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Your not so normal video entertainer • Sponsored by @XidaxPCs & @DXRacer use code TONGUE for a discount! • for biz.

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@LinusTech @roman_nfkrz @ZackShutt @Adiofreak oh god @awk_raccoon @vickorano @deathink is* @vickorano @deathink tiktok id lit. stop it. hat @angerrae_ @angerrae_ morningg @ArcticRoll_ @keyrevoked @RealYungCripp @zaptiee how am I up this late @keyrevoked @RealYungCripp @zaptiee wrong part of Canada @RealYungCripp @zaptiee stop being racist @2gay2lift I give this a 6 out of 10 @yellowspoongirl @T1 @playfull @KatyBentz @miraleighh @Nicholas_DeOrio @Nicholas_DeOrio famI will be at #PAXEast from February 27th to March 1st! I hope to see you all there! Thank you to my sponsor… @RoraPickles @RealYungCripp ^^^ @RealYungCripp @RealYungCripp party @LiamMcEwan @RoraPickles @LFMManagement @Robn_GG @reesecanada 👀 @SecretNarc ok @Shryneir @LilNasX @blnnko @YourFellowArab is multiplying @KEEMSTAR they better all be genuine. a lot of fakes out there @deathink
@ZackShutt @ynotWheelz @RealYungCripp @RealYungCripp @RealYungCripp stop talking about yourself. not everyone that can't walk is like you @RealYungCripp you wish you had what I have @RealYungCripp the truth will surface @RealYungCripp stop copy and pasting other jokes @RealYungCripp stop tweeting about me @garyvee the only sports card you need @youtooz you did itttt :O @_SrPelo_ @Katweegee spaghetti @Katweegee @angerrae_ @JimCarrey rate my sonic pls @angerrae_ @angerrae_ @RoraPickles out today and finally doing something with my life pre ordering animal crossing new horizons @vickorano @BrittanyMangoes @mustachebruh control yourself on taking better selfies morningg @TheNeverCat @RealYungCripp Donovan I'm only disappointed because this is basically a stolen tweet.... You are act… @madisondecambra why did u copy me >:( @KEEMSTAR @yellowspoongirl @yellowspoongirl no @YourFellowArab or paxcopyright protection is broken. goodnight fam'M MAD AT MY CAT @BootyHaver @BootyHaver @SirLunick @HaramContreras @RealYungCripp @patient47245143 @Nicholas_DeOrio @sodapops_ @LvL99Miggs @RealYungCripp @RiceGum @RealYungCripp @RiceGum @RealYungCripp @RiceGum @JakeBaldino @RealYungCripp @RiceGum weren't you? @RoraPickles @RoraPickles @Ninja
@MelonieMac @birdeat3 @JayzTwoCents @DreamHack @OJessicaNigri @maxmoefoe @Stephephaway no and yes pls @BluesDank sound @YourFellowArab @SinfulAlterBoy @katawashimi @xidaxpcs @SirLunick I need a new hat @katawashimi @xidaxpcs do it @ArcticRoll_ @katawashimi @xidaxpcs mail me my hat back pls thxgood morningg @BasicallyTrture u got msn? @Morrison've been on the internet since 2002, wbu? The internet was a lot more edgier back in the day imo. If you can't h… to make pizza pops