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C9tg Rileyjay @rileyjayyy Illinois, USA

F/A Coach @Cloud9 Training Grounds ⌨️ MT 🖤

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@sympul_x1 this game is actually pretty fun no cap @washedlikeme I know I didn’t have a great game but I feel like we had to play against two smoke agents LMFAO
@andersin_val @RavenGG bearded andy is built differently
3pc with a soda plz
3 years with this beautiful woman. I couldn’t be more thankful for everything she’s done for me. I love you and can…
Filled scrims for @Inf4mousEnergy today and ran it down. Felt guilty had to share ty for reading
@TestyFPS_ Just sitting at 5-25% packet loss on every Texas server I play. When I play Illi, things are fine for th… anybody have packet loss/terrible connection to specific servers? I don’t understand how almost every single t…
@PrecisionVal listen man I like you, I really do, but cut the CAP
So @chaseVALORANT @itskaplan what’s up? I don’t have a knife in this game for nothing 👀 Movie #6 is up on YouTube! Link below 🔽 @Virtyyyy i live in illi and play almost exclusively illi servers so 10-15 ping avg. been like this since beta 🤷 @Virtyyyy for me its the opposite. if i just post on an angle and hold wide i own people. now if i ever try to just…
Local VALORANT coach exterminates 5 players and is suspected of using an aim key'll admit, I'm bias towards Bind. I think Ascent has a strong argument for why its a better map.STRICTLY FOR COMPETITIVE PLAY: 1.) Split 2.) Bind 3.) Ascent 4.) Haven 5.) The Range at this point 6.) Icebox 7.)…
These boys fighting on 260 ping LMAO
@WedidOfficial @NRGgg all good. You’re a grinder that’s fuckin great at the game but you’re an even better person.…•Get drafted onto a team •Certified TG coaching for all levels of play •Live stream on @Twitch for a national audie…
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2021, September 23rd. Ranked.
@AyeeTrain It might be that people haven't played it enough, but the map on defender side feels super coinflip. You… @AyeeTrain IMO it isn't bad it's just a really weird way to play defense. So far it just seems like the best way to… to my future and prior teammates today I have lost every game in the last 2 days and have played Split exclusively22 games straight of no Bind with 10/22 games being purely Split. JEEEEEEEEZ man
this is what it takes to win a game @regan_travis've said for the last year that IGLing in this game legit has to be one of the hardest games to IGL in. There is s… @Virtyyyy @FrostyValorant can i?I recently seen somebody trade Vandal headshots with a Phoenix ult and the guy died and Phoenix's ult also died. To…
2021 i dont think im getting right clicked today lets go @DENYAof Stop taking my elo please I spend all day getting it then que into you and @b0ssyCS and it disappears @sonii Once it’s safe to do so I’m pulling up with a lunchable and protein powder to your garage 💯
@b0ssyCS Just joined a call with @TkazFPS and the first thing he says is he manifested the 9-3 curse LMFAOI think I'm better at shooting people behind me than the people in front of me at this point @Cloud9 how about @Virtyyyy and @regan_travis 👀 I've never seen more dedicated people to their craft @Cloud9TG needs the top tier smash ult coaches!
