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Rikki Schulte @rikki_js Cleveland, OH, United States

Official GraphQL LSP/GraphiQL Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ // Staff Engineer @ Gatsby // Opinions are my own // They/Them ⚧️🏳️‍🌈🌿 #AbolishICE ~

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more and more, using webpack on small projects feels like using a helicopter to deliver a paper clip @mjackson I also like using them for streaming state-machine based parsers.
Retweeted by Rikki Schulteproposal for tc39: instead of javascript, let’s just call it “halvascript”: - delicious - made from sesame seeds &…
is there a magical way to reserve a specific amd id in webpack when outputting umd? using webpackConfig.alias maybe…
having a lot of fun with webworkers, monaco editor and webpack today, steady progress on a monaco-graphql for the n… years from now, headhunters will probably have implanted technology or bots to use face recognition to track jav…
@kylemathews graphql-js directly, or express-graphql to build a simple http server. code first schema rather than SDL first is the way to go @codervandal @n1rual @sseraphini @stream @live naw, i was just suggesting one might be able to build a userland…
Two years after the initial announcement of TypeGraphQL, we've now reached 4000 stars on GitHub! 🚀 Don't hesitate t…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @codervandal @n1rual @sseraphini @stream @live yep thats what it is! with links to the spec proposal. @codervandal @n1rual @sseraphini @stream yes, just not in core reference implementation used/modelled by many serve… @n1rual @codervandal @sseraphini @stream @sseraphini already dropped the RFC link in the thread. seems one could po… @n1rual @codervandal @sseraphini read your subscriptions example, I’ve done something similar for a proprietary pro… @PaulieScanlon haha! one of my favorites. thats a huge compliment, like Julie Andrews Mary Poppins?Reading @__xuorig__ book and loving it. “GraphQL’s typed nature also seems to attract a lot of vendors and tools th…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @jongold yes and they’re constantly growing! for example, the US has 500k units of co-op housing, most of them coho… post apocalyptic character am I today
@kumarharsh @Treggify @jongold studies are showing that a ton of the transmission in china, and presumably elsewher… @kumarharsh @Treggify @jongold not enough tests, only those who are 62+ or who are hospitalized :/ my symptoms aren… to learn some web development while you are social distancing? My employer, @gatsbyjs is hosting a FREE l…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @n1rual very easy to use live queries with graphql here, you just use the @live directive @ThugDebugger Quest Diagnostics labs and other private labs are set up to do this all over. You have to get a refer… @n1rual @codervandal @sseraphini hasura has them @Treggify @jongold it is! i’m getting tired of it. but now that a doctor told me i might have covid, and theres no…
@SherwinWilliams was required to clean up lead paint in all states except Ohio. They and lawmakers have consistentl…
🚀 GraphQL Mesh - Query Anything, Run Anywhere 🚀 🎉 I'm very proud to announce our new open…
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@malonespeaking @sos_jr there’s a bunch of private labs that fancy employers and elites hire out for these things.… Rand Paul have to sit in his car for hours at a drive up location to get tested ? Why are celebrities and polit…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @TejasKumar_ might want to prune docker images and volumes as well, those add up fast.
As 2.5M lose their jobs in the middle of a pandemic, remind me again why we binding health insurance to employment is a good idea.
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @freezydorito why do i hear ewan mcgregor reading this sign to me 😰😰 i think i need to go for a walk @HaleyLive @AOC Government should buy the hospital; fire the overpaid execs and run it themselves. No bailouts for…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @HaleyLive sounds like we need to make them county hospitals! hospitals should not be drivebn by revenue
This rollout of testing could be achieved through at home delivery of swabs with centralized lab-based processing c…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @Benjie to be clear, we have suspicions about the efficacy of these masks. i’d suggesting checking with local clini… @Benjie we are exploring the production of these masks for frontline emergency workers locally: on this LSP server whilst compiling a list of all production ready 3d printers and sewing machines in Cleve… agrees that one of the secrets to improving @GraphQL DX is not just improving @GraphiQL , but reducing the need… @n1rual @GraphQL so for example, in graphql-15.0.0-rc.2, you can introspect directives, and I think some form of sc… @n1rual @GraphQL good question, i can't seem to find a definitive spec PR or discussion on this at the moment, but… it be a problem for @graphql tooling maintainers if introspection json in 15.0.0 becomes more powerful than SD… @jongold @platformcoop @jongold i have formed multiple co-ops! lets talk! there are some great resources and loan funds for you out that way
@4lpine @mxstbr cornflowerblue, is it you? dad got laid off from his job at Guitar Center today and my mom is working in a supermarket. Not to be one of th…
