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Denver | Boulder | Aurora metro area’s transit system, servicing 141 bus routes, 8 light rail lines and 3 commuter rail lines. Tweet us Mon-Fri, 6am-6pm MST.

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Public health officials are increasingly optimistic that passengers can return safely to public transit. Learn More: @SpaceWuffHusky We can't provide replacement paper passes, as there's no way to verify they aren't being used. But,… @easybreezy805 No problem! I love learning something new here every day too =) ^va @easybreezy805 while at the same time the 105 also serves Southmoor, w a greater variety of rail lines to connect w… @easybreezy805 More info: The streets/turns to access Dayton are very tight for a 40' bus and not easily done safel… @TheChaviva Can you please let me know where this happened and the approx time? ^va @natin82 Hey Nathan, I'm sorry for the late notice on that W line cancellation. The train had unexpected mechanical… @sbrassetphoto Hi Susanne, if you're having trouble getting through to a reservation agent regarding your trip toda… @easybreezy805 Dayton isn't easily accessible for buses, tucked the residential area as it is & there aren't a lot…
@vbontempi Traveling is already stressful & I'm sorry this added to it! If you haven't heard back from them in a fe… @vbontempi Perfect, thank you. They'll give you a call back to sort it out & get in-district payment. Your vehicle…'re seeking input on what transit services RTD should prioritize as the region moves past the effects of COVID-19… @vbontempi Hi, give our Parking team a call at (303) 292-1505 and let them know what's going on and they'll be able… @welker181824 Thank you, we will ask our trip planning team to take a look at it for errors. When looking at trip p… allow for social distancing on our buses, we have extra buses staged along routes that are experiencing higher r… @welker181824 Is there a specific example we can look into? Google and other 3rd party apps all use our GTFS data f…
@RonInColorado Thank you for letting us know about this Ron, we have it reported to their division for review. -Ky @Cachirul04 We have this reported to our security team to review, we are working on procedures to make fare inspect… @mwyss81 Passengers should use their best judgement when boarding, if you are not comfortable with the amount of pa… you’re out & about you can find nearby stops & departure times using Next Ride, or plan ahead with the RTD Tri… @nbminor @thanland We'll need to properly *train* you first, but we think you'd make a fine operator. @Lonniepiercer We are absolutely requiring our drivers to wear masks while operating vehicles, if you encounter som…
Happy #4thofJuly2020, from all of us at RTD! 🇺🇸
While riding on our system, we ask our riders to be our partners in health and safety by practicing social distanci… #4thofJuly2020 weekend! We hope everyone has a safe and festive holiday! to Ms. JoJo for being named Operator of the Month for July! When a medical emergency happened on he…
Happy birthday weekend, America! RTD buses and trains will operate on a Saturday schedule on July 4, FlexRide will… @JenCrandall There's not a date set for the return of the 131 right now. We're adding routes/times back in as deman…
@Cainwyne_Raven That makes so much more sense - thank you for the correction. I'm so sorry for misreading it the first go round! ^va @Cainwyne_Raven Thank you for the heads-up, I'll let our bus operations team know. We do have extra buses running o… @Cainwyne_Raven Hi Michael, the 15s are usually our larger buses which allow 20 riders per vehicle. Is it currently beyond that? ^va @ARizzo_78 @JCRiecke @RAILMag Hey Anthony, Alameda Station itself has no RTD parking spaces. The nearby Broadway Ma… @Abamba505 Not intentional, we have a ticket open with our mobile ticket app provider to get this corrected ^va @KalenDaUnicorn Yes, both are open 7:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. weekdays, but they will be closed this Friday for the Independence Day holiday ^va @ARizzo_78 @JCRiecke @RAILMag RTD is allowed to charge for vehicles registered outside the RTD service area, and fo… @MartinBecerraM1 No date set for the 67 to resume. We're adding service when and where we can, based on demand and… @TornAdo13131313 @dynamicheal As with masks, they focus on educating riders that fare is required. ^vaDon't forget, fare collection and front-door boarding resume today, July 1 on all services. @dynamicheal We're asking all of our riders to wear masks, but our operators are not in the position to safely enfo… @msramming They can replay the automated message asking everyone to wear masks when they see individuals not doing so. ^vaWe encourage our riders to practice social distancing on our vehicles. We’re assisting with this effort by having o…'s financial projections appear to be more positive than previously thought, according to a forecast by the Univ…
@jerryctorrez Trash cleanup and maintenance of sidewalks is typically the responsibility of the adjacent property o… @momvicki We still are unable to predict precisely when a full schedule will return due to the ever changing circum… @BarberoFidelity @pirateapproved @AuroraGov We're not able to bring back everything right away, but we're adding se… report safety and security concerns 24/7/365 to RTD Transit Watch by calling 303.299.2911, texting 303.434.9… @pirateapproved @AuroraGov No, at this time we are still running at a reduced schedule. All routes currently runnin… @hydrorium All riders should wear a mask, we are looking into making these available to riders when boarding. Other…