Retweeted by C9tg Rileyjay @CooperCSGO @koalanoob @zekkenVAL @Critical_Val @1mehzy wait a second this is the god squad what the fuck @TheSoluke .36, 800 dpi, gpro superlight, and an artisan hien. I got you 💯Local VALORANT coach deletes unsuspecting Phoenix @AstonLorenzoval bring me in with you Lorenzo ill cover how the team started and the first like 4 months LOL @FrostyValorant @WedidOfficial @yayFPS @cNedf0r @itskaplan And quickly to add to “nothing happens”, I mean the game… @FrostyValorant @WedidOfficial @yayFPS @cNedf0r Last night I was talking to @itskaplan and he made a good point. If… @FrostyValorant @WedidOfficial By that logic no agent in the game has ever been broken then no? I get you saying th…
I stand by Haven, Breeze, and Icebox being the worst maps in the game. I hope people realize that regardless of how… respect Gambit's game plan on Haven. You know this map isn't supposed to go your way so just be annoying and forc…
CRAZIEST 1V2 IN VALORANT EVER!!1!!1! @Inf4mousEnergy It feels like 2/10 people in a lobby get to play a different version of the game. I have faith that… @Inf4mousEnergy It’s just insane watching this tournament and seeing how absurdly impactful every single Jett has beenSure you can argue that you can flash, Sova drone, Sova dart, or Skye dog but in reality how practical is it to use… disrespect or discredit to any of the Jett mains out there but you should simply not be allowed to have this muc…
It's always fun to see the favorites lose but man would it have been nice to see a losers bracket @AspectFN_ huge brains think alike 💯 miss u brotherTenZ missing that Skye heal rn @b0ssyCS bro im telling u something is up LMFAOall good. @TkazFPS @RealMoonChopper I was waiting for this one from somebody LOLThis is what 100 years of LAN experience looks like in actionI do indeed hit those 🥶
Omen for sure had the voice_enable 0 and volume 0 commands typed in his console LMFAO
2021 currently vibing with @TkazFPS @AyeeTrain @7ommyoh @itsmarouS sorry for malding when i was feeding :/ you're awesome
@KillerMillerGG @Zaniveus @sevvn I dislike Reyna because I’m a util fanatic in this game. I think Reyna is played o… @Inf4mousEnergy Skye main now LOL @robw1z Oh you know I was LOL @TestyFPS_ skye should know better than to press ult LMFAO @KillerMillerGG skye needs to be removed davidhows your Tuesday goin? did this on purpose LMFAO really has me tucked into bed at 9pm sharp LMAO. I love @PlayVALORANT
Final point, map play rate depends heavily on the tournament format and the pick and bans. With that being said, I… expand, Cypher does a great job nullifying the flash and dash with wires and cages, Astra out performs Omen in a… Rex played their least played map in the last 3 months, Haven, against Vision Strikers who's most played Map…
@Virtyyyy Cap I think he has so much potential. The issue is it’s just really hard to justify dropping a meta agent… I’m bias because I’ve been a Steel fanboy since I was like 14 but KAY/O is so slept on. That agent is beyond… @SullyCasts Sully what the fuck LOLAlso @dapr is 100% enjoying being on stage LOLLeadership at its finest. For context, @TenZOfficial went top site in a 4v3 and died as the spike got planted. Sen…
@phoFPS Hard to justify a comp(outside of Split) not running a Sova in NA but we've seen quite a few games without… @phoFPS Agreed. Craziest part is, it's not even just Envy in this tournament so far making their OWN comps. The com… @phoFPS Envy picks Raze and makes it work as if its a staple pick on the box. Gotta love it @902Creed Oh and heck Jett. That agent is playing a different video game than the 8 other people that didn’t get to lock her in @902Creed I like Breach’s utility but I just think the games current tempo makes it super super hard to use in comp… @902Creed I LOVE FLASH AND DASH WOHOO JETT GO WUUUSH 💯🥶🥵
I actually can't wait to see @cNedf0r on LAN. I can't begin to imagine how terrifying it is to be up against an Oper that good. @Dream_val Can't beat Riot man. They are in a world of their ownThe intro was so sick. The stage is so simple yet absolutely perfect. The way Riot Games does esports is UNBEATABLE. #VALORANTMasters @LouVLRT_ @anniechanhee I appreciate the kind words Lou. You're awesome 🥲 @OsiasPH @anniechanhee thanks Osias💙 @902Creed @anniechanhee @witmer Hey, thank you Creed :) I appreciate you
@phoFPS @robw1z yeah for you LMFAO @phoFPS @robw1z Take me back to June of last year getting updraft right clicked by the guy with an inverted mouse.…
These MFs shouldn't have given me the Butterfly Knife 😤
The never before seen Insta lock Brim on Breeze. You love to see it
@AyeeTrain @Inf4mousEnergy Yessir ggs you are an Odin warlord
Come check out the up and coming talent sneaky/ace @cinVALORANT was saving my energy for the game today. i see that you didn't :/Met Venom the other night in Back 4 Blood. Turns out shooting zombies isn't all that hes nasty at LMFAO
I’m so confused as to how some servers feel great and other times I can’t even shoot before dying. Am I the only on… man @chaseVALORANT is the only correct answer