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@MRCranston Bus 6117 will be pulling up soon, it's live on the map at
@r_gallardo21 Hi Ruben, you are correct, it appears this train was mislabeled as a C line. We let the operator's su… @CHThiem Hi Claudia, thank you for letting us know about this incident. We have filed a complaint to the driver's… @kariannbear82 Train 12 is at Union Station now and should be pulling forward shortly. Live on the map at @krlug No track work this evening for the A line @thepianoman Hi Alex, sorry this happened. We have filed a complaint to the driver's supervisor so they can reprima… @sueprant Hi Sue, we have sent a complaint to the driver's supervisor so they can remind the driver they need to do… @BuralAbby Our light rail trains are auto set to 70 degrees year-round. They may be cycling hot/cold air, but the temp set is for 70. @buntzedsa @AlliedUniversal Thank you, we will be able to identify them with this info. @lmurray2012 Thanks for letting us know, Luke. We've got it reported.Get ready for the Parade of Lights to light up downtown this weekend! If you are planning to travel to or near the… @KingsumoV There were some cancellations on the H line this morning, posted here: @buntzedsa @AlliedUniversal Thank you for letting us know about this, if you have more information that could help… @jimPodolak Jim, there was no operator available to cover the trip, so we had to cancel it. @Jordo5280 Thank you for letting us know, we will get this reported for more investigation. We did have a FF4 bus c… @Lauren15743581 The arcing is normal on icy days. The ice will cause the pantograph (thing that contacts the wire)… @SkoCubs Hi Brandon, we sent your comments to the operators supervisor and we know they'll appreciate the kudos for…
Upgrades for the 16th Street Mall are on the horizon. Construction could begin by this time next year for the rethi… @JonMurray You should check out our Route NB stop at the base of @eldoramtnresort! @ChristopherStG7 The details were submitted for investigation to our rail team, we'll take action based on the results. @MooCow303 There is no 8:36 a.m. northbound D Line from Englewood Station. There is an 8:35 a.m. northbound C Line,… @MooCow303 Are you referring to the northbound 8:36 D Line from Littleton/Downtown Station? @thatpizzagirl27 Thanks for clarifying. We'll get this reported so we can make sure this doesn't happen in the future. @thatpizzagirl27 Which station were you at when you noticed this? @Donna68688276 Hi Donna, which train and where was it stopped at? @BIGGSEXXXY77 Hi Charles, we were conducting track maintenance last night, which resulted in these delays. @beandaemon The A line is scheduled to operate with four-car trains so no changes have been made. At times, the com… @Ashley_furia91 Thank you, we'll look into this @KalenDaUnicorn Hi Kalen, sorry for the delay it looks like your bus was running behind. Would you like us to file a complaint for you. @KalenDaUnicorn Hi Kalen, which stop are you at? @MWigggs @KMorsemk Both are best! It's a combination of slowing down, watching out, and using visual & sound signal… @flopants Sorry for the delay. It looks like that was the bus due at thirty six after running about twenty minutes… @KMorsemk For safety, drivers sound their horn when exiting Civic Center Station @flopants Where are you waiting on the bus at and which direction are you traveling? We can try and track the bus y…
@cnjackson The 4:19pm departure was cancelled for today because no operator was available, the current list of canc… @00Piep Thank you for letting us know about your excellent driver! We'll let their supervisor know so they can be r… @GregOstravich We update Rider Alerts in real-time. We had an afternoon cancellation that notices were sent for, th… annual Parade of Lights will bring even more holiday cheer to @DowntownDenver this Friday and Saturday evening!… @pknight051 Hi Phil, sorry due to an operator shortage this trip was cancelled. @Robbashby @CityofLittleton Yes, this is ours to clear. We've informed our maintenance team & put in a request this… Tuesday night, the RTD Board of Directors opened up the search for an interim GM and CEO to candidates outside t… @annettefowler It's okay, Annette. We'll see if we can locate the operator. @DanQuintanilla Due to the unusual road and traffic conditions, some of the tracking systems were showing scheduled… @LizKamper91 Good to know. Thanks Liz! @Servantsimon Thanks, we've got this reported. @LizKamper91 Hi Liz, where is this broken down train sitting at? @billsqueb Hi Billy, we confirmed with our light rail control what happened here and there was an issue during pull… @fontana_lauren Hi Lauren, we are glad to hear this and will make sure the driver is recognized for doing a great job. Thank you! @Girl78Colorado The next H line will be pulling up in about 6 minutes. Tracking at @CPRverlee Hi Megan, sorry for the delayed response. The 28 due at 8:20 am ended up getting stuck in the snow. The…
