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This Spieth scorecard speaks to me. 5 birdies & he shot 2-over. I love it. fan of the new @ForePlayPod hoodie shoutouts to the commish @RiggsBarstool 👏🏼
Retweeted by Riggs @DanaB_Number3 Went to the @maxhoma23 school of attacking low hanging fruit I seeJust trying to peak for the second week in November today, T8 walk, reminds me of me you guys are actually 2 seats over, nice try that Masters commercial with the leaves falling on Magnolia Lane hits every time 💦💦💦 @TWlegion 54
Retweeted by Riggs @stoolpresidente $1000 GUARANTEED to the highest score fucking enter NOW
Retweeted by RiggsGo to to enter our $25,000 Rough N Rowdy Contest for FREE Correctly predict the last 5 fig…
Retweeted by RiggsJoel Dahmen the showman
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Thank you traffic barrel Boy can play. #aintnohobby on the moon. Manhattan project. The lightbulb. Printing press. The plow. Papyrus. The wheel. Bryson carry 403…’m feeling things
Retweeted by RiggsWe cookin dirty to me. Woods is heating up. Tiger three jacks I want to die. @BarstoolLurch @matthew_wolff5 @K_Kisner We don’t say ladies tees Lurch. It’s 2020Hell yeah there a better hat and hoodie combo @RiggsBarstool ?
Retweeted by RiggsSick. an insane shot from Morikawa. Back of the bunker, one foot in one foot out, downhill lie, shortsided. Holes it. Amazing.It appears 54 is now out of the question which is a big time bummer.A good wedge below the hole. What's the course record?Our man is in the fairway on 1 (with an iron but fairway's a fairway). I immediately think we're in for something s…
Retweeted by RiggsThis tee shot against that backdrop is pure beauty. Golf is the best. @TWlegion 54 @matthew_wolff5 @K_Kisner The Fore Man Scramble (2-0) believes our next opponent might have to be Matt Wolff. @kyledelsignore Got meI want to make sure @K_Kisner still has a chance against you tho...
Retweeted by RiggsI was told the answer is 4.5.Let’s hit you with some course photos. This is @garyplayer’s 13-hole par-3 course at @BigCedarLodge, Mountain Top.… @DALLASBRADEN209 Dallas why did you just make up that I don’t want to see you in the @BarstoolClassicRough N Rowdy is back tonight. Thank god. One of the most purely entertaining events in the world. I laugh, I shout… yeah. Zah’s the best. @_mattylight10 🤣🤣🤣 @maxhoma23 You low hanging fruit chasing son of a bitchHow many beers do you think the underside of an American Ultimate Disc League frisbee can hold?
I am seriously considering making a swing change and by swing change I mean just starting from scratch until I look… would be a lot easier if I could just do this every par 4
Retweeted by RiggsKevin! Kiz. Ok. I see you. smile in sports you like to see: started 3-over thru 3 at last year’s Zozo. He won. He started 3-over thru 2 at the ‘18 PGA. He finished 2nd. Everything’s fine. @Chick_Magnet_6 @ForePlayPod Hit it like tiger? All day babyI thought he liked it on 2. I was wrong. #dirtoutline is that beautiful. for my friend @GCTigerTracker. Hope he’s alright. If anybody’s seen him please contact the police. But… got autofucked hard there. Bad lookYep. Delicious. ‘It’s the SZN. iconic “green & yellow” merchandise line is now live. Just in time for a nice little tournament coming up.… News: The construction of Butters Bay has begun. @PGATOUR2K
Retweeted by Riggs @FrankieBorrelli @PGATOUR2K Hit me with a black & white Frankie Ross pic excavating a hole on the beach pleaseMaury came after my golf swing. Country singer Matt Stell. Old Geoff vs Zoom. Tiger’s back. More Fore Play history.… Jake, this’ll end well @CKE22 Tomorrow at noon! @ErinHillsGolf Truly one of the best. @DavidNSimone @VivaLaStool Yessir!It was nice to have @RiggsBarstool for the day now he’s off to Bermuda
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@Feaster5Hoodie Never heard that before*when asked what #TheCousins will do without @SIRIUSXM* "The @JewishJournal has an opening. We might be doing that…
Retweeted by RiggsImagine not picking the greatest player to ever play golf. The defending Zozo champion. The defending Masters champ… @BarstoolLurch @RiggsBarstool @GeorgeGankas @MichaelBreed @HankHaney He does a great job of using the ground to cre…
Retweeted by RiggsReturned to the office finally. Might want to keep this. @ThecousinMurray @TheCousinMike @realDonaldTrump 😢"I'm going to Bermuda next week. The grind never stops." -- @RiggsBarstool on #TheCousins
Retweeted by Riggs.@RiggsBarstool is back in the office and is surprising @ThecousinMurray and @TheCousinMike and will be hosting The…
Retweeted by RiggsOur 300th show featuring one of the great golf minds of our generation, Alfonso Ribeiro:’s my drive @fiveirongolf @51strokes
Retweeted by Riggs @calebpressley @fiveirongolf @51strokes Try taking it only halfway back then lunging at it on your toes to take all… to our man @GeoffShac of young man golf media dominating his zoom question today of you running to the @ChicksInTheOff YouTube to watch Cutting Stems. Going live soon. #TheBachelorette
Retweeted by RiggsStill can't get over paternity test guy going out of his way unprovoked to say I'm taking the club back too far insideThis guy is such a trooper it's inspirational. @allbusinesspat and look where it got me little patrick #5and4onthecradlewhat's wrong with that is a whiff in this video. A stone cold whiff.🏡
@VarneyGolf @BarstoolLurch @GeorgeGankas @davidleadbetter @MichaelBreed @HankHaney Now there’s a good hashtagIn honor of @ForePlayPod's 300th episode today I would like to just take a second to appreciate the (not very good)…
Retweeted by Riggs @BarstoolLurch @GeorgeGankas @davidleadbetter @MichaelBreed @HankHaney A desperate, sad, & dishonest attempt for at…🚨HOLY: “I don’t know if I’m gonna play Houston or not. See how this week goes and gonna make a decision.” I am nuclear
Retweeted by RiggsMaury coming after my swing now? Fuckin DNA test Maury? (I actually love Maury) @l_cope2 @nik_ramsdell it breaks left to right, a putt down the line would... miss right @nik_ramsdell wow no way that never happens not on the internetWe get to watch Tiger Woods play competitive golf & try to set the all-time pga tour wins record this week. Never g… 14th, 2017. @alfonso_ribeiro on @ForePlayPod for explaining the golf swing like we’re all fifth graders 👏🏻⛳️ @RiggsBarstool
Retweeted by RiggsEpisode 300. -Alfonso Ribeiro -Stories from how we got here -Huge thanks to our listeners is putting till he misses for today's #DailyNine Chances he makes more than nine putts in a row?…
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You'll need your ball-striking and to really #flight it when the course has power lines. Especially as the lines wi… @JT_ThePostman Wow so confident. Almost cocky. Just so I know this is really you can you please tweet "Max Homa is…