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@Class interesting. seems like it just respawned and got popular again, popped up outta nowhere @dagostlno nah but fr @itsTOZZE yeah i wouldve put it on the dead br list a week ago but ive heard a lot of people talking about it recently @vTRouter they doing anything different or what @KnownAsLit ill never touch a br again i just dont like the genre @SkreetMan are they doing anything special or different? i wouldve guessed it would die like every other br hashow is apex legends still relevant? @Exocism_ ?
@22lexi_ Ight cool lmk @22lexi_ cool whenthis! @22lexi_ Sorry this was a little tooo enthusiastic I meant yes! @22lexi_ YES! @22lexi_ Omg a girl said hi to me *starts shaking nervously* @22lexi_ No.? @22lexi_ You promised we would never say goodbye... @22lexi_ bonne nuit lexi @22lexi_ Goodnight @22lexi_ gn chester and lexiyes ladies, @rickyreapers is a pro gamer
Retweeted by ¡ʎʞɔᴉɹ @OMGItsBirdman didnt see first tweet. r8 for sure. gotta be a v10 tho. same platform as the huracan anyways. the ne… @OMGItsBirdman if youre concerned for reliability get a huracan fs
@jakkuxd as i understand it it means you dont really care what other people think you just do your own thing @KEEMSTAR youre smoking copium its nuking @Exocism_ @turky42069 not on other planets but we have really strong telescopes and theyre only getting stronger. i… @Exocism_ @turky42069 100% were probably on the cusp of it right now @turky42069 guy like nadeshot is layin pipe every night this tweet is no indication @JKap415 unfortunately i can believe it :/ just the direction of cod at this point @Froste @FAAyo...
@hudsonwisler Endgame opening night was the peak of my movie viewing experience @22lexi_ A pass for what @22lexi_ i dont have followers but i do have lots of money so happy birthday i guess
@MrFuryRevenge Lmk the strats how is the pc freeHe’s gonna say you can make money on the pc by trading stocks and build a brand on twitch, so in that way the pc pa… @KEEMSTAR thats the spirit keemJO3M4M4 @Schovee what about it works for you @colosso__ @Crimsix Nice1 man! @colosso__ @Crimsix not an option on the gt3rs. the pdk is lightyears better for track driving anyways @Crimsix he had you on the straights and you had him in the turns, makes sense with how nuts the gt3rs aero isNEED ONE FOR CSGO WITH ME MARCO NATE AND KARMA RN LMK GUYS @22lexi_ @22lexi_ tf dude @22lexi_ That’s the spirit now wanna play Minecraft with me @22lexi_ love is lame as shit no cap i just want a minecraft wr @Class nah bro @Froste buy like 3x3 sections of drywall so you can get the wall punching experience without the repercussions of actually hitting your wall
@Boy1drr thanks for the raid how long ago was it my ass didnt even have it open lmfaoooooowhat a matchup xqc and daniel negranu playing chess LMFAO @Froste YOURE MAKING IT OUT THE HOOD FR BRO WHENS THE COLLAB WITH HER @Froste LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO IM HERE FOR THIS @22lexi_ @Froste its already on the calendar in sharpie i cant erase it @22lexi_ @Froste march 2nd alright cool its on the calendar @22lexi_ @Froste Got you when do you wanna start lessons @WillbPoker gn @WillbPoker yeah i mean its like watching any other tv with people, nice because you experience it together and you… @WillbPoker its nice to watch with others but it can be annoying because you can get really into it then you have t… sup man im a big fan how are you @CMONEYMAKER
@WhosBreezyUK wait i thought this happened months ago @Froste whens your flight @IcyVert 50% @DarienBMG big nostalgia fr. always gonna remember that era
This kid fucking sucks. Mickey Mouse ace. I would wipe the floor with him.
tonight is the fucking night im gonna beat minecraft in less than 30 minutes
cooking a FAT JUICY steak for lunch just gotta decide what to make alongside it. i think im gonna make it with ramen @FuzYKarma #PICKLEPOKERUPHow to NOT kill yourself pt 1 Avoid being around people who make you want to kill yourself
Retweeted by ¡ʎʞɔᴉɹ @Froste top 7 rn hop in cord to experience his emotions @Froste i think youll be proud to hear it... fuzy karma made his first final table @may_wedda i could do it fastergundam this, gundam that? when are you GUNna get some DAMn hoes?
Retweeted by ¡ʎʞɔᴉɹ @Gavpai how are hot pockets in the air fryer
@CorinnaKopf hiii you look really pretty today! as you do everyday :D @22lexi_ @CorinnaKopf Lemme try @Ryan_Recon @Icy_Rapture @ImDehV @r1ckyreap Link?follow @r1ckyreap @bopndop @r1ckyreap wym photoshopped thats a real image of me @JhbTeam @Froste @JoeyTheSuperJew @notchaselyons @Ultra15151 absolute chad lineup of people @JoeyTheSuperJew spoiler - it feels cold @2dlex @nCaustic_ valorantine........................ @leahdb98 man chicken parm sounds mad good
@augenblocken Context @jakkuxd @TommyThroatEm He wasn’t joking LMFAOOOO hitan is built to think he’s better @jjustin92 not you @WillbPoker That’s the point of flirting bro you gotta be forward @WillbPoker just call them hot and say u wanna fuck them thats about itL M K!!!!! @jjustin92To everyone who always tryna be like me: go ahead, keep jackin my swag. I’m boutta cum. @Froste @ahad my man @Froste i know youre not talking about me im cool as shit @xoupgone worth it thochoke nation from nysl @kay6e Lot of different cars it could be. The steering wheel is custom aftermarket mod called a quick release. Send… @kay6e You talking about a removable steering wheel?first 4 seconds sound like im underwater idk whyNeed to get this off my chest @bopndop this is true for me tho no cap