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@NewDayStarts It's time to scrap the fee and let the BBC find its own way. The current funding model isn't fit for for purpose.December 15, 1994 – Netscape shipped version 1.0 of the Netscape Navigator Web browser.
Retweeted by Rik Langford @CWhittaker4MP Congratulations Craig. Keep up the great work.I am humbled and honoured to be re-elected for the fourth time by the fantastic people of the Calder Valley. Thank…
Retweeted by Rik LangfordThe joys of living in a high rise post Grenfell.
@RealisticPoetry @_Miss_Burden Congratulations
@TimSwift Excellent, those hearing aids sound fantastic.I'm sure this is well meant, but is society really in such a state we need to be given advice on how to function wh…
@WYP_AidyWaugh @CrimestoppersUK @WYP_Halifax @WYP_CldrValleys Local people were calling for action on social media… @arcanoaellc It's ok, we don't mind. @NattieJP @lizgreenlive @LeedsNews @BBCLeeds Aye, I gave up on TV news years ago. I used to listen to R4 on a morni… PCSO help's a bloke to cross the road in #Elland. An ordinary person making a big difference to someone.… @lizgreenlive @LeedsNews @BBCLeeds I've decided not to bother with the newspapers anymore. There are some papers I'…
@canonburrows The best of them take mourners on a journey. Few of them truly know what power their words have. The… message of hope.... #FollowTheStar
Retweeted by Rik LangfordWow! I've never seen such a shower. Motorway like spray as I drive along, but I'm doing 20mph in Elland, The Auto w… @canonburrows Eggcellent! Well spotted!
My week on Twitter 🎉: 45 Mentions, 27 Likes, 3 Retweets, 3.79K Retweet Reach, 4 New Followers. See yours with… @OpinionYP @IanDayPix @yorkshirepost @JayMitchinson @Geri_E_L_Scott @MattHancock @LauraCollinsYPN There's a lot of… message of hope.... #FollowTheStar @marksonofwil This is a good thing. The ACT Awareness training will be really useful for many people. I'm not sure… @TogetherHousing @PolicingCrowds @Calderdale Aye, everything except telling us..... Look, we're not daft, we know t… @lizgreenlive @BBCLeeds Nope, we have lots of different opinions, we're capable keeping civil and staying friends.… biggest fans this week: Bfdcathedral, GraemeTiffany, DanteAl85000976. Thank you! via
@Jamesdbaker1 @BubbaofHalifax @JoshFG Even if they lose they will still claim they've won and that comrade Corbyn i… @AlexSAN60447727 @AJHUD @NigelandW @Examiner That's an interesting opinion, but I've no interest in Brexit. We had…
#FollowTheStar @AJHUD @NigelandW @Examiner You give the political parties too much credit. The implications of any single election… @DanSlott If you want to become Superman, you need to read it and understand what it means. @Jamesdbaker1 If only they'd kept those pacers they sent for scrap the other day........ @NigelandW @AJHUD @Examiner If you want to vote green, then vote green. Our democracy is about choosing who represe… @AJHUD @Examiner I disagree, tactical voting has no place in any election - ever. When people vote tactically, ever… @PolicingCrowds In the tower block where I live in Elland - Halifax. Recently fire marshalls have appeared, 4 per s… @AJHUD @Examiner If treated as a block vote.....But why would Muslim individuals want to be treated as a block vote… @zanam31012893 @muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL
@muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL @zanam31012893 @muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL @zanam31012893 @muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL @zanam31012893 @muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL @zanam31012893 @muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL @zanam31012893 @muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL @zanam31012893 @muhmdibneahmd @BatleyHour @BarfieldEd @HafeezahSoni @_Variava_ @jaynedeakin1 @FriendsBatleyL @zanam31012893 @M13Barber Yo. @monknunCofE How did you work out this was the right avenue for you as opposed to other, perhaps similar, options?
@mohammedaliamla Let us know what you think of it. :) @Jamesdbaker1 How can we trust an organisation that did a hatchett job on the Dalai Lama? As the BBC did! @canonburrows Looks lovely, I saw this yesterday, I think, from the back, in assembly. The kids pledged to tidy their bedrooms. @GraemeTiffany I was brought up on a rough estate, I still feel that fear instilled by a few bad examples and hears…
@Jamesdbaker1 E: If any of the top flight visited they'd get a brew, even though only one of them would get my vote. @NewDayStarts That's the wrong way around Ivan, Communication is what breaks down the barriers. :)
@Northern_Travel @Platform_1_HD1 Still plenty life left in the old girl. @StephanieFinneg What's the person been charged with? Crimes against fashion? @canonburrows Yuk, I wonder if they solved the issue?