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I've decided to love myself. I don't give a fuck what you do!

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Some days I feel like I should expose What lies Behind my words.
Retweeted by Red R HoodI'm starting to think my soulmate might be a bag of M&M's
Retweeted by Red R Hood7am me: I really need to drink less booze 7pm me: I don’t think I have enough booze
Retweeted by Red R HoodIf it's not about trying to make perfect strangers horny and coming up with 2,645 different reiterations of "It's j…
Retweeted by Red R Hood @notyouknowsimba ❤ so great“I don’t care what you think.” **keep repeating until you believe it! Be happy. Be you. Be free.
Retweeted by Red R Hood @TugboatCaptainL DailyYou know what's fun? Knowing you belong to no one here. @MissMMathers 😍😍😍😍If you’re not disappointed yet, hang on. This will only take a few minutes.
Retweeted by Red R HoodThe only thing true on Twitter is that most people here are really sad and lonely.
Retweeted by Red R HoodI like listening to music that takes me to a place in time when everything seemed perfect.
Retweeted by Red R HoodWhen some guy on IG you don't know goes on a mass rampage of photo likes and stops liking after your ugly picture.…
Retweeted by Red R Hood @ol_boo Fyi in case we ever meet being really attracted to someone and realizing they make noise breathing
Retweeted by Red R Hood @1964Yaga 😂😂😂😂*drops keys on floor* *gets hanger out of closet and fashions a hook to retrieve keys*
Retweeted by Red R Hood @justagonegirl Yes you are 😍i mean, i’m not a bad person, i’m just really petty.
Retweeted by Red R HoodIf you're a woman and fight for equality I support you If you're a woman and you fight for superiority over men, fuck you.
Retweeted by Red R HoodLook, I'm not the girl you think I am. We don't mesh well so there will be no e-humping in my dms.Is there anything sacred these days?
Retweeted by Red R Hood @ChickTaylor_ Lol, I get it.You’ll never know because you never really tried.
Retweeted by Red R HoodI’m lost in the woods, but it’s beautiful here.
Retweeted by Red R HoodDid I do this right?
Retweeted by Red R HoodThem: Yes I'm married but my spouse and I have an understanding. Me: Lol. Let me see your permission slip.
Retweeted by Red R Hood @ChickTaylor_ ❤ It's okay. Let them in hun. We need to have our dinner soon. The weather should be decent for the next week. @ChickTaylor_ Stop giving away our secrets 😂😂 You look great no matter what angle however I do the same thing and I… @ChickTaylor_ Oh no 😳 Feelings are finding their way inside youI'll caress your posterior and remark favorably to your appearance. This is not a chore.
Retweeted by Red R Hood @1964Yaga Thank you @ferranticathy You have to otherwise it will keep you terrified and depressedCoffee Time with Red; I quit watching the news years ago because they only allow you to focus on the bad. They hav… know what's mad, Christmas was only 4 weeks ago. I've aged 7 years in that time.
Retweeted by Red R HoodSpent tonight deleting past messages, past pictures and past thoughts.I hate when I can’t find you.
Retweeted by Red R HoodIt made me mad. I don't know why but I assumed it wasn't my fault. The only thing left to do was leave and I did. I drove all night.
Retweeted by Red R Hoodi’m gonna show you things that will make you cry
Retweeted by Red R HoodI'll always be your cheerleaderher: ur too high me: [blowing on my ice cream to cool it down] how would u fucken know
Retweeted by Red R HoodDrinking like its gonna erase all my past decisions
Retweeted by Red R HoodAs much in RL as here, friendships come and go like a ship slipping into the darkness. It’s sad...
Retweeted by Red R Hood @TheLoneWolf_NFB Absolutely @TheLoneWolf_NFB They are, lol @TheLoneWolf_NFB About 1000 @TheLoneWolf_NFB It has to be done 🤷🏼‍♀️ Wanna switch?Well you guys are super exciting tonight but I think I'll use my free time to go over my billsI got a job delivering cats. So I called my truck 'Greased Lightning' Because it's a real pussy wagon
Retweeted by Red R HoodShow them how much you miss them.
Retweeted by Red R HoodAnyone else get really jealous of that dog in the park who keeps getting commanded to come or is that just me?