Retweeted by Rikki SchulteWas having trouble focusing this morning so I took a short break... ...and made a page about tomato, everyone's fa…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @ryanoc @rickhanlonii yes, i helped start a worker co-op agency ~10 years back, and have since helped several other… @ryanoc @rickhanlonii on a related note, i wish i'd gotten out a piece about the @platformcoop model being a great… @ryanoc @rickhanlonii yes! it's actually a revival of an old idea. our local congresswoman has touted it, as you ca… @rickhanlonii more details @Hamitron @ryanoc
@rickhanlonii also, there is a program being piloted here to make USPS into a federal consumer bank, and it would h… @rickhanlonii possibly IRS direct deposit via ACH instead? but agreed, mobile deposit FTW. even my darling local cr… @MathieuDutour @gatsbyjs love this. have almost always thought of perf as accessibility & climate first, money seco… @Phacks @boostmarks @MathieuDutour @gatsbyjs the only things this page loads besides index.html are two icons. i do… @njukidreborn @mattbierner awesome! thanks for all the help on the @graphql monaco mode. gonna focus on the browser… @BrandonBloom literally just happened with graphql-config 3.0.0 😂after pairing with @njukidreborn the other night on the monaco-graphql effort, my theory was confirmed - @code dev… of the hardest parts about working remote is when you can't see when underrepresented folks on your team are be… @florinpop1705 for an analogy in herbalism, we have a book called “How to Become a Master Herbalist in 40 Years or… @jongold co-star is encouraging me to “get a plane ticket and just go” 😂i will keep tweeting about javascript and @GraphQL, as it’s part of my job as a (very fortunate) paid maintainer. t…
I've been in touch with several @Target employees who say they are coming down with flu-like symptoms, and Target i…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @mkobach @gatsbyjs is already 100% remote, but we still got two extra PTO days this week just to deal with the situation 😍Heads up to #graphql tooling developers, this is probably the most signficant change you'll run into for baseline G… @ryanflorence i often just share this graphic in these situations. a picture speaks a thousand words @BollardsofCTown sounds like someone doesn’t want to pay out the employer share of UI benefits @MatSilva @idriselba "catfish noodler" would be much more suspect 😂 fly fishing is great, and supports rural touris… @freezydorito yes! for working on the LRUD navigation for ads manager, of course. i low key miss working on LRUD s… MO. survival of the floofiest Graphile community member just sent me this 😊 "I tried the last few days (weeks?) to get a frontend TDD workflow…
Retweeted by Rikki SchulteEminem's new album, Marshall Law, not slated for release at this time
Retweeted by Rikki Schultegood news: i plugged an old usb printer into my linux PC and... it worked! @KimMaida excellent news! hope your recovery goes well
wow I can't believe npm is now owned by a giant EVIL corporation i cannot ethically use it anymore i'm switching to yarn
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @tesseralis 😂😂😂 @wincent agreed. i specifically don’t like the idea of a single, non-oss platform taking over the entire npm regist… sent medical masks to Italy, & wrote on the boxes a quote of a Roman poem: “We are waves from the same sea”…
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @KimMaida We have a drive-through testing center at the Cleveland Clinic waaay down here in Ohio. They developed th…🧐😍’all say ‘microsoft hasn’t changed’ but truth is two years in, github is still called github, not ‘Microsoft Code…
Retweeted by Rikki SchulteI love working with folks like @leeb, @E1Goncharov and @Benjie because of their healthy skepticism and minimal appr…*whispers* Noice is actually code for No ICE pass it along
Retweeted by Rikki Schulte @souporserious @GraphiQL @react good to know. that hook sounds right up our alley. for example, the operation edito… @Eraaanah @HoodHealer it does effect the elderly disproportionately, but there have been a lot of sensational artic… @Eraaanah @HoodHealer there have been many infant/child infections and even some deaths 😢So, @GraphiQL is considering a move to @React Context. We have concerns about performance. What do you think? Her…'re truly blessed. also worth noting there is *no* gatsby office to go into, either. all-remote teams are great to @BernieSanders for pushing @JoeBiden on his record on repro rights and holding @naral up as the gold stand…
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@tesseralis @orta @sveltejs “better docs later” said no successful OSS maintainer ever @tesseralis @orta @sveltejs i’m getting so lazy with typescript’s powerful inference engine, this is my type safe e… @tesseralis then microsoft will suggest typescript eslint! lol i’m just kidding about any though, i’m firmly agains… @tesseralis me, for all issues: “just use any” @chantastic but what if you can customize what they mean?!? theme-ui ftw!! @__xuorig__ *byte @__xuorig__ i wonder if our streaming parser could help with that? hmmm agreed re: breadth. bit size is less than i… state with 12 million people is offering unemployment for workers displaced by coronavirus, as all bars and rest… @kadikraman i have a very near & dear bracelet that gives me the same issue, so i just take it off when I'm using m… @jongold @gatsbyjs i love this!! 🤣Scream this Medicare for All bit from rooftops.
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Shout out to all the Ops folks keeping the internets, sites, and services up and running! 🙏🏼
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