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Rik Schennink @rikschennink Veldhoven, Netherlands

Indie Product Dev • Dad • Founder @pqina • Loves building polished Web Components like FilePond and Doka • Tweets are mainly WIP gifs and dev tips • Hi! 👋

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@tbdr It was a nails problem 🙃I finally did it! 🥲
@wesoudshoorn I almost burned myself pressing play! #bonappetit @geeknum88 @magento Thanks Jason! That is super helpful, they're on 1.7, I tested with 1.7.3, going to give this a…
@mmeester @kilianvalkhof @magento Run Maurits! 🏃‍♂️ No the other way! @mmeester @kilianvalkhof @magento Some GoogleFu later and I can now confirm ProtoypeJS is still in Magento 2 :\ @wolfr_2 😱 But also 🤤 @mmeester @kilianvalkhof @magento Haha okay :D Thanks Maurits! @mmeester @kilianvalkhof @magento Magento 2 doesn't use PrototypeJS? FYI I'm 100% unfamiliar with it.A customer is trying to load Doka Image Editor v7. They're on @magento which loads PrototypeJS 1.7 (a 10+ years old… @wolfr_2 Just switched to working on a 4K screen and already feel like I should make this some sort of active test… @jvhellemond Thinking about doing this to, 1x simulation isn’t very realistic it seems @laichbauer I decided not to pursue it and to focus on the task at hand 💪 Then I decided to tweet about it 🤦‍♂️👨‍💻 "Right! Lots of stuff todo today! Let's get to it! <rubs hands>" 2 seconds later 👨‍💻 "Hmm how do I change vscode terminal colors"If you webdev on a retina/high DPI display do you continuously test on a 1x/low DPI display? @charis IE 9 ⚡️
@levelsio "It depends" Are you still having fun working on it? Does it give you energy? If so, looking at that char… @KennethCassel Looking good! :D @LeaVerou Seems to work correctly now on Safari 14 (Big Sur), not sure if this works on 13 as well. @LeaVerou Found it, it's from a while ago though @LeaVerou For example, last time I checked, copy pasting images on MacOs would copy paste the MacOS thumbnail inste… @LeaVerou I've implemented this in FilePond (, and it 'works', but it doesn't fully work on… @d__raptis @KennethCassel FilePond dev here, thanks for recommendation Jim! If you want a full front to back solut… @tdwesten Yea I get the confusion :) @kilianvalkhof I use it constantly.💻 First npm package I install on new laptop. `$ npm install -g local-web-server` Run `ws` anywhere to quickly sta…👨‍💻 TIL you can use `monitorEvents(element)` in Chrome dev tools to log all the element events to console. 📡 Pass… Schennink (@rikschennink) explores drawing decorative lines with CSS using Pseudo Elements, Background Images,…
Retweeted by Rik Schennink @justmarkup `resize` works on other HTML elements too. If you have a block level element with `overflow`, you’re al…
@dopitz @AwilumIT FilePond dev here, let me know if you have any questions 😊Introducing: 🏴Flagpack (@flagpack ) — 260+ easily implementable flag icons to use in your design or code project…
Retweeted by Rik Schennink @yummygum @flagpack That product site! 🔥 @rvanderelst @wimpstm Build something that makes your life easier. Or something that exists and has customers but t…
Aaaaaalmost ready to publish the Doka Image Editor version 7 product page 😅 @rvanderelst plz PM me if you have any ponders I can help with @rvanderelst Have you considered using that time to build and sell a product?Opening a design on Monday morning and still feeling happy about it is the best test.
@asinnema Ik was helemaal vergeten hoe grappig die fist bump was :D @asinnema Boswandeling in de ochtend, nu warme choco en met kindjes op de bank Big Hero 6 kijken.
