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I_Am_Eva @ril_diamond Takoradi , ghana, west africa

life is a short trip, make the most out of it 😊 Isaiah 41:13

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@OnyeGbemi360 Will be waiting for you... @StPatrickthe4th This is interesting @OnyeGbemi360 You know where I work... Come and say it in person .☺️ @StPatrickthe4th Ooh okay!! @toon_dae Good afternoon. How are you ?? @GreyFynn I'm fine and you?? @GreyFynn Good morning 💕 @realnadom4lyfe What have I done?? Did you send me good morning today? @BrunoGershon I am actually sadWhy hasn't anyone sent me a "good morning " message yet 😭😭😭 Is this when I start going to churches to pray for men?? 😭😭 @NatGTetteh Then don't involve Oswald and whatever is happening now. ☺️ @StPatrickthe4th be liking my baby girl tweet and refuse to pass by and check up .... 🙄🚶🏽‍♀️The government should post their list then. We'd see if we want to help or not! At the moment, it is Oswald's day… @_deLaaaLi wow !!!!For a student to want to buy you a gift on our day means you've really put in your best efforts as a teacher! Thank… @_deLaaaLi It is you... I knew it 🤯. Show me your ways ma'am 🚶🏽‍♀️🙏🏾🙏🏾Dear God I pray for Healing for anyone going through a silence pain he/she can’t talk about right now. …..Amen 🙏
Retweeted by I_Am_Evame not following you back doesn’t mean i think i’m famous lol.
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @_deLaaaLi come and answer😲 FOR FUNDS Ebenezer Acheampong, a former University of Ghana student & Vandal has been diagnosed with Leukemi…
Retweeted by I_Am_EvaPsalm 71:8 Let my mouth be filled with Your praise and with Your glory all the day. Amen 🙏🏼
Retweeted by I_Am_EvaI am a Baby Girl for life ☺️
@iNoDeyBiz_ Don't you have work under people's tables anymore?? @I_Am_SyrUp He's your friend?? He's nice ,☺️Stop allowing random people to waste your time. Pray for discernment spirit and allow God to direct your steps. St…
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @Gatorkaks You all hype him on this app. Such a silly statement to make... @Gal_Dede Thank you. @IvyEnyonam_ Never....on these streets ❌‼️ @efia911 This means a lot to me 💕Social Media Manager needed: • Degree or Dip in required. • 1-2 yrs experience • Familiar with SM channels and…
Retweeted by I_Am_EvaTeach me your ways Ma 😩🙌🏽 are many things that try to push women away from what is rightfully theirs and there are people who oppose wh…
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @Gal_Dede Man!! I was so disgusted !Just one day..... 💦👅😻 And then I won't respect anyone again ... Just one day ☺️🙃, I defend a position I want given to someone I love who deserves an opportunity. I have been having less… @kobe04Cole noCareer wise, I have always known I wanted to help people. I am still not at the position I want to be but I am choo… all my friends. Don’t hesitate to bill me when you are in need. Because all this isn’t it🤦🏿‍♀️
Retweeted by I_Am_EvaOnly few kits available. Know your Covid status. Get your Antigen Rapid Self-test Kit today! - German Standard -…
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @KojoChampNino Tikesie... 11/12k cedis? That is not a lot to pay these senior lecturers.columbia nankasa abadzi na owor hor? 33:3
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @Huey_Brabus the cleaner used to act as that... she is unavailable now and her replacement doesn't even allow him s… use of vagina as mode of payment has been accepted since the trans-Saharan gold and salt trade era! 😍 @iNoDeyBiz_ ah! @KojoChampNino hoh... @_OpanaGh I always let out. left his flask on his desk the other day cos.. me, I don't do anything for entitled folks. @Huey_Brabus He claims...They deserve this! I am pretty much annoyed this morning. this married man in this office acts entitled to the women in the offi… JoeUnchained 🙈
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @RuthIjeoma7 ooh yeah.. saw it on her IG. didn't think that was the issue @___w1LL no. @RuthIjeoma7 what has she done again? @Poetyk_Prynx yes..Man ‼️it's fulfilling...'t experience, skills and references mean anything to you people?? If you can afford to go to work everyday wh… @___w1LL Well... I have rich female friends so most often they are my go to... Usually, whoever I am chatting at t…
Imagine me telling you I've been blocked by my bank cos I don't remember my pin....and my Vodafone cash is messing… @JoeUnchained To go and bill someone ghs 20.. @JoeUnchained 🚶🏽‍♀️. I'm done arguingMost ppl here are simply unkind. No matter how many “be kind” campaigns ran & how touched ppl feel after someone pr…
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @JoeUnchained My friend, you buy waakye from trashy ass waakye're not broke.Man!! Like... @JoeUnchained Collect your name in this Accra waiYou people are calling each other "babe" but can't send ghs 20?? Ah... Ghs 20 is bill??You're doing the most in this Accra here 🙌🏽 !! @Onui We hope and pray it gets better @Onui Very... As low as ghs 10. Mahn! Our economy is in a messDear God, if I've strayed away from your plan – lead me back.
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @Onui Ma'am!! I tell youMahn !!! This is my huge fear cos .. @___w1LL I tell youI'm reading all these "billing" tweets and me, I am all of them..😂😂There are good women put there who will love you wholesomely. Quit wasting your time wasting resources looking to g…
Retweeted by I_Am_EvaMe? Ha 😲😲🐥💙 @realnadom4lyfe it is!!if I am able to sort out this organizational structure, enforce a working culture and fix the job descriptions for… @_AlbertAkwesi ah!! how?? @_OpanaGh I am a silly human beingthey should heal! go see a therapist or something! morning my babies, you’re beautiful and so very special The reason the sun came up today, you’re something the…
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @_OpanaGh 😂😂me?? thank you. I am honored. @CunnisElijah hoh @CunnisElijah and become a ghost!truth!!!😂😂😂😂man said he was sharing spaces with Black Mamba's in "AFRICA"... These Americans 😂😂🤣🤣 @elorm18 @jaysneakgh give me a few days... @ril_diamond Not everyone matures as they grow in age. Some stay stuck in the past.
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @ril_diamond You love us and we love you too😘
Retweeted by I_Am_Eva @akorfadanielle 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂eiJust because you don't celebrate your little success or achievements does not mean others can't celebrate theirs. D…
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@AbynahDedei Chale !! Bye bye.. @AbynahDedei But as you grow, you can discern right??FOR FREE !!! smelled this woman today...and I swear, her scent went straight to my uhm...uhm.. Asked what scent it was and sh… offers you the luxury of effectively monitoring and managing your Menstrual Cycle. See your cycle at a…
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