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Passionate about cars, clothes, kicks, and computers. I own the car in my header. Pickle Inc.

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i will be going to sleep. goodnight. @JoeyPrivateJew sensationalholy shit guys we are in, Biasedplot4722, and ItsDaddycakes taking another massive victory. @wtfKobra bro its 8 hours thats plenty of time to sleep and wake up @Class you too brotha @bopndop Ah går en liten härlig vandring här... oh shit mikey yakson jävlar han moonwalkar ute i skogen @Class <3ME AND WHO ME AND WHO ME AND WHO ME AND WHO ME AND WHO ran in like 3 days its been too long i am going to go run now @bopndop fax @snowDrocc I didn’t mean it 🥰 @snowDrocc Ight my cashapp is $02ricky and my Venmo is @rickyreapers @dagostlno Thanks his name is vert like lil uzi ‘vert’Laying down in bed with my cat watching tv at 3 am with the lights on @JERMAlNE pretty pogu 1am moment @kingofthabears @wittlekittenley got her ass nice1 bear @MariaRantz If it makes you feel better I don’t know half the people in the comm anymore too, so many new random mfs I can’t keep up @yodogloI thanks bossman @yodogloI how does one do this. how do i buy a 30 series @bopndop @Froste @jakkuxd @Nadeshot 1:1 nice ratio bro @bopndop @Froste @jakkuxd @Nadeshot 36 second old tweet @Froste @jakkuxd @Nadeshot anyways wassup froste you got me with a hoodie right (the red one) @Froste @jakkuxd @Nadeshot mf couldve chose a $100 hoodie and asked for a $20 hat SMH @jakkuxd @Froste @Nadeshot IS HE GONNA LINK INDEED OR ACTUALLY HOOK JAKK UP?
GmHoly shit it’s Friday the 13th.Sleeping now. Goodnight.doing races on gta for another 20 or so minutes then getting off for the night, come hang out for a little bit if y… @Class playin gta whats up classyLOST MY WHOLE BANKROLL SO NOW IM DOING FORMULA 1 RACES TO EARN MONEY COME HOP IN THE STREAM (also very close to 10… STREAM FOR A LITTLE BIT IM PLAYING ULTRA HIGH STAKES BLACKJACK FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TAP IN GUYS (also ver… @TristanGHill i can get you some legitimate reccomendations how much you looking to spend? 200-400? 400-700? 700-1k? 1k+? @22lexi_ i wish hoes played cs if they did i would have so many girlfriends by now holy cow @Boy1drr GOODNIGHT LEG @Xouped ????????????? @Xouped then what state are you talking about here lol @Xouped is this directed at alaska or something @22lexi_ just losing on csgo as always might go run here in a little bit but im mad tired from thanksgiving dinner… @22lexi_ yeah no problem whats up lexi @22lexi_ oh yeah its funny because its the weed number nice1 leximy cousins cake was mad good this thanksgiving @jakkuxd @MrFuryRevenge even for a ps5 youre gonna want a monitor better than that @jakkuxd @MrFuryRevenge thatll be fine for a ps4 but why not spend a little more and get a monitor thatll be good n… @KEEMSTAR someone is gonna ratio this for sure @SlendyHDR preciate it brotha @KEEMSTAR lol u and me @Froste @Class @Froste @oFabz whats wrong @Froste @oFabz *fuck u a little then takes you to hospital* @Class @Froste ill pay money to see this @VinkolaJokic holy @VinkolaJokic thanks for taking one for the team and downloading the app now drop the link to the videoalright its been like 4 hours since i had dinner i think its time to bust out the leftovers @liImorg @notchaselyons jesus christ @JERMAlNE Yeah @liImorg @notchaselyons That’s nuts @liImorg @notchaselyons 75 people at thanksgiving are yall celebrating at a dining hall or somethingim up $2,000,000 in blackjack at the gta5 casino this blackjack shit is mad easy i gotta play in real life @Ultra15151 @Froste This!
@Ultra15151 cya on new years bossman @Ultra15151 didnt even consider that this is your first tweet in months til i read the replies. seems fitting for you. welcome back @Froste LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOLlmk team @Froste @Mako @Class @Avalanche100T @Nadeshot @100Thievesthe mob? more like slob on their knob like corn on the cob *gwak gwak gwak* @Gavpai Who @Froste i hate it when that happens! us streamers need to get streamlabs to do something about this @Froste wanna play poker later babeWHO THE FUCK LAUNCHES FIREWORKS FOR THANKSGIVING EVE LOL @HarryButAverage goodnight harry! i want a ferrari for christmas! @ELPWSwastaken get well soon man
Just finished the first season; very poggers show. I really relate to Barney. @peeknab @chickfiley One of these times she’s gonna kiss you back it’s bound to happen @chickfiley @kingofthabears owned @bopndop Not even true right now and I sure as hell won’t let it be true for my future. Weather or not I become a b… @bopndop People unironucally live the same day over and over at their 9-5 and only look forward to retirement and n… @kingofthabears @chickfiley Got her so good she deleted LOLSHE DELETED LOL GOT HER ASS 🥇🏆 @chickfiley WHEN DID ANYONE ASK LOL @chickfiley Wow! When?Running @Huntrelol You’ll get her for sure man @kingofthabears @Ultra15151 maaan :| @kingofthabears @Ultra15151 lol nice 1 @kingofthabears @Ultra15151 what does he have that i dont :( @Gavpai felt thisI got a new caliper on there, forgot to take a picture but it’s pretty poggers @fandomhuub TO THE MOONSHUT THE FUCK UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT THE FUCK UP
@Redgaming4 @Class who cares about 100 followers @Froste Nah let’s fuck him @Class bro just change it if you wanna change it dont let some random ass mf tell you not to @Froste what kinda loser says shit like that LOLHOW THE FUCK DID NATE TIDAL SAYING OMEGA FILTER ITS WAY TO POKIMAINE LMFAOOOOOO drivers side rear caliper appears to be leaking brake fluid. Once I get a new one I will be driving again. to work on my carDo any girls wanna go to the 100 thieves compound together @bromanKro Fr it should be popping right now @jakkuxd Sbmm gonna put you up against the sweatiest players you’ve ever seen next game, good luck soldier @wittlekittenley I think I’m actually much more beautiful than the flower but thank you @ItsEcke @jakkuxd You’re joking saying cod 4 has the best replayability, gunplay, developer support, and is the mos…