🧪 Input a hex color and this tool generates a CSS `filter` you can use to colorize image tags. 🌓 Super useful for… @IMAC2 What did you do? :-) @kilianvalkhof @tailwindcss Looks great!They should've called it `<joker>` 🃏
End result of faux generated code plus some additional CSS. can throw any kind of file at the Filepond component by @rikschennink and it will upload it while looking fancy…
Retweeted by Rik SchenninkI decided to generate random code lines with @eleven_ty instead. Here's the gist: Wrap i… @marinusklasen duurt even maar dan doet ie het @marinusklasen Haha :D🖍 Turn real code into fake code drawn with SVG⏳One tag loading indicator using 3 pseudo-elements. 🤷‍♂️ Works on Chrome, Firefox doesn't support using `transform… @jvhellemond maybe problematic if you set `content` on `::marker` but nothing about that in the article as far as I can see👨‍💻 The CSS `resize` property isn't only for `<textarea>` Any block level element that has overflow applied can be… @jvhellemond That's why you use `::marker` instead : )🔥 Restyle list-item dots with the `::marker` pseudo-element. @ipamoon I'm giving it a go now 🔊 @charis Open it up and build in wireless headphone! ;) When I still had an office job I upgraded a “plain” rotary…
@Runspired @simevidas I retweeted the other poll and left this one in limbo state. 🤯CSS cursor: pointer goes on…
Retweeted by Rik Schennink @simevidas For Doka Image Editor I went with “links only” and got regular emails asking how to show the hand cursor… everyone, do checkout Doka by @rikschennink It is a performant JavaScript image editing drop in! Link:
Retweeted by Rik Schennink @AlexGilbertson For sure, it's just that it's a very different checkmark style :) @_divby0 Thanks! 🙏✨ The universe has randomly selected the 5 winners from the PQINA newsletter subscriber list. If you've won you'll…
@paullaros I’m doing it! 🙃 @divillysausages Aha, so they’ll become props on the script tag instance, interesting!✅ A CSS-only checkmark with pseudo-element 'L' ``` .checkmarkify::after { display: inline-block; content:… @petervangrieken @adrianegger @niemelasaraaa Ideaal zo’n vogel. @kilianvalkhof Self multiplying script, what could possibly go wrong!? 🤷‍♂️🔥 TIL `document.currentScript` returns a reference to the scripts script tag. Very useful for inline scripts that… more days until the giveaway!
Retweeted by Rik Schennink2 days left to win a Doka Image Editor lifetime license 🎁
@stefanjudis One of my favorite “hidden” JavaScript features. :) The fact that `this` refers to the correct scope…
@talecrafter Wait what? It’s awesome. Very unique style! @levelsio Those video backgrounds are so good. @okonetchnikov You mean only expose the CSS custom properties for manipulation? @paulvanbuuren Ik heb me al een aantal keer laten verleiden de beerput weer open de trekken :/💎 Use CSS Custom Properties to automatically set a visually lighter color to link underlines Demo:…
@carlosvillu Thanks for sharing Carlos! 🙏 @tim_hartmann_ Unfortunately I'm not familiar with KirbyCMS, but I can tell that the actual location of the file on… @tim_hartmann_ Hey! FilePond dev here, not sure if I can help, but do give me a shoutout if there's anything you need. @adrianegger I can see Uber not being a transport company and Spotify not being a music company but Tesla very clea… music: HTML & CSS 🔊 Drum & Bass / Retrowave JavaScript 🎹 Ambient / Piano / Chillout If I switch it around nothing gets done. @kilianvalkhof Certainly, it's a matter of weighing the pros and cons for every situation. @kilianvalkhof You can have multiple background images + color on the actual element.📏 Three different CSS techniques to render decorative background lines. #webdesign #css #webdev everyone! I want to start off 2021 on a generous note by giving away 10 copies of my JavaScript course, Learn…
Retweeted by Rik Schennink @wolfr_2 I found the other one! Looking good, a lot cleaner : ) @wolfr_2 Nice! What were you using ::before? @Reinier Hey don't knock it till you try it @Reinier Tijd voor een artikeltje over de voordelen en nadelen van aderlaten, en dan liefst 1 aderlater en 1 wetens…
@romaricpascal You’re right about the SVG parsing, I noticed it can create slowdowns in certain situations (combined with transforms etc) @romaricpascal It probably would but was hoping that maybe combined with css vars it would be more readable :) ever… @MatthewDeaners Maybe Houdini? @rickymetz That would do it but at that point maybe abusing linear gradient is faster/less code :) @MatthewDeaners That would be interesting, a 1 px datauri gif and then change the color with CSS var.. but at that… @stnwk That would work but i hoped to do it as an actual background. @aharvard Except for the pocket super computer I’m tweeting this with of course 😂 @aharvard Kinda but not quite. Was wondering if that would work with SVG as dataurl on background-image (I’d try…’m drawing a 2px vertical line in the middle of a div, is there a better way to do this? ``` background-image :… sucked. Let’s start 2021 with a positive vibe. ✨ 🎁 I’m giving away 5 Lifetime Doka Image Editor licenses. 💌…