RTD hopes to expand its nation-leading efforts to address mental health issues and incidents from system riders and… with disabilities can receive a 50% fare discount on services. To apply or learn more about eligibility… @edsmorg We hope to have many of the routes that were dropped for COVID return to service when it is safe to do so. -KyAmong some of our newest cleaning procedures, we’ve implemented the use of electrostatic cleaning devices to saniti… @msramming @DENAirport There were not any FF5 buses running during this closure, looks like it was overlooked on th… @FrancoandMarco @MayorHancock @GovofCO You will need to address concerns about homeless camps to the city and county offices. -BKFare collection resumes July 1. Purchase electronic fare media now using the RTD Mobile Tickets app, Transit app,…
Shuttle buses continue to provide A line service between Central Park and 40th & Colorado Stations due to police ac… @16thStMALL @kerryjo97 The Free MallRide resumed service this past Sunday, June 21st. ~ANDue to police activity at the Quebec Street crossing, shuttle buses are currently replacing A Line service between… @kerryjo97 No new info to share on that just yet, Kerry. Once we have updates, we'll get them posted on social media and our website. ~ANRiders must wear masks when using RTD services. Our operators can't be enforcers when they need to be focused on mo… @belicroatia @DENAirport Buses will be departing Union Station B20 every 15 min from 3:31 am - 8:46 pm, departing o… @bcosgrove @DENAirport Buses will be departing every 15 min from 3:31 am - 8:46 pm each day, departing on the :01,… buses will provide service for the A, B, and G Lines between Union Station and 38th & Blake Station, and be… monthly passes and 10-ride ticket books are currently available for sale at RTD Sales Outlets, as well as sele… @thnetos Havana crossing is used by both our trains & Union Pacific trains. There are UP tracks nearby and any trai… has implemented safety measures to instill confidence in employees and passengers, and will start a new effort… our Discount Fares Programs, youth receive a 70% fare discount for those who fall between the ages of 6-19. L… @codeangler Hi Casey, we're seeing that this bus serviced Downtown Boulder Station at 7:01 a.m. at Gate 1. Nothing… @LinkMcD724 The mobile ticketing application feature for purchases has been disabled due to the suspension of fare.…
We understand your concerns while riding transit. That’s why we’ve implemented several new procedures in recent mon… @maggiewhittum Thank you for the details, Maggie! We'll speak with each of these operators & make sure they're wear… @maggiewhittum Hi, all of our operators are required to wear masks. If this didn't happen, please let us know the d… @edsantistevan55 @JusmeAndy Government photo ID showing age is also an acceptable form of eligibility for senior and youth discounts. ^vaLight Rail maintenance in the central downtown corridor was completed ahead of schedule. H Line service through 16t…
Regular fares are resuming on all services on July 1. Discount fares are available for all seniors 65+, individuals… @defeatedprof Good to know. Most likely it was just a minor glitch regarding the GPS signal emitting from that bus… a Senior Special Discount Card, individuals over the age of 65 receive a 50% fare discount on all regular bus… @defeatedprof Hmmm, that is indeed odd. Nothing from dispatch indicating it was being detoured or any record of mai… @JacenJustin Hello Brandon. Thank you for the heads up. This has been reported to the security division. *ges @KMSimms Thank you for the heads up. This has been reported to the light rail division. *ges
The N Line officially opens September 21, 2020! Learn More: @nbminor Count me jealous of that galaxy-fabulous upholstery, but it's not ours. I'm informed by even nerdier trans… @MikeBeavs Hey Mike, if the bus made contact with your vehicle please give us a call at 303.299.6000 or let us know…
With COVID-19-related safety concerns top of mind for both riders and employees, we are in final testing of see-thr… @EisenhardtEric Hi Eric, no updates to share just yet. Keep an eye on our socials and website for updates as they come in. ~AN @redhair_frecks We do not have a date that service will return to normal, please check the schedule pages for route… fare collections begin again on July 1, we would like to remind our riders of our many discount fare programs. L… @CBoutdoor Thank you, we will forward this to our security team now. We do not have details on disciplinary actions… @CBoutdoor If you can provide us with some more details like the time and where they were in Union Station (bus con… @michellegoblue Thank you for letting us know about this Michelle, we have it reported to our security team for review. -Ky @defeatedprof Were you using our Next Ride app online? Do you remember what route and time you noticed this issue? -Ky @BamaBS4 Front door boarding will begin July 1st. -Ky @BamaBS4 Beginning on July 1st all passengers will need valid fare to ride our buses and trains. -Ky
Happy Pride weekend! Our doors are always open to all riders in the community 🏳️‍🌈 Father's Day to all fathers and father figures in our community!
Happy #FathersDay2020 weekend! We're recognizing all fathers in the region and all that they do every day. We hope… Pride weekend Colorado! We welcome all riders to join us onboard each and every day. MallRide returns tomorrow, June 21, at 5:23 a.m.
Due to planned track maintenance, the H Line will not run north of Theatre District/Conv. Ctr Station, Free MallRid… Pride month and weekend! We welcome all riders and celebrate inclusivity each and every day.