the handle @rickperlstein, ;-) @dajafi @PhillyLocalGuy Not at all. A ton of stuff I didn't know. @HeerJeet I don't! When did he say it? I CAN STILL STOP THE PRESSES!!! @Real_BenShapiro You will after August 18, repeatedly!The phrase "epistemic closure" is an instance of epistemic closure. Just say "closed-mindedness."The best part of that Paul Weyrich quote is that it was delivered to a gathering of thousands of men of the cloth.'m proud to have helped with this extremely impressive historical account. @TimDoogan Tuition bill in the mail...Then there was the day a young pup named @TimDoogan rolled in, and the rest was history...