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Join @AMLE, @pckinney, and @LaurieBarron for next week's #webinar. #teaching #edchat
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @_Nancy_Lake @MarthaZeron Thank you, Nancy. Chris's site looks helpful. @MarthaZeron @rickwormeli2 A great website to begin conversations around this topic...
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli"Let's put it out there and let the e-mails fly: Honor roll in middle schools serves little or no purpose, and it a…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliI am teaching a course, Designing and Teaching for Understanding, for Endicott College in Leysin, Switzerland from…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliExcellent opportunity for Iowa (and perhaps midwest) educators interested in standards-based grading. #sblchat
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@plugusin @ctimbrown Sign me up to buy I!Using the great book by @NancyFrey @dougfisher @domsmithRP from @ASCD #alpartners #edchat #SEL
Retweeted by Rick WormeliCheating and Plagiarizing:
Retweeted by Rick WormeliIt's Time to Stop Averaging Grades: Roll? Really?: at Executive Function: Intellectual Life of Teachers: and Tenacious Teaching: by Writing: School, not Junior High: Teachers Remain Neutral or Share their Beliefs with Students?: Have to Prepare Students for the Next Level, Don't We?: and Plagiarizing: Still Matters: Problem with, "Show Me the Research" Thinking Yes, Please!:'s Worth Getting Up to Speed on School Law: to Know Our Students: in the Classroom: Grief of Accepting New Ideas: @GaryChapinCCE Thanks, Gary. :-) @rickwormeli2 knocking it out of the park.
Retweeted by Rick WormeliThe Problem with, "Show Me the Research" Thinking via @AMLE @rickwormeli2
Retweeted by Rick WormeliThe Problem with, "Show Me the Research" Thinking via @AMLE @rickwormeli2
Retweeted by Rick WormeliAre you new to standards-based and have questions? Or are you a seasoned practitioner willing to share your experti…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliA reporter asked me how I got off the streets when I was a homeless kid. I said, "I got a job at McDonalds." He blu…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli"When 'resilience' is applied to at-risk kids, it implies 'the solutions reside within an individual and not their…
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When you feel out a bit when someone you respect greatly geeks out herself about reading one of your articles at an… writes beautifully and professionally here, and really gives good rationale for conference attendance - Than… @learningandtheb Thank you for speaking in this. Let us know a few of your participants' responses and as many of y… Wormeli (@rickwormeli2) explores challenges of relying on research to inform teaching. He's got useful questi…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliYes, yes, yes! :-) love it - Get them up, moving, and engaging with content! Way to go! @dedrasedu @stenhousepub @ASCD submitted my annual review of education news for The Washington Post. You can see what I wrote for the past se…
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A snow day retweet of our SBL in 10 Tweets thread!
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @FINCrown @stenhousepub Um, I wrote the book study/facilitator's guide for the 1st FIAE available from… @MathBurner @AngelicaSleiman Fair Isn't Always Equal, second edition (Stenhouse publishers)
The next iteration of 6 word stories....Thanks @pernilleripp & @rickwormeli2! Sum it up w/ simple words AND a sketc…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliPernille takes a great idea and makes it 10 times better - What a wonderful thing! Illustrated 6-word memoirs!… grade is supposed to prove an accurate, undiluted indicator of a students mastery of learning standards - it is n…
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@jwbvt @PetersonJoy @PrincipalKafele @AMLE @jesslahey @KimCamp4Kids @AmyDurant4 @willismichaelk @jparksvt blog unpacking #AMLE19 Please enjoy. @ me with feedback as always and look for all the shout outs in here!…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliClassic from Grant Wiggins- Check it out! The Point Of School Isn’t To Get Good At School | TeachThought PD
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This article from the November 2019 issue of KAPPAN has created quite a bit of discussion. Please let me know what…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliI love research that supports what I already believe.
Retweeted by Rick WormeliFinishing #AMLE19 with @rickwormeli2 ! Teacher Engagement #BeCurious
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli"In some schools there is an anti-intellectual bias" @rickwormeli2 #AMLE19
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli“You’re not allowed to know you have a deficit and do nothing about it.” @rickwormeli2 is doing a fantastic job br…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @TheWeirdTeacher But I don't want to go... :-)Some schools have new ideas fall apart bc they don’t invest in readiness or building capacity; they jump in. Other…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @SondraBrake Now that's a testimony, Sondra. Thank you!#AMLE19 Thanks @rickwormeli2 for a plethora of information that I will access the rest of my career!
