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Goodnight all. Take care. And watch "The Apple". It's nothing you've ever experienced before. Trust me. @thecroakerqueen @BrownlieChris Tuesday! @CogitoErgoWtf You've got the right attitude. @Lillysbookshelf I'm lovin' it!#picoftheday
Retweeted by Rick Wright @MikeRey61920141 True. @DennyNorth @CrazyRalph1980 They're all like that! 😃 @thecroakerqueen True! @80sBaby90sKid_ Gotcha. @santangelorobe2 Yep. @CrazyRalph1980 I see.Cards on the table, I dare my sister to have me on her show. It just won’t happen. Hmm... @IngrahamAngle
Retweeted by Rick Wright#AccordingToCartoons A pineapple can be a house.
Retweeted by Rick Wright @80sBaby90sKid_ Okay then. @CrazyRalph1980 Smart move! @VoiceofRita @pablohortons You speak Truth. @CrazyRalph1980 I don't recall that episode! 😃Leave the FIRST time he or she hits you! Go right then.You're not going to change someone. What someone is as a fiance is what they'll be as a husband/wife. You either ac… , musical numbers are the best way to explain things.
Retweeted by Rick Wright @HungWang10 @EeyoreSchlong Ha!The future is now.
Retweeted by Rick Wright @foniker That's true but he is a bird. @BongSpock Good to know!Remember if you're golfing and you see lightning about, hold up a 1 Iron. Not even God could hit a 1 Iron. @pablohortons You haven't read "Song of Solomon" have you? Pretty racy stuff!#MyNonSexualTurnOns The Bible
Retweeted by Rick Wright @buggydude77 It could be. @lapindata Thanks.Martha Hunt, Model Extraordinaire. @JamesCalibos33 Glad you agree. @NoelRedwood Also true. @lapindata Yes! @hawkins98 Yep. @Carroll51873494 Very! @420king12 You've got it.The thought that gay men are promiscuous is very offensive. And I'm sure the hundreds of men I've slept with will back me up. @OldDetroitPunk True. @GeekToMeRadio @MadAnter 😃 @Carroll51873494 😃 @CouldnSay Ha! @kmlimberg @MrRaceBannon Or the boyfriend. @danielscottmyer That's a funny joke. @paulmwaxman Very good. @iamnotchjohnson He did.#AccordingToCartoons Woodstock was a cannibal. friendship is the greatest superpower!
Retweeted by Rick Wright @JeffreyKneeream I respect your opinion. @Rayscot2963 I know you were joking. @Jessica86734608 @DavaStarr That's true. @JBeaverton Truth. @IsaNahilaS I'm fine. It's 11:03pm here. Just Twittering away. @LIVINGDEADGRRL2 @DavaStarr That's the truth. @josephishope Nice! @ZellnerMeagan @Rayscot2963 Maybe I do.#IAbsolutelyRefuseTo let anyone steal my joy.
Retweeted by Rick Wright @IsaNahilaS Good day! How are you?Good morning world!!! #blessed #BlessedAndGrateful
Retweeted by Rick WrightI started a new hobby #DuringMyStaycation
Retweeted by Rick Wright @josephishope Ha! @OldDetroitPunk Bless you! @josephishope Slightly used. @schlichting1103 Very true. @josephishope Ha! @iamnotchjohnson I'm not a fan of Woody anymore. @Nerd2pointO Oh. I see now. @Shorror_ Fleeting something good? 😉 @marian_kwok You've got it. @MR_SILVERJET Very true. @EeyoreSchlong I'm broke myself. Sorry. @Nerd2pointO Many aren't up to the challenge. @TheRealStanRay @Acidic_Blonde Very wise.I’m not worried about having a threesome. I think I should try to have a twosome first cuz I’ve been stuck on a onesome for a whole.
Retweeted by Rick Wright @MMortemm Ha! @iamnotchjohnson Really? @GhostHDentist I'll be dead in 20 years!I've found that if you lend money to a friend, that you consider it a gift, cause they're never paying you back. @lnicol10252aolc I think that's true. @kmlimberg Unfortunately no. @DesMoinesghost I knew what you meant. @samiamnurnot They grow up so fast! @OldDetroitPunk Alright! @lnicol10252aolc Yes it was."Hulk live to ride; ride to live!"
Retweeted by Rick Wright#IAbsolutelyRefuseTo go back to prison! You'll never take me alive, Coppers!
Retweeted by Rick Wright @ZellnerMeagan Goodnight friend. @capn_kirok Sad but he knows it's not a hoax now.Dad called me to tell me about an old friend of the family is in ICU on a ventilator. Weeks ago he told my dad the…
Retweeted by Rick Wright @samiamnurnot He sounds precious. @DesMoinesghost Aww. Thanks. @samiamnurnot They ARE defensive about that.Don't you wish there was some kind of machine that guaranteed female orgasms every time? @Baldblackdiva John Ritter was a genius. @Baldblackdiva Yes! @PapaKeo1960 Yep. @DavaStarr You don't have to be gay to like to wear women's clothes. They make them so silky against your skin. Plu… friend found thigh length socks in her man's drawer now she thinks he's gay! We're in a group text with 3 other…
Retweeted by Rick Wright @Psychonolfi Yep. @OldDetroitPunk Ha!