@JennBehen The buzzer sounds to let people know the doors are closing & as an accessibility feature @Clean_xMISFITSx We're looking into this now @chaseshamy Sorry Chase, there was a security issue that had to be cleared. @karachitwood1 Sorry, there was a security issue on a light rail in front of the D line that caused the delay.We are now accepting applications for our 2020 Customer Panel! Share your ideas and observations to help us shape t… @NoelleSeybert Thanks Noelle, we've got it reported and our bus stop team will get someone out there to assess. @NoelleSeybert Hi Noelle, which stop is this? We couldn't quite tell from your video. @AdamKippes @d8aninja @DenverPD @DenverPDNews @DenversStation Yes, we do have a Transit Police force, details at @d8aninja @DenverPD @DenverPDNews RTD does not maintain or patrol the interior of the historic Union Station buildi… @gc_denis If you live within the RTD district, there is no fee for parking at RidgeGate for the first 24 hours of a… @annettefowler Hi Annette, can you recall which route this operator was driving so we can make sure he gets recognized for his kindness? @nekbet @dinberga07 @DenPublicWorks @MayorHancock Yes, advertising companies have a contract directly with the City… @gc_denis Ridgegate is a new Park-n-Ride and is subject to fees similar to other stations in the area. Fees at Park… @e_ettema Hi Ethan, we're seeing the 8:24 a.m. bus was running 40 minutes late and the 8:54 a.m. was 12 minutes lat… @dinberga07 @DenPublicWorks @MayorHancock For shelters with advertisements on them, you can contact the advertisers… @marciabe Hi Marcia, we've passed your comments over to our Service Planning team for them to consider. @Mpw81 Thank you, we have it reported now. @bellatrixbean Hi Kim, thanks for letting us know. Drivers do have a 10 minute break at the end-of-line (layover po… @yo_royalmajesty Password requests should arrive very shortly, please DM us your email address and we can look into… @itsalyssa_12 Hi Alyssa, sometimes buses will make loops around Union Station if their assigned gate is occupied. @krstlawf A single trip from DIA was cancelled due to a propulsion issue, this was the 6:27am departure. The follow… @Laefesi A single trip from DIA was cancelled due to a propulsion issue, this was the 6:27am departure. The followi… @wbpad 6:49 am is the scheduled westbound time, however this trip was cancelled due to a propulsion issue, the foll… @MattVirlee Hi Matt, we did have to remove a train from service this morning due to a propulsion issue. Unfortunate…
@canihavepie Thank you for the heads up. This issue with this validator has been reported to our ticketing division. @jwm74m Okay, we will send a request over to facilities maintenance. @kalyn4mayor It depends on the stop. Most are the responsibility of the city where the stop is located or the adjacent property owner @velomuso @Denverite It depends on the stop, but most of them are the responsibility of the city or the adjacent property owner. @jwm74m Which stop are you at where this is an issue? @vessxll Our apologies for the lack of communication on this. The 12:57 p.m. northbound F Line departure from Ridge… @MarciMarketing Hi Marci, we do not have a 12:51 p.m. route 20 departure from 17th/Broadway. There is a 12:42 p.m.… @DanQuintanilla Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we have sent in a complaint and have someone checking on this. @noveldevice For Downtown Boulder Station we will have our Facilities Maintenance division look into getting the sn… @Jasmorris2 Hi Jason, we are actively working on improving how Next Ride displays cancellations. @noveldevice Hi Hallmark, thank you for reaching out to us, but RTD doesn't clear the sidewalks or roads of snow.… @kimmerz1121 Thank you for letting us know about this, most likely a typo but we will have it reviewed by our servi… @Pottsie5 Snow removal at most bus stops are responsibility of the adjacent property owner or business. Some stops… @BrianShumsky Thank you for letting us know Brian, we have this reported for repairs. @wheezyfbabyyy Hi Regina, it appears a train had mechanical issues around 40th/Airport Station and had to deboard p… @astroprofhoff Hi Dr. Hoffman, we're not seeing anything regarding unscheduled reduced AT service for last Thursday… @mdmar10 We did have a D line train that needed to remove a car that was having issues. Train cars are added back as available. @vane_vale Thank you, we will have someone check on this. @vane_vale This project is not being done by RTD, is the construction blocking access to our parking lot? @BeasttNikki Thank you for letting us know, we have crews in the area that will be there to get this working correctly again.
Happy Thanksgiving! Each and every day we are thankful for our dedicated Bus & Rail Operations teams, who are on th… @Drevvyy9171 Thanks. We'll get this to our light rail operations team for them to assess. @Drevvyy9171 Which station did this occur at? @MasseyDenver Hi Kevin, as of right now, we do not. It is something we can take note of and send to our Parking tea… @KirstieRivard Thanks for letting us know, Kirstie. @KirstieRivard Kirstie, try resubscribing to the Rider Alerts applicable to your needs. If you continue to not rece…