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uncle bingo @RiggedPig Bedford, but also stuyvesant

why write a bio when a drunk guy at Popeyes called me “the LGBT OK Go” and that sums it up [guitar and vocals for @hellyeahbabies, NY mag Centerfold, hot dog]

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First rule of dating me is that I have an unregistered handgun that I like to hold while I'm watching movies. Secon…
Retweeted by uncle bingoDay 253 in quarantine... I’m beginning to feel it’s side effects. What do you think? 🤪
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@robingoblyn starcraft is already alien vs predator- redundant! @kendrawcandraw you constantly post pictures of 1, talk about A, and you own that shirt. not even a competitionjust went through and made an instrumental version of our first album and was pleased to hear that it still fuckin whips ass @dayclancy now hang on- you shoot guns in this onehello @depechejoe Laurent PecorDidn’t know it was that easy.
Retweeted by uncle bingoShouts out to Jim Steinman, a guy who’s made a career continuously retooling a bunch of songs from a 50-year-old ne…
Retweeted by uncle bingo @TigerCastle1 @DieRobinsonDie Fine. Fine! @nastyradishes @trotally Let me get in on making funny faces and remarks @DieRobinsonDie Are you sure I’m not seeing double? @DieRobinsonDie Damn! @DieRobinsonDie It’s.... greenscreen, right? Am I crazy? They’re not at the ocean?Our buddy @CantarellaInk is once again open for pet portraits and considering that she's drawn our beloved turkey h…
Retweeted by uncle bingoThis is the same production quality as the Star Wars prequels can’t i just find a nice guy that wears a barrel with suspenders instead of tshirts or whatever . i’m not asking for much here
Retweeted by uncle bingo @NickMillerMusic @chrisdubie Dubie thinks there are old 7 story buildings in bushwick. Embarrassingneed top and schlump
Retweeted by uncle bingoOne of the worst things Freddie Mercury did was go barefoot a lot. It was undignifiedI got fries and some buffalo chicken bites @strongbadegirl Addicted to the cloutPersonally, Lenny, I think it's a sign from God.
Retweeted by uncle bingoabout to make it spicy
Retweeted by uncle bingo @DieRobinsonDie yeah baby @DieRobinsonDie i am right there with you @chrisdubie @NickMillerMusic @strongbadegirl what if sharona is the same woman @NickMillerMusic @strongbadegirl @chrisdubie they could actually be the same woman. try and get your head in the game? @NickMillerMusic @DylanRoth @ShanusMcAnus don't downgrade me from steaks to soups. @willactuallycry need you to trust me on this @willactuallycry some very good potato-leek soup and then some not good leftover pho. @ShanusMcAnus some very good potato-leek soup and then some not good leftover pho.When you’re trying to express how too much soup has ruined your day and everyone has to get their little joke in @wine_nymph Need a buffalo chicken roller STAT @Cornmuffin64 N64 secretly beefs assHad too much fucking soup today. And it’s all my own fault
@depechejoe Dude I felt this exact way this morning. I just drank a bunch of cold potato leek soup and it’s the per… thinks .... uber and uber eats are different companies ......
Retweeted by uncle bingoTfw no chicken wing @AAbel89 Ppl love to put daggers through my heart in endless supply until they fail to find fresh flesh and can onl… place I wanted chicken wings from is closed... god has lost sight of meUnfortunately the Borg Queen could get it
Retweeted by uncle bingoThe S is for Simple Jack sent youse two to whack that freakin' guy and instead youse screwed it up like a couple of
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@depechejoe It’s you but from the future (??) where a guy with cropped ankle jeans and sleeve tattoos can no longer ghost youJust got out of bed and I’m making sideshow bob rake to the face noisesI plan to celebrate 11/22 the same way I do every year: by using my bolt action Carcano model 91/38 rifle, defectiv…
Retweeted by uncle bingoTis better to troll in Hell, than get owned in Heaven;
Retweeted by uncle bingoIf Twitter won’t ban antisemites, then we have to take action ourselves.
