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I do these broadcasts for free because they're shite, but they help animals so RT anyway 🙏! How lucky are we?! The one and only @rickygervais is back warming up his newest live show #SuperNature here at…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisThe first two seasons of #AfterLife have notched up 72 million views. Most watched British Comedy in the world 2 ye…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisNice piece about how @rickygervais ‘made it’. See:
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @collyhurst_ Because I can’t socially distance a gig that’s already sold out to capacity.Wakey, Wakey! @SrMac14 Write about what you know and more importantly what you feel. Trust your instincts and use your experience… @slash015nl Cheers @Julie_Deboel Yeah really enjoyed that too.
Watched #detwaalf this week. One of the most complex, nuanced and gripping courtroom dramas I've ever seen. Natural… Derek for the umpteenth time. Always makes me want to be a better person. @rickygervais is just so clever,…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @Clark1995Clark Everything else was in the hotel laundry and it was a surprise invite.News: More London Gigs For Ricky Gervais @rickygervais
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @brucedes Thanks for the lovely review, Bruce. Glad you enjoyed it 🙏 @Clark1995Clark ObamaJUST ANNOUNCED: The one and only @rickygervais has announced two more warm-up shows for his upcoming tour, SuperNat…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @Kermit_fat_cat @meowitsjoey @bella_beddywhip @jim73194352 @WeatherDog3 @LeopoldLoveday I answered this question Tuesday Kermit. @marcthevet @O2ForumKTown @SeanMcLoughlin 👍 @rosie54542781 @O2ForumKTown 10am I assume.Still buzzing from last night’s #SuperNature warm up at @O2ForumKTown. Gonna do a couple more on the 3rd & 10th of… @meowitsjoey Happy birthday Joey’s dad!Wakey, Wakey! you so much @rickygervais for an amazing gig last night. #SuperNature is hilarious and is a great reminder to…
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Did my first gig in 9 months tonight. Just a warm up, but I had a blast. Thank you to the amazing audience at The… seen @rickygervais stand up but today was hilarious and 1000% offensive! Great evening #supernature
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais.@netflix doesn’t know what it’s in for with @rickygervais’ next special. Incredible. Loved it as per.
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisMy cheeks are aching @rickygervais thank you for a brilliant night! It was definitely the most offensive thing I’ve…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @rickygervais was worth 2 temperature checks, a mask the entire evening and £5.50 cans of San Miguel. Unbelievably funny.
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @paulee00 Not sure but it’s in the centre of Beaconsfield.Holding hands to help her sleep., Wakey!
@BetsyRoadRunner I’ve been. 4 visits. Root canal & crown. But it still hurts 😫 @BetsyRoadRunner Done it 👍 @makhzoom13 It’s like a metaphor for existence. @aamwilliams More trouble than its worth. @MapYourStory1 I'm not sure I'm afraid. Amazon?Thank you @TelevisionAcad for my Emmy Nomination Certificate & goody bag that just arrived in the post. My cat part… weekend’s 24 hour show (@watsonathon II) is ON. After an awful lot of work. Tickets by donation of whatever yo…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais🎫🚨 Extra tickets have just been released for @RickyGervais' #SuperNature tour at #Leeds @fdarena!…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisJust a reminder to the world that this clip exists.
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @rickygervais
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisBest fans in world 🙏 have to cuddle Monty away from the house now. gentleman caller ❤️
I’ve done no work since we got this cat. @PaullieWalnuts “Here, try this pizza”Life’s cruel & then you die 😂 @Doxic100 correctHands up if you think you deserve a treat.... @meowitsjoey I did answer it Joey.Did the whole show talking to myself. Pickle even made an appearance. @bella_beddywhip Yes @FiGilg Yep.Just found out the broadcast didn’t work. Sorry about that. @CathyGarside UK clocks went back last night. It's not 6pm yet :) @Faye26692452 So annoying. @everettehatcher I'm not, no. Maybe Tony is? @PeterEgan6 @DogsBlog Happy #NationalDogAdoptionDay @PeterEgan6, @rickygervais & our favourite magazine,…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisHi @rickygervais it's #nationaldogadoptionday and you helped massively last year to raise awareness of the joy of a…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisL'aventure a commencé en 2012 avec ce joli ❤️ de @rickygervais en roue libre. Pour continuer à lire les meilleurs,…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisPickle looks like a little fat snow leopard. Gervais, Will Ferrell, los hermanos Coen, Depardieu, Gena Rowlands, Tarantino, Deneuve, Almodóvar, De Palma,…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisImagine being in lockdown with Kev.
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @kevinrbarlow Happy anniversary! @GSpellchecker 😂Wakey, Wakey! @jim73194352 @FreyaBird11 haha
I find most outtake videos of shows a little smug and rather self serving - but THIS is beautiful and absolute come…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @GaryBloomer Not till late next year, I'm afraid. @Marianne4th No. In fact I was worried people who were grieving would find it hard to watch.Best fans in the world. for all your amazing tweets about #AfterLife still flooding in. It’s particularly heartwarming to hear how i…é maravilla #afterlife . Un canto al amor, a la vida, a la tristeza y al seguir adelante con ella de…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisCan't get over how truthfully @netflix #AfterLife has portrayed coping with loss! Such a raw yet funny show with th…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisI identify as an 8-year-old girl. #AfterLife2
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @BaysPaul @SeriousHoax @ToptanMiray I just bought that field. @Clark1995Clark Haha. What was that in? @piersmorgan And don’t get me started on the milk of kindness or Easter eggs.Wakey, Wakey! @BaysPaul @SeriousHoax @ToptanMiray 😂 @BaysPaul @SeriousHoax @ToptanMiray I'm a loser! Praise The evidence! @BaysPaul @SeriousHoax @ToptanMiray Exactly. And there's a book to "prove" God exists 😂 @BaysPaul @SeriousHoax @ToptanMiray Oh, OK. Cheers. @teenypeenyshow The social distancing isn't being done like that.
@gemlhill Ugh..please report it.Right. Someone give Eric a home. Look at him! @itm72 @SeriousHoax Cheers. I disagree. Science keeps looking and finding stuff out. The more it finds, the more qu… @mralistairgreen If this is a metaphor for something, like Brexit, or NHS cuts, I'll be annoyed. I want real zombies. @itm72 @SeriousHoax I’m not even aware of being zapped let alone being able to explain it. Important thing is that…, Wakey!
@Clark1995Clark I've asked them to search for it and my assistant thinks he remembers me signing some stuff for you… @Clark1995Clark Sorry about that. So annoying, I know. @Clark1995Clark They're in at least once a week. I have had mail in the last couple of weeks though. Was it photos to sign?#Brilliant I watched #Humanity at least 5 times .... Sorta like Jesus , But betta 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I Love @rickygervais
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisI’m watching Humanity- Ricky Gervais for the fourth time... It gets better every time.
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