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @AcademicMindset @AMLE It was an honor meeting you two! Thanks for hanging on to the very last drop of the conference!It was a pleasure watching renowned school leader, author, and education speaker, @rickwormeli2. He did a fantastic…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @MrsCford_tweets @AMLE Beautiful and substantive. Thanks!Attended Building Teacher Capacity for Creativity with @rickwormeli2 yesterday @AMLE. #amle19 #323learn #educoach
Retweeted by Rick WormeliThank you @Williamdp for attending and participating with a constant smile!!!! I hope our paths cross again soon.
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @TheWeirdTeacher We did at my house when our kids were young, but Leap-unicorn is a little rough. Leap-Dalek 'even rougher.Been a fan of @Larryferlazzo for awhile, so after years of thinking deeply & working hard w lots of educators on ho…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliIf you are concerned about the impact of grades, join Joe Feldman and Ken O'Connor at 11 or 2 on Saturday at #ASCDCEL
Retweeted by Rick WormeliStudents who read more, know more. And those who know more can do more. NCTE statement on independent reading
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @Maverikedu12 @kristavenza @AMLE @jt2510 Thank you, Erik. I value our friendship similarly, and have benefitted fro… at all of the AMAZING educators at #AMLE19 !!!
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@teacherpalma @kdawnfraley Yep, that's the goal, but some see teaching just to their own level of skill and content… are just ingredients and teachers are the master chefs creating personalized meals for our students…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @shighley Thanks, Susie! What an honor and thrill to see you again! @cmtoy @johncroftnortonEven if you didn't get to attend @rickwormeli2 sessions at #AMLE19, you should check out the extensive handouts on…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliSo many inspiring ideas from @rickwormeli2 about the importance of maintaining creativity in our classrooms! Ultima…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliDay one #AMLE19 was informative and practical for all things “Middle”. For those who work with this age bless you f…
Retweeted by Rick WormeliExcited for Cultivating Creativity with @rickwormeli2 ! #AMLE19 @mslisacorbett @JennaKerney @MarloSullivan11
Retweeted by Rick WormeliAnother packed house to hear @rickwormeli2’s ideas about promoting creativity #AMLE19
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli“Teachers: If you're doing your job right, the goal is that your students surpass you, not that they get equal to…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli“Cultivating creativity isn’t a lark. It’s downright urgent and deeply professional.” @rickwormeli2 #amle2019
Retweeted by Rick WormeliWords of wisdom from @rickwormeli2: "Do not let your creativity atrophy." #AMLE19
Retweeted by Rick WormeliCreativity not only helps our students but it helps teachers enjoy their jobs @rickwormeli2 #amle19
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @spies_erin Like Pasteur's "Chance favors the prepar d mind." Spot on!We did it! Amazing to share w colleagues from as far away as Ghana and Australia, and as close as Lebanon TN. Grate…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli“We’re hired to teach how students best learn, not the way we (or their classmates) best learn.” @rickwormeli2 #amle2019
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli“We can’t think critically without thinking creatively. Creativity involves critical thinking often. They’re synerg…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli“It is not an answer chase. It’s a question journey.” @rickwormeli2 #AMLE19 #323learns
Retweeted by Rick WormeliWe can’t be creative unless we’re willing to be confused! @rickwormeli2 #storyofmylife #istayconfused
Retweeted by Rick WormeliJust worked a fun--but very literal-math problem that @rickwormeli2 recommended from this book by @MichaelMichalko
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli"Grades are NOT compensation. Grades are communication: They are an accurate report of what happened." @rickwormeli2 #AMLE19
Retweeted by Rick WormeliVery important concept to apply to our students #amle2019 @rickwormeli2
Retweeted by Rick WormeliMany great ways to get to know your students and build relationships in this article from @rickwormeli2 for @AMLE
Retweeted by Rick WormeliThis is hilarious and perfect - Thank you!n:-) because we can’t fathom the logistics doesn’t mean we abandon the principle. @rickwormeli2 #AMLE19 #323learns
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @mskendzora I love it, Cassie, especially as sharing the freak elevates others gathered nearby!#sixwordmemoir my relationship with teacher creativity: Resident Art Freak elevating educators’ genius…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @Simo845 @AMLE @jesslahey @DruTomlin4Edu @blocht574 @ArlingtonCSD And @LisaMeade23 , your name came up in multiple positives. :-) @Simo845 @AMLE @jesslahey @DruTomlin4Edu @blocht574 @ArlingtonCSD Michele, what an honor! Thank you for all you do for @ArlingtonCSD !Just hanging with some of our EduHeroes! Getting our learnin’ on in Nashville @AMLE @jesslahey @DruTomlin4Edu
Retweeted by Rick WormeliHey @jesslahey! Appreciate your passion & your critical questions: How would your students respond 2 this? “Raise y…
Retweeted by Rick Wormeli @SBclassroom @AMLE @CorwinPress #amle2019 , this is not one to miss! Stan and Emily have really been through this d…