Retweeted by Red R HoodIf you can watch her roll a blunt and not get turned on, she doesn’t use that mouth good enough.
Retweeted by Red R HoodDon’t know about you, but I’m about over it
Retweeted by Red R Hoodmissing you is so much more than just an ache
Retweeted by Red R Hooddrive thru: can I take your order? me: no I want it
Retweeted by Red R Hood @KarmaPolice238 I have no words for this. I'm appalled someone would say this about anyone.Look Left by The Damned. You're welcome.
Retweeted by Red R HoodLet me drag you into the depths. It was always meant to be this way.
Retweeted by Red R HoodYes, I use filters, but not in photos. I use them when I meet people in RL
Retweeted by Red R HoodWhat he says: I’ll always have your back What he means: I’ll be pounding you from behind
Retweeted by Red R Hood @orphaned_annie ❤ I wish I couldIf someone could just give me a fucking hug That would be great Moms need hugs too 😩
Retweeted by Red R HoodI bought a scale that reads my body fat % mostly because I was starting to like myself a little and well we sure ca…
Retweeted by Red R Hood @MathoIncYes I am feisty, and moody and probably frustrating as fuck. But you’ll never forget me.
Retweeted by Red R Hoodi always wonder if you guys all talk about cum this much in real life
Retweeted by Red R HoodIt's taking some time to figure myself out but I hope I'm worth the wait.
Retweeted by Red R HoodWhy are the ladies on this forum so god damn sexy?! Makes it hard to behave... I get it guys... I totally get it.
Retweeted by Red R HoodKinda want to go out to the beach for the sunset Kinda want to lay in my bed and read Life is hard
Retweeted by Red R HoodHow the fuck did I fall up the stairs??
Retweeted by Red R HoodCan you have a double chin, but it's your whole body?
Retweeted by Red R HoodI can't find the hole! -me, trying to get a new pair of earrings in.
Retweeted by Red R HoodI don’t have any illusions or tricks. I’m just here.
Retweeted by Red R HoodI'm most comfortable in the naughty corner
Retweeted by Red R HoodHold me tight in your thoughts, for I know no other place I want to be when we're apart.
Retweeted by Red R Hoodmood: let’s ignore reality and fuck each other senseless
Retweeted by Red R HoodI'm sorry I tricked you all into thinking I had a TC. It was cruel of me.Alexa seductively tweet about something that implies the existence of something else
Retweeted by Red R HoodBetween coffee and cocaine, it seems like the whole point of Columbia is to wake up the rest if the world
Retweeted by Red R Hood @fresh_starts_ My thoughts tooSorry I need your soul to feel okay
Retweeted by Red R HoodWhen you give someone your heart and time and they don’t value it, it’s on them.
Retweeted by Red R HoodIt’s so damn sexy when you connect with someone you don’t have to pretend with.
Retweeted by Red R HoodYou never know which ‘hey’ in your DMs could change your life.
Retweeted by Red R HoodPro-Tip You can eat twice as many Oreo Thins as regular Oreos with just the regular amount of guilt.
Retweeted by Red R Hood @gentlehands63 That would be cool too. I rarely travel so I'd love to see anything, lol @gentlehands63 Italy.You scream I scream because human interaction is terrifying.
Retweeted by Red R HoodYou're not misunderstood. They understand you completely. They just don't like it.
Retweeted by Red R HoodEvery time you get offended by something, you lose brain cells. It’s science.
Retweeted by Red R HoodThe coronavirus is contracted through human contact So us introverts are gonna be JUST FINE.
Retweeted by Red R HoodStrong women setting goals and making them is hot.
Retweeted by Red R HoodJabberwocky? I barely know her wocky.
Retweeted by Red R HoodI’m sorry I’m not the bitch you want... I’m the decent woman you need.
Retweeted by Red R Hood @gentlehands63 Yesssssss all those places and moreSwallow your pride but don’t choke on your words when saying sorry to the one you hurt
Retweeted by Red R Hood @gentlehands63 To be able to travel whenever would be heaven @JPLFR80 I love the feeling of butterflies. They make me feel aliveI'm 4 months away from 40 now. Time to talk to the girl I like without butterflies. Butterflies: bitch, you thought
Retweeted by Red R HoodI'll take number 7 and 8 please