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How to vote: 1) Skip, skip, skip... 2) STOP when you see the comedy category 3) Vote for After Life 4) Skip, skip,…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @Paulie09 Thanks for voting for AfterLife :) @Hayleydicko79 Thanks for voting for AfterLife :) @WolfMadre67 Thanks for voting for AfterLife, Lisa :)Skip the rest, vote for the best! #AfterLife @rickygervais
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisThe National Television Awards Vote Is Open! Ricky Gervais' #Afterlife has my vote! ☑️🙂 Have your say here:…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais#AfterLife up for another award. Vote here 😇
Terrific but sad day today..terrific because it’s been such a treat working with the brilliant ⁦@rickygervais⁩ & hi…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisToday's announcement that the govt will BAN trophy hunting imports is the result of the efforts of @CBTHunting, our…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisFilthy cunts. paid freelance PH Ryno Maritz to help her kill this giraffe; for a few second thrill as she pulled the trigger.…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisIs this a Brokeback Mountain quote? be quick when the final warm up shows for #SuperNature go on sale this Friday!, who’s having rice pudding tonight? #NationalDessertDay
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais#AfterLife on Netflix is near-perfect bittersweet comedy about newspaper writer's grief over death of wife & ongoin…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais"@rickygervais: your time in the limelight is over, and no amount of consistently successful sell-out shows is goin…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @Seaninthedawn Love that 🙏At Battersea, we believe rescue pets are the best pets, no matter their age, shape or size. That’s why Rescue is ou…
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@FPLkramer @OccuWorld I also like the idea that world famous multi millionaire & dangerous driver Caitlin Jenner is marginalized 😂 @OccuWorld Haha. Says the delicate flower who was so upset by one routine they didn’t watch the other routines abou… @PartNovel AfterLife 2 😇I darned a pair of socks today. @HellOnHeelz7373 @Clark1995Clark Which country and which God do you want an answer for first? @AlexCiorbea @Clark1995Clark Very easily apparently.Is that language necessary?
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @jwarrphoto Yeah similar.
@rickygervais 🎉 WE DID IT 🎉 California just passed the first-ever statewide ban on fur! The new law will save thous…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @taudom12 Many would disagree with your definition. It's certainly your right to state it though :) @CathyGarside thanks @taudom12 I agree with you. But some would accuse us of being transphobic for not accepting someone's self identification as transgender. @nehawkins The pressure of being King 😉 @Ashc7 The dog does not die. I promise.Even pets are voting for #AfterLife 😂 @JamesGillComedy 😇 @benwimbushSCORD I've developed a couple of smaller characters from season 1, added 5 or 6 cameos, and introduced a… can vote for it here #SuperNature warm ups 31st Oct - Jackson’s lane Theatre 6th Nov - Finchley Arts Centre 7th Nov - Watford C… @NedLuddNottm Enjoy it :) @simonplewis @B_HQ Laurel & Hardy, Monty Python, Marx Brothers... @B_HQ great.@rickygervais It is hard to believe it was nearly seven months ago since I watched #AfterLife. Here is a link to m…
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Thanks for voting for #AfterLife from all over the world. And thanks even more for always supporting the animal wel… @__stature yes @WeatherDog3 It's the best fun ever Rupe. I laughed so much today I gave myself a headache.Only 10 more filming days left on #AfterLife2. Might be my favourite job ever. Have a great weekend! @darrenleach 7 weeks filming, 14 weeks editing, then a couple of weeks dubbing and grading then 2 months translatin… @Clark1995Clark Great. 2 weeks left.“If you’re a good person, doing things you want to do is the same as doing good.” Finally watched #AfterLife. Sobs…
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@Phil57B No but it was definitely an early one :) @Clark1995Clark Friday 18th⁦@WeatherDog3⁩ @WeatherDog3 Happy Birthday Froggy.
@iainsykes2014 @NetflixUK next springThanks for voting for #AfterLife from all over the world. And thanks even more for always supporting the animal wel… @xawul yep @scoobeydubey No but it sounds good :).@rickygervais Show your support for #UKIvoryBan which is being challenged by the #AntiquesTrade from becoming law!…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @injen88 Yes I think Stranger Things will probably win but it's still heartwarming to see my #AfterLife army trying 😇
One week left to vote for #Afterlife 🙏 @Damon09009802 Last day is Friday 25th Oct Life! What a #phenomenal series! Definitely, a one to watch. #popcorn #tissues #awesome
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisIt still feels weird to tell @rickygervais you wrote about something you think he wrote, even though you know he di…
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@BruntonLindsey yep @houfakir yes @arnettwill Between deadlifts.I'm having the best time shooting #AfterLife2 but I haven't forgotten about my #SuperNature world tour that starts… @NippleSkyguy @Babbooneteh Yes. Beyond the label 'atheist', and based on the lack of evidence and all the definitio… @crazyhorse65 @Babbooneteh I wrote this to help explain some definitions and my position :) @Babbooneteh Atheism is merely the rejection of the claim that any god exists. Saying it is a belief system is like… Street: 50 Years and Counting is out now on a very special 2-disc DVD set at @Walmart! Enjoy celebrity appea…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @purbrooktony He needs more than that.
Analysis of Ricky Gervais’ ‘After Life’ S1 : E1 #storytelling #amwriting
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisNew video essay on After Life; examining @rickygervais' answer to nihilism through the works of Albert Camus, C.S.…
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisHave your say on the #TVTimesAwards2019. Ricky Gervais' #Afterlife has my vote! 😀 Vote here:…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @andbutsomarc @Wiltybanter So what you're saying is, I've never experienced any grief or tragedy in my life. Interesting claim. @Wiltybanter Hope you're looking at the answers though :) @Wiltybanter I assumed it was a genuine question you wanted answers to. If that's not true I'll un RT. @WEIRDCHRISTMAS @tonypaulway @MissJoHartley @Roisinconaty @AnnaPrice01 Next spring :)4 weeks down, 3 to go filming #AfterLife2. I'd say 70% of all takes are ruined by laughter. What a job. @bornapie76 Cheers. It's so annoying.“It’s good innit?” David Brent: #LifeOnTheRoad is streaming now on @netflix!
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Fantasy dinner party guests: Pick your top 5 favourite people & why? Why Indeed! @rickygervais #AfterLife Who would…
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @FuehrenWriter When can I read Ep 2? 🤔“Yes you have, you’ve been shagging Micky the Gypsy” #AfterLife
Retweeted by Ricky Gervais @woodsphil I'll put your name forward to Netflix nearer the time as they're very precious about that sort of thing :)You can now watch #LifeOnTheRoad on Netflix.
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@MFryActual I just wrote it. But it's still interesting to hear viewers deconstruct it :) @mazylady @FuehrenWriter Love it 👍 @mazylady Whoops. Don't think I saw you blog, Caroline.Another amazing analysis of #AfterLife. @MickAtheist @punkindrublicar @nivagnoxin @JackNic02816414 Yep. If someone jumped into a cage of lions at the zoo w… @FuehrenWriter Fascinating piece, Florian. Thank you. @nivagnoxin @JackNic02816414 You mean the calfs the psycho matadors practice on? Yeah, I care about those too. @JackNic02816414 Sweaty cunts aren't cheering now, are they. Poor frightened bull. Fuck anyone who finds this shit entertaining. @rickygervais #fridaynight #netflix #funnyasfook
Retweeted by Ricky GervaisAnother fun week shooting #AfterLife2. Have a great weekend 🥂