Retweeted by uncle bingoI fucking love canine 10. Listen to their album
I hate Lovecraftian horror. It always reminds me of my dad, who killed himself after looking at an impossible triangle
Retweeted by uncle bingo @DieRobinsonDie @DylanRoth Need a picI think I just had a dream that I went viral. My brain needs to be annihilatedEllen Pagewake up pigsters
Retweeted by uncle bingo @wine_nymph My masarati says hbd nikkiWe need more Italians in DSA *Everyone starts booing*
Retweeted by uncle bingo @lizlenore_ @megclark_txt She is being a rat“We are WHITE KNOCK IT OFF”
Retweeted by uncle bingoBeat the meatles
Retweeted by uncle bingoAccidentally clicked fleets. Shan’t againHad a great time in 2099. Thanks for the ride @hellyeahbabies #ripposers
Retweeted by uncle bingothe line 6 spider will now have stories
Retweeted by uncle bingoneed redeemable top and cosmic blessing
Retweeted by uncle bingomy contribution
Retweeted by uncle bingo @Hank_Upton i dress like darkwingduck. problem? @JoKroger We're all thinking of you, Jo. Please let us know if there's anything we can do.OKAY WE'RE ALMOST READY LET'S GO tonight is gonna be crazy go nuts half an hour catch the hell yeah babies hyb stream. ill be on it for "True Life: Im going to Woodstock 99"
Retweeted by uncle bingo @mavsplaniamania I’m an old mandisney exec: it’s about a guy who thinks he’s a monkey lol. probably don’t need anything too crazy for the soundtra…
Retweeted by uncle bingothe virgin "bookmarks bar from college" vs the chad "bookmarks bar from about ten years later"
TONIGHT 11/20 at 8pm ET it's a new episode of #IWantMyHYB, featuring new bits and music videos from some of our fav…
Retweeted by uncle bingoif your man talks like beavis before he goes to the bathroom and talks like butthead after he gets out then he is jacking off in there sis
Retweeted by uncle bingo @portable_lunch you granddaughter @coorsnite "don't worry little girl- if santy claus can't get this uhaul trailer of stolen copper piping to the jun… @eiffeltyler surely people can film videos of themselves in a spaghetti o bath or using a whipped cream hose at hom… a @coorsnite alias if i've ever seen one guy hates movies
Retweeted by uncle bingo @AAbel89 We will be together tonightThe next twitter update is going to make the fleet circles whine and cry when you don’t look at them. They will hav…’s #IWantMyHYB is our most ambitious yet, with some really wild bits planned, a new “set,” and of course a t…
Retweeted by uncle bingo @megclark_txt @willactuallycry I just think you deserve to love yourself and have a good lunchWoooah hot dog lunch. Watch out boys, they’ll fill you up. Woooah hot dog lunch. It’s a bun and wiener.
Retweeted by uncle bingoObama admitting he gave up on leftism bc he didn't get any girls confirms that imperialist neoliberal presidency no…
Retweeted by uncle bingoIf someone is attempting to attack me from behind, I simply raise my fist at a 90 degree angle and strike them dire…
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Retweeted by uncle bingoMy bullies who were twin brothers seeing me; "hey. Is that the kid that likes what he likes and makes no bones abou…
Retweeted by uncle bingoWise beyond These Nuts
Retweeted by uncle bingoFairies love using their one shot at being regular size to ask for a kiss from a human boy. How about you wish for a job from a human man
Retweeted by uncle bingo @bootyslime 😳Tom cruise is so fucking hot in Legend. I want to claw my eyes out @kendrawcandraw @DylanRoth see if they can fix your arm @depechejoe i think its DS9 because it has the Prophets but i could be wrongHappy birthday men ❤️ putting on crank 2 high voltage ❤️ thinking of yall today ❤️
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